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Books to curl up with: HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL

Books to curl up with: HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL:  HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL . Today we are going to review CIVIL WAR (The Orphans Zombie book 5) by Mike Evans .                             BOOK...


 HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL . Today we are going to review CIVIL WAR (The Orphans Zombie book 5) by Mike Evans .

                            BOOK BLURB

Orphans Civil War Vol V
Book five begins almost one year from the fateful release of the drug that started it all. Wage war alongside Shaun and Ellie with the rest of the group as the threats increase and the threatened fight back! Lives will be lost but those that refuse to back down will have to fight harder than ever before to see one more day.

                            MY REVIEW
   Here we are in book five of the series and it just keeps getting better and better .  We are one year later and our two navy seals are finding and training more and more young people .  They are getting into a rhythm and are thriving in the compound . Until the day that the earth falls out from under them and they have to fight a war that will take its causalities and also give you strength to carry on.
   The characters in this book are getting stronger and more complex . Shaun is such a strong character , he is keeping everyone safe and is like a father figure to the younger kids . But you also see him becoming the leader that they need in this new threat that is coming for them . I mean when you think that Shaun and the group have been beaten down and can't take anymore . He pulls through and stands up to take more and dish out more . The other characters come out as strong and complex . They all have their places and they all contribute to the group in so many ways . Shaun wouldn't be the man he is with Ellie and the rest of the group.
    I really enjoy these books , they take you on an apocalyptic rollercoaster ride. I have never cried so hard reading a book then I did at this one . I was so sad and  angry at what treachery some characters pulled . I seriously wanted to scream at my kindle a few times . The twists and turns will keep you guessing and the story will keep you turning pages . The story is fast paced an full of action and you will probably finish it in one sitting .
  I would love to see this set of books turned into a graphic novel. I seriously think they have what it takes to be in comic form . Its a great story that any person that loves zompoc books would devour . So if you like fast paced books with lots of action check out the ORPHANS series by Mike Evans .

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Books to curl up with: TODAY IS AUTHOR SHOUT OUT

Books to curl up with: TODAY IS AUTHOR SHOUT OUT:   Today we are doing an author shout out . Meet Freya LeCrow and her books  meet the author Freya's prolific writing career has span...


  Today we are doing an author shout out . Meet Freya LeCrow and her books

 meet the author

Freya's prolific writing career has spanned over 20 years. During that time, she has written numerous articles for and Bubblez, as well as novels in several different genres. She is also the author of several children's books under a pen name. During her teen years, her writing accomplishments included being listed in the national Who's Who in Poetry, as well as The Library of Congress. Her twelve years' experience as a mother has allowed her to weave her children into her numerous stories. Her unyielding passion for writing flows onto the page and is evident in everything she writes. When Freya isn't busy writing, she enjoys crafts, reading, and photography. Freya lives in West Virginia and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.      

her books

  Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Violence. MF with Ménage scene – MFM. Continuation storyline.

In book one of the Shaw Case Files: New York Detective Kissney Shaw is placed on a case that will make a career or kill one when bodies start appearing around New York. With no clues and little evidence it looks like the killer will get away with murder, but Kissney refuses to give up.

Levi is Kissney partner on the force and in her bed. Both partnerships could come to an end when the man who holds Kissney heart shows back up in her life.

After a letter appears at the papers declaring the man "The Rembrandt Ripper", Kissney has to fight through the troubles in her life to stop a killer that seems to know more about her than she does of him.

The city that never sleeps has seen many serial killers, but this one will haunt them for years to come. 

    Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF.

In book two of the Shaw Case Files: Kissney and Levi have spent years chasing one serial killer that left them wondering if they would ever find the suspect. Now with a new one running loose in New York City, they find themselves in the same predicament—only this time it involves hot wax. Can they catch the culprit of these unique murders? And how many will die before they do?

Levi comes to terms that the love he feels for Kissney won’t be returned but finds that ties to the woman aren’t easily cut.

Kane accepts an assignment and deploys with the military, promising to return. What he couldn’t promise was in what condition.

Kissney struggles with the stress from her job along with that in her personal life, leaving her questioning whether she should walk away from one or both.

ASTER (THE END OF THE EARTH. The beginning of life book 1 )

    Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF.

