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Books to curl up with: Welcome to Wednesday all . today I have the privil...

Books to curl up with: Welcome to Wednesday all . today I have the privil...: Welcome to Wednesday all . today I have the privilege to introduce you to Betrayed by Cathy Jackson . The fifth book in the BLOOM series ...
Welcome to Wednesday all . today I have the privilege to introduce you to Betrayed by Cathy Jackson . The fifth book in the BLOOM series

                           BOOK BLURB


David Westerling is a well respected deacon in our church. His family loves openly and fiercely. Passion has driven them on paths I never would have taken and don't fully understand. I want to know their motivations but they guard their secrets as zealously as each others' hearts.

Why do I feel the way I do when David looks at me or speaks to me? It makes me question what I've always thought of my life. I see what they have and I want it too.

I live a blessed life but still, something is missing. I've not always been a "good girl"...
Would they accept me if they knew my secret?

                          MY REVIEW
 Welcome back to the Westerling family. This is David's book. he is the oldest of the Westerling brothers and Jennifer the woman that comes into his life. She has lived a blessed life and truly doesn't understand why the Westerlings are such a closed family. They fumble and find their way to each other.
   This is the fifth book in the Bloom series, this book is a little bit more risqué then the other books . We have some behind closed doors canoodling going on with married couples .  There are some innuendoes and some off hand comments. That just shows how close this family really truly is.
 The author has brought out some of her more complex characters. Jennifer is one character that really at the beginning you just kind of wanted to slap the naïve out of her. She grew up in a blessed life . She has rules for her life, structure and she lives them every day . She kind of acts like a sixteen year old brat sometime. I found it hard to connect with her at points, especially when she was internally wrestling with her feeling for David. It was written all over her face and everyone knew it but she always talked herself  out of it . But as the story moved on we see Jennifer growing and who knew that we would find out that she was as broken as the other two Westerling women . When everything comes out finally , we see a brand new Jennifer and a woman worthy of love and to give love . David is the type of man that any girl could fall in love with . He is sweet, loving and driven and really cute too. He is a constant in his family's life but he also has some of his own demons he has to work out. As we read we find out some interesting things about David too. We also see him grow as man and we see him fall in love. Out of all the Westerling men I like David the most, he is the constant in the family's lives. The rest of the family is also here. Phee is growing and  you see ther starting to be more open or at least trying . Evelyn is so feisty I love her so much . She is like the bull dog . Don't mess with the family or you could get hurt . LOL
  The way that the author takes such complex characters that are broken but some how they are perfect to the ones they love.  This is the fifth book in the series but you can read them as stand alones. They are a great read for anyone who loves honest romance with the sprinkling of broken characters . You will laugh and cry , I mean there are some spots where you will ugly cry . You will also cheer that they get their happily ever after or do they . You have to read to find out .


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Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY EVERYONE: Good Tuesday all , looking for that great book to read during the Thanksgiving weekend . Well today we are going to review ICE MOON by Lisa ...


Good Tuesday all , looking for that great book to read during the Thanksgiving weekend . Well today we are going to review ICE MOON by Lisa Kessler

                             BOOK BLURB
"Lisa Kessler is an up and coming author to remember!" - Sherrilyn Kenyon #1 NYT Bestselling Author

One touch and she is his...

Jared Ayers works outdoors, embracing a solitary life, hiding from his inner demons. But after so many of his Pack brothers have found their mates, he starts wondering if there might be a mate in his future too. His world turns upside down after he's hired by the "Ice Queen of Lake Tahoe". One touch is all it takes. One touch to send the wolf howling within...

