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Books to curl up with: HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Books to curl up with: HAPPY HOLIDAYS: HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE , EVE. Hope you are all ready for the day . If you are looking for a boxed set for that last minute gift. Check out ENCH...


HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE , EVE. Hope you are all ready for the day . If you are looking for a boxed set for that last minute gift. Check out ENCHANTED HIGHLANDS  by April Holthaus , Dawn Marie Hamilton and Victoria Zak

                         BOOK BLURB

Three magical holiday love stories...

By Dawn Marie Hamilton

He has twelve nights to gain her love.
She has twelve nights to save his soul.

Fulfilling a childhood promise, Ashley Dumont returns to an ancient Druid garden in the Black Hills of Scotland on the eve of the winter solstice—a time when magic hums and the veil between realms thins and tears, allowing all manner of supernatural creatures through. Will the ghost who claimed to be her destiny still be there?

Caelan Innes awaits her arrival. Unjustly murdered in the sixteenth century, a second chance at life depends on this woman. The Druids grant them the twelve nights of Yule to find love and save Cael’s soul. Will a trip through time and the treachery of enemies make the sacrifice too dear?

Stars and Stones
By April Holthaus

Riley Kincaid was a man who thought he had everything, until fate intervened. While traveling to London; only days before Christmas, a fierce storm blew in forcing Riley to land in Scotland instead. With treacherous winds and snow-covered roads, Riley found refuge at a small bed and breakfast as he waited out the storm. But little did he know that his arrival was not by mere chance.

Once upon a Winter Solstice
By Victoria Zak

What if all moments throughout time existed at once? What if you had a love that stood the test of time? Never faltering, never fading. What if one legend brought both time and love together as one? Once Upon a Winter Solstice is dedicated to those who believe in true love.

                         MY REVIEW
  First of I must say this was an awesome Christmas read. Each author took us on a journey to find that true love that we all want and need. All three books are entwined with the story of Holly and Ivy an the magically garden that will bring your true love to you.

 In TWELVETIDE by Dawn Marie Hamilton
 We meet Ashley and Caelen, who have met in the magical garden when she was 7. Now she is back to fulfill the destiny that awaits both of them.  The characters are so well written and complex. Caelen is so the highlander , strong, sexy and a has a heart of gold . Even though he has been blackmailed by his clan . He is still honourable. Ashley is a tough as nails woman . She has been through a lot and when she comes back to fulfill her destiny . We see her go head on into it . Fighting for her man .  I so loved this story , I laughed and I cried while reading this story.

 In STARS AND STONES by April Holthaus
  Tells us the story we meet Ryley Kincaid and Rose .  This story takes us on a journey of love and sacrifice. The ultimate fairy tale of the hero and his damsel. Ryley's journey to save his precious Rose. Will survive and be with each other. This story reads like a fairy tale, which is full of twists an turns . There is magic , romance and highland myths and lore . The characters are complex and lovable. You will be cheering for this couple.

 In this story we meet Ivy and Killen. Ivy has been told stories since she was small about the myths and the legends of the Scottish highlands . Killen Maclochlan . When he finds Ivy in his loft , they have feelings that they have known each other . Will they remember the story of Holly and Ivy and will the love they have survive.
 I absolutely loved this story, the characters are so complex . You just want to take them and wrap them up and hold them tight . The story will have you on the edge of your seat as you read . You will want them to be together as they work their way through the times . You will cheer and shed a tear for them . You will fall in love over and over .

  Over all,  all three stories are well written and full of love. The characters are diverse but all have the same theme entwined with in them.  This would be a wonderful box set to give to that one person that is a romantic at heart. I read this book in one evening , and fell in love with each and every character. This will be a great set to read during those long cold nights . Grab a glass of wine and a nice cozy blanket and find a nice place to curl up . Let the highlands of Scotland take you away  I promise you will not be disappointed

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Books to curl up with: Good Monday moring all

Books to curl up with: Good Monday moring all: Good Monday all I hope your Christmas prep is going great and you are still finding time to read your favorite books . Today we are going to...

Good Monday moring all

Good Monday all I hope your Christmas prep is going great and you are still finding time to read your favorite books . Today we are going to review Aster by Freya Lecrow.

                             BOOK BLURB

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF.

