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Books to curl up with: HAPPY HUMP DAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: HAPPY HUMP DAY EVERYONE:  Good Wednesday morning all I hope your hump day is going well so far. Today I am going to introduce you all to a new author to me Scott Car...


 Good Wednesday morning all I hope your hump day is going well so far. Today I am going to introduce you all to a new author to me Scott Carruba and his dark urban fantasy . DANCE OF THE BUTTERFLY.

                           BOOK BLURB  

A modern dark urban fantasy, telling of two powerful families who uphold a secret duty to protect humanity from a threat it doesn’t know exists. Though sharing a common enemy, the two families form a long-standing rivalry due to their methods and ultimate goals. Forces are coalescing in a prominent Central European city- criminal sex-trafficking, a serial murderer with a savage bent, and other, less tangible influences. Within a prestigious, private university, Lilja, a young librarian charged with protecting a very special book, finds herself suddenly ensconced in this dark, strange world. Originally from Finland, she has her own reason for why she left her home, but she finds the city to be anything but a haven from dangers and secrets. Book One in a planned series.

                             MY REVIEW
   This is a very interesting book. I started reading it in the evening and struggled with it at the beginning . The first couple of chapters were a little hard to get through. So I put it down and thought I would start fresh in the morning . When I dived back into the book and got through the first two chapters . I found this book to be very interesting and I really got into the story line. The rivalry between the two families is very powerful and all because of old books and lore . They have very different methods of keeping the book safe . Lilja a young librarian that is entrusted to keep the book safe. Will she survive and will the book be safe
  The characters are vast and in this book . They are complex and well written.  Lilja is a complicated lady  she seems so sweet and innocent at first but as you read you find out she is quite kick ass .Another notable character is Skothiam Feltcraft. He is the patriarch of the family that is in charge of keeping the three books safe. He is fighting relentless evils with a team. He is a very strong character but you can see the weight of the world is on his shoulders . He works hard to keep everyone safe . There are so many characters in this book and they all play an important part in keeping the story going
  This book has so much going on with so many twists and turns . You sometimes don't know if you are coming or going. The author takes us down some pretty dark pathways especially with the sex trafficking aspect of the book . There is a touch of BDSM also in the book which to me was kind of off putting. I wish the author could of went into more about the books and the lore behind them . Also more into the rivalry of the two families . I found that to be a lot more interesting and sucked me in big time . Also a few times when I was reading I didn't realize what characters were in the chapter until almost the end of the chapter.
  Overall I did enjoy this book, the author has a way with words that will leave you breathless and wanting more . He will keep you on the edge of your set and make you want for more . I will say this is the first book in the series so it does have a cliff hanger . So if you want an intense dark urban fantasy  that will take you on a rollercoaster ride . Check out DANCE OF THE BUTTERFLY by Scott Carruba

Friday, August 26, 2016

Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY ALL:   Good Friday all, I have a great book for you today . I spent all night reading this one . I must say this is a new author to me and I love...


  Good Friday all, I have a great book for you today . I spent all night reading this one . I must say this is a new author to me and I loved every word . So if you apocalyptic stories and zombies this is the book for you FAMILY REUNION J when the apocalypse happens only one thing matters  book 2 by P. Mark DeBryan

                            BOOK BLURB

From the author of the wildly successful debut novel Family Reunion, P. Mark DeBryan, comes a new and terrifying apocalypse family novel. The South African flu had put the fear of God into the world. But the press and the government assured one and all that a revolutionary nanovaccine developed by Dr. Julian Ruegg had stopped the outbreak in its tracks. The vaccine had stopped the flu, yes. But two weeks later a strange and deadly side effect became apparent, a side effect worse than the flu—far, far worse. Jay Brant, mother of two and ex-FBI fingerprint analyst, is trying to survive and get back to her kids as society unravels around her. Nothing matters more than getting her son Mark and his wife to safety in West Virginia, and then rescuing her daughter Auddy, who lives in South Carolina. Jay had put her husband on a plane bound for his family reunion in Seattle, then set off on a road trip to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Her job requires the trip once every two weeks, and the four-hour drive and overnight stay are completely routine. As the day unfolds, she begins to realize that this trip will be anything but routine.

