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Books to curl up with: HAPPY END OF JUNE

Books to curl up with: HAPPY END OF JUNE: HAPPY LAST DAY OF JUNE everyone. Today we are happy to review the newest book in the Enclave series. UNDYING HUNGER by Jessica Lee       ...


HAPPY LAST DAY OF JUNE everyone. Today we are happy to review the newest book in the Enclave series. UNDYING HUNGER by Jessica Lee

                           BOOK BLURB

All she can remember is hunger...for him.
A year ago, Alexandria Stevens strode through the doors of Wicked Ways and into the arms of a man-a monster, really-who stole everything from her. Her memory. Her life. Now she's a creature of darkness with only hazy images in her mind of that night and a confusing jumble of emotions. A fierce hate...and an even fiercer desire for Markus Santini.
Markus has walked through this world for more than a hundred years, knowing exactly who and what he was, until Alexandria undid it all. Undid him. When a former vampire colleague threatens one of the Enclave's own, Markus is needed-but only as the dark, powerful creature he once was. And in order to become that, he must find redemption...in the arms of a woman who despises him with every breath she can no longer take.

                     MY REVIEW
   I was so excited when I found out that Jessica was writing this installment . I always had a thing for bad boys and Markus Santini was the baddest of the boys of the Enclave. He finds himself in the cage in the basement of the Enclave , held prisoner because of his earlier actions. When he defected to the wrong side. As he aches for Alexandria the only one that haunts him even after he turned her and wiped her memories of what happened. Will he redeem himself in the Eyes of the one he loves and will he find his way back to what he was .
     I absolutely love this series  and was so excited to find out Markus was getting his own story . He was the one that I really wanted to learn more about . He was the darkest of all of them and the most tortured . I loved him from the beginning even when he decided or lets say got sucked into the wrong side . You could tell that he was such a tortured soul.  He is tortured from what he did in his past and what he did to poor Alexandra. He did those things to protect her . There are times that you really want to climb him like a spider monkey , he oozes sex appeal and has that wicked little light that ever y girl wants .  He truly is the hero but also the antihero. You see him struggle with becoming the hero but in the end you will love him.
  Alexandra is one tough cookie. She was held turned and had all her memories wiped . but she keeps on kissing ass. She wants to find out what happened to her and she also wants to become a full fledged member of the Enclave. She is determined and feisty and will do almost anything to find out about her lost memories . Even if that means taking on the one that took from her in the first place . She will go about it kicking and screaming if she has to. I pity poor Markus as she goes about finding out what happened to her. These two characters are such strong independent characters but when they are together the sparks fly and they become stronger together .
  The rest of the crew is there also, with all of the hot men and there loves . They will kick some ass and help get rid of the evil. Kenric is the hot alpha of the group . Arran , and Guerin all the brooding sexy men that will have you panting after them and then wanting to slap them up side the head , well just cause they are men .
    This is a great story of love and redemption. You will love to dive into the story . It can be read as a stand alone but it is better to read the whole series and meet all the men. The author takes us on a great ride . You will giggle and then you will want to throw your kindle. Just cause well you will understand when you read.
   I adore this author and if this is the end of the men of the Enclave , that is ok . The men are back together and Markus is redeemed in my eyes . But if she decides that the boys have one more story to tell . I will be there to read and enjoy . So if you like paranormal romance this is the book for you . Add it to your summer reading list. I know you won't be disappointed in the least.


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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING ALL: Good Monday all, I hope everyone had a great weekend . We are officially in summer mode here and that means great books for you summer readi...


Good Monday all, I hope everyone had a great weekend . We are officially in summer mode here and that means great books for you summer reading list . Well the book we are reviewing today should be on this list . BRIDESMAID BLUES(Entangled Love Struck) ( Wedding Favors series ) by Boone Brux.

                             BOOK BLURB
A wedding. An ex. And a secret.
Maid-of-Honor Dani Brown can handle anything that comes her way when it comes to her best friend's wedding. That is, until the bride asks for a huge favor-Dani needs to distract the best man, who happens to be Dani's ex. The ex she has fantasized dismembering for a year now. The ex she'll have to suck it up and play nice with if this wedding is to go off without a hitch.
Businessman Jamie Kingsland is back in Seattle for a wedding. There's just one problem - the maid of honor wants him dead. Except she doesn't. Even though he knows he broke her heart last year when things got too serious and he panicked and left, she's being way too nice about it now. And it scares him.
Something is up with his favorite bridesmaid, and he's determined to find out what...