A gifted psychic with pyrokinesis, Taryn Goldstone wields fire beyond her control- sometimes with dire consequences. With Jason, she discovers that some flames are meant for passion-and healing. She has enemies who covet her powerful gift, but they are about to learn just how far a wolf will go to protect his mate.
                                        MY REVIEW
Welcome back to the pack. Jared is the one wolf that is hiding demons and is looking for his mate. He is the master carpenter and loves to work outdoors.  But as his brothers all find their mates , he wonders if his mate is out there. Well as we all know the brothers find their mates and when they do nothing will keep them from their loves . Jared finds that out the day he goes to do an estimate on a new deck . For the Ice queen of Nevada . Where with one touch his wolf starts howling and the pull of the mate is strong . He along with his dog Tank will protect them from the evils of Nero .
  I loved the characters in this book, they are so strong , Jared is the man that any woman would want to have . He is tall sexy as sin and good with his hands the kind of man you want to have around . He is also sweet and lovable and charming . He will do anything and everything to help out the pack and keep Taryn and Charlie safe. You see him let down his guard and become friends with both Taryn and Charlie first and watch the love grow between Taryn and Jared grows and goes to a slow boil . Taryn kind of annoyed me at first she was such a well lack of a better word a ice bitch . You see her closed off and well actually scared of what could happen and what did happen in the past. As I was reading along I started to warm up to Taryn as I saw her opening up and becoming more of the happy woman that Charlie and Jared need .
I think that Charlie was my favorite character in the book. He was so lovable and sweet . You just wanted to hug him and watch him be a boy. Charlie is such an honest sweet character that loves with all his heart and wants to be happy.  The rest of the pack also make appearances in the book and there is a surprise that I cheered about . I am not going to tell you , you have to read for yourself but its good really good
     The author has combined suspense and romance seamlessly . The way the author just characters go about falling in love naturally was so nice to see . But when they did finally end up in bed lets just say it as so hot on so many levels. I will never look at another bowl of ice the same way again. You have to read the book but lets just say WOOOOOHOOOO. Even though this is book 5 in the series , the author still keeps it fresh and new with each character . The romance mixed with the mystery and the wickedly evil bad guys . Turn it up to be a great read . So come back to the pack and take a chance on Jared an Taryn
for ice. 

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Books to curl up with: Coming of age can be hard for anyone. For Blackmo...

Books to curl up with: Coming of age can be hard for anyone.
For Blackmo...
: Coming of age can be hard for anyone. For Blackmon Perry Stone it is life threatening Metal Boxes by Alan Black Publication D...
Coming of age can be hard for anyone.
For Blackmon Perry Stone it is life threatening
Metal Boxes
by Alan Black

Publication Date: September 20, 2013
Publisher: Alan Black
ISBN-13: 9781482774320
Genre: Science Fiction | Adventure | Space Opera
Print Length: 359 pages
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Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Coming of age can be hard for anyone. But for Blackmon Perry Stone it is life threatening. At 15, he barely manages to graduate from the empire's cadet training by a talent for unusual problem solving. He has trouble settling into navy life, but life becomes harder when he uncovers a ring of thieves aboard the huge ship. Life becomes difficult when they killed him. Stone is ejected into hyperspace in an escape pod without hyperspace engines. Fully expecting to die, he reconfigures the sub-light engine to escape the inescapable. To his surprise it works, but only well enough to do little more than crash on an uncharted planet. It will surprise him if he can make the engine work again, but not as much as it will surprise everyone else if he can come back from the dead.
Click on Cover for Dii's 5 Star Review

Stone is back, still a bit of an awkward teen,
still capable of accidentally becoming a hero and savior
Metal Boxes
Trapped Outside
by Alan Black

Series: Metal Boxes - Book 2
Publication Date: August 24, 2015
Publisher: Alan Black
Genre: YA Science Fiction - Space Opera
Print Length: 313 pages
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The sequel to #1 best selling science fiction novel Metal Boxes. Blackmon Perry Stone hasn't gotten over his fear of being outside and he still hasn't settled into life in the Empire's Navy. After months of legal wrangling over his last assignment, he has been given a new assignment. He was looking forward to getting an new posting on a spaceship or a station. The problem is that his new job is on a planet. Worse, once there, the base is overrun by the enemy aliens and now Stone is trapped outside on a hostile planet, injured, and hunted by aliens bent of killing him.

Metal Boxes - Trapped Outside
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What IS a Metal Box?
Here is the official definition gleaned from the words of Alan Black, himself
Metal Boxes: space stations, space ships, and intersystem freighters

WHY are they so important to these stories?

Blackmon Perry Stone never stepped into open air until after his twelfth birthday. His agoraphobia is rampant and ceilings are a must. When he joins the space navy he expected to spend his time inside navy ships. When he finds out he has to spend time outside of the metal boxes he is used to, he has more problems than just the people trying to kill him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alan Black is a multi-genre author who writes for young adults on up.
He's never met a good story he didn't want to tell.
I have been writing novels since 1997 when I started ‘Eye on The Prize’. My writing tastes are as eclectic as my reading preferences. I admit that I love writing much more than editing and the whole publishing process. Marketing of my novels leaves me as baffled as the whole string theory thing.
I was born in central Kansas, but grew up in Gladstone, Missouri, graduating from Oak Park Senior High School and eventually earning a degree from Longview Community College. I spent most of my adult life in the Kansas City area (with the exception of a few years in the U.S. Air Force), but my wife and I now live in sunny Arizona. The dry desert air stimulates my creativity more than the juicy air in Missouri (pronounced here as ‘misery’).
I am pretty sure my desire to write started in the second grade. I was given an assignment to write a short story about Greek mythology. My teacher took the time to call my parents. Although neither Dad or Mom remember the incident, it had an impact on me eventually leading me to finally write (and most importantly finish) my first manuscript. It took two years to complete ‘Eye on The Prize’. I have gotten faster since then, completing the last manuscript in three weeks.