The unthinkable happened to the human race—earth broke apart and blew up. The remaining survivors loaded on a ship in search of a new home. They finally found a planet that would sustain life. What they didn’t count on that it already did for creatures who had previously only lived in stories.

When the new world welcomed the humans, the humans soon found not all was what it had been—at least not for a choice few. The strange new world had prepared for their return long before the day the ship landed.

Will the planet they called Aster serve as a new home? Or will it turn into a nightmare for the chosen few?


    Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF.

In book one of the Path to Destiny: Majesta never thought she would find the man of her dreams, let alone two of them. The thought of love at first sight seemed ludicrous to her. Then she fell into the arms of a man who swept her off her feet. The trouble with both men, they are not human. A simple book keeper finds herself in a middle of a book herself.

Five hundred years Maganusson has waited for his soul to return only to witness the human woman being swept away by another man. One that he knows to well. It isn't going to be easy to get her back and keep her safe. He can't lose her again, but he can't think of her becoming like him.


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Books to curl up with: good Wednesday all

Books to curl up with: good Wednesday all:  Good Wednesday all  today I am going to review a short story by P.M Barnes entitled TONY                              BOOK BLURB Take...

good Wednesday all

 Good Wednesday all  today I am going to review a short story by P.M Barnes entitled TONY

                             BOOK BLURB

Take a deep breath, blow it out and repeat after me:

The journey you are about to undertake is going to be realistically intimate, not contrived.
Reading this is going to be like sitting in a bar with a good friend and hearing about their experience.
It is important that you know that and that you keep that in mind as you make your way through these pages.
This story is a mixture of fact and fiction, compiled from personal experience along with that of other people, both male and female, gathered up over many years and multiple occasions.

Finding the right person has never been easy.
We’ve changed as a culture.
The introduction to web dating has leveled the field a bit and opened up an array of options, but it has also brought its own set of special challenges and crazy.

Tony is a glimpse of what it looks like to find yourself single in a new city, unsure about what your long-term relationship needs are, but edging closer to the time when you have to start making concrete ideas about if you do or do not want to spend your life with someone.

The characters you’ll meet, are made up of bits of real people and their interactions. It's edgy and because of that, you'll have laugh-out-loud and cringe-worthy moments alike.

This tale is one of those that you'll tell your friends about while sharing details of your own walks through the strange world of online dating.

So, sit back, grab a beer or a glass of wine and hear about what happens to Sam when she chooses to use Craigslist for more than just finding a new end table.
                         MY REVIEW
  Ok ladies raise your hand , how many of you have ever thought going on line dating . This is the love story for you . Well this isn't your typical love story either . Let me introduce you all to Sam a fun loving woman in a new town. She is looking to have some fun and decides to place an ad on a local site . After all the dick pics and losers . She meets Tony a guy who looks like he would be a fun time . He isn't like the other men Sam has ever met .
   If you have ever read any of PM's books you know you are in for a good time . Her characters are usually sassy and carefree. You just know you want to sit and have pizza with them and sing karaoke with them. You also know that there are going to be some hot sexy men somewhere in the book . She doesn't let you down. Tony is different from most of PM's characters . He is hot and sexy but also very, very human . He has his good side and his bad side but over all he is the guy that will keep you home at night , doing all sorts of nasty, sexy things . I love Sam she is sassy and she also has some intimacy issues . She keeps us on our toes and trust me you will laugh so hard at the beginning of the book . The things Sam does and says are hilarious especially the way she reacts to some of the ads .
  The author tells this story like she is talking to her best friend over drinks . The story is fun and quirky and tell me ladies we have all been there a time or two. This isn't your traditional fall in love story. You are taken on a fun filled ride that will have you giggling and right out laughing . I have never laughed so hard in my life then reading this book. It is a short story so you can read it in an evening . So if you want a great fun read that will set you in the mood check it out

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Books to curl up with: Good Tuesday morning all

Books to curl up with: Good Tuesday morning all:    Good Tuesday morning all . today we have a book that is one fun filled ride that will also make you think.  This is the first book I have...

Good Tuesday morning all

   Good Tuesday morning all . today we have a book that is one fun filled ride that will also make you think.  This is the first book I have read by this author let me introduce to you GIDEON'S PASSAGE by Ben Laffra.