                                                    MY REVIEW
  Ok first thing first , Boone is back with an all new book. Bridesmaids Blues is the story of Dani Brown, she is the best friend and maid of honor for Roxy and Kyle's wedding . She is up to almost anything for the bride except what she wants her to do. Keep the best man away from the groom. So he can't talk the groom out of getting married . It would be a good idea but Dani wants to rip him apart with her own two hands . But as with all good romance stories there is always more then meets the eyes . With everything that they have to do will they reconnect and find the love they lost . Or will old wounds be too deep to heal.
   I absolutely love the characters in this book. Dani is the best friend that every girl wants to have . She will do almost anything to help out her friends. She is a sweet girl next door with a bit of a sarcastic streak to her.  Her best friends are her life and will help them out as much as she can . Roxy is her best friend who only wants what is best for Dani and see her happy. Even lie to her , which ends up in some very funny scenes .
  Jamie is oh so dreamy but he is torn between his family and the woman he loves . The father figure that is demanding and treats his son like his employee then his son. His snobby mother that is so dam bossy and arrogant . You really just want to slap her snooty face for the way she treats Dani. She is the typical older woman that is scorned because her husband left her for a younger bimbo.  You see him grow up as you read the story. he finally figures out what he needs to do and who he wants in his life. The rest of the crew are like the frat brothers , they are fun loving and sometimes kind of gross but you love them anyway.
   This is a light romantic read, with such a sweet plot line that you will be hooked by page two. You will giggle at the antics of the groomsmen. There is always one in the bunch that wants to hit on every bridesmaid . You will want to slap both Dani and Jamie upside the head because you know that they belong together. This is a light hearted twist on the been there done that story cause they were in such a strong relationship and got scared. You will love how they come back together and realize that maybe just maybe they do belong together.
  This is a easy read and you could read it while you are sitting by the pool. Or by the fire at the lake . I will say you should put it on your summer reading list at the top ,

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Books to curl up with: Good Thursday everyone

Books to curl up with: Good Thursday everyone: Good Thursday all , today is my last post before vacation . Today we are going to review KENTUCKY BLOODBATH  Ten Bizarre Tales of Murder fr...

Good Thursday everyone

Good Thursday all , today is my last post before vacation . Today we are going to review
KENTUCKY BLOODBATH  Ten Bizarre Tales of Murder from the Bluegrass State by Kevin Sullivan.

                        BOOK BLURB

Think Kentucky is all about horses and mint juleps? You may revise that image with this excursion into the weird and the bizarre: from a medieval-esque murder in a small town museum to the jilted boyfriend who decided that his former girlfriend needed to die on her twenty-first birthday. And then there’s the demented son who returns home to live with his mother and stepfather, and one night in their beautiful mansion sitting atop a high bluff overlooking the Ohio River, slaughters them. Each case will keep you on the edge of your seat.

From The Author:As I began my research into past Kentucky killers and their victims, I was well aware there were a good number of very unusual homicides from the Bluegrass State, as I’d read about them over the years in newspapers accounts, heard the strange tales from relatives and friends, or watched the occasional newscasts on TV.

But these sources were never in-depth studies of the cases in question; and worse still, very often, erroneous information came forth, and it wasn’t until I began the research, using the original case files, that I’d find out what really happened. And it would be in these moments of discovery, that an accurate picture of each individual tragedy would rise and take shape from the seemingly innumerable police reports and interviews of those involved.

Indeed, many of these ten stories I’ve “unearthed” would have been lost forever had I not sought them out from the dusty archives and storage facilities scattered throughout the state; stories that would, ultimately, be destined for obscurity and eventual disposal as the decades dragged on.

Recently, one radio interviewer, contemplating their bizarre aspects, quite rightly stated how all of these Kentucky murders resembled something out of The Twilight Zone, and I quickly had to agree with his assessment. That’s the nature of these cases, and frankly, it was what I was looking for in my quest to uncover true crime in Kentucky.

From The Story "Blood In The Moonlight": “As Bauer led the officer to the side door where they entered the house through the kitchen, Kendrick asked if he knew who’d done this, and Bauer said, “No.” Just before stepping inside the home, Kendrick radioed the Emergency Medical Services unit, telling them to continue on to this address – code 3 – and that homicide units should be sent as well. Having notified dispatch, Kendrick then drew his weapon and entered a nightmare."

                        MY REVIEW
  All I can say is where has this book been, I have been waiting for a true crime story has me flipping the pages all night long. This book is in fact 10 different true crime stories in it. All these stories have happened around Kentucky . There are cases of rape, murder. burglary and so much more . Each case is more and more insane as the last one . The author does a good comprehensive telling of each case but they are quick reads . You will just get over one case and dive right into the next case. Each chapter is a case in the book . There are crime scene photos for some of them. There are cases that make you cringed and say WTH. 
   The author has  straight forward style of writing that will suck you in and keep you turning pages . He has done very intense research for this book. He dove in with both feet so to say . He took stories that could be lost and brought them to light . He took us to the edge and back again. I was very impressed by this book . I read it in one evening . I will say don't read before bed cause if you have a mind like mine . I dreamt about the murders that night and honestly had to watch cartoons for an hour to settle my mind. Yes I know, I know . This is the first book I have read from this author and so happy I did . I am going to be looking for the rest of his books .  So if you want a great true crime book that tackles 10 different cases . That you can finish in an evening check him out . A great addition to your summer reading list.