The unthinkable happened to the human race—earth broke apart and blew up. The remaining survivors loaded on a ship in search of a new home. They finally found a planet that would sustain life. What they didn’t count on that it already did for creatures who had previously only lived in stories.

When the new world welcomed the humans, the humans soon found not all was what it had been—at least not for a choice few. The strange new world had prepared for their return long before the day the ship landed.

Will the planet they called Aster serve as a new home? Or will it turn into a nightmare for the chosen few?

                            MY REVIEW
  Welcome to the Freelance , the vessel holding the last of the human race as the world breaks up an falls apart . They were starting to give up hope when they found a planet that would hold them . When they land they find animals that are only found in fairy tales . Only to find out that there is more to this planet and the animals and creatures that live there . Its like the planet was waiting for them. Will the planet accept them and will they survive the planet.
  The characters in the book are vast and plenty. We have humans, witches, vampires.  dragons and fairies. They all have important roles to play, Nimigona was driven away from the planet and is back to find out why . As you read the characters will take you on a ride that you don't want to stop. You will meet some cool creatures that live and tell the story . The planet is a character also . It comes alive within the pages and take on a life of its own .
  Over all I really loved reading Aster . I was taken on a magical journey to another planet . Which hold all my favorite fairy tale creatures . The author made them come alive for me , which I love . The story read well and the flow was nice but it took me a few pages to get really into the story . After I did the pages just flew by . You will laugh and cry in some areas and maybe throw your kindle at a few points. So if you want a book that will take you away this Christmas season check out Aster .

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Good Thursday all

Good Thursday all, today we are going to review a book that I think anyone who loves funny, quirky. paranormal reads. THE SKELETON IN THE CLOSET.( Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries ) book 2 by Angie Fox

                              BOOK BLURB

From New York Times bestseller Angie Fox, the second book in the new Southern Ghost Hunter mysteries

A haunted library is no place for a girl who can see ghosts, but when Verity Long stumbles on a dead body in the middle of the main reading room, she has to believe someone…even a dead someone…must have witnessed the crime.

Her ghostly sidekick Frankie warns her to stay out of it. The very alive, very handsome deputy sheriff, Ellis Wydell, inadvertently places her directly in the middle of it. And her ex-fiancé, Ellis’s brother, is back with an agenda of his own.

Undaunted, Verity presses forward, uncovering scandalous secrets, long-forgotten ghosts, and a shocking trail of clues that places her directly in the path of a killer.

                                                    MY REVIEW
  I really enjoyed this book.  Ms Fox's stories have such a cozy home town feeling to them with a dash of quirkiness to them .  Welcome to Verity Long's world . She is living a small town and working in a library. Oh and she also sees dead people .  Which she finds in the middle of the library right before a big town party. So what does she do, she tries to solve the mystery while trying not to get killed and also trying to tell her ex that it is over and she will not be back to him . So with the help of the sheriff and her dead sidekick , they search for the killer . But will they survive the mystery or even themselves .
  I love these characters, they are such fun to read. Each of them has their own quirky traits that will make you laugh  Verity is your typical small town girl, who just wants a life and she is trying to figure out her new powers of seeing ghosts . You find out more of the background on her also . Why she is hated by Mrs Wydell . We see her grow and become a stronger woman as she helps with the case and stand up to a whole town of people. And most importantly we see her flirt and make head way with Ellis . The man she should be with and not his brother . But that is another story . Ellis is he sheriff and all around good guy. He is there to save the day and rescue Verity when things go off the rails and boy they do go off the rails at one point . The rest of the cast of characters are your typical small town folks . We have the families that have founded the town and think they own every thing . To the people that just don't want to get involved in the whole mess .
 The author takes on a fun filled adventure ride that takes us to the heart of the matter . She mixes mystery and adventure and then throws in some romance in to boot.  You get a great feeling for small town life and what they do when one of their own is murdered. The story is fasted paced and will have you turning pages all night . You will laugh and have a few tears , but over all you will have such a fun read , you will not want to put it down.  This is a great installment in a great new series. I will be getting more of these books .  So if you want a quirky, fun read in the likes of Rosey Pressey. Robyn Peterman . check out this book . You will not be disappointed . Check it out

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happy Monday all

Good Monday all . welcome to December 14 , Christmas is getting closer and closer . If you are looking for a sweet book to read over the holidays . Check our HERSHEY'S KISSES  by Darlene Fredette.

