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Books to curl up with: WE MADE IT TO FRIDAY

Books to curl up with: WE MADE IT TO FRIDAY:    Good morning all , we made it to Friday woooohoooo . Today I have for you the second book in the Poppy's Potions series . FAIRIE ENCH...


   Good morning all , we made it to Friday woooohoooo . Today I have for you the second book in the Poppy's Potions series . FAIRIE ENCHANTMENT  by HP Mallory and JR Rain. 

                                  BOOK BLURB


 After spending a couple of months in the quaint town of Haven Hollow, Oregon, I’m settling in and things are looking up.

My shop, Poppy’s Potions, is successful, I’ve got a best friend in ghost-hunter, Marty Zach and I’m dating the local Sasquatch, Roy Osbourne. My eleven year old son, Finn, is doing well in school and everything seems to be blue skies and golden sunshine.

Until my resident ghost, Darla, shatters a vial of Mystic Veil, a powerful potion that opens the door to the Astral Plane, inviting a migratory ghost, the Todhchaí, into Haven Hollow.

It’s not soon after that two centaur girls go missing, followed by a werewolf boy. And by missing, I mean it’s as if the air simply swallowed them, because there’s no trace of the children anywhere.

That’s when Fox Aspen, monster hunter, appears in Haven Hollow. With the story that he’s meant to apprehend the Todhchaí, Fox introduces me to the world of the fae and some very unsavory characters.

Meanwhile, the local monster council won’t do anything about the missing children, so I take matters into my own hands, never imagining how personal this case is about to become…

                       MY REVIEW 
   Poppy and the gang are back and settling into life at Haven Hollow.  Poppy's shop is doing well and she is dating a hot Sasquatch . But when magical children start to go missing and a mysterious man appears, Fox Aspen a monster hunter . Poppy takes matters into her own hands and learns all she can about the fairy realm and the unsavory characters that live there . Will she be able to save the children including her son when no one else wants to help. 

  This is the second book in the series and we get to Poppy work her magic yet again . She is living her life to the best she can . She is actually is growing in her gypsy magic and she is getting stronger . She is having some issues with the men in her life. Wanda is also on her mind and she is worried about so much . When push comes to shove she comes out swinging and will do whatever it takes to fight for those she loves .  We also get to meet her two crazy uncles and a brand new guy Fox who is one of those mysterious characters . You don't know if you should like him or not.  The rest of the gang is back and you will love them all . 

   This is the second book in the series is such a fun read .  The authors have such a fun way of putting the characters into such interesting situations . I am loving the characters with each story they are becoming more complex  and we get to see them go through so much . I truly love the writing styles of these two authors they have a way of making you fall in love with them .  I got sucked in by the end of chapter one and couldn't put it down . So if you want a fun read that will have you laughing through out . Check out this series i suggest you start out with the first book and then dive into this one . You won't be disappointed . 

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Books to curl up with: ITS RELEASE WEEK

Books to curl up with: ITS RELEASE WEEK:    Good morning all hope your day is going great and you are staying warm. Today I have the first book in a brand new series by one of my al...


   Good morning all hope your day is going great and you are staying warm. Today I have the first book in a brand new series by one of my all time favourite  authors . WAKE MY HEART , Jasper Falls book one by Lydia Michaels. 

                              BOOK BLURB

   When Ryan Clooney moves to the outskirts of his small town, the last thing he expects to find is love. Cursed to always be single, he’s burned-out on blind dates and pity “plus-ones”. He’s through waiting for The One to arrive. But once he meets Maggie, the beautiful, young widow next door, his plans change.

Maggie O’Malley is not looking for love. Since losing her husband, she has withdrawn from small-town life and prefers to be left alone. But her new neighbor doesn’t seem to understand personal privacy, and the more he intrudes on her solitary life, the more she remembers how wonderful friendship can be.

Determined to reach Maggie’s heart, Ryan has an awakening of his own, and learns what love is all about.

                         MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to the mountain and the small town that is at the base .Welcome to Jasper Falls . Ryan has moved out on his own to the outskirts of town . He wants to have a break from his mother and the whole McCollough clan . What he didn't realize was that he was going to fall for his pretty next door neighbor . Maggie has basically become a recluse since her husband passed away . She thought that she would spend the rest of her life with him . But life has so many twists and turns and sometimes your best friend will be the one that helps you realize that there is more to life then hiding out from the world . Together they will learn what love can be . 