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Books to curl up with: good Monday everyone

Books to curl up with: good Monday everyone: Good Monday morning all, hope you all had a great weekend . Today we are going to introduce you to THING MYSTERIOUS by Matthew Chabin. ...

good Monday everyone

Good Monday morning all, hope you all had a great weekend . Today we are going to introduce you to THING MYSTERIOUS by Matthew Chabin.

                        BOOK BLURB
Dasan Garret is a disappointed man.  Recently divorced and just returned from a traumatic tour of duty in Iraq, he moves back to his hometown of Portland, Oregon only to find himself unexpectedly alone.  His old friends are all gone, moved away, locked up, or dead.  Women seem to occupy a parallel universe.  With no community and few prospects, he takes a job as a night watchman and withdraws ever deeper into the shadows of his mind.  Until one day when he meets Edenia, and she lights up his world like a bolt of pure energy.  She seems perfect: vibrant, gifted, kind, sexy, a sudden and unlooked-f   or reprieve from the sad ruin of his life.  And yet there remains a nagging sense that something isn’t right.  Could it be that he is merely slow to trust the happiness she offers him?  Or is there something behind that waver in her laugh, that fleeting look of sadness in her eyes?  
The mystery deepens when one day Edenia disappears.  Dasan believes he must find her in order to go on living.  But to find her again, he will have to confront a devastating truth about her life, and his.
                        MY REVIEW
 This is the first book I have read by this author , I was shown this book by a friend and fellow blogger .  Let me introduce you all to Dasan Garrett, an military veteran , who has returned from a
horrific tour of duty from Iraq. He is recently divorced and is a very bitter man. He heads back to his home town and finds out everyone is gone . He is all alone and works as a night watchman. Until the day he meet Edenia , the new love of his life. She is everything he wants and needs , until the day she disappears an he has to find her to set his world right again.
    The author takes us on a wild ride . When you start reading , you will get sucked into Dasan's life . The way the story flows you can just feel the angst the author is portraying in his characters . You can just feel the sadness that are around these men.  The loneliness that comes along with the job and the fact that there is no one left . You are swept up and into to the story, you want to wrap you arms around the main characters and keep them safe and secure . Your heart will break and you will shed a tear .
  The author has written some very complex characters . Dasan is a broken soul that you just want to hug and make feel better . He feels so alone and not worthy of being alive . Until the day the he finds his love and things start to look up and brighten up .  Edenia is fully of sunshine and is a character that you would really want to be friends with . She seems like the classic girl next door and is easy to love . But she is also holding on to a dark secret that you don't find out about until the end . They are
complex yet broken, lonely but yet not when they are together.
   I started reading this book in the bath tub and I couldn't put it down until I was done . It is a fast read but trust me you will be sucked in . The characters and the way the author writes these characters are intense. The plot is well developed flows so easily . If you need a great book for your summer reading list , this is a book you should add. You can read it by the camp fire or at the beach. The only thing I wish is that it was just a little bit longer. I can't wait to read more from this author .

                  ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Matthew Chabin was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico and grew up in Portland, Oregon.  He served four years in the US Navy as a ship crewman, journalist and public affairs liaison.  He studied literature and philosophy at Southern Oregon University.  After graduating in 2010, he started teaching English abroad, working in the Czech Republic and volunteering with the Dalai Lama’s affiliate organization, Tibet Charity, in Dharamsala/Mcleod Ganj, India.  He currently lives in Nagano Prefecture of Japan with his wife, Marie, and cat, Futa.  

His work has appeared in Gravel: A Literary Journal, Southern Pacific Review, Piker Press, and Black Denim.  He is the author of a memoir, Equaling Heaven, which he hopes to see published in the near future.

Matthew’s Links:

Link for the tour button:

Link for Things Mysterious on Goodreads:

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Books to curl up with: ITS FRIDAY

Books to curl up with: ITS FRIDAY: Good Friday everyone , its the start of the weekend . Hope you guys are stocking up on your summer reading books. I have one that needs to g...


Good Friday everyone , its the start of the weekend . Hope you guys are stocking up on your summer reading books. I have one that needs to go on there . TRAGICALLY WICKED (Dark Angels of Valhalla book 1) by N.L Hoffmann

                       BOOK BLURB
*A modern twist to the Valkyrie.*

"Imagine being human, then waking the next day to find you’re the Guardian Valkyrie, whose duty is to protect the souls of fallen warriors. One little catch… I have to find them first!"

Fallon Creed's life has been turned upside down and she must find the missing warrior souls before others with less than honorable intentions can get their hands on them. She not only has to face these new enemies, she also learns that someone close to her is not who she said she was.

With the aid of two powerful brothers, Fallon starts to embrace her role as the Guardian. When her strength as a Valkyrie is tested, she starts to have doubts as to whether she can live up to the job.

Time doesn't matter to those who are Immortal.....unless you're the Guardian. If Fallon doesn't find all the souls in time, it could mean the end of her existence as well as the rest of the world's.