                            BOOK BLURB

Engineer Ryan Jerome has a knack for designing the future but can’t create one for himself. When Ryan lets his dog, Hershey, take the lead, going to the park is never the same. Unintentional meetings, a soiled coat, and a meddling mother are a few of the obstacles in his way of convincing Britt he’s not a stalker. Will he accept his dog’s direction and
open his heart to the beautiful woman with a side of crazy?

Ruined weddings, divorced parents, and disastrous relationships have left event planner Britt Wells a non-believer in happy-ever-after. She’s readying for a future in interior design with one last wedding to oversee. Complications arise when she learns a suspected stalker and owner of an unruly dog is related to her client. Falling for Ryan and Hershey
were not part of the plan. Can she put aside her doubts in relationships and take a chance on love?

                                                MY REVIEW
 I am a sucker for a story that has a dog in it , so when the author showed me this one . I had to get it .
Let me introduce you to Ryan , Britt and Hershey. Ryan is an engineer, who has a promising career and wants a future with a woman who loves him and his dog. One day at the park Hershey decides to go for a run and right onto Britt, knocking her coffee all over her new jacket. Its not like Britt was having a good day either . She is a wedding planner and just a little crazy . Will they survive the weddings the mother n law from hell , to find the love that they are looking for in each other.
  I fell in love with the characters in this book. Ryan is the type of guy that is sweet and loving , just wanting to find a woman that both Hershey and he can love. He is just the guy you want to take home to your parents .  Britt is a complex character she wants to succeed but the wedding business , she wants to become an interior designer but she just doesn't have the guts to take the leap. As you read you see her become a stronger woman who finally realizes that she is worth more then what people around her think. I have to say Hershey is my favorite character in the book a big chocolate lab that has a way about him. From peeing on the women he doesn't like or chewing up their expensive shoes . But when he slobbers all over Britt , he is smitten and wants her to be his masters friend .I mean how could you not love a dog like that . The scenes with him are hilarious and boy you can just imagine him doing that
   I love the fact that the author is Canadian and places the story down east, in the Maritimes. It is so refreshing to see Canadian authors use Canadian places as back drops to their stories . The characters are sweet and quirky and you really want to strangle the mother n law . The story moves along at a quick pace and you can finish it in an evening . You will fall in love with the characters and cheer for them and laugh with them. Hershey will steal your heart . So if you want a sweet read on those cold winter night . Check it out . You will not be disappointed

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Books to curl up with: cover reveal day


cover reveal day



Sarah Robinson released her first rockstar romance back in 2013, but since then, she's published a total of 3 all about sexy rockstar Logan Clay. Now two years later, it was time for a brand new cover, series title, and makeover! All 3 novels are LIVE and only 99 cents for this weekend only! Or they are FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Introducing the newly branded FORBIDDEN ROCKERS series!

The first book in the series is a prequel called LOGAN'S STORY, all about Logan Clay's rise to fame before he found himself, or love.
Logans Story - Book 1 - Forbidden Rockers
PURCHASE LOGAN'S STORY: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA (Currently available on Amazon only for 99 cents, or free through Kindle Unlimited!) Add to Goodreads HERE! And read the synopsis below:
Logan Clay has the talent, and he’s put in the time. All he needs is that one big break, just one chance to prove he has what it takes to be a rockstar. But his musical dreams are further away than ever…
And then she walks in to his life, offering him everything he’s ever wanted – fame, fortune, and music. There’s no question that he’s going to take the chance, or that he wants to take her at the same time.
But everything is not what it seems. Will it be too late when he realizes his one big break was actually a deal with the devil in a short skirt and neon colored hair?

The second book is HER FORBIDDEN ROCKSTAR, where Logan finally finds love with Caroline and has to figure out how to keep it.
Her Forbidden Rockstar - Book 2 - Forbidden Rockers
PURCHASE HER Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA FORBIDDEN ROCKSTAR: (currently only available on Amazon for 99 cents, or free on Kindle Unlimited)! Add to Goodreads HERE! And read the synopsis below:
He’s trapped. She’s the key.
Logan Clay has never met a woman who wasn’t only after the perks his rockstar life could provide, and there are a lot of perks.
Until he meets Caroline Sanders.
Not only does she want for nothing, she doesn’t want anything to do with him, period. He sure as hell wants her, but convincing her to take a chance on him requires risking everything he’s ever worked for.
Including his music.
It’s a chance at a love he never thought he’d have. And a chance at freedom he’s not sure he deserves.
If only she’d say yes.

