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Books to curl up with: HAPPY SATURDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: HAPPY SATURDAY ALL:    Good morning my peeps , I hope you are all doing well this Easter weekend and taking time out to do a little reading. Today I have for yo...


   Good morning my peeps , I hope you are all doing well this Easter weekend and taking time out to do a little reading. Today I have for you book 7 in the Resistance Girl series, that will be out on April second . THE LONDON SPYMAKER  by Hannah Byron 

                         BOOK BLURB 

 Inspired by a true story and featuring the last “resistance girl from the Swiss finishing school”, ‘The London Spymaker’ weaves together espionage, betrayal, and passion against the backdrop of World War II, delivering a gripping tale of resilience and secrets.

London, 1942

Meet Anna Adams, the stoical spymistress of Baker Street Headquarters, as she navigates the web of secrecy, love, and duty. It is her job to recruit the female secret agents that will be sent behind enemy lines in France.

While concealing her identity and origins, Anna’s world takes an unexpected turn when the Polish fighter pilot Major Henryk “Hubal” Pilecki reenters her life. Her undeniable feelings for her former boyfriend complicate Anna’s life further as she is supposed to marry the very British Count Roderick Macalister so that all traces of her past are permanently erased.

Torn between love and duty, Anna makes a heart-breaking choice that leads to catastrophe. Everything goes wrong at Baker Street HQ and one after the other her female agents disappear without a trace.

As the war ends, Anna embarks on a quest to post-War Germany to uncover the fates of the women she sent to their deaths, all the while confronting her own troubled past and mysterious protector.

                        MY REVIEW 
 Meet Anna Adams a spymistress and it is her job to recruit young female spies that will be sent behind enemy lines . As she wades through love, secrecy and duty she finds herself torn between the old love of her life and her duty to the young woman . She is trying to hid her past and now she is engaged to Count Roderick Macalister to help erase her past. But when things go from bad to worse at their headquarters Anna must make a heart breaking decision and at the end of the war Anna embarks on a quest to find out what happened to the women she sent out and also come to terms with her own past and the mysterious protector.

  Anna is one of the strongest women you would ever meet , she may not act it some times but this girl has been through the ringer but she is one of many fighters. As we find out Anna 's past was one of hardships. She grew up as a Polish Jew who with her family were rounded up by the Nazis and taken to the border of Poland and had to live in a tent  during the harshest of conditions . Then she was finally airlifted to safety to England where she is helped by family and strives to a better life . We see her grow stronger as she grows . There are so many characters that come in and out of her life through out the story. Roderick well he is helping her to give her credibility and basically a new life but man he comes off as a pompous boob most of the time and you really want to just smack him upside the head a few times to see if any sense will knocked into his head . Henryk is the man who saves Anna and her family . He is the sweetest man you could ever meet , he truly cares for Anna and also for her family. He has a sense of duty that calls to him and he wants to do what he can to save as many people as possible. These are characters you can fall in love with each character is well written and complex. 

  This is a story that will have you captivated from the very first page . The author takes a true tale and weaves a story that will have you turning pages all night long . I love how the story takes a nonconstructive view on her life and her past letting it entwine with her present day as a War Crimes investigator for the Nuremburg trials and trying to find the female agents that were sent behind enemy lines . Honestly I never knew i could get into historical stories but this series has really captured my heart . I have cried with these main characters and cheered with them. This could be read as a stand alone book but I seriously suggest you read the whole series and be swept away . Check out this series coming out April 2 2024

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Books to curl up with: COVER REVEAL DAY

Books to curl up with: COVER REVEAL DAY:   Good morning peeps I have something special for you today. I got my hands on the cover for Aleatha Romig's new book coming out        ...


  Good morning peeps I have something special for you today. I got my hands on the cover for Aleatha Romig's new book coming out

                              A LITTLE ABOUT THE BOOK

 Capo to the Luciano Famiglia was my birthright.

The cruelty needed to succeed in this life has been beaten into me since I was a young boy. My father, Vincent Luciano, taught by example and with the slap of his hand. My independent streak took me down paths my father would never have gone. With our enemies gaining strength, it is my idea to attempt an alliance with an unlikely bedfellow.

The Roríguez Cartel and the Luciano Famiglia are improbable partners, yet even Vincent Luciano can’t deny the possible benefits. The only way to solidify the deal is for me to marry Catalina Ruiz, the eldest daughter of Andres Ruiz, a top lieutenant in the Roríguez Cartel.

