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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY:  Today I have a new book from one of my all time romantic author. SUGAR by Lydia Michaels                               BOOK BLURB       Ave...


 Today I have a new book from one of my all time romantic author. SUGAR by Lydia Michaels 

                             BOOK BLURB 

    Avery Johansson is borrowing against her youth and beauty to afford a better future by working as a sugar baby. Men think she’s everything they desire, soft, delicate, and able to stroke their fragile egos with a mere sweep of her lashes. The more they pay, the sweeter she becomes. If only they knew the woman behind the fa├žade. Oh, she could bring them to their knees, make them beg, and unburden their minds to a point of ecstasy. The true Avery doesn’t care for roses. She prefers the thorns. Because behind her beautiful exterior, she’s more leather than lace, and beneath the sugar there’s nothing but spice. The only thing missing is a strong and submissive man to make everything nice.

Noah Wolfe is used to getting exactly what he wants when he wants, and as he sets his sights on Avery Johansson, nothing will stop him short of having her. He’s determined to bury himself in her mind and body, and plans to unravel every dark secret she hides.

As two dominant hearts collide in an explosion of sin and secrets, boundaries come tumbling down. But their future lies in someone’s surrender, a sacrifice neither is prepared to make—and everything their happiness depends on.

                      MY REVIEW 
  What happens when two people who always get what they want , they collide things explode and desire ignites . Avery Johansson is working as a sugar baby being what her dates want a delicate , desirable arm candy who strokes their egos . She is trying to better her life and this is one way she can .Until the day her neighbour Noah Wolfe walks his way into her life and turns her life upside down and inside out .  Will they be able to come together and put the past behind them or will their future be for not . 

  Wow this book has some really strong characters . Avery is strong willed and feisty but underneath she is still a sweet girl who only wants to better herself and get away from the ugly past that she grew up in. She is bettering herself and putting herself through college with the one thing she has her looks but there is so much more to her . Noah well what can we say about the man . He is sexy and smart but also the neighbour from hell . When he puts his eyes on someone he will do anything to get her . But like all good heroes he does have a depth to him that will make you fall in love with him over and over . They are such good characters but together they are explosive together . I think you will really fall in love with them 

  This is a book that you can get lost in the characters are well written and complex . The author writes with a flair that will rip out your heart and then put it back together . This is one of those stories . This story has it all , its full of emotion and oh yeah there are some really steamy scenes . This book will make you tear up and then make you blush .  The author has a way of twisting you into knots as she takes us on a fuel filled adventure ride . This book had me hooked from the first chapter and I couldn't put it down . It was hard to let it end I truly loved the characters and the story is one that is original that I really haven't read before. So if you want a great read for this fall check it out , you won't be disappointed . 

Monday, September 28, 2020

Books to curl up with: ITS MONDAY

Books to curl up with: ITS MONDAY:   Good Monday morning all today I have for you a novella by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom .  DARK WOLF .                               BOOK BLURB...


  Good Monday morning all today I have for you a novella by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom .  DARK WOLF . 

                             BOOK BLURB 

    Carson Randall's world was full of secrets. What were hers?

Her name was Ranada, which meat "reborn," and she was kept prisoner behind the iron gates of her family's estate... for her own good, everyone said.

Carson, the alpha of his own wolf pack, was hired to protect her from afar.

But under a full moon... some of Ranada's secrets might become too unbelievable, and way too alluring, to keep Carson from her. Is Ranada Price a wolf, like him, or something he has never seen before? What will he do when she asks for his help?

                    MY REVIEW 
    Randa is a prisoner behind iron gates but this isn't a prison in a sense but the the family's estate . Everyone says its for her own good  and she needs to stay put until the day she is married off . Carson is hired to guard her but from afar. He is the alpha of his wolf pack and has secrets that he is hiding from Randa until the night of the full moon , when things change for the both of them . The attraction is hot and they can't deny it . But will they realize the truth of what is about to happen to them . 

  Randa and Carson are such well written and complex . Randa is an old soul who is feisty and such a strong woman . She doesn't want to be married off to a stranger . She is truly a strong woman. Carson he is strong and oh so sexy , he is and alpha through and through. He takes taking care of what is his . Together they are such an intense couple . You know you want them together and aren't disappointed . 