   Omg we are back with characters that will have you believing that true love can happen over again. Ryan Clooney is well he is a relation to the McCollough men so you know he is going to be a sexy brooding Irishman . Which wow he is but there is more to him then meets the eye . He is a little sad cause he thinks he can't find love in the town where everyone know everyone.  To me he is a true romantic and the kind of man you want in your corner as a friend and a lover .  Maggie she is broken and you just want to hug her and tell her that you will find love again . Well she seems broken but she is actually stronger then everyone gives her credit for . She goes from a shut in to a woman who shines when she comes around others . They are such a fun couple and you will fall in love with them . Oh and yes the boys are back to help Ryan and Maggie out . 

  This is such a fun book and when I found out the author was going back to the mountain . I will admit i squealed a little . This is Ryan and Maggie's story and I will say that there were moments in this book where I really wanted to shake Maggie and scold her about playing with Ryan's emotions and heart strings . Which for me kind of broke my heart watching her . But lie all great romance book the author broke my heart and then she slowly repaired it . Trust me when you start this book you will be sucked in by the end of chapter one . I read this book in an evening I just couldn't put it down . i really recommend this book for those who love a good angsty romance that will have you sucked in and shedding some tears along the way .  So check out this book for some laughs tears and a big bunch of great romance that will have you cheering . 

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY:  Good morning all hope your Tuesday is going well . Today I have for you the second book in To have and hold duet series . I THEE TAKE  by N...


 Good morning all hope your Tuesday is going well . Today I have for you the second book in To have and hold duet series . I THEE TAKE  by Natasha Knight. 

                           BOOK BLURB


Cristiano is my enemy. He’s also the only man with whom I’ve ever felt safe. Protected.

But I have to remember that he married me with one purpose in mind. Revenge. I would be the bridge to his real enemies.

I can’t let myself forget that he isn’t the hero of this story. His hands are covered in blood. I saw that with my own eyes.


I thought I knew Scarlett’s past, but I didn’t know anything.

I thought I knew the worst of monsters, but I hadn’t seen anything yet.

Sometimes you have to lie to yourself to survive.

Sometimes it’s those closest to you who will bury their knives in your back.

Too many times it’s the innocents who pay for your mistakes. For your refusal to see.

I can’t let Scarlett pay for mine.

But I may be too late to stop it.

                   MY REVIEW

  This book picks up right where book one stopped . Cristiano has been betrayed by an rat in the organization . Scarlett has been betrayed by her family , the men who she didn't trust . Somehow Cristiano has come to a cross roads , Scarlett has gotten under his skin and he wants to keep her safe and love her . She has been taken by the men who want to hurt her and hurt Cristiano at the same time . Will he be able to find her before it is too late and will he be able to remember what happened in the past and who killed his family . Will they ever be able to become the family they both need. 

  Holy what can I say about book 2 , it is a whole heck of a lot darker then book one . The characters are more complex and you really get to see the vulnerability in each of them . Scarlett well wow she shows more back bone in this book. She is a lot tougher then in the first book. You really get to see her fighting and wanting to save everyone. She is a fighter and I love the way she grew .  Cristiano we really get to see him at his most vulnerable and his strongest .  We still get to see his brooding over thinking alpha male but we also see deeper into him . We get to see him as a hero or at least he was in my eyes . He moved heaven and earth to find Scarlett and that is a hero to me . We also get to see him put the pieces of his past together as he remembers what happened to him . They are such an explosive couple and I really do love how they have grown together . 

  Ok i sat down and started reading this book , I was sucked in and read the whole thing in one evening . I love how it started right where book one ended . The author really went to the dark side in this book . I was so hooked and I finally fell for the characters. You got to see them both grow and get stronger with each turn of the page .  This is an intense book and does touch on a few horrible things , attempted rape and human trafficking which had me on the edge of my seat the whole time . Most of all this is a love story that has two broken people falling in love and finding out that they are suppose to be together.  I truly liked this book better then book one there is so much going on and you really get to see the characters come alive in this book .  So if you want a dark set of books check them out . I promise you well be sucked into a world of mobsters and vendettas and the woman that comes to love him. 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL:    Good morning all , hope you are all staying warm and safe as the storms roll through. Today I have another brand new series for you from ...


   Good morning all , hope you are all staying warm and safe as the storms roll through. Today I have another brand new series for you from two of my all time favourite authors . J.R Rain and Hp Mallory and their new book THE MERMAID NEXT DOOR . 

