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Books to curl up with: Good Thursday all

Books to curl up with: Good Thursday all:  Good Thursday all today we are going to review a novella by a new author to me .Check out PRINTED IN BLOOD  a Marybeth Pearson mystery . b...

Good Thursday all

 Good Thursday all today we are going to review a novella by a new author to me .Check out PRINTED IN BLOOD  a Marybeth Pearson mystery . by CS Patra

                             BOOK BLURB 

  The ladies of Portman's Creamery are back with their latest case that hits close to home for most of them. When a popular student and writer of the school paper is found stabbed to death, everyone is baffled. He wasn't known to have any enemies and it doesn't seem like anyone noticed anything suspicious. However, upon digging deeper into this case, the ladies soon discover that perhaps he made more enemies than it appears. Was it one of them? Or is there more to this case than appears?

                                 MY REVIEW  
   Welcome to a small college town where the star reporter for the college paper is murdered Stabbed to death and no one knows why . Everyone loved him and wondered why he was murdered . Will the girls be able to find out who killed this sweet guy and put the killer in jail . 
    This is the first book I have read by this author and I enjoyed it . The characters were well written and I like Marybeth she is like the girl you want to have as your best friend . She is kind of quirky with a can do attitude . There are a lot of characters to mention . But they are all well written . Ther all play a part in the story line and help Marybeth out .
     this was a quick read for me I finished it in an evening . I liked the story and the way the author was telling it . The beginning to me was just a little slow , I felt that it kind of dragged until after the funeral . Then it really took off with the investigation kicking into high gear. You do figure out who did it about half way through but that doesn't stop you from reading . You want Marybeth and the gang to figure it out . This book kind of reminded me in a way of the Scooby gang with out the dog . Over all I really enjoyed this book and I am going to read more from this author . So if you want a fun book to read check it out you wont be disappointed .

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Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL:    Good Tuesday all today is my last day of interviewing victims for the NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER over at READING ZOMBIE on facebook . Toda...


   Good Tuesday all today is my last day of interviewing victims for the NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER over at READING ZOMBIE on facebook . Today our victim is Suzanne Sussex and her SAFE ZONE  books

Good morning Suzanne thank you for joining us today
Thank you for having me

 Tell us a little about yourself 
I live in the UK, in Wales but right on the border to England with my boyfriend and slightly neurotic cat. I've worked full time for the same company for over 20 years.  When I'm not working or writing I love being outdoors, preferably in the hills. Over the last couple of years I've done a number of walking events, including walking 106km around an island in one day. 

Tell us about your books 
I have two books published at the moment with a third in progress. They are a trilogy called Safe Zone. The first is Safe Zone: The Greater Good and tells the events following a zombie virus outbreak in the U.K. The second is Safe Zone: The Descent, which is set twenty years after the first book. 

How do you select the names for your characters 
It varies, sometimes they just name themselves, which sounds odd, but the name just pops right on to the page. Others I've ended up using baby naming books to get inspiration. 

 Do you hide secrets in your books that only a few people will know and understand 
The antagonist in the second book actually makes a very brief appearance in the first. I'm not sure how many people have spotted that. There is also quite a lot of myself in Chloe, the main character from the first book. Only people that know me would understand which bits are more me or intentionally the opposite of me. For example Chloe hated climbing Snowdonia (highest mountain in Wales) whereas I love the whole mountain range.

 As a child did you have a favourite book 
So many! But the one that stands out that I've read time and again is called The Tower of Geburah by John White. It's very similar to the Chronicles of Narnia, but as a child I loved it so much more. 

If you didn't write what would you be doing 
I only started writing in 2016, yet already I can't even remember what I used to do at weekends and in the evenings before. As I still work full time my life would just be where it was 2 years ago. Working all day then binge watching box sets in the evenings and at weekends with the odd bit of Call of Duty. 

 What is your favourite part of the writing and publishing process and the least favourite thing 
My favourite part is that very rare moment where the words just spill on to the page and events take place that I hadn't planned or even thought of but they just work. For example in The Descent the characters find something (I'll avoid spoilers) relatively early on in the book which changed the entire direction of the book and was so far away from what I thought the story was going to be.

My least favourite part is coming up with the title. Firstly because there are millions of books out there so originality can be a challenge, but also because of the pressure of getting the right title. The cover and the title are what readers see first. My cover artist Claire is incredible and can translate my ideas into amazing covers, but the title is all on me. 
if you could do one thing differently as a child or tee to make you a better writer what would it be 
Write!  I used to start the odd story as a teenager but I never committed to actually finishing any of them. 

