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Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY:   Good Thursday all , yes it is Thursday I checked my phone. Today I have book 3 in The Happily Never After series . ARIA  by Plum Pascal ...

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY:   Good Thursday all , yes it is Thursday I checked my phone. Today I have book 3 in The Happily Never After series . ARIA  by Plum Pascal ...


  Good Thursday all , yes it is Thursday I checked my phone. Today I have book 3 in The Happily Never After series . ARIA  by Plum Pascal

                            BOOK BLURB

Fairy Tale Princesses Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before…
10 Champions destined to defeat an evil that threatens to wipe out the land of Fantasia...

Book 3: Aria

A pirate wounded on the open water and left for dead…
A loyal friend and merman destined to keep her safe…
And a royal prince contracted to be her husband…

Finding a human adrift after a vicious battle with a kraken, Aria breaches her banishment to save the brave pirate, Captain Hook.

Though Aria knows she has no business involving herself in human affairs, she can’t help her attraction to the roguishly handsome pirate with a silver tongue, a body riddled with muscle, and a mouth made for sin.

Aria’s life is quickly uprooted when her aunt announces that in order for Aria to reclaim the throne from her cruel father, King Triton, she will need allies. And, in this case, allies = marriage to a man she doesn’t even know, Prince Andric.

Meanwhile Aria’s heart and body belongs to the legendary Captain Hook, a man who teaches Aria the very meaning of desire.

The seas continue to rage, with new and violent monsters creeping from the deeps to attack at every turn. Accompanied by her devoted friend and bodyguard, the incredibly handsome merman, Bastion, Aria must face the man who brought her to ruin and threatens to destroy everyone she loves.

Can Aria make it out of the battlefield with her life and loves intact? Or will her heart be just another casualty of war?

Find out in the third book in the Happily Never After Series!

                      MY REVIEW 
    Aria saves a human after a battle with a Kracken , she puts herself in danger to help this man out which will lead her into a battle for her life and the lives of those who love her . Will Aria and the men who love her be able to save the sea and let Aria weild the triton and become the true ruler of the sea . Will  they come out of this battle with their lives and love entacted . 

     What can I say about these characters , we have a devilishly handsome pirate , Hook who is very much a rogue , but he also has a heart of gold . He is very troubled by his past which we get to see his pain. Andric is the handsome prince that is smitten with Aria and has a warriors heart . He is also so good looking he will make you swoon .  Bastion I feel is the most innocent of all the men that love Aria . He is her best friend and a battle ready merman . He has been with her since she was young . He is so sweet and kind but also ready and willing to put his life on the line for the people he loves .  Aria is fierce fighter against those that hurt her and her family. At first when she hits land, she comes of as very naive and oh so innocent . As she meets everyone she becomes stronger and more mature . She still has her innocent moments but over she is a complex girl that will kick your butt and then kiss you  Kassidy and the werebears are back to help out Hook and the guild . 

   This is the third book in the series and I will say it was a good read. The author does a good job on the twists and turns that come up . The way the author puts in some hilarious moments like when the topic of copulation comes up and they have to explain it to Aria . She is a full grown woman but also so very innocent . There were just some areas that i just felt that weren't that strong and kind of in my opinion just dragged a little .  The ending just didn't feel like an ending its like a continuation into the next book. Over all i did enjoy the story and love the writing of this author . I can't wait to read the next book in the series . I love happy endings. 

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Books to curl up with: ALL BOW DOWN TO THE PIRATE QUEEN

Books to curl up with: ALL BOW DOWN TO THE PIRATE QUEEN:  Good morning all , today I have a dark historical pirate book for you . SEA OF RUIN by Pam Godwin .                             BOOK BLUR...


 Good morning all , today I have a dark historical pirate book for you . SEA OF RUIN by Pam Godwin .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Bennett Sharp is on the run.
Wanted for piracy, she fears neither God nor death nor man.
Except Priest Farrell.