                              BOOK BLURB 

                                        Being a mermaid isn’t all it’s cracked up to be...

In the underwater kingdom of Corsica, mermaids are the property of mermen. We’re considered valuable as breeders until we reach our mid-thirties, at which time we’re deemed no longer useful.
Good thing for me I’m forty, never had any children and I’m a widow. So, I can basically live my life as I see fit.
Until my husband’s younger brother, Cullen, decides to make me his wife… one of seven.
Cullen has a mean streak a mile wide and he’s always been obsessed with me—ever since we were young. Now that his older brother is out of the way, he recognizes his chance to finally possess me.
Only I’m the type of woman who won’t accept my fate so easily. No, I’m a fighter by nature so when it’s decreed that I should marry Cullen, I do the only thing I can do.
I escape. To the land.
Once I reach the shore, I’m facing a whole new and terrifyingly unfamiliar world. Luckily I’ve got the Siren’s Song which encourages humans to do whatever I want them to.
Except my song doesn’t work on one human male in particular, Sawyer Ray.
And Sawyer just happens to be the one man I need, because I’m fairly certain someone has come after me…

                         MY REVIEW 
    Eva just wants to do what she wants after being widowed this mermaid just wants to do her own thing . Until the day her dead husbands brother decides that she will be his seventh wife . Eva wants nothing to do with Cullen's proposal so she must do some thing drastic and head to land . Where she meets a man who isn't affected by her siren song . Who might be the hero that she needs when Cullen comes to get her and try and take her back . 

 Ok, ok i know what you are thinking its another mermaid book , what can you do that hasn't been done before . Well lets say this is a mermaid that I think most of us can relate to. She is over forty , childless and a widow . Eva is stronger then she seems at the beginning of the book . She just wants to have her own life and doesn't want to be married again. Sawyer is a sweet guy who is funny and the type of guy you want as a friend and maybe more . Wendy is the best friend any girl or mermaid could want . She is funny and sweet and just wants to help Eva out and get her happy again. Cullen well he is such an arrogant man who just wants to have what his brother had . He is the type of man you want to slap over and over . 

  This is a well what can I say out of all the books I have read from these two authors . This one is really on the tame side . This is the first book in the series so there is a lot of set up . The characters are well written and I really want to see where they take them and make them more complex .  The story is fun , fast read that will have you giggling all the way through .  It will also have you thinking cause there are some underlying themes of being property to someone else and some issues of abuse. The authors really do a good job crafting the story to have you getting sucked in by the end of chapter one . So if you want a fun fast read in this cold snap . Check it out you won't be disappointed . 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING:   Book Synopsis for Chaos in Milan :   One woman stands between chaos and order – the Night Flyer. When chaos strikes at the heart of Milan...



Book Synopsis for Chaos in Milan:  

One woman stands between chaos and order – the Night Flyer.

When chaos strikes at the heart of Milan, it is up to Florentina’s alter-ego the Night Flyer to stop it. As Florentina and Madelena’s love deepens, so does the well of danger surrounding them. The race is on to discover the mysterious Shadow Guild and uncover who is behind the deadly rampage, but Florentina’s mission is threatened by a gang of assassins. Can the Night Flyer prevail, or will Maddie’s love be ripped from her arms?

Chaos in Milan is the third book in Edale Lane’s Night Flyer Trilogy, a tale of power, passion, and payback in Renaissance Italy. If you like action and suspense, rich historical background, three-dimensional characters, and a sweet romance, then you’ll want to complete the Night Flyer saga.

When a Plan Comes Together

Serendipity: when things work out wonderfully, seemingly by chance. There’s nothing like it, nothing to compare to that feeling when you discover you were on the right path all along, when divergent pieces of the puzzle just all magically fall into place. That is exactly what I experienced writing Chaos in Milan.

When I began the Night Flyer Trilogy over a year ago, I had the principal characters and the overall plotline planned, but not the details for books two and three. I had researched and chosen the year 1502-1503 to fulfill two major historical objectives: to be shortly after Leonardo da Vinci had left Milan and while one of the Italian wars was ongoing. I wanted to showcase art and cast Leonardo as Florentina’s mentor, so that time frame needed to fit, and I also desired to write an epic battle scene. Since I knew Antonio would join the army, I just required there to be a war somewhere on the peninsula. So I picked appropriate years.

Then I had planned for various secret societies to meet on astronomically significant dates—the solstices and equinoxes. Little did I know how advantageous these early choices would prove to be.