The third book is ROCKER CHRISTMAS, a sweet holiday story about building a life together and meeting the family.
Rocker Christmas - Book 3 - Forbidden Rockers
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA (Currently only available on Amazon for 99 cents, or free on Kindle Unlimited)! Add to Goodreads HERE! And read the synopsis below:
Famous rockstar Logan Clay is head over heels in love.
After everything he went through to be with Caroline, he knows exactly what we wants from his life. Bringing her home for the holidays to meet his family and old band members is the first step to that future together.
Except that Caroline isn’t as sure as he is… about anything.
Caroline has to impress her boyfriend’s parents, stop her best friend from fighting with the biker band member, and figure out her own future all in time for the holidays.
Christmas with a rockstar brings a whole new kind of caroling.

There will be more books in this series eventually following the other band members of Haven, so stay tuned! All 3 novels will go live DECEMBER 11th, 2015 (or sooner!)! Subscribe to her newsletter so you never miss out!

Add the whole series on Goodreads here!

Huge thank you to the beautiful and talented Author Violet Duke on designing these gorgeous covers! Check out her website, or find her on Facebook!


Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.52.11 AM
Aside from being a Top 10 Barnes & Noble and Amazon Bestseller, Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in criminal psychology. She is newly married to a local police officer, Justin, who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiasts as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescues including everything from mammals to reptiles to marsupials, as well as volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters.
Click on any of the links below to follow Sarah on social media! She loves talking to readers! Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Tsu Instagram | Pinterest | Google Plus Goodreads | Tumblr | Newsletter
Join Sarah's fan club and reader groups! Facebook Fan Club | Goodreads Reader Group Kavanagh Legends Readers Group | Fight Club Readers Group  



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its cover reveal day today on the blog

Welcome to Friday all , today I have the honor of doing a cover reveal for a new Canadian author . I have a pre order for this book . I can't wait to read it so with our further adieu here it is

                               BOOK BLURB
Bullied through high school, seventeen-year-old Justice St. Michaels is grateful for the help of her best friend Moira O’Fhey. Their only wish is to graduate high school, leave the sleepy town of Fallingbrook and all that happened behind them. The Heavens have other plans. Between growths on her back and being involved in explosive school fights, nothing seems to make sense. When an unexpected encounter with Darien Raventhorn causes worlds to collide it exposes the truth about Justice's real identity. To avenge a family death, Justice must embrace her birthright, and slay a demon before all Hell breaks loose.

What can you expect in A Raven’s Touch?Adventure, friendship, and bit of romance mixed into a very different kind of paranormal story. It’s not the formulaic story where there’s one type of paranormal hero. Be prepared for Half Angels, Witches, Elves, demons, and a dragon for good measure.

Moira squeezes my arm.
“We need to get up. Come on. We aren’t going to be sitting ducks. He looks like he wants to start trouble.”
My heart starts beating faster and I stand up. Moira has already packed her bag, and she pushes mine into my hands. With her hand on the small of my back, she urges me along.
“It’s a public place, Moira, he won’t hurt us here. He’s all talk, right?”

She looks me in the eyes.


Linda Bloodworth loves chips, like really, ketchup to be exact. Ketchup chips are only found in Canada. Lucky for Linda she lives in Toronto with her husband and three fur babies. In between writing, debating for hours about the Oxford comma, and the misunderstood semi colon; Linda enjoys camping and getting away from the city on day trips.  




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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO HUMP DAY WEDNESDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO HUMP DAY WEDNESDAY:   Welcome to hump day Wednesday and boy do I mean hump day . I have the book to heat up your winter nights . Welcome to CELESTIAL PETS Evils...


  Welcome to hump day Wednesday and boy do I mean hump day . I have the book to heat up your winter nights . Welcome to CELESTIAL PETS Evils Embrace by Bianca Sommerland

                           BOOK BLURB

Created pure and innocent, the newborn angel Fae’s only crime is loving the mortal realm too much. She wants to see, to touch, to taste...and to know. All of which leads to her fall from grace when she meets the demon brothers who give her all she desires.

Cravis and Travis toy with the young angel out of boredom, but losing her awakens something inside them that they didn’t know they could still feel. While Travis begins to learn how precious a life can be, Cravis struggles with the fear of how fragile love is, not sure if he can go through it being taken from him once again.