                                  MY REVIEW
    I got this book recommendation from a friend , so I decided to dive in . Not realizing that it was book two in the series . But honestly that didn't really matter too much . I know I would of gotten to know the characters better but the book flowed so well that I followed no problem . This is the story just after the South African flu was stopped with a nanovaccine with some really horrible side effects . This follows three different well we can say families . Jay is trying to get to her daughter and bring her back . There are the good guys and the bad guys and the crazies out there and everyone is on edge . Will they survive you will have to read .
  I loved the characters in this book its nice to have an apocalypse book that has a really strong female lead . Jay is one kick ass woman, she takes no prisoners. All she wants to do is get her family together and kicks some ass while doing it . Auddy is her daughter who to me is kind of a wuss at the beginning but grows up pretty fast and becomes just like her mom kick ass. Julian is the other main character in the story , he is the creator of the vaccine to stop the flu. He knows there is something wrong and wants to correct it. He and his wife and child break out of the research facility to get away.  You can see him struggling with what has happened and you see him a flawed guy just trying to do what is right. There are good guys and bad guys that they meet along the way . Some help them and some hinder them but they survive .
     I started this book last night and man I couldn't put it down. The story flowed so well I was turning page after page. I had some giggles and some OMG  moments . I honestly thought that  this was actually the first book. Yes I am going to go back and read the first book just so I know more about the characters . This is a cool twist on the whole zombie apocalypse genre . coming from the angle of this starting as a vaccine that started it all. I really enjoyed this book and it gave me a book hangover which I must say I love when that happens . So if you want a great read that will keep you reading well into the night . Check out the FAMILY REUNION series by P. Mark DeBryan

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Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL:    Good Thursday all today . I am going to let you in on a secret. I don't know if many of you know this author . He is a great guy who ...

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL:    Good Thursday all today . I am going to let you in on a secret. I don't know if many of you know this author . He is a great guy who ...


   Good Thursday all today . I am going to let you in on a secret. I don't know if many of you know this author . He is a great guy who can write up some pretty hot erotica and some kinky stuff too .  Today we are going to review the first of two of his novellas both are sexy but in different ways . Let me introduce you to FANTHOMS Let me introduce you to the works of Mark Henry.

                             BOOK BLURB

Hot Vikings.
Sea Monsters.
A Journey Fueled by Passion.

When her true love dies under mysterious circumstances, Solveig vows revenge and sets a course for the truth. But when she stows away aboard the longboat her brother captains, the answers she seeks unfurl before her in both sinister and sensual ways.

Solveig’s quest ignites unheard of passions…and promises the impossible.

                          MY REVIEW
  What do you get when you have hot Vikings and folk lore of the Kraken . You get Fanthoms . After her love dies Solveig vows revenge on whoever or what ever murdered her man. As she seeks out the answers on the longboat . She finds out what took her husbands life and sets out to destroy everyone in the process.
  I loved the characters in this novella . Solveig is a strong female that is so devastated in the death of her love . She is willing to do anything to get revenge on those or what killed him. The cast of Viking men are well all man and hot . They all play in the revenge plot . They are on the receiving end of what the kraken and Solveig have in store for them .
   This is a fast sexy read with all the sex that you can handle. Who knew that you could take the tale of the Kraken and turn it into a sex fest . Well I must say the author did that and did it very well I must say. He takes us on a sex filled ride that will make you giggle and blush . This would be a great pool read for those last lazy days of summer .

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO TUESDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO TUESDAY: Good Tuesday morning all . Wow do I have a book for you. I am going to apologize right now because I know I am going to spell this poor auth...


Good Tuesday morning all . Wow do I have a book for you. I am going to apologize right now because I know I am going to spell this poor author's name wrong. I will try and make sure it is spelt right.  RIGHTEOUS MALIFICIA by Emir Skalonja

                            BOOK BLURB

England 1392.
As the Black Death quickly spreads through the kingdom, the little hamlet of Blythe’s Hallow suffers under the yoke of a sadistic Lord. Desperate, the villagers decide to seek out the magical help of a local witch, causing the wrath of the Church. Torture and murder befall on those accused of being in league with the Devil, adding more sorrow to the beset folk of Blythe’s Hollow. Yet, one man will rise against the tyranny; a man willing to learn Black Magick to fight back