The unfaithful, stormy-eyed libertine hunts her with terrifying possessiveness. Nothing will stop him from coming for her. Not his unforgivable betrayal. Not when she’s captured by the ice-cold pirate hunter, Lord Ashley Cutler.
She must escape Ashley’s prison and Priest’s deceit. But can she walk away from their twisted desires?

Two gorgeous captains stand on opposite sides of the law. When they collide in a battle to protect her, the lines blur between enemies and lovers.
Passion heats, secrets unravel, and hearts entangle until they break.
Can love prevail in the sea of ruin?

                       MY REVIEW 
  Bennett Sharp is on the run , she is a wanted woman and she is fearless . Death will not take her and no man will touch her . All is good until the one man who stole her heart and broke it comes back into her life . Priest Farrell the man who wants to possess her heart and soul . He will find her where ever she is , nothing will keep them apart . Not even the cold hearted pirate hunter Lord Ashley Cutler.  But honestly in her heart does she want to walk away .  They both want to protect her and keep her safe and the lines start to blur between enemies and friends . Will they survive the twisted desires of their hearts or will it become a sea of ruin . 

  Omg I absolutely love the characters in this book . Bennett our swash buckling heroine is feisty , and has been through so much . She has bucked the traditions of status from the beginning of her life . All she wants to be is on the sea and be like her father . I love the way she is strong and tries so hard to strong when she lets her vulnerability shows its heart warming to see her like that . I do love her sassy side that will take on anyone and show them that she can beat them at their own game . She is fabulous and you will love her . 
Now lets talk the men of this book and holy hannah thes men are hot . Priest and Ashley they seem to be the different sides of the same coin. Priest is the oh so sexy pirate who will do what ever it takes to save the woman he loves . Ashley well he is the tall, dark handsome pirate hunter , who in my opinion is like walking sex on a stick . He has an air of authority to him that will make you swoon . As Priest has a wildness about him that will make you blush . These three main characters are so well written and complex and when they get together they combust . 

   Ok I was excited when i found out this author was writing a pirate book . I was wondering how she was going to write a good dark story that she is famous for . Well I will say she out did herself . The characters are so well written and complex , you will love them and hate them . The story is full of twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat . There are also some very tough scenes to read and you will shed a tear or two for our main girl but like all great stories she will over come .  Who knew that pirates could be so sexy , these aren't your harlequin romance pirates . These men can fight and love with a fierceness that will make you blush . So if you want a dark story that will have you swooning one minute and then fighting for your life the next . This is the book for you check it out trust me on this you will not be disappointed . 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL:    Today I have a special treat for you Janet Walden has a new book out SALT AND STILETTOS                              BOOK BLURB ...


   Today I have a special treat for you Janet Walden has a new book out SALT AND STILETTOS

                             BOOK BLURB

Sweet Home Alabama meets Top Chef when Miami’s most determined image consultant clashes with Samoa’s most uncooperative chef in a race to rebrand him as South Beach’s newest star.
Brett Fontaine learned early that appearance matters and not to count on anyone but yourself. Trading her red-dirt roots for the title of Miami’s go-to image consultant, she refuses to let anything jeopardize her new life. 

Not an influential client-turned-stalker who’s up for parole. 
Not post-kidnapping panic attacks. 
Certainly not the stubborn, attention-phobic chef she’s challenged to transform into a celeb in ninety days.
Will Te’o can almost taste the dream he sacrificed American Samoa, culture, and cherished family ties for—opening a four star restaurant in the most cut-throat culinary location in North America
Unfortunately, that requires navigating it’s equally cut-throat social scene. When his first public performance ends in a social media spectacle, his only option is turning to the stiletto-wearing nemesis who’s invaded his kitchen. 
Neither expected to share anything but barbs, yet somewhere between accidentally bonding over comfort food and office-wrecking sex, they’re named South Beach’s hottest pairing. Until Brett’s stalker engineers a reputation-shattering reveal. She may be going down, but she’s not taking Will’s dreams with her. Now Will’s pulling out all his new skills and cooking up a last-ditch event. He’ll prove to Brett that relying on the right person makes for the perfect recipe—or be left heartbroken in the spotlight.