One thing Alan LOVES to do is Connect with Readers Online and at Book Signings! Check his website for upcoming events ~ Chat him up at any of his links!
Website | Facebook | Amazon | Twitter | Goodreads

"What we think in our hearts is the very essence of who we are and what we will become."

Rev. Steve Longely
Grand Prize – Kindle Fire 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB, Black

First Prize - $25.00 Amazon Gift Card

Second Prize (US Only) – An autographed copy of ANY of my books

Third Prize (US Only) - Autographed copy of Metal Boxes & Metal Boxes Trapped Outside

Fourth Prize (two winners)(Intl) – E-version of any of my books.

MORE books by Alan Black

Chasing Harpo, Eye on the Prize, Other Times & Other Worlds Anthology
Metal Boxes, Metal Boxes - Trapped Outside (Metal Boxes Series)
Empty Space, Titanium Texicans, Chewing Rocks, Steel Walls and Dirt Drops,
The Friendship Stones, The Granite Heart, The Heaviest Rock and The Inconvenient Pebble, Jasper's Courage (An Ozark Mountain Series)
A Cold Winter
How to Start, Write, and Finish Your First Novel

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Books to curl up with: Good Tuesday all

Books to curl up with: Good Tuesday all: Good Tuesday all , today I am going to review a book that was suggested to me by a friend . She told me that I will be blown away by this bo...

Good Tuesday all

Good Tuesday all , today I am going to review a book that was suggested to me by a friend . She told me that I will be blown away by this book. The book is A COIN FOR CHARON (  MARLOWE GENTRY book 1) by Dallas Mullican

                                         BOOK BLURB
Gabriel isn’t murdering anyone―he’s saving them.

The media has dubbed him the Seraphim Killer. He believes the gods have charged him to release the chosen, those for whom life has become an unbearable torment. Gabriel feels their suffering—his hands burn, his skull thunders, his stomach clenches. Once they are free, he places coins on their eyes to pay Charon for passage into paradise.

Detective Marlowe Gentry has spent the past two years on the edge. The last serial killer he hunted murdered his wife before his eyes and left his young daughter a mute shell. Whenever she looks at him, her dead eyes push him farther into a downward spiral of pain and regret. He sees the Seraphim as an opportunity for revenge, a chance to forgive himself―or die trying.

Gabriel performs the gods’ work with increasing confidence, freeing the chosen from their misery. One day, the gods withdraw the blessing―a victim he was certain yearned for release still holds the spark of life. Stunned, he retreats into the night, questioning why the gods have abandoned a loyal servant. Without his calling, Gabriel is insignificant to the world around him.

He will do anything to keep that from happening.

                                                             MY REVIEW
      One word for this book is WOW , I can not believe that this book is this authors debut novel. I was blown away with the way the author tore at my emotions. There hasn't been an author in awhile that has taken me to the pits of hell and pulled me back out. This book will leave you in a big puddle of emotions . Trust me I  cried , I was disgusted and I even let out a chuckle or two and then there was the night I couldn't sleep , well you will have to read the book to find out.
  Dallas has created a story that goes beyond the story of the serial killer . He dives into the people that are dealing and the people trying to stop him. In this story we have four main characters. Gabriel a young man , down on his luck but helps out others but also there is a dark side to him . He is quiet and helps people but his dark side is really dark. He thinks he is doing the Gods work and when he murders, he thinks he is saving them. He thinks if he does enough that he will become one of the gods. As you read you start Gabriel's story , you start to feel sorry for him. He has been through so much and you start to wonder if he can be saved. Then there is Becca  Drenning, this is a character I kind of wanted to slap a few times , well because I understand where she was coming from , she was an abused woman and it hurt me to read what she went through. But you see her grow and bust out and come into her own as the story progresses . As she fights to stay alive she falls for Detective Marlowe who is such a tortured soul. He has had a really bad two years after seeing his wife die. He can't process all that has happened . But, he struggles through each day to try and catch the killer . You see him fight with his inner demons through out the book and you want to cheer for him. The final tragic soul that we hear from is Max, now this poor man has no luck at all and you just want to wrap him up in a blanket give him hot chocolate and keep him safe. They all have their stories in the book, but as you read they all come together in an ending that blew my socks off . Didn't see it coming
   I must say this book is very well written and the writer takes us on such a journey. The plot is well developed and the characters are so complex. You will be sucked in by the end of chapter one. I was reading well into the night. This book will make you think. What would you do if placed in the situations these characters are in ? How would you change the circumstances if you could? Trust me you will be so engrossed in the characters and the story will blow you away . If this is his debut novel I can't wait to read the other books he will write. So if you want to be blown away by a book check it out . You will not be disappointed.