                           MY REVIEW
   This book fascinated me, between the church and what they called the dark magick you are totally engrossed in the pages .  The church wielded so much power back then and honestly it was horrible . The author paints a picture of horrible conditions and plights of the people under the thumb.  It makes you think of what those people went through.  The author describes the medieval ways of torture in a way that it feels like you are right there watching it . The very first chapter had me squirming on the details of how a young witch is tortured  by the Father John and Lawrence.
  This is a character driven book and the characters are so well written and complex. There are a few characters that you will most definitely want to draw and quartered . Father John and Lawrence come to mind. They are just evil hiding behind the cloth of the church . They just keep going on and on and become even more evil as the story goes along . Magdalene is the witch that everyone is after but never can find . She is a sweet character that is only there to help out the people with healing herbs to help alleviate the pain and suffering . She becomes such an enigma in the story she is the one light that shines through the evilness that is going on . The other characters that come out in the book are either on the good side or the evil side . They play off each other so well . Edgar and Farah are doing what is right to help out his father and they pay the price for that at the evil torturing hands of the fathers . You will love and hate all of these characters  you will shed a tear and yell at your kindle .
     I read this book in one sitting I was so engrossed in the pages I don't think I moved from the spot I was in the whole time .  If you don't feel uncomfortable while reading this book  you aren't getting the gist of what went on back in the medieval days . When the church had absolute power over every thing and you had to bow down to them even if you didn't believe in what they were doing . I couldn't believe the ways of torture that took place back then. The author did a lot of research on the torture chambers and techniques of that time period . You almost feel the pain that these people go through and you just want to hug them all . The author takes us on a journey through hell and brings us out on the other side relatively unscathed. I will say that I had a book hangover and wanted to tell everyone I could about this book . I loved the history and the gore factor was there but it was there because of the time period . I also loved that the author had the guts to have church versus the so called witches of dark magick. It made for some awesome reading . If this book doesn't make you think and feel uncomfortable while reading it . You honestly don't have a heart . So if you want a book that will give you a book hangover and will make you think . This is the book for you , you will not be disappointed . And look Emir I didn't spell your name wrong . :)

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO MONDAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO MONDAY EVERYONE: Good Monday morning all, I am here with my coffee wanting to tell you about a great new book by Eric Shelman . I was so excited when I found...


Good Monday morning all, I am here with my coffee wanting to tell you about a great new book by Eric Shelman . I was so excited when I found out he had finished the second book in his series . So let me introduce you to SCABS II ( The Quantum Connection.)
                             BOOK BLURB

When an otherworldly light engulfed the entire planet, nobody predicted the catastrophic transformation to come. Several unique men, women and children have escaped conversion, and are now bound together with a common resolve:


As the predators they face continue to evolve into more perfect killing machines, Scott, Warren and Missy Walsh, along with over a dozen other survivors, must adapt in order to stay alive.

Join them for the second adventure in this chilling trilogy . . . it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
                           MY REVIEW
  I was so excited when I finally got this book in my hot little hands. I couldn't wait to find out what happened to Scott and the rest of the gang. The story starts where book one has left off . They are out at the cabin and building a good little fortress for themselves and watching out for the predators that are closing in on them. They must adapt and keep ahead of them as the predators adapt into a more precise killing machine.  Along the way they pick up some more survivors and will they all survive .
    The characters in this book are so well written and complex. They are survivors in the best sense of the word . Scott  and Warren are tough as nails twin brothers that are leading this group of twins . Both of the men are such strong characters but they do have their faults and weakness that make them human .  Missy has to be my all time favourite character . She is Scott and Warren's mother and man she is sassy and kicks ass at every opportunity she can . There is also a new entity that is helping them out . They hear him talking to them in their minds and he doesn't like the aliens invading the world . We honestly don't know if this entity is actually good or evil but right now he is helping the survivors out .  The rest of the supporting characters are diverse and add such depth to the story. They all play their parts so well . We also get another pet this time around  we now have a cat and a dog.
    I couldn't believe when I sat down and started reading this book . I was sucked in by the end of the first chapter. I just couldn't put the book down . I was on the edge of my seat the whole time . Eric takes us on a journey that will leave you scared out of wits and hoping and wishing that you are a twin . Just like in book one  you will really want to have a twin in you corner. This book has some great twists and turns that will make you go wow . The pace is fast and it is action packed and there is plenty of gore for everyone . We do loose some beloved characters in this book and you will shed a tear or two when it happens . At least I cried when they died . Eric is one of my all time favourite indie authors . I can't wait till book 3 in the series to answer the questions that were left in book 2 . So if you want a fast paced story check out the Scabs series you will not be disappointed .

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Books to curl up with: GOOD SATURDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD SATURDAY ALL:  Hope everyone is having a good weekend . Today we are going to show case a new author and her debut novella . AZORE'S QUEST by AM Johns...


 Hope everyone is having a good weekend . Today we are going to show case a new author and her debut novella . AZORE'S QUEST by AM Johnson

                             BOOK BLURB

What happens when a young Prince, who is looking for sex, fights and fun, cannot find those things on his front door?
Why he leaves and goes on a grand adventure.
What will happen on his travels through the Land of Veloc?
Will he find more than just sex?
Will they find more than they can handle?
Or will they find exactly what they need?
Come on a slightly erotic adventure with Azore and his best friends.