                            BOOK BLURB

From Australian author Ben Laffra comes a new historical action novel:

Gideon the Warrior, the Lover, the Statesman.

Killing is the sole province of the religious fanatics, an axiom as true today as it was some five hundred years ago; and no nation, region or person is immune. Europe had clawed its way out of the Middle Ages with the dawning of the renaissance, only to be plunged once more into darkness, as the dogs of war circled to destroy its resurgence during the 16th century. The Islamic successor to the Roman Byzantines, the Ottoman Caliphate, flexed its muscles to conquer much of Western Asia, North Africa and South-Eastern Europe. Christian Europe shuddered when the once invincible bastion of the Knight’s at Rhodes were defeated; and now trembled as the Ottoman army rattled the very gates of Vienna. No Christian army, it seemed, could withstand the ferocity of the Azabs, the Akıncı, the Sipahis, the Janissaries, and animal like Iayalar’s of the all-conquering Islamic hordes. This then is the cauldron into which Gideon de Boyne is unwittingly thrust with his small army of dedicated Christian warriors. On the hostile island of Crete, at the doorstep of the Ottoman Empire, Gideon must face not only the overwhelming force of fanatical Islamises but his own inner conflicts of the futility of war and his very Christian beliefs. Will he succeed and come out of it unscathed?

                            MY REVIEW
  Let me tell you this when I first started this book I was daunted by the fact that it had 74 chapters in it, I thought that it was going to take me a month of Sundays to read . Well it didn't, once I started I couldn't put the book down, the pages turned themselves , I got lost in the pages and transported back to a time where there were strong women and men could get along with each other and treated each other as equals . The book takes place in the 16th century , Europe is just coming out of the middle ages and plunged into war against the Ottoman empire which is knocking on the doors . This is the story of one man's inner conflicts about war and his own belief system . There is more to this story then meets the eye . There is more to the book then just war and one man's belief . We have romance and some intrigue and lots of fun .
  This book has so many strong characters . Gideon is so complex and you will kind of fall in love with him as you read . He is young and kind of cocky but also is a statesman and a great leader to his army . You watch him grow from a young cocky man into a man that you can trust and rely on when push comes to shove. He values people more then the colour of their skin or their religious beliefs . He is a true hero in my eyes and made me think.
 There are also a few very strong female characters in this story . They show us that woman can be strong and love with all their hearts. Gonul is such a character she is strong and is taking after her grandfather in the ways of healing . She help to heal Gideon in more ways then one . You have to read the book to find out.  Catherine is another very strong character we meet her at the beginning of the book in a very intriguing way . She is young half French half Ottoman woman born of noble heritage. She is sent to France to continue her education where she is mysterious and beautiful beyond means . She captures young Gideon's heart as she uses her feminine wiles on him . She knows how to use her femininity to get what she wants . There are so many great characters I can't go through them all but we do have our bad guys and our good guys. They all add to the story and keep you reading
    This book to me started of oh so steamy and just keeps getting better with each turn of the page .  You will blush and giggle and be in awe of this gentleman's writing . His writing style is unique as he doesn't dumb things down for the reader . Trust me when I say this . You will fall in love with the characters and love the meaning behind the story.  A woman can bring a man to his knees with the power she wields and men can live as equals despite the colour of their skin or their religion . The biggest part of the book is that LOVE conquers all . So if you want a smartly written book full of intrigue and romance . Hot men wielding swords and strong woman who know what they want . Check our Gideon's Passage by Ben Laffra . I promise you will not be disappointed .

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Books to curl up with: COVER REVEAL TODAY FROM PAM GODWIN:   HEART OF EVE (new novelette, an introduction to the series)   Goodreads →


HEART OF EVE (new novelette, an introduction to the series)

My vow of celibacy has never been broken nor tempted, not even when the plague thrust me into a lawless, brutal world.
So why did God send the only surviving woman to a priest? To test me? Or to save me?


A virus devastates humanity. Few men survive. The rest are monsters. The women are dead, except Evie.

Through a quirk in her genetics, she survives. When her physiology begins to evolve, she must come to terms with what she is and accept her role in finding a cure.