                      ABOUT THE AUTHOR 

Janet Walden-West lives in the southeast with a pack of show dogs, a couple of kids, and a husband who didn’t read the fine print. A member of the East Tennessee Creative Writers Alliance, she is also a founding member of The Million Words craft blog. She pens diverse Urban Fantasy and inclusive Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance.
A 2X PitchWars alum, 2019 Pitch Wars Mentor, and Golden Heart® finalist, her debut multicultural Contemporary Romance, SALT+STILETTOS, is due out April 21st 2020 from City Owl Press. She is represented by Eva Scalzo of Speilburg Literary Agency.

Find her at:
​Twitter: @JanetWaldenWest

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Books to curl up with: WOOHOOO IT IS FRIDAY

Books to curl up with: WOOHOOO IT IS FRIDAY:   Good Friday everyone , today I  have the last book in the Dulcie O'Neal series for you . THE GHOULS OF WRATH  by HP Mallory .       ...


  Good Friday everyone , today I  have the last book in the Dulcie O'Neal series for you . THE GHOULS OF WRATH  by HP Mallory .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Agent Dulcie O’Neil travels to the demon world of Dromir in order to rescue Knight and Dagan from the wrath of Dagan’s brother, Darius.

While in Dromir, Dulcie faces the ultimate evil—The Darkness, the very god that possessed Meg and turned her into evil incarnate.

Only now, The Darkness is inside Dulcie and it’s doing everything in its power to control her. As she struggles to resist this evil being, Dulcie will be faced with the ultimate decision: one that could very well mean her life.

Find out what happens in the twelfth and final episode of the Dulcie O’Neil Series.

                        MY REVIEW 
   Dulcie is back and traveling to the demon world of Dromir to bring back Knight and Dagan and kill Darius .  While she is there she has to fight off the ulitmate evil that is trying to take over her soul and turn her into the ultimate evil. While fighting this evil Dulcie must make the ultimate decision that could mean her life . Lets find out together what will happen in the last installment of Dulcie's story . 

  Ok I have loved these characters from the begininng . Dulcie has to be one of my favourite characters . She is feisty and driven and would do anything to get her love and her friend back . Bram and the rest are back and trying to get Dulcie . These characters have grown and become so complex as the series went on . I love each and everyone of them even had a crush on both Bram and Knight a time or two. Bram was so sweet and funny oh and oh so egotistical in this book but that is Bram you will love him even more in this book . Knight also yanks at the heart strings through out this book . 

    I was kind of sad reading this book I have loved this series from the very beginning . This book made me laugh and cry and laugh . The author really took us on an adventure this time around . I love how much fun these characters are to read and the story just kept evolving and growing . The author did a great job tying everything together and the ending will have you weeping and laughing at the same time .If you want a great series check it out you will not be disappointed . THANK YOU Hp MALLORY for writing a wonderful series and here is to many more new characters and stories . 

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Books to curl up with: OK I THINK ITS THURSDAY

Books to curl up with: OK I THINK ITS THURSDAY:  Ok I think it is Thursday  I am so lost but oh well I hope everyone is staying safe and sane . Today I have a hot little novella for you  H...


 Ok I think it is Thursday  I am so lost but oh well I hope everyone is staying safe and sane . Today I have a hot little novella for you  HOW ABOUT NEVER by Leela Lou Dahlin.

                            BOOK BLURB 

Tempest Sure has a reputation. Not only is she an interior decorator who is a shooting star, but she also is a sexy woman who likes to play but doesn’t like to stay with one partner for too long. There is a man who’s caught her attention, Architect Zane Calder, and since he has a rep like hers, she thought they’d be well matched. Too bad her friend mixed it up with him. Tempest had her rules, and playing with her friend's leftovers was a definite no-no. Until her friend asked her for an unthinkable favor.