  This is a short story that you can read in an evening . The author packs a lot of hot and steamy into a small book . The characters are well written and complex . You will cheer for the main characters . The story takes place all on one night and you will love the way the author takes us on a ride.  I am going to stop here cause I don't want to let any spoilers slip . So if you want a sexy werewolf book check it out . A great fall read . 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Books to curl up with: ITS NEW BOOK DAY TODAY

Books to curl up with: ITS NEW BOOK DAY TODAY:   Good morning all today I have a new series for you , its is co written by two of my favourite authors .J.R Rain and Hp Mallory . NEITHER H...


  Good morning all today I have a new series for you , its is co written by two of my favourite authors .J.R Rain and Hp Mallory . NEITHER HYDE NOR HAIR ( Lucy Westerna book one )

                              BOOK BLURB 

     My name is Lucy Westenra. And I hunt monsters.

You might remember me—I was one of the first unfortunates turned by Dracula.
Well, the count might think he turned me, but I was saved by witch magic. Owing to an elixir created by high witch, Lissa Ravenwood, I’m mostly humam... as long as I take the elixir every three days.
But the vampire within me is always there in the background, threatening to turn me into a creature I detest. The count, Vlad, wants exactly that—for me to succumb to my darker side and return to him. He considers me his fledgling, his love, his creation.
I consider him a royal pain in my backside.
Regardless, I still need Vlad. Well, I need his help on a particularly difficult case...
Because I’m in control of my vampire side, and I’m stronger and faster than your average human, I work as a bounty hunter, specializing in apprehending things that go bump in the night. I guess it takes a monster to catch a monster.
And the case I’m on now is giving me apoplexy...
Students at Lissa’s witch academy are falling ill—clearly under the effects of Hyde, an illegal street drug. When another young woman’s mutilated body is found in an alley, I realize we’ve got a murderer on the loose. And I have a feeling the two cases are tied… I’m just not sure how or why.
As if that isn’t stress-inducing enough, the vampire council is in town, and that means I need Vlad’s protection. What I don’t need is his constant amorous attempts...
Sigh. It’s just another day in the unlife of Lucy Westenra, a girl who hunts monsters and hasn’t had a date in over a decade...

                     MY REVIEW 
   Welcome to my life , Lucy Westerna . I am a girl who is stuck between two worlds . I hunt monsters in the dark but I am also one of those monsters .  There is one monster I can't shake and that man is Vlad . He is my sire and my worst enemy and the man I can't live without . When students at Lissa's witch academy start getting sick from an illegal street drug . It is up to me and Vlad to find Hyde and put him down . If that was hard enough the vampire council is in town . Will I be able to find Hyde and stop him and also stop the unwanted advances from Vlad . What is a girl to do 

  The characters are ones that you will love . Lucy is a very strong character , she is feisty and also torn between her two halves . I really liked her , she can fight but also be a lady and can be sweet if she wants to be . Vlad is back and he is as dashingly handsome as ever . He is a cad in every sense . He is so much fun to read . Lucy and Vlad are such a great couple even when she is trying to keep him at arms length.

   This is a fun read ,  its quirky and full of fun and tense times . I love the writing styles of both these authors they can take you on a fun filled ride that will have you laughing and on the edge of your seat at the same time . The characters they created are complex and well written , you know you just want to be friends with them . I love the twist they have on the Dracula story and what happened to Lucy afterwards . The only thing that stopped me from going five stars is that I felt that it was a little lagging in a few areas . Over all I really enjoyed this first book in  the series . I really can't wait to see where these two talented authors take the characters and the story . This is a great book to add to your fall reading list you will not be disappointed at all . Check it out 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING:      Good morning all today we have a new book just released for you to check out . HEX. LOVE AND ROCK AND ROLL  by Kat Turner  About the Bo...



   Good morning all today we have a new book just released for you to check out . HEX. LOVE AND ROCK AND ROLL  by Kat Turner 

About the Book:

With a business skidding toward bankruptcy and a bone-dry bank account, Helen Schrader is willing to do the unthinkable. But what will happen when she hires a witch to cast a money spell?

When the spell sets in motion her own latent magic and her inexperience causes her to accidentally hex her celebrity crush, rocker Brian Shepherd, all that good fortune she hoped for flies out of the window.

Now, Helen and Brian struggle to break the curse and tackle their growing feelings for each other. Problem is, the harder they fall for each other, the deadlier the curse becomes.

But as a dark magic cult with an unquenchable thirst for power closes in on them, the couple will have to face more than just their inconvenient desire. With time running out and danger mounting, can they beat the hex before Brian becomes its next victim?