The mutated hunt her. The men brutalize her…except three. Cryptic warrior, contrite lover, caring enemy; they are fiercely protective of the last living woman, but divided in their own agendas. Can they come together to protect the only hope for humanity?

Evie must survive.

Content advisory: Guns. Gore. Sex.



Two years into the aphid plague, there’s little hope left. Food and ammo are scarce. The mutated monsters are growing faster, smarter. And the ratio of men to women is millions to one. Mankind faces imminent extinction.

But Evie carries a cure for women.

Fiercely protected by three men, she sets out to heal as many infected females as possible. The journey becomes more complicated as her feelings for her guardians evolve, and theirs for her intensify.

When a voice from the past prophesies a solution for the dying race, she must make a choice.

Will she survive for love?

Or will she die for it?

Content advisory: Guns. Gore. Sex.



 Daughter of Eve. Leader of the Resistance. Mankind’s savior. Dawn is supposed to be the ultimate weapon against the bloodthirsty hybrids that control the desolate planet.
But she didn’t inherit superhuman speed or virus-curing blood.
She’s just a human.
The pursuit to unlock her power lures her into a venomous trap, where silver eyes seduce, fangs incite pleasure, and love and devastation wear the same handsome face. He’s her deepest desire, greatest enemy, and the key she’s been searching for.
With humanity balancing on an arrow’s edge, she must win his heart or destroy it.

Author Bio
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.

Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.

You can follow her at:      


Deliver Series:










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Books to curl up with: cover reveal for SAVAGE rise of the the pride by T...

Books to curl up with: cover reveal for SAVAGE rise of the the pride by T...: Savage Rise of the Pride Book 3 Release Date: December 13, 2016  Mary Grace was nothing more than a waitress at a l...

cover reveal for SAVAGE rise of the the pride by Theresa Hissong


Rise of the Pride

Book 3

Release Date: December 13, 2016 

Mary Grace was nothing more than a waitress at a local bar, waiting tables and living her life quietly and without excitement.  When her ex shows up to take her to be sold to a scientist, a scuffle ensues and she ends up almost losing her life.

The one thing Savage Corvera wasn’t expecting to find was the voluptuous blonde waitress lying in a puddle of her own blood. His touch was meant to help, but the brush of his hand was all it took to know that the dying woman was his mate. There’s no hesitation when he makes the ultimate decision to save her life.

The pride bands together to protect their own after the news spreads that scientists are moving into their small town. When a group of masked men invade The Deuce and Mary Grace is taken, Savage will live up to his name when he goes on the hunt for the men who dared to lay their hands on his mate.

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Cover reveal fir A Ravens Touch

POST TITLE: A Raven's Touch Cover Reveal! AND Contest!

It's here! Today is the day! Without further adieu, feast your eyes on the newly updated cover for A Raven's Touch. A Raven's Touch by Linda Bloodworth The cover was created by Amanda Walker. Feel free to ask her questions about her pre-made covers. Linda says she is fantastic to work with, honest, and super friendly. She also offers PA services, so do check her out.

BLURB:  Bullied through high school, seventeen-year-old Justice St. Michaels is grateful for the help of her best friend Moira O’Fhey. Together they’re just managing to scrape through the nightmare they call high school. Between Justice’s bizarre body changes and being involved in explosive school fights, things are going from bad to worse. Darien Raventhorn arrives on the scene only to add fuel to an already burning question—has Justice been living a lie her whole life? Thrust into an unwanted revenge mission Justice must avenge a family death, embrace her birthright, and slay a demon before all Hell breaks loose.

BIO: Linda Bloodworth loves chips, like really, ketchup to be exact. Ketchup chips are only found in Canada. Lucky for Linda she lives in Toronto with her husband and three fur babies. In between writing, debating for hours about the Oxford comma, and the misunderstood semi colon, Linda enjoys camping and getting away from the city on day trips.

Here's the only picture that Linda will allow: linda-hair

How do I get my hands on this book!? Right here >>>



1. Post a screen shot of your confirmation order for A Raven's Touch in the comment section on Linda's BLOG: It doesn't matter when you've purchased the book now or before.