The demons will claim the angel, but many dangers threaten the Fallen. Hunted by the Virtues and lusted after by the damned, Fae may be protected as a cherished pet. But she will soon learn she’s worth so much more.
                        MY REVIEW
  I love books about good versus evil and angels and demons . When I started reading I got sucked in Fae and her demons . The story started just a little slow but after you get 10 pages in you get sucked in. We watch as Fae a new born angel , pure and innocent, fall in love with the mortal realm. She wants to experience everything. The moment that Cravis and Travis meet the beautiful newborn , they know that they want to toy and play with her and give her what she craves. But as you know nothing ever goes as planned as Fae changes the way the brothers feel and they know that they can't live with out her and she without them. The road is rocky and the dangers are great, will they survive the enemy and will they keep Fae safe.
     The characters in this book will actually keep you on the edge of your seat, sweating like bullets or fanning yourself . The author takes us on such a ride , the bad guys become the good guys and the really bad guys are truly truly evil. The lines are blurred between the two when you know you want to love and protect the one person that makes you want to be better . Fae is the perfect example , she was naïve and so trusting when Cavis and Travis found her . But as you read on you see her come into her own and she becomes a force to reckoned with. When with her men she will protect them and do anything to keep them safe. Now Cravis and Travis I wasn't really sure about those two . After they had Fae and made her fall , they decide to have more women right afterwards. Leaving poor Fae to fend to herself in the big bad world. After that incident they realize that they need her and start becoming the men/demons that Fae needs . They fight the devil himself to keep her safe. Azrael the angel of death plays a big part in this story also. He is on the fringe protecting Fae, we don't know why but he helps her along the way and takes every punishment she gets as his own. The Virtues are well lets just say they are assassins and they will do anything to assassinate the fallen.
     This book is full of twists and turns and is hotter then hell . I started reading this book in the evening and I just couldn't put it down. Those boys had me fanning myself a few times cause oh my they were sex dipped in chocolate. The author shows us that there is more to angels and demons then we know . Angels can become twisted and demons can become the good guys and the heroes.  I will warn you though this is one hot book , it will scorch your kindle if you aren't careful . There is sex and oh lord the sex is hot but tastefully done . This isn't a book for the faint of heart , if you can't handle  m/m, m/f/m and f/f . Then this isn't the book for you .  If you want a book that will rock your world and melt your kindle this is the book for you . I can't wait to find out more about Fae, the boys and one certain angel that I have a feeling that will probably break my heart in other books in the series. So check it out you will not be disappointed at all . PS  this book will give you a book hangover and I mean a big book hangover .

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Books to curl up with: Good Tuesday all

Books to curl up with: Good Tuesday all:    Good Tuesday all , hope you holiday preparations are going well . If you  are looking for a good  book for someone this Christmas this mi...

Books to curl up with: Good Tuesday all

Books to curl up with: Good Tuesday all:    Good Tuesday all , hope you holiday preparations are going well . If you  are looking for a good  book for someone this Christmas this mi...

Good Tuesday all

   Good Tuesday all , hope you holiday preparations are going well . If you  are looking for a good  book for someone this Christmas this might be the book for you. SOUL OF DUST  by Adam Millard

                            BOOK BLURB  

Jack Bridge is having a very bad day.

Description: Life as a private investigator is tough, but it’s even worse when you’re a semi-immortal wizard private investigator whose tolerance for humans grows thinner by the day. Just when he thinks things can’t get worse, in she walks.

Kate West, beautiful and complex in equal measure, with a problem only Jack can solve. Daemons, magic, voodoo, and vamps; it’s all very real, and Jack Bridge is the last line of defense against the creatures of Elsewhere.

Sometimes being semi-immortal just isn’t enough.

