Thursday, February 4, 2016

one of our featured authors in our VALENTINE'S WEEK MASSACRE

  Good Thursday all today we are going to review the new book , by one of featured authors in my up coming week . DEAL WITH THE DEVIL  by Mike Evans

                         BOOK BLURB
What lengths would you go to, so you could save the life of the one that you love? When one man who is so tortured with grief at the prospect of losing his bride that he has lost faith in God and turned to a darker being ready to strike a deal with the most evil one of all...the one called, the Devil! So begins a war between good and evil and the birth of the vampire and a blood thirsty army is created. Not all of these creatures can control their hunger and when they do the most unthinkable thing, the Lycans rise, fueled by a hunger for vengeance. This is the story of that hate that grows stronger over time...The birth of vampires and werewolves, shape shifting like never before.

                           MY REVIEW
  The eternal question what would you do and to what lengths would you go to save the one you love . Would you turn your back on god and make a deal with the devil . Would you become what nightmares are made of to keep your loved one at your side.
  Welcome to the beginning of the legend of Vampires and the ones sent to destroy them the werewolves . Mike Evans has taken an old myth and breathed fresh live into it .  He takes the story of Vladimir and notched it up a level . We see how it all transpires as we watch Vladimir go to any lengths to save his bride and the consequences of those actions,
  The characters are so complex in Vladimir we see him going from a  man who is loved and adored to the creature of myth and legend .  We can see his heart breaking and being torn into pieces . We see him become dark and bent on vengeance to those who kill him . Josef is the one character that fights for the good . He is just a humble farmer that is touched by tragedy  and is chosen by God to fight the creatures of the night .  He is a humble man and you see that through out the story. 
  This is a story of the eternal struggle between good and evil and ultimately who will win out . But honestly the lines are blurred , you want to really like Vladimir and you do at the beginning . You feel his pain and you want to ease it for him. Then you just really want to stab him, yourself . Josef is the other side of the coin, he is a humble man that when you read about the tragedy that befalls him and his family , you want vengeance yourself . The story is as old as time and the twists the author takes us on will make you go WTH. 
  This is was a quick read for me , I read it in an evening . I was totally sucked into the story and couldn't put it down. So if you like books that contain good versus evil, vampires and werewolves . Check it out ,   

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