Check it out here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Rock-Roll-Coven-Daughters-ebook/dp/B08FXRY5W8/

Barnes&Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hex-love-and-rock-roll-kat-turner/1137563352

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/hex-love-and-rock-roll

About the Author:

Kat Turner writes urban fantasy, paranormal and contemporary romance, and domestic suspense. A multi-award winning writer and a podcast junkie, she lives in Kentucky with her husband, son, two pet rats, and too many plants.

Want to connect? Check her out on her website https://katturnerauthor.com/ or on social media.


 The sight of a certain someone in the third row made his heart skip. Amidst the legion, Helen drew his stare. She hadn’t hidden her face behind a cell phone, one of maybe five people in the front rows unobscured by a rectangular object and the ice-white flashes from its cyborg eye. An intriguing glimpse into her personality, how she’d chosen to appreciate the show unmediated.

What a face she had, inquisitive eyes the color of a fine bourbon and smooth skin undamaged by tanning. Her thick, tousled hair and sexy body also pleased his gaze, but qualities more profound than her physical features compelled him.

Qualities more profound, even, than her intelligence and affinity for the exact sort of repartee and banter that kept his mind limber inspired his interest in her. Her personality traits, though, were a definite bonus. Fun, witty people fired him up and made him laugh.

Her assessment of “A Thousand Suns” laid him flat, but he’d managed not to lose his cool and blather this to her like some infatuated fool.


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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY FOR SINFUL SECRETS:   Good morning all today I have a great box set for you to read . Have you ever had a secret that you want to tell but you can't . This ...


  Good morning all today I have a great box set for you to read . Have you ever had a secret that you want to tell but you can't . This is the box set for you 

                            BOOK BLURB 

   Ever had a secret you couldn't tell?

We have…
Devour twenty tantalizing contemporary romance stories that will leave your sheets hot and your reading devices smoldering.
Inside you'll find sexy, sweet, and deliciously hot stories brimming with sinful secrets.
You'll stay up all night getting seduced by possessive, dirty alphas who will leave you begging for more, sassy heroines willing to make them work for it, and sweet connections that will have you grinning from ear to ear.
From steamy office romance, friends-to-lovers, second-chance, and more, we bring multiple levels of heat and all the spicy tropes to provide you hours of sexy fun.

                      MY REVIEW 
  This boxed set has it all from an office romance to second chance romance . Each author has her own way of spicing up the heat and taking on the romance of each character they write . 

  The one story that really had me loving the series is THE HEIST  by Theresa Sederholt . 
Its a second chance romance story with intrigue and a little romance . Amelia is a wife and mother who has been through so much . He husband left her 20 years and she had to raise her daughter all by herself . The day has finally come that she has to declare him dead and it hard on her . Then one man walks back into her life and her life changes in ways she never thought . But like each romance there are secrets and lies that must be over come to get them back together . Will they be able to come together and over come what happened in the past to find their future . 
  The characters in this story are well written and they are complex . Amelia has been through so much . She is strong and feisty and when push comes to shove she will do whatever it takes to keep Emma safe . Mitch is a man with a past which did involve Amelia . He is a nice guy who did some things in his past that he regrets and wants to make amends in some way . Together they make a pretty great couple and a great couple of sleuths in the mystery . 
  This book had me hooked from the first chapter . The characters are well written and you will fall in love with them .  The author takes us on an emotional yet fun rollercoaster ride . There is a story within a story in this novella , a mystery and a romance . You will be on the edge of your seat for most of the book and then you might shed a tear or two along the way . This book is a great addition to the box set . I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the set . Check it out box set you will not be disappointed . 

Monday, September 14, 2020


Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO ROBYN PETERMAN:    Good morning all and welcome to Monday yes the dreaded Monday is back again . Today I have the latest book in the Magic and Mayhem . YOUR...


   Good morning all and welcome to Monday yes the dreaded Monday is back again . Today I have the latest book in the Magic and Mayhem . YOUR BROOM OR MINE by Robyn Peterman 

                             BOOK BLURB 

  Only I wood get stuck in a tree with the Warlock I love camped out next to it mea-culpa-ing for being a turdwaffle for the last decade.

What should I do about it?
Umm… stay in the tree and enjoy the show.