                        MY REVIEW
I was excited to see that N.L has written a new series. This is a great new twist on the Valkyrie and Valhalla . Let me introduce you to Fallon Creed , and her world is about to be turned upside down and sideways. On her birthday she is about to work on one of the hottest men she has ever met . The next moment there are swords wielding and heads beginning chopped off . In between that she finds out that she is the daughter of Frejya and a Valkyrie. Even more she is a Guardian a very special type of Valkyrie.  She is thrust into a world that she never knew existed. A world of fae , vampires , Gods and Goddess's and immortals . Now with two hot men by her side and her best friend she must embrace the role of Guardian and collect the lost souls before its too late and there is nothing left.

     In N.L fashion she puts her main character right in the middle of it and lets her earn  the powers that are coming to her. This book has not disappointed in that N.L drops Fallon right in the middle of it . As she learns what it means to be a Valkyrie. There is a steep learning curve . 
  I loved Fallon she is a no nonsense girl that has been on her own. She takes no shit from no one . Even her best friend . When she finally realizes what is happening, she takes the bulls by the horn, and dives right in. She does screw up and when she does , she owns it . She also has some very laughable moments . When she meets Alex her first lost soul, he is well lets just say a little brutish and naked .
  Then there is Jake and Wes Mathews the two brothers sent to protect Fallon. They both are just dripping with alpha pheromones . They are both tall gorgeous and want Fallon. They will fight with her and keep her safe. But there are more to theses men then meets the eye. I won't tell you but trust me you will be gasping when you read .  There are both Greek and Celtic gods mixed in the pie and you are in for the ride of your life .

   I got this book and when I opened it I knew I was going to go on a roller coaster ride. She never ceases to amaze me in her writing . Her stories are full of action and adventure , and romance . Her characters are complex and you will fall in love with them or kill them , your option. You will cheer for them, cry with them and get frustrated right along with them. You are pulled into a great story that will keep you reading long into the night . Yes this book gave me a big book hangover cause I wanted to see what would happen. So if you want to read a great twist on the Valkyrie . This is the book for you . If you like paranormal, humor and adventure this is the book for you .

             ABOUT THE  AUTHOR
N.L Hoffmann is a paranormal romance author that just completed her first series called The Daughters of Darkness. Currently she has three books out, Blood Slaves, Shadow Cursed and Death Design.

In her pre-teens, she began writing and developed her love for literature. Finally, January 2014, she took the plunge by publishing Blood Slaves. The debut novel had been written three years prior to the release date.

Today, Hoffmann resides in Michigan with her husband and three children. When Hoffmann isn't busy putting words on the page she enjoys reading, drawing, playing pranks on her husband, and spending time with her family.

Website: www.nlhoffmann.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HoffmannNL
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NLHoffmann


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Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL: Good Thursday all , hope your week is going great. Today we are reviewing a book that I have been waiting for since April . BROKEN MIRROR : ...


Good Thursday all , hope your week is going great. Today we are reviewing a book that I have been waiting for since April . BROKEN MIRROR : A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court ( Tales of the Black Court) book three bye Jessica Aspen.

                         BOOK BLURB
A false princess, the court trickster, and a magic spell, woven together with a frog prince twist.
Cassie MacElvy believes she’s a fae princess, but her life of pretty gowns and constant parties is an illusion. Trapped in a twisted spell, Cassie uses her psychic Gift to help the Black Queen hunt down the rebel Prince Kian and his human wife, never knowing she’s hunting her own sister. But when a handsome black-eyed fae kisses her, the fairy tale begins to crumble, and she tumbles down into a confused rabbit hole of memories and magic.

Bosco is the court’s fool and a womanizer, but secretly he’s a spy, looking for a missing human psychic. All he has to do is find her and hand her over to his mysterious employer, and he’ll finally have enough power to complete a quest he started nearly a hundred years ago. When he runs into a beautiful fae princess who shouldn’t exist, he knows something is very wrong in the Queen’s court. But lovely Cassie might be the only person who can help him achieve his quest, and Bosco decides he will root out all of Cassie’s secrets, even if it means losing her trust.
Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy romance in book three of her fairy tale trilogy: Tales of the Black Court