The Battle

As I delved deeper into the facts of the Italian Wars, something amazing emerged. During my time frame, Milan was a possession of France who was fighting a war against Spain over which of them would control Naples. Both sides recruited locals into their armies, but engagements between the rivals were few and unremarkable—all except for one. After Merchants in Milan had been published and my path forward set, I discovered the Battle of Cerignola. As it happens, this battle fought on April 28, 1503, was a historic event which changed the face of warfare forever. Although I was unaware when I began the trilogy, I had the opportunity to include the first battle in history in which handheld firearms determined the outcome, and the first general to be killed with a handgun in combat. The French outnumbered the Spanish by at least two to one, and yet they fell in huge numbers in less than an hour as they were cut down by the Spanish arquebusiers (soldiers firing an early long rifle). The Duke of Nemours who led the French died from a wheel-lock pistol shot. The serendipitous moment occurred when I realized the date of this engagement fit perfectly in the timeline of my plot. Pennies from Heaven (well, more like colossal sums of Florins).


When mapping out the books of the trilogy, I had planned Merchants of Milan to show the reader some Renaissance art of Milan, Secrets of Milan to showcase Rome, and Chaos in Milan to take our heroes to Florence. But when I started on the third book, I had no idea what simply marvelous little-known fact would be revealed. As police officers frown upon semi-truck-drivers to be scrolling about performing investigations on their phones while driving down the highway, I asked my partner and research assistant, Johanna White, to look up what famous art was available to see in June 1503. Everyone knows that Michelangelo’s David did not go on display until 1504, so I needed to find other art for my characters to view while supposing they could run into the young sculptor on the street, as he was living in Florence at the time. Then fortune struck! Johanna, digging deeper than Wikipedia, came across a scholarly article based on records kept by the Opera of the Florence Cathedral (the board that oversaw the church). The article described an earlier unveiling of the famed statue that actually occurred before it went on display to the public, on—get this—the day of the summer solstice, 1503! In honor of St. John’s Day, Florence’s patron saint, the church requested to see the David as Michelangelo was just making his final polishes, and my characters were in the city to see it! I can vividly recall my excitement while Johanna read me the article as I was driving along, bouncing in my seat with elation, squealing in delight. The reason it took another seven months to go on public display was that originally the David was supposed to go over the entrance to the Florence Cathedral, but when the priests and city officials saw it, they declared it must be seen at ground level so everyone could observe the fabulous detail. Which leads to a third serendipitous moment; they set up a committee to decide where to place the statue, a committee which included a very famous individual who (unbeknownst to me when I began the book) was also in Florence on that day. Who you ask? Well, read Chaos in Milan and find out!

There’s nothing like that feeling when the stars all align for you, at least there isn’t for me. Oh, the joy that filled my soul as the details of the last book of the Night Flyer Trilogy all came together so perfectly. Sure, I could just make stuff up, but for a historian this was like mana from Heaven. I’ve had critics with their surface knowledge of the past write, “that wasn’t possible then, that’s not what happened, they couldn’t do that,” etc., but I don’t write it and call it historical fiction unless I’ve done my research. I just wanted all of you to know the true story behind my story.

About the author:  Edale Lane is the author of an award winning 2019 debut novel, Heart of Sherwood. She is the alter-ego of author Melodie Romeo, (Vlad a Novel, Terror in Time, and others) who founded Past and Prologue Press. Both identities are qualified to write historical fiction by virtue of an MA in History and 24 years spent as a teacher, along with skill and dedication in regard to research. She is a successful author who also currently drives a tractor-trailer across the United States. A native of Vicksburg, MS, Edale (or Melodie as the case may be) is also a musician who loves animals, gardening, and nature. Please visit her website at:

Twitter:   @EdaleLane

Official Site:

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME BACK TO THE UNDERGROUND CITY:    Good morning all , hope you are all staying warm and safe . Today I have for you book ten in the Lily Harper series . LORDS OF ILLUSION  ...


   Good morning all , hope you are all staying warm and safe . Today I have for you book ten in the Lily Harper series . LORDS OF ILLUSION  by Hp Mallory.

                            BOOK BLURB

   When a prophecy reveals that Asterion’s first true love, Ariadne, is still alive, he can barely control his happiness.

But soon he discovers Ariadne is being held against her will in a demon prince’s harem.

Thus, Lily and the gang will find themselves heading deep into the bowels of the Underground City in order to rescue Ariadne.