                                                 MY REVIEW
   Let me introduce you to Jack Bridge a semi immortal wizard, who has be banned to the mortal realm by a vengeful head wizard . For of all things sleeping with his wife. Being in the mortal realm and being around people is really starting to wear on his nerves. He is ready to pack it all in when Kate walks in , she wants to hire him to help find her sister . She lights a fire under Jack as he is the only one that can solve . As she gets under his skin and they fight the powers of evil. Will they survive the evil and will they survive the feeling that are stirring between them.
  This is the first book of Adam's I have read . I couldn't put the book down the characters were complex and they seem to come alive with in the pages . Jack is such a complex guy. He has done some things in his past that got him sent up to earth and all he wants to do is get back . He will do just about anything to get back to his realm. You see him struggling to be around people and as he fights the evil you see him come into his own and grow as he saves the day  with Kate's help. At first Kate comes of as a naïve scared little rabbit . She seems to be either in shock or denial. But as the book goes on she becomes such a great asset to Jack and she finds out she is tougher then she thought. They actually make a great team, they complement each other and they can kick ass together really well . The supporting cast of characters are your mix of demons and vampires ,voodoo practitioners. You have your bad guys and your good guys , then there are the ones that well you just don't know about . They all add up to a great story .
    The author takes us on a roller coaster ride, full of suspense and there is a bit of romantic tension thrown in for good measure. The characters are complex and you can't help fall in love with them .
This is a book that you can curl up and loose yourself in. You will want to yell at your kindle a few times and tell them to watch out . This is the first book I have read by this author and I will be looking into more books. If you want to read a good complex book that will keep you reading into the night, check out SOUL OF DUST 

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY SATURDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: HAPPY SATURDAY ALL: Happy Saturday all , I hope you are all having a great Saturday. Today we are going to  review HIGLAND FATE ( Guardians of Scotland ) book t...


Happy Saturday all , I hope you are all having a great Saturday. Today we are going to  review HIGLAND FATE ( Guardians of Scotland ) book three by Victoria Zak ,

                              BOOK BLURB

She was his saving grace.

The Red Hawk, warrior chieftain of Helmfirth, is an over bearing, dominating dragon who strikes fear in his enemies, until one day a nemesis dares to test his limits and attacks Hawk and all that he holds dear. With one foot in the grave, Hawk finds himself inside the walls of Dunfermline Abbey and his life at the mercy of Sister Kate. In repaying a debt for saving his life, Hawk accepts Kate’s proposal. Will her proposal be the death of him or save him from a terrible mistake?

He was her fall from grace.

Growing up in Dunfermline Abbey, boundaries and vows have kept Sister Kate safe until a wounded red-headed Highlander in desperate need of her help turns her guarded life upside down. The lure of this man brings out a side of Kate long suppressed, she now yearns to leave the Abbey in search of her true self. There’s one problem, she can’t make the daunting journey through the Highlands alone. She needs a Highlander with exceptional skills and she has her eyes set on one, Hawk. 

                              MY REVIEW
 Welcome back to the moors of Scotland  and book three of the Guardians of Scotland series . Let me introduce you to Hawk and Kate . The chieftain of Helmfirth and a dragonkin warrior . A man burdened with secrets that keep him from falling in love, but makes him a fierce warrior . Until the day he is attacked and hurt badly .  When h awakes he finds himself in Dunfermline abbey , he finds himself taking a young nun across the highlands as she tries to find herself . Sister Kate has demons of her own in her past . Growing up in the abbey after her mother abandoned her there as a child.  Will they survive the trip across the highlands but better question will they survive each other and realize that their destinies are entwined .
     I loved the characters in this book . Hawk is a rough overbearing highlander , who is hotter then sin. His alpha male is out and proud , you don't know if you want to punch some sense into him or climb him like a monkey. But there is a sweet soft side that you see coming through . He loves his sisters with a passion and he loves his people. You see that coming through when he is with Kate. He is trying so hard not to let her in  because of his dragon . As you read you see his gruff exterior start to crumble when it comes to Kate.
 Kate is a character that at the beginning you really feel for her, she has grown up cloistered in the Abbey . That is all she knows is Abbey life, but she is getting restless and wonders what is outside in the real world. As she leaves the abbey and starts her journey with Hawk, she starts to blossom. As you more into the story , you see Kate becoming a warrior in her own right . She grows and becomes stronger with each turn of the page . You can really connect with Kate and the trials she goes through to be the person that Hawk deserves .
 The rest of the dragonkin clan are also in this book as we see them come to the aid of Hawk and Kate .
   The author takes us on a voyage through the Highlands of Scotland with tough highlanders and the women they love .  I have fallen in love with these books , the twists and turns that the author throws at us are some times gut wrenching or laugh out loud . I love the way the author entwines romance and adventure together oh yeah and don't forget all the sexual tension too .  Trust me ladies you will want to know what goes on with Hawk and Kate . You will shed a few tears along the way but trust me it is so worth the journey . This could be read as a stand alone book but I strongly suggest that you read all the books in the series. They will transport you to a place where Dragons protect the sky and the women who love them are strong . Highlanders are my new favorite read and this author is my go to. Victoria weaves such magical tales . You should check them out , I guarantee that you will not be disappointed .