 Do you read reviews  on your books and what do you do when you have a bad review
I read every review (and over analyse every word.) I've not actually had a bad review (yet) although I've had a few low ratings on Goodreads, I'd like to think that if the criticism is something I can learn from then I'll take it on board as in future work. If it just along the lines of not liking zombies or the lack of guns in the books, then I guess I'll just shrug my shoulders and move on with my life.

 When you were writing Safe Zone how much research did you do 
I researched as I went rather than plot out the book. I suspect my google search history is a bit questionable. 

Do you believe in writers block 
That's a really difficult question and I can only speak from my experience. There are times when it is hard to think of the next thing to write, this results in procrastination and ultimately loss of motivation. I've developed my own ways of dealing with this and found that getting away from the laptop, sometimes just a few minutes doing something else helps. Other times, I'll shut the laptop and leave it for a day or two. On the odd occasion when self doubt also creeps in, I'll re read what I've written and this generally gives me new ideas.  


Coffee. I am addicted to it

I have a couple of times but I don't get many results

I'd be able to slow down time so that I could get more done in a day

Big Mac. I never have anything else from McDonalds.

Last but not least 
What would you tell any aspiring writer out there . 
Do your own thing and don't worry about the 'rules.' Obviously basic spelling and grammar is important, but there are so many different opinions out there about every aspect of writing that you can tie yourself up in knots. Do what feels right for you.

I have a website on Facebook at  or on twitter @suzannesussex


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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY EVERYONE:    Good Monday all as NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER slowly winds down over at Reading Zombie . We have a new victim to interview TJ Weeks . H...


   Good Monday all as NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER slowly winds down over at Reading Zombie . We have a new victim to interview TJ Weeks .

Hi TJ thanks for stopping by today

Thanks for having me

 Tell us about yourself 
I was in the Army for eight years. I was a vocalist in a band. I started writing lyrics for music at a very young age which led me to writing poetry and then to learning that I loved to write in general. I pushed myself to write Deadly Mountain and realized that my story telling ability was actually okay. I love to hang out with friends and family and cookout and have a serious collection of movies. 

Tell us about your books
I started out writing mystery/psychological suspense, which was Deadly Mountain and the sequel Allison's Revenge which are now in one book called Obsessed With The Kill. I moved on from there and wrote a little bit of a paranormal/horror which is now Valley Drift. I wrote The Horror Squad which is apocalyptic actually to cure some writers block. I really never planned on publishing it out and once I started writing, I enjoyed it and went ahead and published it. In between, I was challenged to a romance short story and dabbled in the beginner reader genre. I have recently put out a book for 8 years old and up called Building A Monster.  

 When you sit down do you have any rituals 
I throw on some headphones and listen to music. Sometimes it is heavy metal sometimes it is country or pop. Just depends on my mood that day. 

 When you write your characters is there any parts of yourself in them 
I am actually a character in The Horror Squad, so in that aspect yes. As for other books, I visualize what I want the character to be like and try and put myself in there shoes. 

  Do you hid any secrets in your books that only a few people would know about 
There is a few secrets here and there. Most of my books are set in Texas because that is where I have lived most of my life. There are a few tidbits here and there like Allison Dane in Obsessed With The Kill, I based off of my wife, 

  Do you read reviews and what do you do when you get a bad review 
I do read the reviews and look at bad reviews as constructive criticism. I don't take them personally, but take them into consideration. 

 What aspect of the writing / publishing journey do you like and what parts do you dislike 
I love the writing aspect and creating a story that people will enjoy. I also like doing the art for my covers, however I hate having to take the time to get everything precise for publish ready. 

 How do you handle writing characters of the opposite sex 
I just try and put myself in their shoes. If I get stuck, I try to bounce some ideas off of my wife or ask her opinion. 

  If there was one thin you could do differently as a child or teenager to make you a better writer what would it be .
I would have started taking writing seriously at an earlier age and putting my name out there more.  

  Do you believe in writers block
I do. I get it quite often and have a tendency to go on about doing other things that have no involvement in writing to see if I can grasp some ideas on what I need to write.  