Location: Assjacket, West Virginia (Who in their right mind named this town?)
Mission: Get out of the tree and dropkick the Warlock who forgot to mention he was in love with me until I was stuck in a tree.
Obstacles: Just about everything… crazy foul mouthed witches, accident-prone shifters and a musical production of Jaws.
The Problem: A vicious Slug shifter who will do anything to ruin my future.
The Solution: With a little luck, a whole bunch of salt, a pinch of magic and the help of my certifiable new buddies, I might just survive long enough to put down some new roots.

And if the journey in the woods gets too crazy? Not a problem. I’ll just branch out and take the psycho-path.

                            MY REVIEW 
  Welcome back to Assjacket  and exactly where we left off . Willow has been in the tree for awhile now and its time the trees let the pretty tree nymph out of their protective cocoon and back into the real world . Where the warlock she loves is waiting for her . But what she doesn't know is that there is a bunch of things going on and she has to get the love of her life to love himself . They also have to act in this ungodly play basically for their lives . Fight vicious slugs and a slug shifter that can ruin all of their lives . Will they be able to survive the play and the slugs to find the happily ever after with each other . 

    Willow is a sweet girl who has been in love with a warlock for the longest time . She sometimes comes off as a little naive through out the book . Over all she is feisty and will fight for those she loves . Zack is a warlock and the brother to Zelda . He has been through so much in his life and did so much wrong but it wasn't his fault . He is a sweet guy who has a lot of guilt and he needs to forgive and put it behind him . The rest of the gang from Ass jacket is back to help them figure out what to do. They are such a fun read and the characters are so well written. 

   This is such a fun book to read , the characters are so much fun . The author can bring a smile to your face as you read them .  I love the new languages that the author comes up with in each book . This is a book that you can read and laugh out loud at and actually snort through out . The only thing I felt it kind of dragged a little bit in a few areas . Over all I really enjoyed this story and can't wait to see what happens in the next installment in the series . 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEAS DAY TO Linda Thomas - Sundstorm

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEAS DAY TO Linda Thomas - Sundstorm:   Good Saturday everyone , today we have a new book out in the A Wolf Moon series . WOLF BLOODED by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom                ...

HAPPY RELEAS DAY TO Linda Thomas - Sundstorm

  Good Saturday everyone , today we have a new book out in the A Wolf Moon series . WOLF BLOODED by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom 

                           BOOK BLURB 

  "Do you happen to know where I can find a werewolf around here?"

Detective Zane Daley’s life changed a year ago, under a full moon. Now he’s looking for the jerk that scratched him. What he doesn’t need is for a sexy blonde with a strange first question to mess with his need for privacy by mentioning the word werewolf... when the rest of Miami doesn't know about the species.

Kennedy Gray is looking for her father's killer, and nobody thinks her theory about his attack is legit. She searches city streets after dark looking to prove the existence of the animal her father had scribbled on a notepad. W-wolf. All she has to do is find one. But will handsome detective Zane Daley believe her when their attraction to each other blurs the danger that stalks her, in return?

                      MY REVIEW 
 What do you do when a gorgeous woman comes right up to you and asks Do you happen to know where I can find a werewolf.  That is exactly what detective Zane Daley had happen to him one night . He didn't need the sexy blonde woman complicating his life . After being scratched a little over a year ago all he wanted to do was find the werewolf that did this to him and live in peace , but Kennedy Grace has thrown a kink into that plan . She is out to find the thing that killed her father and find out if werewolves exist . Zane throws a kink into her plans and their attraction is off the charts but will they be able to stop what ever is stalking her in the dark . 

 Ok people you need to meet Zane Daley , he is sweet and oh so sexy and has a protective side to him that will melt your heart . He is a complex man that wants to figure out what he is and he needs to find a place that he is accepted and wanted . Kennedy well she is one feisty woman, she has an agenda to find out who killed her dad , she is tough but also somewhat a damsel in distress .  There is a secret buried in her past that she doesn't really understand and it takes Zane to help her realize it . These two have such passion and chemistry it just bounds off the page . In other words they are supper hot together . I love that the Miami pack is back in full force to help them out, they are becoming my favourite pack of wolves . 