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Books to curl up with: Good Monday all it is reveal day

Books to curl up with: Good Monday all it is reveal day: Happy Book Birthday to Faerie's Ring! Faerie’s Ring Sedona Series, Book #1 Author: Jaylee Austin Publisher: Roa...

Good Monday all it is reveal day

Happy Book Birthday to Faerie's Ring!
Faerie’s Ring
Sedona Series, Book #1
Author: Jaylee Austin
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: November 9, 2015
Keywords: Fantasy, Fae, Faeries, Paranormal, Romance, Demons, Vortex, Realms, Magic, Sidhe
A fallen demon invades Lara Clint’s beloved city of Sedona and a strange voice calls for her to awaken to her destiny. A demon catcher, she is summoned to capture and reignite the flame of the iris, stolen by the son of Vobris, God of Light. Ironically, her own secret binds her to the demon. Rafe Avery, a sidhe warrior and protector of dreams, is challenged to remove the black rose of darkness and help the one chosen to replace the white iris. Time has run out. The gates of Elysium and the magic portals will close to humankind, leaving them to the mercy and control of the revenge-seeking demon. A hot attraction ignites between the human and fae as they struggle to accomplish their goals. Lara’s secret threatens to destroy all their lives. Is Rafe’s love strong enough to break evil bonds and bring the darkness to justice?
a Rafflecopter giveaway Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code. No purchase necessary, but you must be 18 or older to enter. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter, and announced on the widget. Winner well be notified by emailed and have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. The number of entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Roane Publishing's marketing department.

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Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL: Good Tuesday everyone. Today we are going to review . A DISTANT VOICE by Birdie Blake                               BOOK BLURB In life y...


Good Tuesday everyone. Today we are going to review . A DISTANT VOICE by Birdie Blake 
                            BOOK BLURB
In life you don’t find your voice. It finds you.

Violet Hayes knows how to survive the year living with her grandmother in the small town of Wandorah, Tennessee.

• Make Rose happy
• Don’t sing or play guitar
• Avoid Sally Shaw
• Ignore Carter Jenkins

It seems simple enough, right? Wrong.

• How do you keep a depressed sister happy?
• How do you deny yourself your dream?
• How do you avoid a friendship?
• And how do you ignore a boy when he’s everywhere you turn?

Violet’s to-do list just became a whole lot harder.

                              MY REVIEW

 This story revolves around Violet Hayes. Her life has been turned upside down . Her dad left them and now her mother won't get out of bed and her older sister is in a deep depression. They move to a small town in Tennessee to live with their grandmother. Violet fights tooth and nail when she enrolls in school. She doesn't think she needs friends an when a boy walks into the picture she fights him and doesn't want a relationship. But she can't live with just Rose as her friend .  Her whole life gets thrown for a loop.
   This story is a great coming of age story. What would you do if all you had was a mother and sister battling the dreaded disease of Depression. You would do anything to help them out, even give up on your dreams . That is what Violet does, she thinks that she is enough for both Rose and her mother. Violet is a fighter but also flawed, you see her fight to keep her family together and you see her fighting the new friendships that are forming in her new school. She does a lot of growing up as you read along . She goes through so much and grows up. Carter is a great character , he helps Violet realize that she needs to have a life outside her family. They fight like cats and dogs and become friends. Then we see them blossoming into so much more. Carter helps Violet follow her dreams and finally find her voice, I really liked all the characters that Violet encounters , they all seem to push her and help her realize that there is more to life then her sister and mother .
   This book is a good book for teens and young adults . They do touch on some very dark issues like depression and what it does to a family. The author handles this situation with great ease and honesty. She doesn't pull any punches when it comes to what happens when a person suffering through the disease . It all shows us a young woman growing up and finding her way in the world . Not knowing what to do when she is faced some tough decisions. You will shed some tears and smile and shed some more tears. But over all you will enjoy this read . So if you want a good read check it out