Coffee in the mornings and Tea if I am not drinking a cold beer

Do you google yourself 
No, but my wife does and tells me all about it. 

if you had a super power what would it be
I would love to read people's minds.  

favourite junk food
I absolutely love Reese's sticks.  

all time favourite author and book 
I am a huge Nancy Roe fan and her book Secrets Can Be Deadly. I have recently become a fan of Mick Franklin and his book Nightmare Man. There are so many other Indie Authors I have read that I have become a fan of as well. 

last but not least 
What would you tell any aspiring young authors out there 
I would tell them to keep writing. Don't stop over a bad review, or someone telling them that they are not good enough to write. If your passion is to write, then write. I always tell any aspiring authors to hit me up if they have any questions as well. It is always good to have someone to ask questions about the writing world and I would be happy to help them out. 

where can we find you at 
Website: - If you go here and subscribe to my newsletter, you will be emailed a free copy of my newest release Building A Monster! 

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Books to curl up with: Good Sunday Everyone

Books to curl up with: Good Sunday Everyone:   Well today we have another victim in the NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER  for reading zombie . Thomas Watson  and his book VIRAL MISERY. Wel...

Good Sunday Everyone

  Well today we have another victim in the NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER  for reading zombie . Thomas Watson  and his book VIRAL MISERY.

Welcome Thomas and thank you for stopping by
Thanks for having me

Tell us about yourself.  
I am Thomas A Watson. I’m an Army veteran, 19 Delta. Tina is my wife and mother of our three children. We have two granddaughters that we still would like to know, Why grands didn’t come before kids? We would have just had grands if that was possible. I have always loved to read, and love what I am doing now. I am not big on social media, I do get on Facebook sometimes, but normally leave that up to Tina, she keeps me up to date on what  all is going on. She’s like my newscaster. We recently moved back to the south from Montana. Oh my! I was reminded in July why I left this humidity. We are looking for a place in Northern Arkansas/ Southern Missouri to move soon. We have several conventions lined up in the near future, I think St Louis Missouri is the next one.

Tell us about your books:
I just released one I co-authored with my wife Tina.  Viral Misery
. It’s been hanging in the top 10 of Amazon’s medical fiction hot new releases. It’s been in the #1 spot also.
My favorite series--since I have always loved fantasy is my series  Thanos, Many overlook this one when they see fantasy. Don’t let that scare you away. It’s action packed. The Bonner Incident this one is about civil asset forfeiture, I wrote this one with a buddy that is no longer with us, and that alone will always make this one dear to my heart. Plus it’s something that could and has actually happened in some ways.
 What are you working on right now?
I have three that I’m working on right now. The third book in  Vengeance in Blood series. Picking up on Dark Titan series, and book four in Forgotten Forbidden America series

Do you hide secrets in your books that only a few people will know? Oh yes!  
Do you have any writing rituals that you do when you sit down to write? 
Not really. Now I do have to be away from everybody, because the least little thing disturbs me. I listen to a variety of music while writing, and will play video games prior to a big action scene for inspiration and to see if some of the things I write could be possible.
 How do you pick names for your characters?
I use a random name generator on most. I have a few characters, for example Bessetta in Vengeance in Blood, Tina researched that name so she came up with that one. I have a couple of names that will be in the next Forgotten Forbidden America, they won a memorial auction for Joyce Stokley and got to pick a name for that one.  Brandy Yassa and Rob Brumbach I think you will like the characters I chose for your name or the name you picked.

 What is the one thing about the writing / publishing process do you like and what part do you dislike?
I’ll be honest, all I have to do is write. Tina takes care of everything else. I can promise you, without her doing all the publishing aspects of this, I’d be working 12 hour shifts in an Emergency Department somewhere.

 If you get a bad review how do you deal with it?
Some people may not like this answer. I don’t read negative reviews. I learned after my first book was released I had to stop reading those reviews. I found myself changing up my writing style to make the reviewers happy. I do look and see how many reviews I have. Now that don’t mean for folks to stop writing reviews. Those reviews play an important role in getting books out there. So write those reviews. I do appreciate them, just like all of us authors do.

 If there was one thing you could change as a child or teen ager to help you become a better writer?  What would it be? Well I was an avid reader as a child and teen. A lot of the things I did as a teen and young adult have played a huge role in some of my books. My series Forsaken World, well what can I say….. I had fun as a kid.

Do you believe in writer’s block? I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, but I will say there have been times that I have been disturbed, that it took me a couple of weeks to replay that scene in my head to get it on paper.


COFFE TEA OR OTHER? Coffee in the morning, a guy has to be regular you know. Diet coke the rest of the day.  

