Thursday, February 25, 2016

Welcome to Thursday

Welcome to Thursday all , hope everyone is happily reading and staying warm if you guys are getting hit with the storms . I am so happy that I got to read the start of a new series by Cathy Jackson . FIVE COFFEES  is coming out on the 27th of February .

                            BOOK BLURB

Tavora Kar is a young woman who has known love and loss. Seeking isolation and solitude as a balm against the pain, she spends her days poring over dusty tomes of the town's history as a means to fill her time and the emptiness in her heart.

Luke R’Phael is a popular actor who loves his family and his craft with equal passion. Given a week to get some “local flavor” for his next role, he finds it in the most unlikely of places and person.

How long does it take to change a life? Five minutes, five hours, five coffees?

Luke’s charm, compassion, and passion reignite a fire in Tavora’s heart, burning away the sorrow and fear that had once left her empty.

Does she dare love again?

                        MY REVIEW
   Oh how I loved this book,  I couldn't put it down. The story revolves around Luke and Tavora . Two unlikely people that become friends but there is something more between them . Tavora has a past love that has passed away , she is still is haunted by him . Luke is a actor in town for a few weeks shooting a movie but he is blocked and needs to get into the mind of his character . A chance meeting in an elevator and a friendship is born.
    The characters in this book are polar opposites of each other . Tavora Kar is a sweet character who is harboring a deep secret. She has become an introvert that can not stand to be touched by other people . She is lonely but doesn't want to have the connection with people .  As you read into the book you see her start to blossom and come out of her shell. She is the type of woman that you want to have as your best friend once you get to know her . Luke is an actor but not the type of actor that would go cheating on his wife and son. He is the type of man that will defend your honor and keep you safe even if you are a friend .  Their friendship grows deeper and deeper and you love them . There is much more going on with these characters and you want to find out and keep reading .  You will love them hopefully as much as I do .LOL
   The author has captured the small town life perfectly. The way she describes how the town folk are is pretty accurate . Her characters are both complex yet they have hidden flaws, that make you just want to hug them and tell them everything will be ok.  You know when you read any of Cathy's books you better have a box of Kleenex beside you . She will make you laugh and make you cry, make you want to throw your kindle and then in the next moment you will be hugging your kindle with a goofy grin on your face. As with this book I did have some crying experiences and I laughed
I really loved this book and read it in one sitting . So if you want a sweet read that will make you want to hug the ones you love just a little harder and take your best friend out for coffee. This book is for you , Check it out

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