2. Subscribe to her newsletter: PLEASE MAKE SURE SHE CAN IDENTIFY YOU. Your screen shot + sign up name should be the same. You MUST approve the subscription email you receive.

PRIZE: A $3 Amazon Gift Card!

TIMING: Linda will randomly pick the winner Oct. 23 @ 10 AM ET.

Thank you so much everyone! Linda can't wait to hear what you have to say. Please leave a review on Amazon or any other retailer. Your review is INCREDIBLY important and helps Linda out as an author. Let the contest begin!

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Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY ALL:    Good Friday all , today we are going to review a cool new author's book SURRENDER OF LUELLA( Perchance to dream book 1)  by Jennifer ...


   Good Friday all , today we are going to review a cool new author's book SURRENDER OF LUELLA( Perchance to dream book 1)  by Jennifer Lassalle Edwards

                            BOOK BLURB

My daydreams are the web I weave to deceive my brain, and ultimately, escape my reality. After all, isn’t happiness the lies we create to make it through life? – Luella Parker

Disappointed by people her whole life, shy and introverted Luella Parker prefers the company of her dreams and books instead.

Stuck in a dead end job with a boss who resented her presence, Luella longed for an escape from her solitary reality. Her wild fantasies provided her that exodus.

A dropped book on a bench changes everything. After a stranger tries to return the book she left behind, Fletcher Stevens approaches her for more. He offers her a life altering proposition.

Fletcher’s proposal would allow her to bring all of her wicked desires to life. As Fletcher and Luella explore her kinky wishes through their arrangement.

Could this be all of her dreams coming true, becoming a My Fair Lady of Kink?

                        MY REVIEW
   What do you get when you mix My Fair Lady and BDSM , you get Surrender of Luella . A well written story . Let me introduce you to Luella a young lady that  has been mistreated by everyone in her life . She is such an introvert that she is basically hired at her job so that she will not sleep with her boss. He is a cad a big cad that will sleep with any woman out there . She loves to daydream and on the day that she sits down on a bench a handsome stranger comes and sits beside her . All of Luella's darkest dreams are about to come true .
    This is my first book I have read by this author and boy I am glad I did . I was hooked by page 2 . I really felt for Luella she is such a complex character . She has been hurt her whole life and you see her at the beginning as she hides within herself . As she is with Fletcher you see her start to blossom and become the woman that she truly wants to be. She grows stronger and stronger with each deed that Fletcher sends her to do . She grows so much and blossoms under Fletcher.
Fletcher is an alpha with a capital A, he knows what Luella needs and is willing to give it to her . All he asks in return is honesty but he is hiding something and that something is big . He is the kind of man that you want to drop to your knees and do as he asks . He is strong, good looking and knows what he wants and how to give it to her. You will want to be his from the first time you meet him. Then trust me ladies you will hate him then like him again then hate him at the end . So not going to tell you more about him or I will give it away.
     This book bought out a great deal of emotion from me . I know what its like to be an introvert . Luella hit a nerve with me . For some reason I really connected with her, which to me is a sign of a really good writer . The author takes us to a raw place that is inside all of us . Where we want to go but too scared to explore .  I have read quite a few BDSM books and this one is different, there is more to this story then just the kink .  We find a couple that are actually caring and maybe falling in love .  The writing is great and the story moved at a good pace , the characters grew and became stronger through out the story . I will say she did leave us with a cliff hanger .  So if you want a great story with strong characters check it out

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Books to curl up with: having coffee with Jennifer Lassalle Edwards

Books to curl up with: having coffee with Jennifer Lassalle Edwards: This afternoon we are going to have a chat with Jennifer Lassalle Edwards about her new book SURRENDER OF LUELLA WELCOME TO THE BLOG JENNIF...

having coffee with Jennifer Lassalle Edwards

This afternoon we are going to have a chat with Jennifer Lassalle Edwards about her new book SURRENDER OF LUELLA

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m just a girl from Louisiana who now resides in Colorado with a husband and a furry menagerie. While attending college, I majored in Biological Sciences, Civil Engineering, English Literature and Respiratory Therapy/Cardiopulmonary Science. Heck, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Probably because I refuse to ever become a stagnant adult. I believe in living life to the absolute fullest.
In pursuit of an abundant life of adventure, I have spent time as a burlesque performer, a roller derby referee, a bartender in the French Quarter, writing for a music site in New Orleans, and currently am an amateur fitness competitor. I have a penchant for all things that sparkle, and on a completely different note, am a self-professed food whore. However, one interest has never faltered through the years, daydreaming and penning those warped thoughts to paper.