Catalina is young, beautiful, and thinks she understands the path she is being forced to follow. There is no way for her to know the monster she is about to wed. A man doesn’t become a made man at thirteen if he is capable of love. That emotion is beyond my scope of expertise. Saving the famiglia is my goal. And once this alliance is made, ours will be but the first of the brutal vows exchanged.

  About the author

 Aleatha Romig is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Indiana, USA. She grew up in Mishawaka, graduated from Indiana University, and is currently living south of Indianapolis as well as part of the year in Bradenton, Florida, USA. Before she became a full-time author, she worked days as a dental hygienist and spent her nights writing. Now, when she's not imagining mind-blowing twists and turns, she likes to spend her time with her friends and family, including her beloved grandchildren.

Aleatha released her first novel, CONSEQUENCES, in August of 2011. CONSEQUENCES became a bestselling series with five novels and two companions released from 2011 through 2015. The compelling and epic story of Anthony and Claire Rawlings has graced more than a million e-readers. Her next series, INFIDELITY (not about cheating) hit New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best-seller lists. Aleatha has since released over fifty novels in multiple genres: dark romance, romantic suspense, thriller, and romantic comedy. She went back to her edge of your seat romantic suspense thrillers with her WEB SERIES trilogies, Devil’s Duet, Kingdom Come, and most recently with her suspense series, the Sin series, ready to binge.

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO PAM GODWIN

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO PAM GODWIN:     Good morning my peeps, hope you all are having a great week. It is release day for Pam Godwin's new book HILLS OF SHIVERS AND SHADOW...


    Good morning my peeps, hope you all are having a great week. It is release day for Pam Godwin's new book HILLS OF SHIVERS AND SHADOWS . 

                        BOOK BLURB

 Abducted and taken to a remote cabin in Alaska, Frankie finds herself at the mercy of four feral men, each with his own dark secrets and twisted desires.

With nowhere to run, she must rely on her wits to survive the harsh winter, trapped with them.

As she delves into their mysterious pasts, she uncovers an insidious evil that feeds on loyalty and uses love as a weapon.

Nothing is as it seems.

In this desolate world where the monsters are as beautiful as they are cruel, trust is elusive. They torment her, protect her, and keep her in the dark.

But to have any chance of escape, they must stand together.

Or fall prey to the evil in the hills of shivers and shadows.

                     MY REVIEW 
 On an island in Alaska Frankie is taken from her husband and he job by a brute of a man. She is taken to a place where there is nothing but snow, ice and cold. To a place where she is put in a position between a father and his sons. Where the wolves are closer than you think . She tries to escape but there is nowhere to go. Who does she trust the three men and brothers who want nothing to do with her or the man who stole her away from her life. She has to pick carefully they only have one chance to escape but will they be able to stand together to save themselves from the evil that has settled in the hills around them. 

   Ok this is a story full of characters that you will love and hate at the same time .  Frankie is a woman at a crossroads in her life after a fight with her husband she is left alone contemplating on leaving her husband . A twist of fate she is taken and thrust into a world of evil. She is really naive at the beginning and tries to push her way out of the spot she is in. We see her start to break down and become a shell of herself until the one thing that brings her back and fierce as ever, She starts to fight and get a stronger backbone against her captor. She has three protectors in the names of Kodiak, Leonid and Wolfson. Denver , daddy and kidnapper . well he is his own type of evil. He is sexy and suave but there is an evil that you just didn't know could exist.  You just can't trust him with anything, he is a master manipulator. Kodiak and Leonid have explosive tempers that could harm them or actually save them. Leonid is the mechanic and is like a viking in the way he acts . He is a hit first talk second type of man who will hate you but if needed will protect you from all the bads in the world. Kodiak is the strong silent type who will let his anger take over when push comes to shove . He is a protector but with that he is always in the wrong place and gets hurt.  Wolfson is the poet and the sweet one , he is broken in so many ways but you will love him. He is the youngest but the most haunted of all three of the brothers. Your heart will go out to him and you will want to hug him and care for him like a little bird. 