But voyaging into the depths of this hellish prison isn’t an easy feat—it will require the help of Wally Wordsmith, one of Tallis’ sworn enemies.

When Ariadne and Asterion are finally reunited, what will it mean for Lily, who loves Asterion in her own way? And what will it mean for the prophetic dream Lily had regarding the three of them?

Find out in the tenth book of the Lily Harper series, Lords of Illusion!

                     MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to the Underground city and the ragtag group of heroes that are trying to come to terms with a prophecy . When Asterion finds out his love is still alive in the depths of a hellish prison . It won't be an easy feat but with the help of Wally Wordsmith . who is a sworn enemy of Tallis . Yeah things can only get better from then on right . You would think so but alas when Ariadne is found Lily wonders what would happen between her and Asterion and the prophecy of Tallis, her and Asterion and the love she has for both of them .

  The gang is back and better then ever, they are getting more and more complex with each book. We really get to see Lily at a crossroads I feel in this book . Her love for the two men is special in a way that you can't describe . We see everyone starting to recognize her as the herald and wanting to help her with her mission . We also get to meet a couple of new characters Ariadne the long lost love of Asterion and Wally Wordsworth . Ariadne is sweet but has been through so much in her life . She is strong and understanding  Wally Wordsworth is one of those you can't really trust but you kind of need to to get through the quest and to get out of the prison . There is so much fun snarky dialogue that goes on between Tallis and Wally .  i can't believe how much these characters have grown through out this series and have actually become dear to my heart. 

  This is the tenth book in the series and I must say that the author can still bring it . The characters have grown and evolved with each and every book and with each book you care for them a little more .  This author has a way of building such a story line that expands with each and every book . You really get sucked into the story and you feel like they  could be your friends.  So if you want a great series to read check it out . I say do read them in order so you can get the whole package of Lily and the gang . You will not be disappointed . 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING:    Good morning all hope your Thursday is going well so far. Today I have book two in the Dangerous Web series . DARK  by Aleatha Romig     ...


   Good morning all hope your Thursday is going well so far. Today I have book two in the Dangerous Web series . DARK  by Aleatha Romig 

                             BOOK BLURB 

   Darkness has fallen upon the Sparrow world.

What seemed secure was breached, and what was assumed unattainable is possible.
In this dangerous underground world, we Sparrows took our power by force. As dusk gave way to dark, we Sparrows are once again determined to use any means necessary to recover what is ours, secure our stronghold, and defeat those who appear unconquerable.
The gauntlet has been thrown.
We will not retreat.
Darkness be damned. It is time for triumph.
I am Reid Murray.
For my wife and my brothers-in-arms, nothing, not even darkness, will stop the Sparrows from victory.

                      MY REVIEW 
  Lorna has been found and is bruised and battered but not broken . Reid is blaming himself for the fact that she was taken . With the help of his brothers he is going to find out who did this to his wife and his love . There is more going on in the Sparrow world and they want it to come to an end . Lorna is recouping but she is having trouble with things from the past that have been buried deep down . Reid is the man that can wipe those memories away once he can piece them all together . As they travel through the darkest time of their life together will they be able to come out the other side together . 

OMG  what can I say about Lorna and Reid . Lorna is surviving and trying to get back to normal but what is normal after being abducted and trying to regain her memory . She is a fighter and she wants to get her memories back . She is suffering ptsd and we really get to see her fight . Reid feels broken cause he thinks he couldn't protect her . So he is fighting with himself and trying to give Lorna what she needs and wants . You really get to see them as a couple but also as two souls lost in the night trying to find their way back to each other . I love this couple so much they show how being broken and fighting back can be easier if done together .

  This is a more intense book then book one . The author has gone deep for this one, we find out more about Lorna and Mason and what their life was like when they were young . We find out that Lorna has been through so much and is so resilient. The author took us on such a roller coaster ride with this book . One moment I was bawling my eyes out and cursing the author and the next moment my kindle was too hot to handle .  I so love this series , the characters are so well written and complex , the story line is so intense I couldn't put the book down . There were moments when I just wanted to wrap up the main characters and say I am sorry that this happened . Then there were moments I wanted to slap each of them upside the head . I really want to say that you should read this series in order to get the true feelings of the characters . I will warn you there is a cliff hanger at the end of the book but it is worth it . So check out the series you will not be disappointed  

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL:  Good morning all today I have a brand new author to me . She writes dark romance with hot men and feisty women .  WITH THIS RING by Natasha...