 Tell us about your new book . I read it and I must say wow it was great.
Thank you! I have to say “The Surrender of Luella: Perchance to Dream Book One” all came about because I love to read different inspirational quotes in the morning while I’m having coffee. Quotes about creating your own happiness, you are in charge of your happiness, kept popping up. I began thinking about a girl who was very alone, insecure, perhaps with issues that all of us may suffer from, but personified. I asked myself what if her happiness was through her dream world, her daydreams and books that she read? Then, what if a chance happenstance made her dreams possibly come to life. I wanted Luella to be relatable to women as well. I think at some point or another, we’ve all felt as though we were an outcast or didn’t belong. Then, of course, kink, lol. But I wanted to delve deeper than just the kink, but the psyche of relationships, trust, and communication.
As a romance writer, how do you keep your stories fresh and not cookie cutter like most romance stories have become?
My thought process and the way I approach life has always been outside of the box. I try to think of situations and stories that I haven’t seen often. Many times, ideas come to me during the process of something I am involved in. For example, I had not seen many ‘gym rat’ romances, with bodybuilders, or that lifestyle. Ripped & Twisted came to me as I was prepping for my last competition. Hours in the gym a day around all of these people living the lifestyle sparked the story. Maybe it’s also because I am adventurous and try so many different things, that I can find settings and characters that other people don’t quite have familiarity with yet. And I like to sprinkle real life philosophies or advice into my stories too.
 Do you have any rituals when it comes to writing?
Only that I always sit on my sofa with my laptop on a pillow on my lap, and usually music playing.
As a writer who has written BDSM, did you find that FSOG  helped or hindered the industry?
Well, I feel two ways about it. I do believe it helped break the taboo of BDSM and kink in general. Do I feel it was a well written story? Not really, but hey, who am I to talk, she’s a selling machine! And I can’t deny that I read all three along with everyone else.
Other then writing what do you like to do if and when you have free time?
I cook, garden, and the gym and fitness have been integral in my life for sure.

 Who was your greatest influence and got you to pick up the pen and write?
Honestly, I’ve written since I could string sentences together. My mom has boxes of stories I wrote on loose leaf. However, I will say that while I was beta reading and proofreading for Al Daltrey’s first book, he was kind enough to read a few things I was working on. He was the one who encouraged me to put out my first novel. He was and still is a great mentor for me.
What is your favourite book or books you like to read? The ones that you go back to over and over?

Brahm Stoker’s Dracula

Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club
Steven King’s The Shining

 REALITY TV OR SITUATION COMEDIES – Oh hard, lately reality
 YOGA PANTS OR HIGH HEELS – Yoga Pants, though I have boxes of high heels that I buy and never wear!

 What words of wisdom would you give a up and coming writer?

Don’t do this thinking you’re going to make tons of money. Sure there are some that do, but I would say that’s perhaps 2% to maybe 5% of indie authors who hit it big. Do it because you have to tell your stories.
    Please, get a good editor or proofreader. There is nothing more distracting than a poorly written book.


Where can we get in contact with you.
My Facebook author’s page:
And a few other places to stalk me:










Books to curl up with: COFFEE CHAT WITH JENNIFER LOCKLEAR: Good Thursday morning all . Today I am so excited to talk with a cool new author to me . Lets all welcome Jennifer Locklear to the blog . ...


Good Thursday morning all . Today I am so excited to talk with a cool new author to me .
Lets all welcome Jennifer Locklear to the blog .

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I live in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, and I married my high school sweetheart, Morgan, in 1995. I’m the mother of two children, a son and daughter.

I enjoyed creative writing in adolescence, but set aside my hobby to concentrate on college studies, career and family. In 2010, I rediscovered my passion for writing when my husband recruited me to edit his own stories. We co-authored and published our debut novel, Exposure, via Omnific Publishing in 2014.
Writing is a second career for me. I also work in fundraising and development for a non-profit organization. Online, I have been a contributing reviewer for the Bookish Temptations book blog and am a founding moderator of Argyle Empire, an approved fan site for author Sylvain Reynard. I also enjoy participating in charitable activities, both locally and online.