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE: Happy Friday everyone . I hope your December is going well so far and you are getting your Christmas prep done. Today we are reviewing HAND ...


Happy Friday everyone . I hope your December is going well so far and you are getting your Christmas prep done. Today we are reviewing HAND OF FATE(The Belanger Creek Ranch series book 3 ) by Gloria Antypowich.

                           BOOK BLURB

Tim glared at Christina. “I guess I get the floor.”

“Quit being an ass and get a grip on yourself. There is no need for anyone to sleep on the floor. I’m sure we are mature enough to make the best of this rotten situation. I’m not going freak out if your leg touches mine. It’s not as if either of us is interested in anything other than sleep and keeping warm.”

He stared at her. “Are you suggesting we share the bed?”

Thirty-eight-year-old Christina Holmes is the office manager at Swift Current Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. On the surface, she is a happy person that everyone likes, but in her heart, she carries pain. She has MRHK syndrome. Her marriage had deteriorated because of the rare congenital condition, and it ended in humiliation for her. The experience is a secret that Christina has not shared with anyone since she came to Swift Current. She has avoided intimate relationships, feeling less than a woman, and ashamed of the hand that nature dealt her. She has allowed her condition to define her, making her certain that no one will love her as she is.

Forty-eight-year-old Tim Bates came to Swift Current four years ago, when Colt Thompson hired him to manage Cantaur Farm. Forsaken by his stepfamily, Tim was reeling from a contested family will, and an ugly divorce filed by his wife who had never truly loved him. He was bitter and angry, trusted no one and despised women.

When he first arrived, Christina thought of Tim as a cold fish, and Tim saw Christina as an officious bitch. However, during the past four years the two of them have developed a comfortable relationship: but it isn’t the kind that comes with intimacy, or fringe benefits.

When Tim Bates finds a picture on the old ranch hand’s desk at Belanger Creek Ranch, he is stunned. He reacts with suspicion that turns into feelings of betrayal and anger. The picture becomes the focus of a mystery that involves people at the ranch: people who have been friends for years. The answers could forever change the lives of those involved.

Tim discovers that what he has always believed about his birth is not true. Shaken, he turns to Christina for friendship and support.

Sometimes The Hand of Fate intervenes. Will it bring unexpected miracles into the lives of these two friends?

This is a story of family ties, unconditional love, loyalty, powerful friendships, sacrifice, mystery and the realization of dreams that seem impossible.

This can be read as a stand-alone book in the Belanger Creek Ranch Series. The lives of Colt and Frank Thompson (The Second Time Around, Book One) and Shauna Lee and Brad Johnson (Full Circle, Book Two) intertwine with those of Tim Bates and Christina Holmes in this work of fiction.

                                                         MY REVIEW
  This is the third book in a series that I absolutely adore . This story revolves around Tim and Christina . They are the best of friends but there is something deeper between them . The secrets that each of them harbor will take their relationship from friends to the love that defies all. They have the Thompson family 's support , they are family to them .  The help comes in so many different ways . As the family supports and helps them in every way possible . They show how much family means and what a family is willing to do to help out their own .
    The whole crew is back in this book, the main characters Tim and Christina are such complex characters . Christina is the sweetest woman that you can ever imagine. She is loving and kind, loves children. But she can't have any due to MRKH syndrome which means that she can't have children.. She is also so strong and doesn't let anyone or anything stand in her way . Not even her pig headed best friend Tim . He has some issues but when he realizes that he has loved Christina , he is in whole hearted and will do anything for his Christina .
They also work through the mystery of the picture and what it means . They also have help from the rest of the farm family . Even the biggest surprise of all, well there are actually two surprises . I am not going to tell you what they are . You will have to read the book to find out . But they are awesome . The whole crew is back Colt , Frank. Shaun lee , Brad and Ollie and Ellie. We also meet a couple of new characters Sarah , Taylor and Grayson . Trust me you will fall in love with all these characters.
  This book had me in tears in so many spots, the author gave us such a loving and emotional story . I think I cried more in this book because of the reaction to Christina not having children . It hit a soft spot with me, and I related to her sooo much . The author did a great job in researching both the medical and emotional aspects of MRKH syndrome. The research paid off big time, you find yourself reading a emotional love story between two people , that will over come anything and everything .
I love this author and he style of no nonsense writing . I also love the fact that she is writing about a province that I love and know about . She takes us on a ride through south western Saskatchewan . She paints a great picture of ranching and farming life with a close knit family of people that aren't related by blood but by the heart and love. So if you want a sweet series about friends and family that will do anything to help each other out . Throw in romance and love these are the books for you . This can be read as a stand alone but I suggest you read the whole series and get to know the whole gang .