Zane Calder had been intrigued by Tempest Sure for years, but when he finally approached her, she told him he’d wronged one of her friends. It wasn’t quite a misunderstanding because he’d explained his rules to each and every woman he invited to his bed. Then came the kicker. Tempest boldly told him she was going to teach him a lesson. A lesson about love? Bring it on. When would it work? How about Never.
                     MY REVIEW
  Tempest Sure has the reputation as being a player . She is on the fast track to becoming famous but doesn't like to be with one man too long.  Until Zane Calder walks into the picture , he has a reputation like hers . But she has one rule she will not play with her friends leftovers .  Until the day that they are going to teach each other a lesson on love . Will they realize it before its too late . That they just might be made for each other . 

   The cast of characters in this little novella are ok .   Tempest is a hard working play girl who just doesn't want a relationship. She is is feisty and hard working woman . I will admit though she did kind of get to me at times I was kind of annoyed with her .  Zane is a player and he knows it .  He is also somewhat arrogant when it comes to the women he  beds .

  This book starts off as a revenge sex book to an forever love book by the end of the novella . The story is different as it was a playgirl who doesn't want the relationship and in walks the man who might want to change her . The story has twists in it that will have you going wow .There were a few spots that seemed to drag a little but over all i enjoyed this hot little novella.  This novella can be read in an afternoon  and it just might melt your kindle and make you blush .

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Books to curl up with: ITS WEDNESDAY

Books to curl up with: ITS WEDNESDAY:  Good morning all day 34030343 of self isolation . Today I have a new book by one of my favourite authors . POLAR SHIFT  by Boone Brux   ...


 Good morning all day 34030343 of self isolation . Today I have a new book by one of my favourite authors . POLAR SHIFT  by Boone Brux

                            BOOK BLURB 

Raven shifter, Kai Johnson, is balls deep in debt after he and his brothers purchase an old Alaskan lodge Though he has committed body and wallet to making a go of it, things change when his childhood friend, Haven Seward, arrives and suggests they become 'friends with benefits'. Finally seeing his chance to show her that they are meant to be together, he agrees. But Haven's determination to take over her father's position as Alpha will give Kai a run for his money.

As daughter of the previous pack Alpha, certain things are expected from Haven, but being unable to shift has her questioning her ability to lead. After losing the bid for the lodge to her childhood friend, she stops by to show him there are no hard feelings. But things between them heat up when Kai plants a toe-curling kiss on her and offers a possible solution to her current predicament. At first, it seems to be the perfect solution to her problem, but when the stakes change, the future she's always imagined for herself starts to slip away.

But even if she succeeds, will she truly be happy being the Alpha or will her choice start a clan war between the ravens and wolves. Is putting everything on the line for love worth price the glacier magic might demand?

                      MY REVIEW 
   Welcome to Alaska where the nights are long and the shifters are hot . Kia and his brothers have just bought themselves a lodge . They are going to try hard to make it work until the plane lands and out steps Haven a wolf shifter and the new alpha of her pack. She suggests that they become friends with benefits  and Kia jumps at the chance to show her how much he loves her and that they are meant to be together.  With pressure mounting and Haven worrying too much they head to place where the spirit animals are guiding them . Will they find out that their love is the only thing that matters . 

    Ok i will admit i squealed a little when I found out that we have raven shifters in this book . Kia and his brothers are raven shifters . Who knew that ravens could be so sexy . Kia is the guy you want in your corner, he is tall, dark and oh so sexy . You will want to climb him like a spider monkey. He is also one of the sweetest guys you will ever read .  Haven wow what can we say about her . She is a stressed out woman who always puts everyone ahead of her . She is sweet but also she needs to relax and think of herself . They are great characters but when they are together the heat level rises 100 percent . I really like them and want to see where the author is going to take them . 