                             MY REVIEW
  This book was suggested by a friend of mine .  It is a fantasy that is very erotic  not for young readers . What do you do when you have a young prince who is bored  he embarks on a journey with his best friends . They are out to have a good time , looking for sex fights and of course fun But after a trip to an elven blacksmith he may have found the one person he wants to be with . As they travel through the land o Veloc they find more then they bargained for or did they . Did they find what they were looking for all along .
   The characters in this book are well developed and you will really kind of dislike them at the beginning . They are young and shallow and all they want to do is have sex and fight . As you read you see them start to grow up as they help out some people and find a woman that they can love . You see each one find the one that they are willing to fight for . There is also a twist that concerns with Azore's sword . They all seem to grow up during the story ,
  This is a quick hot read full of hot men and ladies who need saving . I read the novella in about an hour and liked the way the author wrote the erotica.. Its fast and easy read that will make you want more and more . This is the first book in a hopefully long career for this author . So if you want a fast read to wind down your summer. Check it out

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Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY MORNING ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY MORNING ALL:  Today I have a special treat for you all . Today we are going to review the second book in a dark fantasy series that is becoming one of my...


 Today I have a special treat for you all . Today we are going to review the second book in a dark fantasy series that is becoming one of my favourite series out there. LAMENT OF THE FALLEN (The Last Bucelarri book 2) by Andy Peloquin.

                           BOOK BLURB

The Hunter of Voramis is no more.

Alone with the bloodthirsty voices in his head, fleeing the pain of loss, he has one objective: travel north to find Her, the mystery woman who plagues his dreams and haunts his memories.
When he stumbles upon a bandit attack, something within urges him to help. His actions set him at odds with the warrior priests commanded to hunt down the Bucelarii.
Left for dead, the Hunter must travel to Malandria to recover his stolen birthright. There, he is inexorably drawn into direct conflict with the Order of Midas, the faceless, nameless group of magicians that holds the city in a grip of terror. All while struggling to silence the ever-louder voice in his mind that drives him to kill.
From feared assassin to wretched outcast, the Hunter's journey leads him to truths about his forgotten past and the Abiarazi he has pledged to hunt. His discoveries will shed light on who he really is…what he really is.

Fans of Joe Abercrombie, Brandon Sanderson, and Brent Weeks will love the Hunter

                        MY REVIEW 
   You will fall in love with the Hunter .  He has left Voramis and is on the way to finding out about his past. He is traveling north to find the woman that haunts his dreams as he tries to silence the voices in his head . Along the way he encounters bandits who attack and bring out the  urge in the hunter to help out . Which doesn't go well for the hunter but as we all know the hunter is a survivor and will survive at any cost .
      I loved the hunter in the first book but really fell for him in the second book . You see a totally different side to the hunter in this book . We get to see him as more of a person this time around . He has lost everything but is still surviving and growing . We also see him changing and fighting the demons that are in his head and only killing the bad and not killing for the sake of killing to stop the voices. He is working on trying to be a better person through out the book . Don't worry he doesn't wuss out he is still a killing machine but he is now have something to hold onto and fight for what is right in his eyes .  There are so many characters that come into the hunter's life in this book. They all influence him in so many different ways in good ways and in bad ways.
   Bardin is one of those characters that help the hunter in a good way . He is homeless poor and kind of crazy . But he takes the hunter in and helps him out to find out more about the hunters past . He is a lovable old guy that you just want to hug tight and keep safe . He and the hunter become friends and the Hunter wants to protect him and he genuinely loves Bardin. But alas when you befriend the Hunter something always happens .
   The author sure took us on a rollercoaster ride through hell and back in this book. I honestly couldn't put this book down . The story just kept getting better and better with each turn of the page . I laughed and I most definitely cried in a few spots .  I also stayed up way past my bed time reading this book . I love dark fantasy and I must say there is a lot of action in this book and the author keeps us on our toes the entire book . I was on the edge of my seat most of the book. So if you want a great series of books check out the hunter . If you love fantasy check them out you will not be disappointed

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Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY EVERYONE: Good Tuesday all , hope you are all having a great week so far. Today we are delving into a new book by Mike Evans. Its the second book in T...


Good Tuesday all , hope you are all having a great week so far. Today we are delving into a new book by Mike Evans. Its the second book in The Uninvited series . Let me introduce you to THE STRANGER.

                            BOOK BLURB

 He made everyone think he was dead. The Police told everyone, that it was safe again. Safe to go outside, safe to lead a normal life. The problem? They were all wrong! The Stranger is back with a thirst for blood, and a sick, twisted desire to kill, torture and maim. If you thought book one was gruesome, you were sadly mistaken. Book 2 is a high-octane extreme horror thriller like you have not read before. Very few boundaries were left untouched. The one question, can the Stranger be stopped finally?

