Friday, February 12, 2016


  Today we are heading to Florida and heading to the Kokomo Café at Flagler Beach. Spying our next featured author at his favorite corner table writing away.

books to curl up with : Hi Armand , thank you for taking time out to talk to us.
Armand Rosamilia : Thanks for having me

books to curl up with :Tell us all a little bit about yourself
Armand :
No. Mind your own business. Fine. I'm from New Jersey but living in Florida the last 14+ years. I wouldn't trade any of it. I'm living the dream as a full-time author and have over 100 releases to my name with many more coming. I swear. I hate walks on the beach but love M&Ms and coffee. 
books to curl up with:  What inspired you to write your first novel .
Armand :
Reading "The Rising" by Brian Keene got me thinking about my first longer book. I wanted to do a zombie story. I'd written many shorts before that but his book was the push to write something longer. 
books to curl up with : Who or what inspired you to start writing and in what way .
Dean Koontz books at 12. My mother still is a huge horror reader and she passed the love of reading and horror onto me. I used to write horrible stories as a kid and she'd have to read them and tell me what she liked about it or what I needed to do to improve them. 
books to curl up with :  Do you have a specific writing style
Armand :
I think I've finally found my voice wit writing. readers have picked up on it. No matter if I write a horror book or a crime thriller or a contemporary fiction story, it still retains my style. At least that's what readers tell me. I just write. 
books to curl up with :  Tell us about your current project
Armand :
"Dirty Deeds" is a crime thriller that just came out. It won a Kindle Scout contract for me and I am very proud to have gotten it. It tells the story of a hit man who kills children for a living... only he doesn't actually do it. Read it to find out more! (that was a subtle tease to get you to read it)
books to curl up with: I read Dirty Deeds and fell in love with it . What a twist on the hit man angle .
Armand: Thank you .
books to curl up with:What made you decide to write about zombies .
Armand :
Zombie literature has always fascinated me. Once I'd read "The Rising" I grabbed every zombie anthology I could find and read some great new authors and searched for their books. Joe McKinney was a big inspiration with what he was doing. I knew there was a unique way to tell a zombie story so I gave it a shot. I really don't write about vampires, though. I was never a big fan. 
books to curl up with':  What scares you the most .
You not loving me... 
books to curl up with: How do you feel about the boom in horror / zombie genre. Has the graphic novel helped or hurt this genre . 
I think it all helps. Everyone talks about how zombies are so five minutes ago and no one cares anymore, but I don't see it dying off as quickly as the critics are saying it will or is. I think there will always be a small but rabid fan base for zombie literature, me included.
books to curl up with:
 If your book was to be made into a movie , who would like to see play the leads .
Someone said the lead of "Dirty Deeds" could be Colin Ferrell. I don't see it. Maybe Will Farrell in a dramatic role... 
books to curl up with: When was the last time you were really scared
When Mike Evans threatened me with bodily harm. Obviously I scare easily. 
books to curl up with: Who is your favorite author and why
Armand :
There are way too many to name. Dean Koontz was obviously the first big one for me. Robert E Howard was also a great read when i was growing up.
books to curl up with :  Your favorite place to write .
Either in my office surrounded by all of my toys (comic books, baseball cards, zombies) or at Kokomo's Cafe in Flagler Beach, Florida. I've written most of my stories in the last 4 years sitting in the corner table. 
books to curl up with:
Last but not least where can we find you and stalk you
Armand: as well as on Twitter as @ArmandAuthor. I have a fan club on Facebook someone cool made for me, too:
Thanks for your time today .

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