  This book starts off with a bang and keeps on flying , the characters are well written and complex . The author takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride . There is mystery , romance and a whole lot of sexiness that goes on this book . I really like this author's writing style she doesn't dumb it down and has a great concept for her wolves . I got sucked into this book and couldn't put it down, I think that this is my favourite of the series so far. Yes I know I saw that with all her books but I loved the two main characters and the story behind them . Yes this can be read as a stand alone but I would read all the books in the series . So check it out this would a be a great read for a cool fall day with a great cup of tea . Trust me you won't be disappointed . 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Books to curl up with: WOOHOO ITS FRIDA

Books to curl up with: WOOHOO ITS FRIDA:  Good afternoon all , its Friday and so happy its Friday . Today I have the 9TH book in the Lily Harper series . DAYLIGHT FADING  by Hp Mall...


 Good afternoon all , its Friday and so happy its Friday . Today I have the 9TH book in the Lily Harper series . DAYLIGHT FADING  by Hp Mallory 

                                          BOOK BLURB 

    After returning to Edinburgh, to retrieve their belongings, Lily and the gang find themselves running from more demons, this time on the earthly plane!

Once they give the demons the slip, they’ll find themselves on a quest—this time to free Lily’s aunt, Annice, from the clutches of Alaire.

Once reunited with Annice, they’ll find themselves on a much bigger quest—this one directly from the archangel, Uriel.

And along the way, Lily is still plagued with her strange attraction to Asterion, the Minotaur, a love which goes back hundreds of years. Will her bond with Tallis be enough or will Lily find herself falling in deeper with Asterion?

Find out what happens in Daylight Fading, the 9th book in the Lily Harper Series!

                              MY REVIEW 

  Lily and the gang are back and trying to get their belongings from Edinburgh . They are attacked by some demons and after giving them the slip they are sent on a even more dangerous quest . To find Lily's aunt Annice from the clutches of Alaire . Lily is still plagued with feelings for both Asterion and Tallis . She loves both of them and doesn't want to loose Tallis . Will their love be enough for Lily or will Asterion come between them . 

   As we left off we find Lily and the gang heading to Edinburgh , Lily is going through some changes and becoming more the girl next door and being the Herald brings on a lot more stress for her.  She is feeling the weight of all that being the herald brings with it . Tallis is feeling a little bit jealous of the growing feeling between Lily and Asterion.  Not going to tell you anymore about that cause it will spoil the book for you . We also get to see a new character Lily's aunt who has some important information on the quest they are going on . I really love these characters and love how they are evolving and growing with each book . 

  I was so excited when I started reading this book Lily and the guys are my favourite characters to read . They are complex and so well written . The author really puts them through some harrowing experiences but they come out better then ever .  The author has a way of writing that will have you laughing one moment and the next moment you will have tears in your eyes. This is the ninth book in the series but it still seems fresh and new with each quest . I will admit there were a couple of spots that I felt that dragged just a little bit but over all I loved this installment of Lily's story and can't wait to see what happens next . I would suggest you read the other books before reading this one so you will know all the characters and what is happening to Lily throughout . This would be a great series to read on the cool autumn nights . Check it out you will love it

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO THURSDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO THURSDAY:  Good morning all , today I have the pleasure of introducing you to PLUCK AND COVER by JD Blackrose .  About the Book: It’s lipstick and lie...


 Good morning all , today I have the pleasure of introducing you to PLUCK AND COVER by JD Blackrose . 

About the Book:

It’s lipstick and lies, murder and mascara, when (unnaturally long-lived) cosmetologist to the stars Waylon Jenkins is dragged into a murder investigation by the local police captain.

Bodies are showing up with limbs missing and Captain Perkins thinks the zombie is the killer because “who else needs the spare parts?” Waylon’s a lover not a fighter but he’s forced to clear his name in Pluck & Cover with the help of a few zany friends and a couple of off-color jokes.


I couldn’t find my penis. I’d last seen it on the nightstand next to my walk-in freezer, but when I emerged in the morning, it wasn’t there. I didn’t need a penis, but I’d had twenty human years with one, and I’d gotten used to it.

“Mrs. Ross? Are you here? Have you seen my penis?” “You need a new one, Waylon.” Mrs. Betsy Ross’ specter floated into my room, holding the missing appendage.

“I know, but they have to be fresh and coming upon a juicy, still-warm body is a tricksy thing. Can you please sew this one back on?”

“You don’t urinate or have sexual relations.”

I sighed. “Mrs. Ross, it is humiliating enough to ask you to connect my male member to my body, please don’t make it worse.”

“Fine.” She sniffed. “Sit on the couch.”