                          MY REVIEW
   I must admit Mike Evans is becoming one of my favourite horror authors . The book starts off with some of the stranger's back story. We learn about him as a child and how he becomes what he is now . Then from there on in the story just keeps getting better and may I say creepier . Like always the first couple of chapters had me hooked and creeped out at the same time . I will never ever go near a pig pen ever again or turn my back in a stock trailer ever again.  The stranger is unstoppable and has such a thirst for blood its unbelievable . He is one twisted monster and as the body count piles up you will wonder if they will ever catch him .
  Who knew that Mike could take his characters to an even gorier place but he does in this book . The Stranger / Matt Hardin. He is on a killing spree and no one is safe . He has truly cracked and will stop at nothing to keep on killing, He is evil incarnate and seems to get even more unstable . He thinks he is basically indestructible and is taunting the police . He wants one agent to come and get him and along comes Jack Grey the FBI agent that is fighting demons of his past and the only one who seems to be able to get him. What I like is that the characters have both good and bad qualities in them . You almost start to care for the stranger when you see him as a child  but honestly that feeling goes away very quickly .
   I must say that this book is not for the faint of heart, its a gory blood bath that will keep you on the edge of your seat . I had a few sleepless nights after reading. It is a gory bloodbath that will keep you reading all night long . The characters will grab at you and make you feel for them and then devastate you at the same time. I will say you should read book one in the series to get into the strangers mind before starting book 2.  This book gave me a book hangover , I read it all in one evening and cursed the author the whole time . So if you want a gore filled thrill ride that will take you to hell and back  this is the book for you . So check out THE STRANGER  you will not be disappointed

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Books to curl up with: woohoo its Friday

Books to curl up with: woohoo its Friday:  Woohoo its Friday , I am so looking forward to this weekend . Its been a very long week here on the ranch.  Today we are going to review a ...

woohoo its Friday

 Woohoo its Friday , I am so looking forward to this weekend . Its been a very long week here on the ranch.  Today we are going to review a new author to me Lizzy Ford and her book SUPERVILLIANESS part one

                            BOOK BLURB

Sand City, a town in the Pacific Northwest, where the rents are too high and the rain never stops. On the surface, it appears normal – except this city is run by General Savage, an alleged supervillain.

Fleeing Chicago and the disastrous mistakes of his past, Doctor Kimber Wellington accepts a job at the only hospital willing to hire him. Grateful for a second chance, he ignores the city’s strange obsession with supervillains.

That is, until the daughter of General Savage nearly dies in his arms. Kimber couldn’t be any more different than Reader, the self-professed supervillainess-in-training, who insists she has superpowers that just so happen not to work around him. She’s deranged, violent, abrasive – and has never known kindness from anyone else.

Unfortunately, helping her places Kimber in the crosshairs of Reader’s arch-nemesis. Drawn to the part of her that’s good yet horrified by her dark, violent world, Kimber finds himself at a crossroads: stay in Sand City at the potential cost of his own life, or abandon the city, the people and the compelling supervillainess who need him.

                                MY REVIEW
   Welcome to Sand City a city that looks normal on the outside . But there is an underside that is run by a seedy General Savage a supervillian . Enter doctor Kimber Wellington a doctor running from his past who saves the General's daughter from dying .  As he ends up on the cross hairs and becomes a reluctant superhero to save the city and himself from the likes of General Savage
  I started reading this book and thought to myself wow what a great take on the superhero genre. It was a little quirky and weird but it was a great read. I could actually see this as a graphic novel instead of the novel. The story is well developed and the characters are complex and well developed.
Doctor Kimber Wellington is a flawed character, he is running from his past and is not wanting to be the superhero everyone wants him to be. He is totally an average guy who is thrown in to a horrible situation. He helps out the wrong person  Reader she is the daughter of General Savage and a super villain in the making . She is a riddle  she wants to be good but is conditioned to be bad by her father. Forced to be the villain that he wants to be . I think she is my favourite character in the book. She is strong but also weak in a few way which shows that she is a person not a machine . General Savage makes for a great evil character . He is sadistic and just pure evil and fun to read .
     This was just a fun book to read . It didn't take itself too seriously and it didn't leave the reader going what the hell did I just read . The characters are well rounded and the author built a great world for them.  This book does the super hero genre good . When you read it you will love the world the author created.  This is a great book for the beach or those late nights by the campfire . You will be taken on a ride that will leave you laughing and crying . So if you want a different take on super heros check it out .

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Books to curl up with: GOOD WEDNESDAY EVERY ONE

Books to curl up with: GOOD WEDNESDAY EVERY ONE:  Good Wednesday everyone hope your week is going fast and your summer is going well. Today I have a good summer read for your poolside enter...


 Good Wednesday everyone hope your week is going fast and your summer is going well. Today I have a good summer read for your poolside entertainment.  IN A STRANGER'S HANDS by Shaelyn Jackson.

