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 Welcome to day four of our week long Valentine's week blog party featuring some great authors . Today we are heading to Portland Oregon. Going to have coffee with the Shawn Chesser.

books to curl up with.  Goo Morning Shawn, I am glad you could make it today .
Shawn Chesser:  Glad to be here and thank you for having me .

books to curl up with : Ok here we go

books to curl up with: Tell us all a little bit about yourself.
Shawn Chesser:
I’ve been happily married to my wife for 22 years and a father of two. I live in Portland, Oregon, where I write full time. I’m a Star Wars geek who enjoys reading comic books, playing outdoors in the Pacific Northwest and ogling classic automobiles in the wild. As for the genre I write exclusively (for now), it was a no brainer as I’ve been a zombie fanatic for decades. I’m a Romero purist at heart and prefer my creatures shambling, trudging and moaning. As for fast, agile, screaming specimens... not my cup of tea.
books to curl up with: What inspired you to write your first novel.
Shawn Chesser :
Emerging from a dark time of my life I needed to prove to myself that I could finally finish something I’d started. I actually wrote most of my first novel, 'Trudge: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse,' on my first generation iPhone over a three month stretch while my boy was playing indoor gym here in rainy Portland, Oregon.
books to curl up with :  Who or what inspired you to start writing and in what way.
Shawn Chesser\;
It started out as a kind of esteem building exercise for myself that when fully embraced became more than just a lark. I quickly found that I enjoyed getting sucked into the world I had created and once I had gotten a taste of that there was no turning back.
books to curl up with:  Do you have a specific writing style.
Shawn Chesser:
I write third person pov exclusively. I tried to write a short story in first person and failed to get into a groove. As far as my prose goes, I tend to be minimalist when it comes to using obscure words. I also am apt to sprinkle lots of pop culture references into my work.
books to curl up with:  Tell us about your current project.
Shawn Chesser
I'm deep into writing 'District: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse’ which will be the eleventh book in my bestselling series.
books to curl up with:  What made you decide to write about zombies .
Shawn Chesser:
I kind of touched on this above. Definitely it was George Romero's  Night of the Living Dead that began my fascination with zombies. I was first allowed to watch it when I was about twelve or thirteen. I really liked how even when confronted by the Zs relentless march, the disparate band of survivors—save for a couple of bad apples—banded together to fight the inexplicable scenario unfolding before them.
books to curl up with: What scares you the most.
Shawn Chesser:
On land, it’s spiders that I’m afraid of. In the ocean, I see myself as shark bait. Concerning the arachnophobia, it’s rooted mainly in how the little bugger’s move on their eight spindly legs.
As for the latter, watching Jaws when I was 9 ruined the ocean for me. Thanks a ton, Spielberg!
books to curl up with: How do you feel about the boom in horror / zombie genre. Has the graphic novel helped or hurt this genre.
Shawn Chesser:

The zombie boom is awesome for readers and writers alike. The zombie/post apocalyptic genre tent is huge and there’s plenty of room under the big top for everyone’s take on the apocalypse to be voiced. Conversely, I’ve noticed readers of zombie/PA fiction have voracious appetites and they’re always looking for a new series to glom on to. Speaking from my own personal experience—gleaned from reviews and internet trolls—sadly, there are a few writers out there who fail to see this as truth and instead of putting their heads down and grinding away on their next book— they prefer to cast shade on other writer’s work by publicly slamming the type of Zs, cause of outbreak, mode of transmission … etc. Thankfully they are the exception to the norm.
            I don’t know how much of an impact the graphic novel aspect has on the genre. When I started writing I was doing it solely for my own enjoyment. I published Trudge at the urging of a friend back when self publishing was just becoming accessible to those of us less tech savvy individuals. Turned out, for me, the timing was everything. Back then zombie books were few and far between and I was fortunate enough to gain a pretty big reading audience after about book three. And I must say, I’m grateful to have the best constant readers an indie could hope for.
books to curl up with :
 If your book was to be made into a movie , who would like to see play the leads
Shawn Chesser:
That would be a dream come true. I’d first try and get the combat veteran who portrays my protagonist, Cade Grayson,  on my book covers to play the part. If he wasn’t game … good question. I’d probably end up doing an online poll and letting my readers voice their casting recommendations and then go from there.
books to curl up with : When was the last time you were really scared.
Shawn Chesser:
On approach to the airport on Maui the plane was bucking like a bronco and visibility out my window was zero. Though I knew my family was in good hands with the pilots in the cockpit, not being in control of the situation was damn scary for me.
books to curl up with: Who is your favorite author and why?
Shawn Chesser
This one’s a tie ... Stephen King for his ability to include pop culture in his work. He's such a wordsmith. Lee Child for his crisp minimalist style of writing. He's a great story teller whose words paint a vivid picture in my mind. I really dig his protagonist, Jack Reacher.
books to curl up with :  Your favorite place to write .
Shawn Chesser:
At home in the morning just after the kids head off to school. Coffee and quiet is all I need.
books to curl up with:
Last but not least where can we find you and stalk you
Shawn Chesser:

Shawn Chesser’s latest book. Drawl: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

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Shawn Chesser’s Twitter handle is @sdchess




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