I followed her to the living room, placed my rear on the couch, spread my legs, and closed my eyes while one of history’s greatest seamstresses made me whole again. If I could have blushed, I would have reddened from my toes to my ears. As it was, I squirmed until she smacked me on the thigh.

“If you want this sewn on properly, you’ll stop your fidgeting.”

I held still but stared out the sliding back doors at an Evergreen Pear tree, fists clenched. The tree’s beauty distracted me, the white flowers still visible, the bees and birds swooping in and out. I was glad it was thriving in the northern exposure. I had worried it was too far west and would need more early morning sun, but it was doing well.

“There,” Mrs. Ross said, rubbing her hands together, bringing me back to the situation at hand. “I’m done, but it looks mighty sad.”

“What’s looking mighty sad?”

I hadn’t heard him come in, but Dr. Samuel Early peered over Mrs. Ross’ shoulder, extracted his reading glasses from his shirt pocket, and placed them on his nose.

“It’s too gray,” he said.

“It’s not.” I pushed them both away and closed my legs.

Praise for the Book:

"Waylon Jenkins is not your typical detective. For one thing, he’s a cosmetologist and make-up artist. For another, he’s dead. Now, this zombie with a keen wit and a warm (non-beating) heart is teaming up with a ghost and the local police captain to find out who’s killing and dismembering men in LA. “Pluck and Cover” delivers paranormal chills, plenty of twists and turns, and lots of laughs along with a one-of-a-kind protagonist readers will want to check in with again and again. " - Casey Daniels, author of “Don of the Dead” (Pepper Martin Series)

About the Author:

J.D. Blackrose loves all things storytelling and celebrates great writing by posting about it on her website, www.slipperywords.com. She has published multiple series through Falstaff Books, as well as numerous short stories. She spends a lot of time chatting with the imaginary people in her head and is often accused of having a hearing problem. As a survival tactic, she has mastered the art of looking interested. She credits her parents for teaching her to ask questions, and in lieu of facts, how to make up answers.

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO THURSDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO THURSDAY: Good Thursday all hope you are having a great week , Check out this new steam punk book The Milan Job by Krista Cagg Steampunk, space o...


Good Thursday all hope you are having a great week , Check out this new steam punk book

The Milan Job by Krista Cagg
Steampunk, space opera, time travel, and a rebellion turned revolution--Alexandra de Sade is a Captain that's hard to say no to...
Buy it now on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/ybh2xekw

Meet Captain Alexandria de Sade, the proud and once loyal captain of Naviwerks chrono-ship #25. When she learned the truth about how the company was fleecing their customers she turned her back on the promotion they offered her, left the man she loved without a word, and disappeared with her ship.

With a plan in mind to undermine Naviwerks’ business of artifact and heirloom retrieval, Captain Alex hired on several like-minded misfits to crew her chrono-ship which she re-christened The William’s Hunt. They are: An awkward but genius Horotech, an irascible ex-marine, a flamboyant playboy, a churlish physician, and a hot-shot pilot.

Their first venture: go to Milan, Italy 1490 and retrieve the working model of Leonardo da Vinci’s Gran Cavallo before Naviwerks does. What should have been a simple snatch and run mission for the newly formed band of pirates goes south nearly immediately. In their struggle to recover, they learn that there is much more behind Naviwerks’ actions. Captain Alex and the crew of The William’s Hunt are the only ones that stand a chance of putting things right,and it seems as if her crew’s every step takes them deeper and deeper into discovering just how nefarious Naviwerks truly is.

About the Author:

According to her mother, Krista has lived in her own imagination since birth. The real world let her down. It was, frankly, boring beyond belief. After she discovered fantasy novels and comics there was no going back. This didn’t win her any popularity contests (or dates) until after high school. Art school introduced her to other geeks and the wonderful world of AD&D. A love for RP eventually led to LARP (the goth/vampire era of her life). Finally, sci-fi/fantasy/fandom conventions introduced her to the beautiful world of Steampunk. Music. Clothing. And books. She dove into the books she took a shine to and absorbed them. But something was missing. She wasn’t satisfied. During her recovery from neck surgery something she’d heard somewhere stuck out in her mind: “If you can’t find the stories you want to read then write them yourself.” On a couch in Savannah, GA. with Sons of Anarchy playing in the background, The William’s Hunt began.
Currently, Krista lives in her home town in Pennsylvania with five cats, a husband, and a weiner dog, Pete, who watches from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
Check out her website: https://www.kristacaggauthor.com/ and follow her on social media.