                             BOOK BLURB

Sam is on her way to Vegas for a girls' weekend.

Miles from any town her car leaves her stranded with one option: to walk until she finds help.

Hot and sweaty from the walk she spots a run down shed in the distance. Still miles from town she decides to take a chance on it being her salvation.

Will that decision be the worst one she ever made or will she find the most glorious pleasure at the hands of a stranger?

                             MY REVIEW
  This is Shaelyn Jackson's debut novella , it is a paranormal tale with a twist . Would you trust a stranger in helping you out of a jam . Sam is in that predicament as her car stalls on a lonely road. She walks until she finds help a sexy stranger that will show her the time of her life and ignite a spark that won't die . NEVER TRUST A STRANGER .
  When you start this book , its like you are in your very own fantasy. Being stranded and finding a hot sexy man to help you out and then rocking your world all night long. The characters were well written and they were hot for each other. I loved the rawness of Gavin , he is like the alpha predator on the hunt. Sam was just a little naïve to me, she needs to be a little bit more oomph for me . She is a really good character but just needs something.
   This is a short novella and you can have it done in the afternoon by the pool.  For a first book the author did a great job. I think it should of been a bit longer and develop the characters just a little bit more . Over all I loved this book and the sex was sooo hot, melt your kindle and have a cold drink beside you hot. So if you want a hot summer read for the pool check it out .

Monday, August 8, 2016

Books to curl up with: HEY ALL ITS MONDAY

Books to curl up with: HEY ALL ITS MONDAY: Good afternoon all , I know its only Monday but I hope you are all doing well  So question for you what do you do if your all time favourite...


Good afternoon all , I know its only Monday but I hope you are all doing well  So question for you what do you do if your all time favourite horror author does a graphic novel . Well after you stop your happy dance around the house , you go and start to buy the whole damn series . Well I will admit that's what happened to me this weekend . When I was cruising net galley and found out my favourite author Dean Koontz has done a remake of FRANKENSTEIN in graphic novel form . So let me introduce you to FRANKENSTEIN STORM SURGE by Dean Koontz, Chuck Dixon and Rik Hoskin.

                             BOOK BLURB

From the celebrated imagination of Dean Koontz comes a powerful reworking of one of the classic stories of all time! Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents an all-new, in-continuity story set within the universe of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein novel series. While healing from a beating she suffered at the hands of Victor Helios (the madman once known as Dr. Frankenstein and her own maker), Erika Five decides to leave the comfort of her glassed-in porch and bottle of cognac to explore Victor's secret home lab, which she believes is an antechamber to something more sinister. With the help of a decapitated head named Karloff, Erika finds a secret lab and within discovers that Victor's experiments are not limited to his attempts at creating a race of super-immortals. No, he has constructed a mirror-like portal to another universe... one of infinite realities that Victor is trying to bridge for his own horrible reasons! 

                             MY REVIEW
      Where can you have an evil scientist , a damsel in distress, a pack of zombies and a monster that is more sexy then scary . Well let me introduce you to Frankenstein a great reworking in graphic novel form.  After suffering a beating Erika  five and after finding the ante chamber of the infamous  Dr Frankenstein and the evils that is processes . Will she survive or will the evils take her and hurt her .
  This is a dark moody set of stories , I must say I really loved this book . Some stories a little bit more then others but over all the stories were so good. The illustrations are dark and well drawn which sets it apart from most graphic novels now a days . Seems like they went the retro way with them.  The characters are also well written and complex you will like Frankenstein cause he is actually really hot looking hehehehe  and there  are zombies in this retelling and a talking head named Karloff who helps Erika.
   So if you want to read a great reworking of  Frankenstein as Frankenstein as the hero and alternative universes check out this set of novels . You will love the story line and the graphics are to die for .  If you are into graphic novels and love a good horror story, check it out . You won't be disappointed .

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE:   Good Friday all , hope you all are ready for the weekend . Summer is going by so fast I can't believe we are in August already. So if ...


  Good Friday all , hope you all are ready for the weekend . Summer is going by so fast I can't believe we are in August already. So if you are looking to add to your summer reading list this could be the book for you. BROKEN LION by Devon Hartford

                             BOOK BLURB

Bestselling author Devon Hartford brings you another scorching hot and scandalous standalone romance.


