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  Hitting up Skype as I wait for Ricky to come on . He is our featured author on Day 2 , his first book HELL SPAWN is about what one family will do to survive the zombie apocalypse.

  Good day Ricky thank you for joining me today .
Ricky: Thank you for having me .
Are you ready to hand over your deepest darkest secrets
Ricky: Laughing


books to curl up with : Tell us all a little bit about yourself


My name is Ricky Fleet and I am a lifelong horror fanatic, recent author. At 36 years of age I still have a good few years of books to put out so you will just have to get used to my ramblings. I have no formal writing training as I come from a trade background in Plumbing and Central Heating installation. I then decided to make a change into teaching the subject to the next generation of engineers.

I have always loved reading books and believe they can be even more entertaining than films due to having no financial constraints. With words you can go anywhere, real or imagined, as well as do anything. It is as limitless as imagination.
I am the husband to long suffering wife Carla, and the proud father of three amazing children. Jordan, Tyler and Jade. They are my whole world.
books to curl up with :  What inspired you to write your first novel.
I have to be honest and say that I was just bored of television. I was on the summer recess from college and had hurt my back fitting some doors (lift properly, bend the knees!) and was just sat there so I started tapping away. After two chapters I had no idea if the style was any good or if I should just go back to watching TV. I received some great feedback and BOOM, Hellspawn was born.
books to curl up with: Who or what inspired you to start writing and in what way.
I have always been one of life’s procrastinators, and would always leave things until the last minute. I have always kicked myself up the butt to get stuff done and I did the same with my writing. I also wanted my family to be proud of me and for my children to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. My book shows that if you work hard, you can achieve anything.
books to curl up with: Do you have a specific writing style
Ricky :
I have been told that my writing style is vivid and descriptive. I have no idea where it comes from, I didn’t train in it or nurture it, it’s just a part of me. I always strive to make the characters relatable, though not necessarily loveable.
books to curl up with : Tell us about your current project
Ricky :
I am just finishing off the third book in the Hellspawn series. After that I am taking a break from zombies and starting book one in my Demon series. I haven’t read much in that genre but I hope my ideas are fresh and unique. It will be gory and I will be releasing teasers as the month’s pass.
books to curl up with : What made you decide to write about  zombies.
Ricky :
I am a zombie fanatic and have been ever since watching the old black and white Night of the Living Dead. I love everything about the genre. The horror, the battle for survival, the loathsome remorselessness of enemies that don’t sleep and forever hunger. I watch anything I can, from Romero, to Fulci and newer stuff too. You can keep your fast zombies though!
books to curl up with : What scares you the most.
Losing my wife and children. If the apocalypse ever happened, I don’t think I would bother carrying on if they were gone. Even without the ZomPoc, our world is becoming a dangerous and hateful place. Goodness knows what any aliens are thinking if they are watching us.
books to curl up with :  How do you feel about the boom in horror / zombie genre. Has the graphic novel helped or hurt this genre? 
With more and more authors and only a limited amount of people to buy the books, it is only going to get harder. I think we, as authors, have to be friendly and approachable to the fans of the genres. No longer can we hide in the shadows like King, with the mystery aiding sales. If we ignore people in this day and age, we would rightly be ignored.
Now for some fun questions
books to curl up with : If your book was to be made into a movie, who would like to see play the leads.
Ricky: Oh this is a hard one. I would have to say
Kurt: Gerard Butler
Sarah: Charlize Theron
Mrs. Blume : Helen Mirren
John: Robert Deniro
Braiden : a young Colin Farrell
Sam: Justin Beiber. Only joking, he would get munched double quick
Thomas Brodie-Sangster or one of the other thousand cute and fluffy young male actors on the planet
Paige : Amanda Seyfried
Honey : My dog Honey
books to curl up with : When was the last time you were really scared
Ricky :

I think as an adult there is very little that scares me besides my worry for my family. My nightmares actually give me great ideas for books and plot twists. That sounds messed up…
I would have to say when my dog Honey got out of the gate and went exploring. We were wandering the streets in the pouring rain only to find she had made friends with some of the local hairdressers who took her in. I bought them some flowers and chocolates to say thank you. Honey thought it was great fun.
books to curl up with : Who is your favorite author and why
Ricky :

I am torn between two. Dean Koontz because he has done some of my favourite books: Watchers, Lightning etc.
The other would be Brian Lumley of Necroscope fame. I fell in love with the characters and enjoyed following their exploits over an extended series. It was this that taught me the value of more than single books.
books to curl up with : Your favorite place to write
I love my bed, it’s so comfortable and warm. I plonk the laptop on my lap (no kidding, right?) and tap away in solitude.
books to curl up with :
Last but not least where can we find you and talk to you
Ricky :
Twitter: @AuthorRickFleet

FB Author Ricky Fleet
Pop in and say hi or send me a friend request J
Thank you for the fun time today HAVE A GREAT DAY






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