Have you ever googled yourself? I haven’t in awhile, but not long after Blue Plague  was released someone told me that they googled my name and found it. So of course I had to go check it out.  

If you had a super power what would it be? Do I have to answer this one? Mind control, just kidding. I’d like to fly and not in an airplane.  

Favorite book and author?  Now that is a tough one because I have a bunch of books I love. The Belgariad series by David Eddings is one of my favorites. Another I would have to say is Shogun because I read it once a year.

Last but not least 

What would you tell any aspiring writer out there? Write, write, write. Write it as it plays out in your head. After you finish then go back and read it. Don’t read it as you write. You will never get to the end if you write it, read, correct. Just put it down then go back after you are finished. You may move or delete whole chapters in a book, and add more. That’s okay, once you’ve got it all down, just don’t try doing this while you are trying to write it.

Where can people find you at? In my little writer’s nook. Oh! You mean on here my bad.

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Books to curl up with: Good Saturday all

Books to curl up with: Good Saturday all:  Good Saturday all today we have another victim in our NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER take over with reading zombie . Today's victim is Davi...

Good Saturday all

 Good Saturday all today we have another victim in our NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER take over with reading zombie . Today's victim is David Simpson the author of ZOMBIE ROAD series

Hi David thanks for stopping by today
Thanks for having me

1 Tell us a little about yourself
            I’m just a guy. To put food on the table, I drive a truck all over the Southeastern states. I got lucky and married up, got a passel of kids, the youngest is 20, and all of them are doing well. (and FINALLY out of the house, thank goodness!)

2 Tell us about your books
            I write Zombie books that have fast zombies that deteriorate over time so you get the best of both worlds… Fast and vicious then eventually shambling and unrelenting. One of the best reviews I got called it a thinking man’s zombie book. A lot of research went into the story as well as the little background things. For instance, I now know, and so does the reader, what happens to nuclear power plants and missiles in their silo’s when the hand of man is removed from the constant maintenance they require. The basic premise of the tale is a man, an Army vet turned truck driver, who is on the other side of the country when the zombie uprising happens. His main goal is to get back to his family, to save them if he can, but he is saddled with the responsibility of saving much more than just his wife and son. An entire nation is balancing on the knife edge of plummeting into complete chaos or starting to rebuild as he does what is right, even if it isn’t what is easy.

3 In your books what is the hardest scenes to write
            I had to establish a bad guy. Most of my main characters are basically good people but there had to be some bad guys, it’s an apocalypse novel so unless it’s a natural disaster, I needed some antagonists. Some on a global scale and some on a local scale. There is a scene in the second book where I introduce the local bad guy and to illustrate just how bad he is, there are a few scenes of him doing bad guy things. Those were hard to write because I have no idea what bad guys think. I had to get in his head.

4 What is the one thing about the writing and or publishing you like and the one thing you don't like about said writing and publishing
            I like the writing, of course. I can sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning and the next thing I know, dinner is being served. I lose myself in the fictional world completely. There’s not much about the publishing aspects I hate. Yet. I’ve only been doing this for less than a year, I’m sure the minor annoyances will grow until they are major aggravations.

5 What type of research do you do and how long do you research
            They say write about what you know and I know a lot about trucks, cars, guns and zombies. I’m a vet so all of the military aspects, the language and in-jokes, come easy. Everything else, I google. Like how long will a satellite stay in orbit without computers from earth giving them nudges every once in a while. Or how to transport nuclear fuel rods. Or how far is it from the Route 49 bridge crossing the Mississippi to the nearest house up river. I don’t do info dumps or have a bunch or lists or detailed instructions on how to sew up a wound like some books do. If the information is relevant, it gets dropped into the conversation naturally, not like an instruction manual.
6 Who is your favourite author
            Poe or King.     
7 If you weren't writing what would you be doing
            Working on cars. Muscle, Rods or tuners, I love them all.

8 Is there a little piece of yourself written into your characters
            I suppose it’s inevitable, so yes. The main people in my books have a similar belief system as I do, although not exactly. God, family, country attitudes. Someone called it Americana Zompoc.

9 If you had to do one thing differently as a child to make you a better writer what would it be?
            Stay in school, have more than a basic high school education. That would make me a better writer but would it make me a better storyteller? Hard to say. If I hadn’t left home at 16, if I would have gone to college, I would never be able to draw on the experiences I have now. I probably never would have joined the Army or become a repo man or bounty hunter or chased a raincloud on a Harley for a week or climbed down three stories of blue velvet to wipe the vomit from her hair or met a man whose most valuable possession was a
cobblestone that he had to fight for every day or any number of other things I’ve done.