The night the EMTs wheeled Lion Maxwell into my Emergency Room turned my life upside down. Although he was bloody and battered from defending his title as the reigning cruiserweight champion of Mixed Martial Arts, his cocky grin lit up the room.
And every cell in my body.
Our fiery chemistry was off the charts.
The ER staff sensed it.
Lion’s entourage and his drooling groupies sensed it too.
If the two of us had been alone, I might have done something entirely unprofessional and completely unethical right there in the exam room. But I was his attending physician. A sexual or romantic relationship with him was grounds for my termination or worse, revoking my medical license. I wouldn’t risk my career on a moment of passion. It didn’t stop that arrogant caveman from doing everything he could to get me into his hospital bed.
After denying his advances for weeks, the last thing I expected were the wild nights he would be spending in my bed.
It was supposed to be nothing more than a secret fling.
I knew it couldn’t last.
He was still my patient.
What we were doing was wrong.
If anyone found out, it could ruin my life.
But we couldn’t let go.
We were bound to each other on some primal level that consumed us.
Sometimes love is tragic.
Sometimes two people aren’t meant to be together.
But sometimes, two people overcome all adversity and build a love that lasts forever.
Deep in my heart I knew that Lion Maxwell could be my forever love.
As long as we kept our love a secret.
I wish I’d known beforehand that some secrets are too hard to keep…

***HEA approved, steam guaranteed.

                            MY REVIEW
   Some rules are meant to be broken  is what you think when you first meet Lion Maxwell , he is a world champion mma fighter who is rushed into emergency with a screwed up knee, where he meets the one woman that says no to him . Dr, Brigad Flanagan  is that person she is his doctor and trying hard not to fall for his charm and cockiness. But the good dr. runs into him again and again so she decides what the hell . He is helping her son with his martial arts and she hasn't been with a man in such a long time. But they need to keep it quiet she is his dr. and can't date him . Can she .
  The characters written with such gusto, Lion is so damn cocky you kind of want to knock him upside the head every now and then . As you read into the story you find as side of Lion that is sweet and sensitive , nothing like the character he portrays in the ring . Don't get me wrong he does have a temper when he is protecting the ones he loves . He is kind of crass also so you have to take him with a grain of salt sometimes  Brigad is a complicated character . She is tough and well assured when she is working but her personal life is such a mess . She needs to get a back bone to stand up to her ex husband and his family and her son . She is such a wimp when it comes to her ex and his family . As you read you see her start to get her back bone and you see her grow as a character .  The rest of the cast of characters add some spice to the book too
  This was a fast read for me I read it in an afternoon while I was at the beach . The characters are well written and the story flows good  but I found that it kind of dragged just a little in some areas . I felt like there was some that could of been left out . I just felt like sometimes there was too much cockiness and attitude by Lion . I wanted him to be more of a normal guy. Don't get me wrong over all I loved the book and trust me your kindle will melt and you will need a fan to cool down in some parts. So if you want to meet a cool couple and want a good summer read . Check it out you wont be disappointed

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Books to curl up with: TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY ON THE BLOG

Books to curl up with: TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY ON THE BLOG: Sitting in the legendary Perk Noir waiting for my interview to show up . I must try their favorite coffee as I sit in the blue room listeni...


Sitting in the legendary Perk Noir
waiting for my interview to show up . I must try their favorite coffee as I sit in the blue room listening to some smooth jazz and looking over the pictures .  Waving as my interview shows up
 Hi Chris welcome to the blog
Thanks for having me

1. Tell us a little about yourself .

I make my home in Cleveland, Ohio, where I’ve lived my entire life.  I’m retired, after providing twenty-five years of leadership as an IT executive to a Fortune 200 insurance company.  That’s a quarter century of corporate moments to find homes in short stories.  I was nationally known, in insurance technology circles, which is to say entirely unknown.  I’m a big fan of the Grateful Dead, have two cats and host a long running Dungeons and Dragons game.  I volunteer at a creative writing space for youth, helping fourth through sixth graders get comfortable expressing themselves creatively. 

2. What got you interested in writing  

I’ve always been an avid reader.  During college, I was exposed to the fantasy of Tolkien and became hooked.  I wrote the outline for my first novel in 1981, an epic fantasy saga.  The pages yellowed and collected dust for 20+ years.  I pulled out my notes and started writing that story in 2002, eight years before my retirement.  I’ve written four novels in that setting (the World of Sangrar) two of which have been released to the public. 

3 I just finished reading your new book Perk Noir , want to tell us a bit about it.

After writing those epic fantasy novels, I built a website to house an encyclopedia for the World of Sangrar setting.  I wrote a hundred entries, using the narrator of the novels’ voice after evolving his story so that he could legitimately use modern colloquialisms.  I found this change liberating and decided to try my hand at a different kind of fiction.  Perk Noir is a contemporary story and Mason Barnes is a contemporary hero.  I loved writing a story set in modern society, not counting those turn of the century flashbacks, and creating a tale incorporating music and football, two of my pastimes, and my love of pop culture.  The racial themes in the story I took from the current political milieu.  I believe we are moving towards a more blended society, which is a future I fervently favor. 