                         MY REVIEW
 I  was so happy when I saw that Jessica was writing Cassie's story , she is the last of the MacElvy sisters. This is Cassie and Bosco's story. Bosco is sent on a mission to find the human woman that is the BLACK QUEEN'S  mirror. Who is being held and used to find out what the Prince is up to and to see where and when he is going to attack.  As he enters the castle he meets Cassie a beautiful yet fragile princess, who is also Fae. He is intrigued but also a little leery about this beautiful creature . He decides to use her to gain access to the party . That is where things get more complicated and a lot more interesting . They both realize that they need each other and will help each other out even if it means loosing each other in the process.
     Jessica weaves such a fantasy that will take you away and sweep you up into the story. Her characters as complex and you can't help but fall in love with them. Cassie is the physic of the MacElvy clan. She is a very strong woman that is also fragile side to her. She is sweet and vulnerable but she also has this side that is hidden. The kick ass, take no prisoner side which comes out when she is with Bosco.  You can't help but not fall in love with her as you read this book .  At first you want to wrap her up and keep her safe but as the story progresses you will be cheering for her as she kicks some ass .
 Now Bosco you can't help but fall in love with him . He is the Queen's fool but there is so much more to him. He is a tortured soul that wants to get enough power to save his sister . He is a womanizer and you kind of want to slap him at the beginning . He is such a cad . But when he meets Cassie, you can slowly see him change. He is torn between duty to his sister and the love that he is feeling for Cassie. You see him change into a man with honor and who is in love . The supporting cast is back also Haddon is as evil as ever and the Black Queen is well lets just say she is off her rocker in this book.
   Jessica takes us on a great adventure with twists and turns.  Underhill is full of fae good and bad . There are trolls and other magical creatures.  There are heroes and heroines, mystery and adventure. There is also some nice hot romance right in the middle of all the adventure . I mean there is always time for romance . The way that Jessica writes you expect a unicorn to walk through the pages . You will laugh and cry and laugh some more.  You will shake your kindle and call Bosco a few bad names . You will want to hang Haddon from the rafters by his toe nails . But over all you will enjoy this and the other books in the series .  There are a mixture of fantasy and romance that will have you being whisked off to Underhill and falling in love, A great addition to your summer reading list

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Books to curl up with: good monday all

Books to curl up with: good monday all: Good Monday all, hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of reading and relaxing . Today we are going to review PLAYING FOR KEEPS ( A Neig...

good monday all

Good Monday all, hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of reading and relaxing . Today we are going to review PLAYING FOR KEEPS ( A Neighbour From Hell book one ) by R.L Mathewson.

                        BOOK BLURB
Done with being the world's biggest pushover, Haley decides that things are going to start changing. The first thing that she was going to do was to put a stop to all the crap that her aggravating neighbor put her through. What she hadn't expected was to be sucked into his world, but Haley has a game plan and she won't let herself forget what the bad boy next door is capable of.

The last thing that Jason expected was for his shy little neighbor to go Rambo on him over some ruined flowers, but he quickly got over it once he realized exactly what he'd been missing. After he decides to take her under his wing, he can't help but notice how nicely she fits in his life. Now the only thing left to do was to convince her that this is anything but a game.

*Author's Note:
There is no rape in any way, shape or form in this book. That is one thing that readers will never have to worry about reading in any of my books. Haley does in fact save herself for the right man and since that man is a Bradford, I'm sure that many readers would agree that she made an excellent decision ;)

                 MY REVIEW
 This was the first book in this series . I found it while I was hunting for a new author to read . R.L Mathewson will be my new favorite author. Let me introduce you to Haley and Jason . Neighbours who also work together at the same private school. Their uneasy relationship started five years earlier when Haley caught Jason peeing on his oak tree and it went down hill from there. Through a lot of misunderstandings that really never were told to her , like broken windows and pain ball splats on sheets . Until the day that Haley went crazy when she caught him pulling up her prized tulips. She turns the hose on him and end up be locked in her house with him because of the yellow jacket nest they irritated .  Then things start to change and they become friends and they both are falling in love with each other but will not admit it to each other . Until the night where things go wrong and now they have to fight to get back what they have.
  The author has some very interesting characters in this book . I fell in love with Jason , he is a guy that never had serious relationship. He doesn't want to let anyone in and he doesn't want to get hurt. He also as the affinity for food , well lets just say he is always hungry and loves Haley's cooking . His whole family is that way , they have been banned from buffets in Vegas and a few other places . I was laughing so hard when he was telling Haley about being banned . She just didn't understand .
He takes on the role of best friend, cuddle buddy and wing man to his neighbour and a sweet young woman. He wants to teach Haley how to be more assertive and just say no. Who knew that he was going to get gobsmacked and fall in love with her in the process . Yes he screws up big time and he wants to fix it . So he asks his father which is so sweet .
  Haley is your shy girl next door, who is a push over when it comes to never saying no . She is a sweet and sexy geeky girl. She is afraid of her own shadow at the beginning of the book until the day Jason entered her life and gave her the strength to get a backbone and blossom . She has the family from hell and doesn't even like being around the snobbiness of the family. They treat her like she isn't good enough and that she needs a rich man to take care of her . But as she hangs out with Jason , she soon realizes that she doesn't need them to make her feel good about herself
Then like all great relationships we have the friends . The ones who aren't real happy that Miss Haley got a back bone . The guys are checking her out and her girlfriends are just trying to destroy her and bring her back to spineless old self, I love Mitch and Brad , Jason's best friends . They are constantly trying to steal Haley and more important they are always trying to steal the baked goods . Jason is constantly slapping their fingers and growling at them to leave Haley and her treats alone . they are his. I mean the way the author wrote those scenes had me laughing cause you could just picture yourself sitting there listening to these guys arguing over her cupcakes . And yes you can take that anyway you want .
  This is a great summer read . It about a couple finding each other and in turn finding themselves and their true desires . You will laugh and I mean laugh hard. Grandma is a hoot. You will also shed a few tears. You will yell at Jason and Haley and then you will want to hug them and make them feel better. Trust me you will want to bitch slap the members of her family. When Jason screws up you will want to throttle his butt big time . You will be amazed on what lengths they will go to get each other back . And Jason's obsession of food is a story in its self and you will be laughing hard .
So grab this book for a great summer read . Its free on amazon also .

