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Thank you for meeting me today .
Jason , Glad to be here today
Ok here we go are you ready
Jason : Sure let's do this
Ok question one

Tell us all a little bit about yourself.

I’m a dazzling young Gemini. I like needle point, macaroni ducks and basements!

My closest friends call me Jake.

I’ve got four kids 16, 14, 14, and 10. I really don’t have a lot of family or friends, so it’s just my kids and me in “real life”.

I escaped from Illinois when I was 19 or so and haven’t looked back. I lived in Montana for 10 years, Michigan twice, in Indiana twice, and that’s where I’m at now.
I studied for the ministry for several years before life took a giant turn. It forced me to change things up a bit. I’ve read the Bible, both Old and New Testaments more times than you would believe; especially considering it’s me we’re talking about. To this day, much of my work has a religious backdrop to it even if you can’t see it.
 What inspired you to write your first novel?

I ummm……. You have to be inspired? Honestly there isn’t any big emotional inspiration. I woke up at a cross roads in my life where everything I’d known was slipping away. Everything I had worked towards was gone. I needed something to do, to be. I’d always known I would write. It was just time to do it.
 Do you have a specific writing style?
I just write…
 Tell us about your current project.

I have one more horror/paranormal anthology coming out. This will be my third. I didn’t necessarily want to do another one, but I was looking through my files and had a bunch of stories I didn’t think were deep enough to make full-length novels out of, so I decided to use them in one more anthology… Don’t judge me, but I hardly used any of that stuff.
I’m going through it so I can send it off to my editor and all-around writing guru, Robin Griffin for editing and polishing… I don’t know if this is strange or not, but when I get a story back, it’s got so much red on it from her editing, it looks like a crime scene and I kinda like it.
 What made you decide to write about vampires and zombies?

I don’t do a lot of vampire stuff although the new anthology coming out has a vampire story in it, but it’s not your normal vamp story.
Zombies are, well just the worst-case scenario in a lot of ways. Truth be known, it’s one of the most plausible scenarios; maybe not so much the dead coming back to life, but more in like the “28 Days Later” or “The Crazies” kind of way. There are funguses and bacteria in the natural world that can cause other organisms to react in violent or zombie-like ways. We also know for a fact that governments around the world have experimented with various ways of creating rabid acting soldiers and looked at ways not just to kill the enemy population, but turn them against each other biologically. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but a lot of this information came out about the Vietnam War. That’s what’s so interesting about it.

 What scares you the most?
That’s simple. Love
 How do you feel about the boom in horror/zombie genre? Has the graphic novel helped or hurt this genre?

I think the boom is great! It’s a genre that never really went away. It’s always there lurking much like the undead themselves.
I think the only way it’s possibly hurt the genre is this; if you do most of what they do on The Walking Dead… you’re going to die. If you want to stay alive don’t do what Rick does…
Now for some fun questions:
 When was the last time you were really scared?
I don’t get scared… Really.
Who is your favorite author and why?
Oh gee ummm for zombie stuff, I’d say J.L. Bourne. In general, I would refer you back to the celebrity mention above… I really don’t pay any attention. If I read something, I like it or I don’t. Either way it’s mentally discarded. It’s the same way with TV shows and movies. It’s always been like this…
Where is your favorite place to write?
My office I guess. I do jot some things down when I get a minute at work, but yea I’m not that exciting.

Last but not least where can we find you and stalk you?
Twitter: @jasonmueller71

Amazon author page.




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