4 do you have any rituals when you sit down to write 

Not really.  As long as I’m appropriately caffeinated, I can write.  I mix up my routine regularly.  Sometime I write at home, sometimes in coffee shops.  Sometimes I write in the morning, sometimes in the evenings.  I do find that it varies by what phase I’m in for a particular story.  For me, pounding out a first draft, revising the structure of a story, and reading for line level edits all require different types of energy and settings. 

5 how old were you when you wrote your first story 
The first story I remember writing was titled “Augusta the Dragon”, which I penned for my fourth grader teacher, Mrs. Hamilton.  I’m a slow starter.  I didn’t start my next story until college and it took more than 20 years so complete.  Unfortunately, it was my first novel so it still stinks.  Someday I hope to whip it into shape. 

6 who inspires you, in your writing
So many classical fantasy and science fiction writers shaped my early story telling.  Robert A. Heinlein was always a favorite.  I loved how he started his stories with great hooks that instantly grabbed the reader’s attention.  Among more contemporary writers, I admire and draw inspiration from David Sedaris and Carl Hiaason.  Sedaris taught me to create unusual characters.  Hiaason has a wonderful way of writing entertaining, contemporary stories containing thematic significance, memorable characters and great humor.

7 what do you like to do in your free time , if you have any 
I write.  I think about writing.  I help children learn to write.  And I play games, live roleplaying or on my PS4.  Also, I’m a basketball junkie and watch every Cavs game.  Winning the NBA championship this June was dream come true for me and other Clevelanders. 

8 if you could change anything about your writing what would it be 
Get more readers.  It’s not about sales.  It’s not about money.  It is all about having my stories entertain readers.  People have long questioned whether a tree falling in an empty forest makes any sound.  For me, and my stories, the answer is a resounding NO.  There’s no such thing as a good story nobody reads.  If it ain’t read, it ain’t good. 

9 do you have a tradition when you finally finish a book . 
Typing the last period is a great feeling of accomplishment.  So many people set out to write a novel with the best of intentions, but it’s harder to finish one than it is to start one.  I don’t have tradition or ritual though, because for me writing is a process – I guess it’s my IT/analytical roots showing through – and writing the last sentence is little more than the end of a phase in the creative process and the start of a new one. Perk Noir took four months to write.  I then spent two months revising and editing.  After that, a six month process of giving it to beta readers, gathering their feedback, and making more revisions.  Next to tackle are marketing and distribution, which are not my strongpoints.  I’m so grateful to have the expertise of Optimus Maximus Publishing and the wonderful Christina Hargis Smith on my side. 
Now for some rapid fire questions 

Coffee or tea – Coffee for sure!  I start my day with a 20 ounce cold brew toddy.  It’s the equivalent of 7 double shots of espresso. 
Morning person or a night owl – night owl.  I stay up way too late, hence the toddy mentioned above. 
Sweet or salty snacks – I have an insatiable sweet tooth, much to my waistline and doctor’s dismay/
Dogs or cats – cats.  I’ve owned a cat since I was ten years old.  The two shelter cats I have now, China and Rider, are named after songs from Grateful Dead set lists (China Cat Sunflower à I Know you Rider/
And one last question 
Where can people find you and contact you . 
By email at or
Thank you for sharing your time with me today Chris  it was a great pleasure getting to know you .
Meet Mason Ezekiel Barnes, former NFL tackle turned successful author of the naughty ninja adventure series Mia Killjoy. Mason is obsessed with winning a Pulitzer and is thwarted by his fellow author and nemesis, the twerpy little gnome Conrad Bancroft. Mason spends his days writing at a local cafe, Perk Noir, the one-of-a-kind jazz coffee shop where he and Bancroft ply their craft. The joint is thick with mysteries. Mason is obsessed with the life of jazz great Earl ‘Lightning’ Perkins, the legend and former owner of the Perk Noir. Mason is convinced that Lightning has a hidden past and he’s determined to find it and catapult himself to greatness and the coveted Pulitzer once he writes his greatest story yet. One day, unexpectedly in walks Shelly, a Mia Killjoy super fan girl who happens to have a mysterious pocket watch she recently inherited from her grandfather. Shelly convinces Mason to assist her in unravelling its history. Join along with Mason and Shelly as they find themselves embroiled in a deeper mystery than they could ever have imagined, full of twists and turns, and surprises that pop up around every corner. Perk Noir is full of comedic relief, pop culture, NFL, jazz, a little touch of romance, and flashbacks of Lightning and his family during both the first half of the 20th century and later during the Civil Rights movement. Mason and Shelly and their adventures is a fun filled thrill ride that will appeal to all readers, there is something for everyone at the Perk.