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Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL: Good Thursday everyone , hope your week is going well and you are staying cool. Today we are going to review GAGE The Barringer Brothers ser...


Good Thursday everyone , hope your week is going well and you are staying cool. Today we are going to review GAGE The Barringer Brothers series  by Tess Oliver

                      BOOK BLURB
~Gage is part of The Barringer Brothers Series but can be read as a standalone novel~

After nearly losing his friend in a logging accident, Gage Barringer is convinced now more than ever that he needs to find a different job. But his side business of breaking colts at the small Montana ranch he inherited from his grandfather doesn't earn him enough money. He has his mind set on running The Raven's Nest, a popular bar and restaurant near his ranch. The original owner has died and Gage is waiting for it to be put up for sale. But there is a five-foot-four, brown eyed, obstacle in his way, an obstacle with lips made for sin and a voice made for breaking hearts. And Summer Donovan is one road block Gage Barringer won't be able to find a way around.

                      MY REVIEW
  Gage is the first book in the Barringer Brother series . This is the first book I have actually read by Tess Oliver. 
  Gage is a logger / rancher with a naughty streak that runs a mile long . The men don't really like him and the women want to get into his pants . He hasn't had  a serious relationship in forever . That changes the first moment he meets Summer Donavon , the new owner of the restaurant he was trying to buy. That's when the fire works start . Their first meeting was just after he broke the sink in the ladies room . While having  well just let your imagination wander. He was so arrogant and kind of angry at the beginning of the book. He is all alpha but does let his sweet side come through more and more .
  Summer Donavon is a female character that has a back bone, she has had her share of heart break too. She was propositioned by the head of the record label and her boyfriend cheated on her on the same day . So  Gage is going to be no problem so she thought . As they keep running into each other and realize that they live five minutes from each other.  She tries to keep him at arms length but it gets harder and harder .
   I really liked the story and the characters . They felt like real people with real problems . They are attracted to each other but don't want to get hurt .  There is a lot of sexual tension and flirting that goes on between the two of them . It is fun to watch. And the sex scenes well they are hot , hot , hot
There is just one little thing that I found very distracting was all the logging scenes , I wish the author would of toned that down just a bit, and kept up the banter between Gage and Summer going . That sexual tension was soo dam good. Another thing is it just ended we see them getting back together and it just stops , no epilogue or anything .
  Over all I really liked this book, it was a fast read for me and I think you could read it in an afternoon. This would be a good addition to your summer reading list . You will be taken on a funfilled ride with lots of sexiness to go along with it .

Monday, June 8, 2015

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL: Sorry I haven't been around for a few days , trying to get farm work done and battling the weather . Today we are going to review THE WI...


Sorry I haven't been around for a few days , trying to get farm work done and battling the weather . Today we are going to review THE WIDOW'S SON A Rare Book Mystery by Thomas Shawver

                       BOOK BLURB
Sure to please fans of Lawrence Block, John Dunning, and Christopher Fowler, the new Rare Book Mystery plunges readers into a centuries-old struggle of blood, faith, family, and revenge. 
In 1844, Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, died at the hands of an angry mob who stormed his jail cell in Carthage, Illinois. Shortly after, a radical faction of Smith’s followers swore to avenge Smith’s death by killing not only the four men deemed most responsible, but to teach their heirs to eliminate future generations of the prophet’s murderers as well.

One hundred and seventy years later, rare book dealer Michael Bevan is offered a valuable first-edition Book of Mormon that bears a strange inscription hinting at blood atonement. Within days of handing the book over for authentication, the volume disappears and two people lie dead. Michael soon learns that his friend Natalie Phelan, whose only crime is her genealogy, is the likely next victim. One of her would-be murderers has fallen in love with her, another is physically incapable of carrying out the act, but other avenging angels remain on the loose.

When Natalie is kidnapped, Michael must venture into a clandestine camp of vengeful men hell-bent on ritual sacrifice. To save her life, the book dealer needs all his worldly courage, brawn, and wits. But to defeat fanatics driven by an unholy vision, a little divine intervention couldn’t hurt.