You have your first solo book coming out soon. Tell us a little about it

My first solo novel is entitled “Constellation”. It’s a May to December contemporary romance set in Central Oregon. The story begins with the two main characters, Jack and Kathleen, having just given in to the temptation of mutual attraction.  The rest of the novel explores how this one spontaneous event alters Kathleen’s perception of her universe. When I initially began writing it I thought Jack would be a man of mystery, but the deeper I got into the story the more I realized that Kathleen was a woman with many of her own secrets.
Constellation is the first book in planned trilogy. I’m writing the second book now and have begun outlining the third installment. I even have an idea for a fourth book, although I haven’t committed to writing it just yet.

As a romance writer, how did you keep your story original and fresh
Personally, I love to read character studies so I tend to focus my energies on developing characters that are unique and fully-formed.  Ultimately a reader needs to connect with the character for any story to work well.  Once that connection with a character is made, the fun is in watching how these characters navigate through the situations they are presented with.

Do you have any rituals when you write and do you have a specific time of day you like to sit down and write
I carry a journal with me during the day so I can jot down ideas and conversations when they first form inside my head. I don’t always know what my characters are talking about specifically, but eventually I catch up with them and figure it all out. I tend to mold scenes and chapters inside my head before I ever sit down to write. By the time I begin typing (usually in the evenings), I have a pretty good idea of exactly what is going to come out. Even so, my characters like to throw me a few curve balls here and there.  Jack Evans (from Constellation) is particularly good at doing his own thing despite my attempts to instruct him otherwise.

What prompted you to become a romance writer
It really began with my husband.  He’s always been a poet and songwriter, but when he developed a talent for writing fiction, I wanted to support him.  I edited his stories for him and helped promote his writings online. He found a following within the romance writing community and eventually he coaxed me into the spotlight as well. I wrote my first romantic short story as an experiment in 2011. It was well-received and I’ve been writing romance ever since.

What kind of research do you do
I like to research my locales and settings. Many of the places I write about are places I have some personal experience with, but there are also some locations I’d like to visit and haven’t. Even if I think I know a place well enough to write about it, I do the research anyhow. Inevitably, I always end up learning something I didn’t know before and the extra bit of knowledge always strengthens my story.

What is the hardest part of writing for you
Finding the time. I have a full-time career outside of writing and I also have a family, so my free time for writing is quite limited. I’d love to set aside an hour or two a day for it, but that rarely happens.  I think this is why I’ve come to rely on writing in my journal and crafting scenes in my imagination. I want to maximize my typing time when I actually get to sit down and work on a story.

The best part of being a writer
Stumbling into the community of readers, bloggers, graphics artists and authors has been a life-altering experience for me. Before I became involved in writing, my life was much quieter. During the past several years, I’ve made wonderful and creative friends through the writing community and have traveled to places I likely wouldn’t have taken the time to visit otherwise. Although I’m naturally shy, writing has brought me out of my shell in surprising (and non-terrifying) ways.  I think I’m experiencing life more and making some fabulous memories as a result.

Now for some rapid fire questions

Coffee or tea
Tea, preferably Earl Grey.

Sweet or salty snacks
Salty more than sweet, but I enjoy both.

Morning person or a night owl
This is a no brainer. I’ve never been a morning person.

Favourite book
So many books fall into this category, it’s difficult to name just one. The only author I’ve ever gone out of my way to officially fangirl for is Sylvain Reynard, so I’m going to say “Gabriel’s Inferno”.  In complete honesty, the experience of reading that story changed the course of my life.

Favourite type of music
My favorite band of all time is a-ha. I’ve been a diehard fan since “Take on Me”.

How can people find and stalk you
You can find me on Twitter at both @MJLocklear and @RandomCran. I also have an Author Page I share with my husband on Facebook, Morgan & Jennifer Locklear. Currently, our website is being overhauled, but soon you should also be able to keep up with news and updates at
Thank you for the wonderful interview Jennifer, its been a pleasure .