  Ok ok I am calm now , this book is hot , the characters are so well written and complex . The story is set in Alaska , which I like its a different setting it shows how beautiful Alaska is . The author takes us on a fun filled ride .  This is the type of book I expect from this author . Fun filled with some great sexy times mixed with some suspense and laughs abundant . So if you want a great short book that will make you laugh out loud , The gas station scene comes to mind . and maybe melt your kindle . This is the book for you , so lets go play in the snow and have some fun hot times . Check it out

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL:     Good morning all its officially I give up day in quarantine . I am thinking that being home all day is finally getting to me lol . Today...


    Good morning all its officially I give up day in quarantine . I am thinking that being home all day is finally getting to me lol . Today I have the first book in the Canyons of Charleston . YOU SAVED ME by M Kristine .

                           BOOK BLURB 

**Re-edited and re-released**

Westlynn Canyon is a fierce no holds barred businesswoman and the CEO of her family’s company, Canyon Inc. Being the head of a large corporation keeps her busy leaving time for little else. Meeting the sexy Maxton Emerson has her wanting things she shouldn't. No matter how much she wants him, Westlynn finds out all too soon why a relationship between them would never work.

Maxton Emerson came to Charleston with his business and a dream; become one of the largest tech companies in the U.S. Those dreams were close to becoming reality until Westlynn Canyon entered his life. Meeting her has been both a blessing and a curse. She is the CEO of his biggest competitor and he can’t stop thinking about her. He wants the headstrong stubborn woman in his life, only she keeps refusing his advances.

When Maxton finds Westlynn beaten and bloody, he won’t allow her to push him away any longer. She soon realizes the lengths he will go to ensure her safety, making her reevaluate her feelings for the sexy Brit.

For readers 18 years and over. If you love hot and steamy reads, you will love this book!!!
Book 1 in 6 book series. While each book is standalone and can be read in any order, it is recommended you read in order. 

                     MY REVIEW 
  Westlynn has been working hard to get where she is . She has no time to date until the sexy Brit walks into her life . The sexy tech giant has eyes for Westlynn and wants to be more then his biggest competitor . When tragedy happens and Maxton finds Westlynn lying on the floor in the parking garage . Things change and he will not let her push him away anymore .  Will they finally give into their desires and realize that they love each other . 

   The main characters Westlynn and Maxton  are an interesting pair . Westlynn is a feisty , no nonsense business woman. She has taken her family business and built it up . She does her best but doesn't have time to date. She is a good character , she sometimes comes off as very standoffish but you do get to see her relax more and open up . Maxton well he is Briitish and oh so sexy , he is a no holds barred fighter . He will fight for what he wants . He is a hard worker and knows what he wants when it comes to work and women . They are good characters but when they are together they bring out the best of each other . 

  This is a story that you can read in an afternoon . The author takes us on a ride that wil leave you breathless . The story is good , and the characters are well written . this is the first book I have read by this author and I liked it but there were times in the book where it seemed to drag a little and there where a few grammatical errors . I wish the author would of maybe brought the i love you out a little sooner . It went from no i don't love him to bam I love you , most of the great stuff happened in the last 3 chapters . Overall I did enjoy this story and want to find out what happens with the rest of the family . So if you want a good book to read in an afternoon check it out  

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL:  Good Monday everyone , day 2 000 of self isolation , well that's what it feels like . Today I have another novella by Lexi C Foss   THE...


 Good Monday everyone , day 2 000 of self isolation , well that's what it feels like . Today I have another novella by Lexi C Foss   THE EXPERIMENT (X-CLAN book 2 )

                            BOOK BLURB 

I'm an offering. A test. A pawn in an agreement I know little about.

Fly to Andorra Sector.
Allow them to experiment.
Mate an X-Clan Wolf Alpha.
Hope for the best.

Those are my orders. My fate. My current existence. There's nowhere to run, and the moon is a clock I can't ignore. One of these Alphas will claim me, assuming our genetics are a match. And if not, well, that's a fate worse than death.

