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  Sorry todays featured author is late , had a hard time rounding up our next author. Finally tracking
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Welcome Mike to the blog , thanks for finding time today.
Mike Evans: Anytime, thanks for having me here today

bookstocurlup: Tell us all a little bit about yourself

Mike Evans:
My name as you’ve gathered by now is Mike Evans. If I’m writing in my kids series it’s Michael Patrick. Why, because I want NOTHING to do with mothers and their wrath of a child getting one of my books that are meant for adults.
I live in Iowa, yes that state in the middle that grows corn. I have a few kids, a few dogs, but just one wife. I like to shoot guns, archery, and recently found and rekindled my love for very loud electric guitar. Writing used to be a hobby but I ended up turning it into something to help feed my other interests. I’m a pretty laid back guy as long as you leave the wife, kids, and animals alone.
bookstocurlupwith: What inspired you to write your first novel .
Mike Evans
My son Jake who was probably 2-3 at the time. I have a pretty active imagination and thought about something happening to him and being taken, and baaam that was my first book Buried Broken Oaths(crime action thriller drama) and my only first person book to date.
bookstocurlupwith:  Who or what inspired you to start writing and in what way .
Mike Evans :
I don’t think anyone really inspired me. I just wanted to write a novel, I had that thought of my kid being taken and it really put out everything for me.
bookstocurlupwith: Do you have a specific writing style
Mike Evans:
I like to outline and then be as unfaithful to it. I have zero training in it, and thank god for editors and their skills at fixing my grammar. People seem to like my style it’s pretty straight forward, I don’t really know how to explain it and I’d say who my influences are but I don’t think you’d know by reading my books. Mostly I strive to make you love, love,  love the characters regardless if they are good or bad, and at sometimes they leave you heartbroken, or scared.
bookstocurlupwith: Tell us about your current project
Mike Evans:
Currently I’m working on a project called The Uninvited. It is a psychological horror book with plenty of suspense, characters you’ll love, and a killer that will creep the hell out of you. Interlaced are back stories and as well some oh my god moments where you realize it isn’t just a horror book but a series of very intelligent plot lines building up to a moment where you might wonder if I’m trying to get psychiatrists more work.
bookstocurlupwith: What made you decide to write about vampires and zombies .

It was a genre I’d played around with for vampires and werewolves. I had never really sold myself on it though. One day as usual I was driving to work blaring music at ear splitting decibels. I had the idea of my book Deal with the Devil hit me in a bad way. I tried pushing it out of my head, it was very stubborn and would not leave. So after I had finished writing Zombies and Chainsaws Book 1 I decided my brain was ready for this. I really wanted to change it up and go a different route with how the vampire and the werewolf was created. I am pretty confident you’ve not seen this one before.
For zombies that is simple and feel free to laugh at me, most people do. When I have an idea, I don’t go looking around to see what other people have done. I like to think what I’m doing is original. I had been on a bender of watching The Walking Dead, and I kept thinking as I was finishing Buried, that I should write a zombie book, that would be a great market to get into and no one had probably ever done it….I know I said you could laugh, now you can stop… seriously I’ll get a frickin complex…...anyways about half way through it I looked up zombie books only to realize that oh yes there was plenty of them out there and in no short demand. But that is where The Orphans Origins Vol I came from. Which is still one of my favorite books I’ve written to date.
bookstocurlupwith: What scares you the most .
Mike Evans :
Anything that has to do with my children or family being hurt. I hate the idea of it and would do horrible things to anyone that ever did that. Also being near anyone dumb enough to take Armand Rosamilia's M&M’s that’s just a really bad idea.
bookstocurlupwith.: giggling going to ask Armand about those M&MS
bookstocurlupwith: How do you feel about the boom in horror / zombie genre. Has the graphic novel helped or hurt this genre . 
Mike Evans :
I think it is a good thing. I love indie writers, I do wish that those that want to write a book would take the time to get an editor, good cover art, and really put out a legit book. As far as the graphic novel, no I don’t think it hurts anything, there are people that want to read a hundred thousand words worth of dialogue and don’t want the graphic pictures to go along with it. Them much like myself have the type of imagination truly able to happily step into their world and visualize it for themselves.
Now for some fun questions
Mike Evans : Ok bring them on
bookstocurlupwith: When was the last time you were really scared
Mike Evans :
It was some time last week. My wife has to get up extremely early for work. I apparently thought while sleeping that she should still have been in bed and one of my two dogs an older beagle mutt named Rusty, who has a little bit of a weight problem to put it nicely, did not make the leap he needed to so he could land on the pillow top mattress. The thud was loud and echoed to put it nicely. I woke up thinking something had happened to my wife, she however was safe, but Rusty was very confused at the chain of events that took place between his leap of faith and the floor.
bookstocurlupwith:  Who is your favorite author and why
Mike Evans :
I have two, Stephen King and Greg Rucka, they both always can pull me into a story and I don’t care how long it is I never get bored.
bookstocurlupwith: Your favorite place to write .
Mike Evans:
Until I get to write full time, it is the couch. I sit in the morning with my dog Harley Quinn(yes like the character from Batman)this is the dog that will be useful in the apocalypse (unsure for what) and listen to very loud music on the couch while drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee each morning around 4AM until 6AM when I’m forced to leave for work
Last but not least where can we find you and stalk you
Mike Evans :

You can find me on Facebook for the Mike Evans Author Page

I have twitter @mikee1123
I also have an amazon author page as well

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