Friday, August 25, 2023


  Good afternoon my peeps I am back and thinking I need a new set of eyes . Just finished a 195 chapter beta read and needed to take a few days off. But, I am back with the fifth book in The Gwen's Ghosts series. DEAD RECKONING  by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain.

                          BOOK BLURB

  Not wanting to pay any attention to my messy love life (I’ve got not one man vying for my attentions, but two!), I’m happy to put all my focus into my newest case…

Hugo Williams, one of Morley-on-Avon’s residents and an employee at the antique shop, has gone missing.

Or has he simply gone on vacation? By the fact that he packed a bag before he disappeared, it’s a little unclear.

Yet his girlfriend, Fiona, swears there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark… Or England, as the case may be.

After doing a little snooping (with the help of my ghostly friend, Petra), I’m starting to agree with her.

And that’s the absolute last thing Inspector Lean wants to hear—seeing as how I’ve already been involved in every mystery in Morley since I arrived here.

To make a sticky situation even stickier? I have a feeling the culprit might be none other than Fiona’s father…

                     MY REVIEW 


   Gwen and Petra are back and while Gwen is trying not to deal with her screwed up love life there is a mystery to be solved. Hugo has disappeared, everyone thinks he just went on a vacation . His girlfriend thinks something bad has happened to him, he was going to propose to her and he vanished. After Gwen starts snooping around she thinks that Fiona is correct  and with the help of Petra she is out to figure it out. Inspector Leon doesn't want her anywhere around this case cause it seems trouble follows Gwen everywhere including the last couple that happened in her town. The culprit could be someone very close to Fiona like her father. 

  Petra and Gwen are back and I must admit they are funnier then ever. Petra is becoming more of an assertive woman even though she is a ghost . Gwen is having a crisis and is trying not to figure it out but having two men wanting her isn't a bad thing. She is really becoming a well rounded woman They are truly best friends even though one is a ghost . I love how they protect each other and keep each other on the same page . The rest of the gang is back and trying to keep everyone safe and figure out the mystery before someone dies. 

  This is book 5 in the series and it is such a good fun read. The characters are so well written and becoming more and more complex. Each mystery is full of intrigue and there are some comic relief through out. The authors really have fun with these characters and what they get up to. This would be a great series to read up to Halloween if you want a fun ghost story that has comedy and best friends . Check it out they need to be read in the series so check them out. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Books to curl up with: HAPPY TUESDAY

Books to curl up with: HAPPY TUESDAY:   Good morning my peeps. hope you are all staying cool and reading some great books. I can't believe it is August , summer is half over ...


  Good morning my peeps. hope you are all staying cool and reading some great books. I can't believe it is August , summer is half over and summer reading will be winding down and our fall reading will start.  So today i have for you book 30 in the Haven Hollow series DEAD RINGER  by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                         BOOK BLURB

 Everything’s just going to pieces…

I got me a real important job. Important because I need to make my boss, Mr. Howard, happy with me like yesterday.

It’s no secret that Mr. Howard has never liked me, but if he fires me? Well, I’m sure that will mean the end of Cain Morgan’s ghost taking up residency inside my head.

See, Cain shares my body all because he’s supposed to be helping Taliyah settle into her job as the new Chief of Police.

And though Taliyah’s pretty well settled by now (by my way of thinking), no one’s said anything about moving Cain on to the other side.

And I like him right where he is.

So that’s why I’ve gotta make darn sure this next case I get put on is a slam dunk.

I’ve been hired to bring Sophia Erepto’s dead granny back because the Erepto family is missing something real important to them—an idol.

And I ain’t talkin’ American Idol on the tele. I’m talking about a little, gold statue—the owner of which will take over as the head of the family clan.

Real important stuff.

So when that idol goes missing and Granny ain’t talkin’, Darla’s got a real big problem on her hands…

                       MY REVIEW 


 Darla is back and trying to prove to the head of the Spooky Society, Mr. Howard that she isn't a flake. If she gets fired she might loose her ghost in residence in her head Cain. He is taking up residence in her body to help his sister get adjusted to her new job as the chief of police. When Darla gets a job to find an idol for a family. She gets more then she bargains for when the ghost of the grandmother appears and she isn't talking. This idol is important cause the person who has it becomes the leader of the family. How Darla make out with Mr. Howard watching her and granny not talking . What will Darla do ?

  Darla is back and honestly funnier then ever. Between working at the hotel and being a gumshoe her life has been quite busy. She is your typical fun loving gal who was brought back and is alive and trying to find her way in the new world. Sometimes she really comes off as an air head but that is part of her charm. Henner is back and sweeter then ever , he is there to protect his love from the ghost and the family. Cain is well he is Cain sullen and wants to solve the case but he I think secretly loves being Darla's friend and confidante. They work so well together even when the squabble. 

 This is the 30 book in the series and it doesn't get boring. Each character has so many quirks that the authors love exploiting and when they do it makes us laugh uncontrollably. The authors are keeping the characters relatable and fun to read with each new book. This would be a great summer read for the beach and yes you probably could read it as a stand alone . So check it out you will be laughing your butt off in no time .