10 Do you believe in writers’ block
            Not really. If I’m stuck on a particular aspect of how I want to tell the story, I’ll just skip those chapters and move on the next part of the story as if the difficult part was already written. It kind of writes itself then.

coffee or tea or other
Do you google yourself
            No but I google my books to see how many pirates sites they are on.

If you had a superpower what would it be
            Time Travel      
Favourite junk food
            Ben and Jerry’s Everything but the… Flavor
last but not least I ask every author this question
What would you say to any aspiring writer out there?
            Write. Join groups. Not writing groups, join zombie groups. Or Vampire. Or Scottish Romance or whatever it is you are into. If you can’t write a novel just yet, write a short story and publish it on Amazon. Sell it for .99. There is a huge learning curve if you want be a successful writer. Anyone can write and any garbage can be published on Amazon. You have to be decent enough to rise above the rest. If you don’t know whether you are any good or not, publish and push it out there and wait for the reviews from strangers. They usually tell the truth.
Where can we stalk you at?
Easiest is the David Simpson Fan Club on Facebook

The books are available on Amazon
I have a website and author page and all that but they are woefully neglected. The fan club is where I hang out and post the latest news.  The admin is always having contests and I’m always giving away some pretty good swag. Anyone that leaves reviews gets wristbands. (make sure you let me know!!) We usually have stuffed Zombies or sugar skulls or shot glasses or something cool for winners.

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Books to curl up with: GOOD WEDNESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD WEDNESDAY ALL:  Good Wednesday all , the day before Thanksgiving for all my American friends and book lovers . Today we are going to review Roma Gray's...


 Good Wednesday all , the day before Thanksgiving for all my American friends and book lovers . Today we are going to review Roma Gray's new book HAUNTED HOUSE HARBOR ( project 26 book 8)

                        BOOK BLURB 

What Do Zombies Fear?
The world has just been struck by the "Perfect Apocalypse": nuclear bombs, disease, famine,
zombies, killer bees and many other hidden terrors. As the world crumbles, a group of survivors
discovers there is only one safe haven: the mysterious town of Haunted House Harbor. For some
reason, all of the unleashed perils cannot penetrate the city limits. But there's one
problem--Haunted House Harbor has its own dark side... 
A unique and very different zombie novel. If you enjoy dystopian fiction, but are looking for something different, you've found the right book.

                       MY REVIEW 

      This book has the trifecta of what you think the world will end . We have zombies . killer bees and the world ending . The perfect apocalypse and the only place to go is Haunted House Harbor.  As a group of survivors make their way to the small town . They don't know that the town has its own dark secrets . Will they survive the apocalypse and will they survive the town .
   This book is the perfect twist on the zombie story , besides the undead we have real life things that could happen if fallen into the wrong hands . Nuclear weapons and famine that could wipe out everyone . You are on the edge of your seat when you are reading . The characters are not your super hero military type characters . The central characters are just your average everyday people  a mother in a wheeler and her daughter who has autism . Throw in confused police officers and lazy construction workers . You have a rag tag band of survivors . But you can't forget one of the main characters the town of HAUNTED HOUSE HARBOR. This small town is holding a lot of secrets and play a big part in the survivors life or death . 
   The author has a way of writing that is direct ,she doesn't do endless descriptions of the mundane things . She will keep you the edge of your seat as you read . She will take you on a roller coaster ride . I found myself holding my breathe a few times as I read . I binge read this book in one sitting, I just couldn't put it down .  This book really is more then just the zombies , its about survival and what would you do . You will loose yourself in this book and have it done in no time . If you like action , zombies and haunted houses this is the book for you . Get it and read it this thanksgiving . 

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY MONDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: HAPPY MONDAY ALL:   Good morning all today we are doing something just a little different . I have to Christmas Harlequin romances for you to enjoy today...


  Good morning all today we are doing something just a little different . I have to Christmas Harlequin romances for you to enjoy today .

 First up for you is SANTA'S SEVEN DAY BABY TRIAL  by Meg Maxwell

                                  BOOK BLURB



Pretty, proper Anna Miller has all the makings of a respectable Amish housewife. But the outside world has always beckoned. So when a handsome FBI agent needs help caring for his infant twin nephews right before Christmas, Anna jumps at the opportunity. Maybe she can finally discover where she truly belongs.