Tick tock.
Make a choice.
Your future depends on it. 

The pretty little blonde wolf has seen too much pain for her young years.

It makes me want to fix her.
To adore her.
To show her there can be good in this world.
But our future is wrapped up in an experiment.

Either she's compatible or she's not. The moon will determine our fate, or perhaps my inner wolf will decide it for us. Because with each passing moment, it becomes harder not to claim the female who I know in my heart is very much mine.

Run, run, little one.
And don't look back.
For if I catch you,
I just may bite. 

Note: This is a standalone novella featuring characters from Andorra Sector, Book One of the X-Clan Series. It has Omegaverse elements and features a happily-ever-after ending.

                         MY REVIEW 
  Daciana is a pawn sent to Andorra sector to be tested and then is expected to mate with one of the X- Clan alphas. Being an omega she has to do this and there are scars from her past that have her shaken to her core . When Elias is around her she seems calmer there is something about the Alpha that calls to her in a way that sends her heart beating faster . He wants to fix her , adore her and take away her pain . But will they be compatible only the moon will tell and by then it could be too late where their hearts are concerned . 

  Elias and Daciana a couple that will pull at your heart strings . Daciana is a shy, sweet woman who has been through so much . Her past is so bad that is has scarred her and she starts out as such a timid woman . She is trying hard not to think of what can happen on the full moon . She just wants to run and hide . When she is with Elias we start to see her come back to the woman that she should be . She is stronger then she realizes and when the time comes she shows everyone how strong she can be   Elias is the second in command and he may come off as tough but deep down he is sweet and caring . His wolf senses that Daciana is the one for him but he also knows how scared she is . He is the perfect guy, gentle when he needs to be and he can take a firm hand when needed . You will want him ladies cause he is so dang sexy . 

  This book will bring out all the feels for you . I was all over the place while I was reading .  Daciana and Elias hit me right in the heart strings . The story is set in the Andorra series but honestly this book can be read as a stand alone . I love the way the author treats her characters with care and love .  This may be a novella but it is packed full of love and lust  That could melt your kindle . The characters are so well written and you will love them . So if you want a great novella check it out . You will love the characters and the story  I promise . 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD SUNDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD SUNDAY ALL:  Good Sunday all it is day I have no idea of self isolation.  Today I have a cowboy novella for you  THE ONE by Jacquelyn Ayres           ...


 Good Sunday all it is day I have no idea of self isolation.  Today I have a cowboy novella for you  THE ONE by Jacquelyn Ayres

                            BOOK BLURB 

Kip Taylor is everyone’s dream. His one downfall is that he’s a player. He can have any woman he wants in town—state, even—and he knows it. There’s only one woman Kip wants. Trouble is, he hasn’t met her yet. Until then, he’s going to fill his dance card with the Johnson girls: Maggie, May, and Missy.
Shelby never thought she’d see Rison, Arkansas, again. She’s been estranged from her extended family for over a decade. Things happen and sometimes the only place you can find solitude is the very place that has raised so many questions in your life.
She was looking to start her life over.
He was looking for his to truly begin.
Neither one of them understood the power of kismet until the day their eyes locked. From that moment—in their heart of hearts—they knew that the other was The One.

                    MY REVIEW 
  Kip well he is a dreamboat and a player he can have any woman he wants and is playing 3 sisters . Until the day the girl of his dreams walks into his life . Shelby didn't want to come back in RIsan Arkansas and her extended family .But there are moments where the place to start something new is the place you don't want to go back to . Will they be able to come over the barriers that are between them and will Kip be able to over come his playboy tendacies to find the girl of his dreams . 