   This is a story that I will say will break you and yes it broke me . The author took us on such a roller coaster ride . The characters are so well written and complex and you really start to care for each and everyone of them. There are moments that you want to slap them all and yell at them to smarten up .  I will warn you if you have triggers this might not be the book for you. There are some dark aspects in this book that will have you on the edge of your seat . So if you have triggers about forced proximity, kidnapping, murder and mayhem, emotional abuse , this might not be the book for you .  This is a dark romance book and I must say it is one of the author's best books . Its a big book over 700 pages but girl it reads fast and once you start you will be done in no time. So if you want a book that will have you shedding tears and fanning yourself check it out . I can't wait to see what happens in book 2 . 

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY:    Good morning peeps , today is release day for Jodi Allen Brice and the first book in her new series  THE JOURNEY NEVER ENDS  book one in ...


   Good morning peeps , today is release day for Jodi Allen Brice and the first book in her new series  THE JOURNEY NEVER ENDS  book one in the Tiny Homes and Happy Trails series 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 Embark on a journey of self-discovery and family secrets in "The Journey That Never Ends," a gripping women's fiction novel by Jodi Allen Brice. Meet Elana Taylor, heiress to the multimillion-dollar Taylor Fishing Products empire, residing in the picturesque Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The tranquil facade shatters when Elana's father demands her help in persuading her grandmother, Cecilia Taylor, to sign over the family business due to her alleged failing mental state.

As Elana grapples with the weight of her father's request, she discovers a startling revelation—her grandmother isn't losing her mind but is entangled in a mysterious love affair, sending significant sums of money to her supposed true love. Reluctantly agreeing to confront her grandmother, Elana finds herself on an unexpected cross-country road trip to West Yellowstone, Montana, in a vintage VW van.  

The journey becomes a transformative odyssey as Elana and Cecilia traverse the heart of America, unearthing family secrets, exploring the true meaning of life, and forging a bond that transcends generations. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes and the challenges of the open road, Elana must confront her own values and beliefs, ultimately questioning the price of success and the importance of love and family.

                      MY REVIEW 
   Elana is trying to figure out why her father would ask her to do what he wants her to do . When Elana's grandmother is sending great sums of money to someone in Montana . He thinks that she is loosing her mind but what Elana finds out that grandma is involved in a romance with the one true love from her past. So, when Cecilla suggests a trip in wv bus, to Montana and wants Elana to drive. Her father pushes her to do it to try and talk grandma into going into an assisted living center . Once on the road they find out what they both have been missing in their lives and what is the most important things in life. Money or love and family

  Elana is one of those characters that honestly I can relate to. She is the daughter that has to do the things that the others don't want to. She is sweet and well kind of awkward around her family. She feels like she doesn't fit in but will do what her overbearing parents want her to do. She can't say no to them when they pressure her into doing the ugly things that need to be done. She does come into her self awareness through out the book. We see her change from naivety to a woman who is in control of her life and her power with the help of the people she meets along the way. Cecilla is one of those characters that you really want as your grandmother . She is fun loving and a free spirit that will help you out and be your best friend even when you don't want it . She maybe older but man she is feisty and loves life . She knows more then people give her credit for. I want to be her when i grow up. We see them shine with the people they meet through out the book . My favourite character is Jack the rescue dog who helps both Elana and Cecilla through their journey. He is the sweetest dog who lost his master and with road trip brings him back to his former self . They all grow up on the trip.  Each character they meet through out the book help them both grow and become stronger in themselves . 

This is one of those books that you can get lost in if you wanted to. A sweet read of a trip across America where you have an adventure through out . The author takes us on such a fun ride with self discovery of what is right for each of them. I really got into the story and my fav character was Jack and I prayed that nothing would happen to him, The characters are so well written and you will fall in love with them . I can't wait for the second book in the series . I truly love this authors writing style and her story lines are action packed but she doesn't need to have them falling in and out of love . So if you want a sweet story of growth and family check it out you will not be disappointed . A great afternoon read for the cold and snowy march

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO MONDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO MONDAY ALL:   It is time for a new release coming out tomorrow   ABOUT THE BOOK    Nell Ingram and her team face a dire, supernatural evil in this newes...


  It is time for a new release coming out tomorrow 


 Nell Ingram and her team face a dire, supernatural evil in this newest thrilling paranormal procedural in the New York Times bestselling Soulwood series.

Nell Ingram draws her powers from deep in the earth, and uses them to help Psy-LED, the Psychometric Law Enforcement Division, which solves paranormal crimes. When a local vampire calls to report a dead body on her compound, Nell knows she and her team have to be ready for anything.

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