                           MY REVIEW
            This is the second book in the Rare book mysteries that I have read and I must say they never cease to amaze me . Michael  Bevan is back and this time he is offered a rare first edition OF THE BOOK OR MORMON. That has a very strange inscription in it . Within two days the book goes missing and people are dying. When Michael finds out that his friend is on the list of these bloody avengers, to schedule to die . He will do anything to protect her , even head into the lions den. This case a bunch of vengeful men who would are ready to do anything even ritual sacrifice . He is ready for anything and will stop them at any price . But will they both survive . You will have to read to find out .
   Thomas has built some great characters with Michael and Natalie as the two best friends . Michael is that guy you want in your corner when push comes to shove . He is a book worm but a very sweet book worm. He will do anything to help out his best friend . Natalie is the girl next door that is sweet and good looking . She has one of her kidnappers fall in love with her. She falls in love with him back. Michael and Natalie are like brother and sister that would do almost anything for each other . The supporting cast is a nice cross section of good guys and bad guys . You are like wth some of the way through. You will definitely hate the bad guys and love the good guys. You will also giggle at some actions these characters do and some of the predicaments that they get themselves into.
  The author takes us back to 1844 and lets us see the Joseph Smith  and the consequences and the repercussions of the select group of lets just say fanatics of the faith . And how those old ways come to play in today's  society . You will be taken for a ride especially at the end when everything comes to a head . There are twists and turns that will make you go hmmmm . Now why the heck did they do that. You actually will get invested in these characters and you will want them to live. Trust me I started this book in the early morning and had it read in one day . It really sucked you in and I couldn't put it down until I was finished . So if you want a interesting read for those long days at the lake . Put this book on your tbr list . Then be prepared to taken to the past and fight for the future .

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Books to curl up with: well good Thursday all

Books to curl up with: well good Thursday all: Good Thursday everyone, two more days until the weekend and all I can say is woohoooo. Today we are reviewing A GENIE'S KISS by D.L. Col...

well good Thursday all

Good Thursday everyone, two more days until the weekend and all I can say is woohoooo. Today we are reviewing A GENIE'S KISS by D.L. Colon

                          BOOK BLURB
Roy Hudson is a time traveler scavenger. He travel from one time to the other, spending his time in tombs and caves, looking for long forgotten treasures. He live in different times. But never stays long in one time before moving on. On one such visit he stops at one of the usual bars he hangs out in to share his adventures.

Many see Roy as a dreamer since his tales are hard to believe and since there is no proof of his accomplishment. On this particular stop his friends, even though they don’t believe him since no one can time travel, listen eagerly as he shares this new tale of his adventures.

Roy tells them a magnificent story of when he found a genie lamp and what came out of it wasn’t your average male genie like the stories always say, but instead is was a rare female genie. Rare because there are no tales about any. The catch is, she only grants one wish.

What did Roy wish for that he is so eager to share with everyone? 

                          MY REVIEW
 Let me introduce you all to Roy Hudson , he is a time travelling scavenger or rare treasures . He has seen a lot and when he comes to his favorite bar , he recounts the tales to anyone who will listen . This tale is one of when he met the Genie in the lamp.
  This is the third book and the first novella for D.L Colon. He has taken to time travel now , which he does with a passion. The story is a fun read . You are transported to a place that will make you laugh. Especially when the gang is sitting there listening like a group of kids. They are enraptured with Roy's stories.
  The characters are well written and you want to know what I going to happen as Roy unfolds his tale . Roy is such a fun character to read, he is from the future but you want to hang with him and listen to his  stories. The gang of friends are just your normal every day type of guys. They are sometime rude and crude but you still love them anyway.  The genie is a mystery and I hope that we get to hear more about her.
  This is a fun light read , much lighter then his first two books . The author may be young but he is maturing as he writes. I really hope that this is the first installment of the Roy Hudson series . I for one would love to hear more about where he goes and what he does . This would be great as a serial and be like episodes on tv. So if you want a great afternoon read while at the pool with your kids . Check out A GENIE'S KISS  you will want to read more . I know you will it will suck you in.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL: Good Tuesday morning everyone, hope you day is going well and you are getting your summer reading lists lined up. Today we are reviewing WIT...


Good Tuesday morning everyone, hope you day is going well and you are getting your summer reading lists lined up. Today we are reviewing WITCHES PROTECTION PROGRAM by Michael Phillip Cash

                     BOOK BLURB
Wes Rockville, a disgraced law enforcement agent, is given one last chance to prove himself and save his career when he's reassigned to a 232 year old secret government organization. The Witches Protection Program.

His first assignment: uncover a billion-dollar Cosmetics company’s diabolical plan of using witchcraft for global domination, while protecting its heiress Morgan Pendragon from her aunt’s evil deeds.

Reluctantly paired with veteran witch protector, Alastair Verne, Wes must learn to believe in both witches and himself.

Filled with adventure, suspense and a rousing good time, Michael Phillip Cash creates a tongue-in-cheek alternate reality where witches cast spells and wreak havoc in modern day New York City.