 Good morning all today I have a brand new author to me . She writes dark romance with hot men and feisty women .  WITH THIS RING by Natasha King book one in the To Have and Hold Duet. 

                            BOOK BLURB

 When I rescued Scarlett De La Cruz from her tower it’s not like her prospects were looking so great.

You’d think she’d show a little gratitude. Thank me for putting my ring on her finger and marking her as mafia property.

My property.

I’ll keep her safe. And the trade-off isn’t so bad. Most women would jump at the chance to sleep in my bed.

Not Scarlett, though.

My Cartel Princess has a big mouth and an even bigger attitude. But it’s her furious caramel eyes that keep me coming back for more. That and the way her body bends to mine like it already knows it belongs to me.

Scarlett is my enemy. She’s also the one woman I can’t keep my hands off.

But if I don’t keep my head on straight, everything I’ve worked for all these years will have been for nothing.

                       MY REVIEW 
  Scarlett has been through so much trying to survive the almost marriage to a mafia kingpin to watching her brothers being executed in front of her . To being in the arms of a man who everyone thought was dead . There is more to this man then meets the eye  and Scarlett has captured the heart but they are both stubborn and that could cost them everything . 

 Oh my what can I say about Scarlett and Cristiano. Cristiano has come back from the dead, he is haunted by the past but there are moments when you see the man he could of become . He is dark oh so sexy and just like a caged lion waiting to roar . You really start to care for him and you just want to hold him and make things better for him . Scarlett well she is feisty but sometimes comes off a little naive . She has things in her past that have her fighting Cristiano all the way . She is a fighter and will fight to find her way in the world of Cristiano.  I think my favourite character is Lenore , she is like the momma bird and keeps Cristiano and Scarlett in check . She is one tough cookie and I love her . 

  This is the first book I have read by this author and I was on the edge of my seat most of the way though the book .  The characters are well written and complex and you will care for them and sometimes you want to slap them upside the head cause they are being dumb .  The story is dark and intense and you will be on the edge of your seat most of the time . Other times you are blushing at the characters . This story is told in two different povs and I kind a felt like it drug the story down a little . I felt like it dragged in a few spots but over all I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see what happens . The cliff hanger is a doozy and can't wait to find out if they can get back to each other or are they lost to each other forever . This is a great book for those who love a good dark romance with hot alpha men and feisty women who get under their skins. This book does have a cliff hanger so be prepared . Check it out . 

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 Good morning all we made it to the month of love . Today I have book 2 in the Dungeon Raider series by J,R Rain and Hp Mallory . ILLUSIONS 

                              BOOK BLURB 

   Dread Castle...

As the name might imply, this is one dungeon not to be taken lightly.
Good thing for me I’m experienced when it comes to raids. Get in and get out—that’s my motto.
Yet, this dungeon is giving me a run for my money. Literally.
My team and I are after another holy scroll, located at the lowest level of Dread Castle. And that level is guarded by… the beast.
No one’s ever seen the beast and lived to tell of it, but rumors of the creature’s malevolent power persist.
And the thing about rumors is… they’re usually true.
Luckily for me, I’ve got a team of capable adventurers by my side: Cade: a Paladin, Roc: a bard, Odon: a barbarian, and Anna: a sorceress.
And then there’s Aram, a lawman and my ex-boyfriend, who also happens to hate me…
Time to buckle up for what’s bound to be a very bumpy ride.

                        MY REVIEW 
  Rogue and the team are back and hunting for another holy scroll . This time they are entering basically the belly of the beast in the lowest level of Dread Castle .  With her team . Cade. Roc , Odon and Anna  what could go wrong . Well with Aram in the mix you just never know 

  This is such a good story I love the characters Rogue she is such a fun character she is like a female robin hood . Cade and the rest of her crew are like the band of merry men .  They are such great characters to read . I love the way they come together and help each other out and work together so well . I truly like all of these character . They are so well written and complex .

   This is a book that I will admit takes you a couple chapters to get into but once you get past them you will find a great complex story that will keep you turning the pages . The authors have written a story that has some great characters that will have you falling in love with them more and more . I love the love hate relationship between Rogue and Aram . They are so fun to read . The authors are two my favourites and the story they are telling is complex and epic . I would love to see this series as a graphic novel . I could see it in comic form so easily . The story has a great flow that will have you reading all night long and cheering for the crew. So if you want an epic fantasy check out the Dungeon Series. I suggest you read them in order so you get to know the characters and fall for them .