  Kip is the type of guy you want to keep your daughters away from . he is good looking and a player. He can have any woman he wants and usually gets . He also wants to have the three sisters from the neighbours ranch.  He actually drove me crazy reading him . I really wanted to hit him over the head a few times . He came off cocky and kind of a know it all even after he met Shelby he would still talk and fantasize about the three sisters . He did kind of change at the end and fell hard for Shelby . Shelby has had a hard life , her mother and her little brother dying really left deep wounds in Shelby's heart. She has a rough life and when she gets to Arkansas it gets even worse. There are moments that i felt i couldn't connect with her and I did feel sad for her. 

   This is a book that is hard to get into at the beginning . I honestly had trouble with the whole Kip palying the sisters . He was just arrogant and needed to be brought down a bit .  the author does redeem him later on in the book when he and Shelby get together . The story was good it had some horses in it so I was happy for that .The author really does take us on a joy ride that is emotional through out . Over all i did enjoy this story and will read other books from this author . So check it out .

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Books to curl up with: WELL GOOD SATURDAY ALL ( I THINK)

Books to curl up with: WELL GOOD SATURDAY ALL ( I THINK):   Good Saturday afternoon all , well I think it is Saturday . Today I have a Midnight Fae Academy prequel novella for you . ELLA'S MASQU...


  Good Saturday afternoon all , well I think it is Saturday . Today I have a Midnight Fae Academy prequel novella for you . ELLA'S MASQUERADE by Lexi C Foss

                             BOOK BLURB 

Once upon a time, a handsome prince asked the academy wallflower to the ball. She was blinded by the stars in her own eyes and the pitter-patter of her lonely heart. Little did she know this prince was no prince at all, but a villain disguised behind a charming smile. 


There are no such things as fairy tales or happily ever afters. Not in my world. My reality is riddled with pain and loss and immense hatred.

Until him.
Trayton Nacht, the new transfer student at Darlington Academy.
Something about his darkness calls to me. The way his eyes glimmer in the night and the cruelty of his handsome smile.
With a single glance, he turned my world inside out. And now I can't get enough.

But what if he's just like the rest of them? What if this is all just another masquerade?


She stole my heart, once upon a time. Three years ago in an alley where she left me with a pair of sodden blue slippers.

Her life had been mine for the taking, until I discovered the fae magic lurking beneath her skin. Now it's time to recruit her, to take her to her fate.

But first, we'll play a little game.
One that will end in destruction.
Because f*ck fairy godmothers.

What Ella needs is a Dark Fae.
One who can help her burn Darlington Academy to the ground.
A Dark Fae like me.

Author Note: This is a dark Cinderella retelling with strong bully elements. This M/F PNR features a happily ever after ending and is also the prequel to the Midnight Fae Academy Why Choose Trilogy. Tray and Ella are important characters throughout the series.

                       MY REVIEW 
  Ella has been bullied through out her whole life, high school is no different. She has two step sisters that seem to lead the cool kids in the private school and are her worst tormentors . Until the day Tray walks into school , he is so sexy and just the right amount of boyish charm and a glimmer in his eye that would make any girl in school melt . He has one mission in his life is to get the girl he ran into three years ago to fall for him and come into the magic that she has hidden deep inside .  The dark fae that lies in her heart and then they together can bring down the school.

  This book is the retelling of Cinderella with a fae twist . Ella is the shy stepsister that is the heroine of the story , she is constantly being bullied and she just wants to get away . She is stronger then she lets on but just doesn't know how to fight back . When she meets Tray she blossoms and finds out what she truly is . Tray well my goodness he is just like sex on a stick and has a way that will melt the panties off any girl he wants . There is more to him then meets the eye . He wants to be with Ella and help her and they fall in love and they are so adorable together . So for every good guy we have the evil counter parts and the kids of the academy are those . They are evil to the tenth power . 

  This is a great retelling of the Cinderella story . The story is well written and the characters are wonderfully written . There are some great twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat . There are times i have trouble with the retelling of fairy tales but this author has done a great job . This book will give you all the feels , there were moments that i actually teared up and felt for the main characters . The great part is that it is also a book with Fae sub story line . So if you want a good book to keep you sane during your isolation check it out ,