                    MY REVIEW
    Meet Wes Rockville a disgraced police officer and the son of the head of the department, After an debacle that had him charmed by a witch. When he is transferred he is thrown into the lions den so to speak as he is to save Morgan Pendragon. A cute witch that needs help to survive her aunt and expose the world to some shady going on. With his new partner Alastaire Verne will they save Morgan , and the world and will Wes start to believe in witches and in case himself.
     I fell in love with this author when I read his first book and kept on reading everything he has written . So when I found out he wrote a book about witches . I of course couldn't wait . This book is different from the rest as it is a tongue n cheek look at New York , where witches are running amuck and we have an elite team that makes sure witches are safe and unexposed in the world . They are set up to protect the good witches from the bad and the bad are really being bad . The author uses some steam punk references for the weapons they use , but it isn't slammed pack with it . I laughed out loud a few times and giggled the rest of the way through.

   The characters are all strong but also flawed which are the best characters to have . Wes is a young man, who is disgraced and has a reading problem. Which makes him work harder at trying to be good at his job. He has a hard time believing but as he works through it. He becomes a very strong kick ass character . Who actually finds love at the same time.  Morgan Pendragon is the witch in trouble . To me she starts off as a scared little mouse, when she is up against her aunt and the other witches that work for he aunt . But as you read you see her grow and when you see the spark between her and Wes. You see her become the strong independent woman / witch that will move the earth to save the man she loves.  Alastaire is the old gruff partner that is partner to Wes. Trying to teach him the ropes and he is so nonchalant as he does it . He is so funny in some parts and there is so much more to him . We find out about as we read. Him along with Junie will keep you in stitches . Junie is a ugly witch with a magic mirror that makes her beautiful. She makes a pretty mean stew , lets just say it glows and you can see the future in it .  She is quaint essential witch that will make you giggle . Over all the cast of characters will keep you giggling all the way through the book.

 This book should be on your summer reading list . It is a great read that will keep you entertained while you are at the beach or at the lake . This a great twist on the witch story line and you will fall for the main characters and have a giggle or twenty. So if you want a great summer read check out WITCHES PROTECTION PROGRAM  by Michael Phillip Cash . You will not be disappointed.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Books to curl up with: HAPPY JUNE 1ST EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: HAPPY JUNE 1ST EVERYONE: Good Monday morning all, hope you all had a great weekend. Today we are going to reviewing DROP DEAD PERFECT  by Rick Murcer             ...


Good Monday morning all, hope you all had a great weekend. Today we are going to reviewing

                                  BOOK BLURB
A disturbing and gruesome serial killer is on the loose with a distinct calling card: after every murder, he stages his victim’s body with meticulous attention to detail—perfectly dressed, perfectly made-up, and pinned with the disconcerting message “NOT HER.” This serial killer won’t settle for anything less than perfection.
Forensics expert Ellen Harper is assigned to investigate the bizarre string of crimes. Reeling from a recent divorce, she channels her emotions and energy into protecting the women of Chicago from the deranged killer. To complicate matters, Brice Rogers, a good-looking detective with some issues of his own, is working the case at her side.
As the body count climbs, Ellen must attempt to conquer her own demons, piece together the workings of a mind born of hate, and find the murderer before he kills again. And again.

                   MY REVIEW
  Ok I will just tell you, don't start this book late at night. You will be sucked in and not be able to put it down. Then you will be suffering from a book hangover the next day .
  Let me introduce you to Ellen Harper, a forensic expert who is assigned to catch a serial killer . Who poses his victims and leaves the message NOT HER . She is working with a hot  detective with problems of his own . They have to conquer their demons and find the killer before he kills again.

   This is a very intense action packed thriller . The author grabs us by the seat of our pants from the very first page. The takes us on a roller coaster ride full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing all the way to the end . The action starts from the very first page and as you read you see the police department become more and more edgy about finding the murderer . The team works tirelessly to get ahead of the killer.
  The authors has made some really cool characters in this book. Ellen is a strong woman who is going through some difficult things right now , Her husband decided they needed to get a divorce and she has a problem with hitting. She is a hard working no nonsense woman. She is teamed up with a very cute and kind detective Brice Rogers and his partner Bella Sanchez . Bella is a delightful character that is so sweet. Brice is the hot detective that turns Ellen's head as they work together . But he has some problems of his own.  Both the main characters are very strong willed and very complex individuals.  You will either love them or want to slap each of them upside the head. Trust me there were a couple of times that I shook my kindle at them. Trust me there are parts of the book that you think are the good guys actually good guys or bad guys . It isn't truly black and white there are shades of grey all the way through the book . All the characters could go either way good or bad . You have to decide for yourself .
  Now I did the mistake of starting this book before going to bed one night . Boy I shouldn't have . I got sucked in big time . I was so engrossed I was reading until 4 in the morning . Than the gods that then next day was a day off cause after 4 hrs of sleep I had to finish it off . I thought I had the book figured out but boy was I wrong .  I mean the ending of this book will blow your mind and you will say WTH and oh my god I didn't see that coming . It will throw you for a loop and maybe throw your kindle. I don't condone kindle throwing but you might when you find out , who it was.  So can't wait for his second book to come out. I think I have found myself a new mystery author to read. So glad I did . So if you want a good suspenseful read for this summer check it out . You will be reading all night.