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Books to curl up with: HEY ALL WELCOME TO TUESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: HEY ALL WELCOME TO TUESDAY ALL: Hi all sorry I have been busy getting ready for Christmas . Today we are going to review NIRVANA by JR Stewart                          ...


Hi all sorry I have been busy getting ready for Christmas . Today we are going to review
NIRVANA by JR Stewart

                            BOOK BLURB

If you enjoy futuristic what-if books like The Hunger Games or The Matrix, give this series a read.
- Victoria Harvey, Ivy's Ecclectic Reviews

"Intriguing meld of virtual reality, species extinction, and corporate evil." - Wendy Stephens, Director, United States Board on Books for Young People

5-star rating
- Jessica Waggoner, Books-a-Million

"The author stayed true to the dystopian grimness of the world and kept my attention. I think I finished it in about four sittings!"
- Julie Short, Julie Short review blog

When the real world is emptied of all that you love, how can you keep yourself from dependence on the virtual?

Animal activist and punk rock star Larissa Kenders lives in a dystopian world where the real and the virtual intermingle. After the disappearance of her soulmate, Andrew, Kenders finds solace by escaping to Nirvana, a virtual world controlled by Hexagon. In Nirvana, anyone’s deepest desires may be realized - even visits with Andrew.

Although Kenders knows that this version of Andrew is virtual, when he asks for her assistance revealing Hexagon’s dark secret, she cannot help but comply. Soon after, Kenders and her closest allies find themselves in a battle with Hexagon, the very institution they have been taught to trust. After uncovering much more than she expected, Kenders’ biggest challenge is determining what is real – and what is virtual.

Nirvana is a fast-paced, page-turning young adult novel combining elements of science fiction, mystery, and romance. Part of a trilogy, this book introduces readers to a young woman who refuses to give up on the man she loves, even if it means taking on an entire government to do so. Are you ready to enter Nirvana?

                        MY REVIEW
       Welcome to the future , where there is a big corporation has taken over the world . The earth is dead and we vacation in virtual reality . But really is all cracked up to be . There is more to what is going on then you can imagine .
  Let me introduce you to Kenders , a punk rock star and an animal activist . She rocks out in the virtual reality with her band , and works at Hexagon, the company that has dominion over everyone .
Until the day the love of her life disappears and she has nothing left , but as she visits the realm. She realizes that Hexagon is hiding a big secret and with the help of Virtual Andrew . She sets out to expose Hexagon.
   I really love Kenders , she is a strong willed character that doesn't trust anyone . She is the type of friend that would do anything for you. She starts out toting the line with Hexagon and as you see her go through the loss of her husband. She becomes a strong kick ass . She doesn't take no for an answer. She really grows as a character . Can't wait to see how she grows in the next books . Andrew is a computer geek that loves his wife sooo much. But he has a side that will surprise you . When he goes missing you want to shake your kindle and say come back, bring him back. The rest of the cast of characters are the bad guys and boy are they bad . All being run by the company.
   This book is a mix of dystopia and well might as well say the matrix and it is also a love story between the two main characters. Then the is the destruction of the earth. Who knew that bees were so important to environment and what they could do. And it all starts with the bees and their destruction. It also has the big evil corporation taking over the world . It has it all really .
I read this book in an evening , you kind of get lost in the pages and you want to cheer Kenders and Andrew and hope they can make it . This is the first book in the trilogy so there is a cliff hanger . 
It is a YA novel but I really enjoyed it and can't wait for the rest of the books in the series. So if you want a good mixture of dystopian, romance an virtual world this is the book for you .