Special agent Colt Asher lives for his job. So he's surprised when an unexpected week as a hands-on uncle fills his life with meaning. Of course, it helps that the babies' gorgeous nanny is unlike any woman the love-'em-and-leave-'em lone wolf has ever known. But Anna's rumspringa might lead her straight back to her village. Or, if Colt lets her, Anna might just be his Christmas wish come true…

                          MY REVIEW 
    This is a sweet romance that all started with a stolen guinea pig .  Special Agent Colt Asher is on assignment to find the guinea pig that was stolen from his truck . That leads him to the Amish village where he meets Anna Miller . She is beautiful and so sweet . That when he becomes the babysitter to his twin nephews he hires her to help him out . Will they let their heats guide them and have the best Christmas ever . 
    The story is a sweet love story that you will read in one sitting , the characters are well written . Anna is a sweet girl with the dreams of more . She wants to finally discover where she really needs and want s to be . She isn't as na├»ve as she comes off as at the start . She is full of love and laughter . and starts to go after what she really wants and that is Colt . Now Colt is kind of idiot sometimes he knows he wants more with Anna but his past makes him do everything in his power to stay away . But as they babysit the nephews there are laughs abound . Anna is a natural Colt not so much . They are a great couple that will have you cheering for them to finally get together .
 The story is sweet and you will laugh and cry and laugh some more . So if you want a sweet love story for this Christmas check it out

                       ABOUT THE AUTHOR 

I live on the coast of Maine with my teenaged son, our sweet beagle, Lemon, and a black and white cat named Cleo. Interesting tidbit: Meg Maxwell is a pseudonym--my real name is Melissa Senate, author of many women's fiction titles (See Jane Date; The Love Goddess' Cooking School) that have been published in over twenty-five countries.

I've been reading and loving romance novels for almost thirty years and I'm so excited about my first category romance series: HURLEY'S HOMESTYLE KITCHEN: Book 1, A COWBOY IN THE KITCHEN, was published in March '16; Book 2, THE DETECTIVE'S 8 LB, 10 OZ SURPRISE, was published in May. Book #3, THE COWBOY'S BIG FAMILY TREE, follows in October/November. In 2017, three more Hurley's novels are coming, starting with THE COOK'S SECRET INGREDIENT in February and CHARM SCHOOL FOR COWBOYS in May. And another in November! I'm also writing a book that will part of the new Montana Mavericks continuity series that will be published in August '17.

I love to hear from readers! Feel free to email me at And feel free to visit my website:

Buy Links:


                             BOOK BLURB 

From Rivalry to Revelry…to Romance?

Competitive swimmer turned real estate magnate Michael Kelly is tastier than a Christmas cookie. But now Charlotte Locke's sexy former lover is her top business rival…and the father of her unborn child. Determined to keep her professional cool, the hotel heiress hides her delicate condition from her family—and from her commitmentphobic ex. Until Michael moves in next door, exposing a desire left unquenched and Charlotte's pregnancy secret.

Michael may not be daddy material, but losing Charlotte and their baby isn't an option. He'll close the deal at any cost—even if it takes a Christmas miracle to prove this playboy is reformed for good!
                       MY REVIEW     Back from her European hiatus , Charlotte Locke is back to take control of her life and the life of her unborn child . To prove to herself that she can make it on her own as a top notch real estate agent . But when her brother drops a bombshell on her that here ex lover and sex on a stick ex boyfriend will be selling half of the condos. Will they survive selling the condos and will they find their way back to each other after the secret is revealed . 
     This was a fun read , the characters were well written and I loved the snarkiness of both Charlotte and Michael. Charlotte is a fun character, she is so determined to make it on her own . She doesn't realize what is right in front of her face . She is so determined not to let Michael get under her skin he does anyway . Michael is the playboy who knows what he wants and he wants Charlotte . He realizes that she was the one that got away but his stubborn pigheadedness won't let him make her his . But in the end when she needs him , he is the man she wants and needs .
   This was a fun read with a bit of spice added in . This was the first book I have read by this author . I will be reading more .

                   ABOUT THE AUTHOR 

Karen Booth is a Midwestern girl transplanted in the South, raised on '80s music, Judy Blume, and the films of John Hughes. Karen writes smart, steamy contemporary romance--big city love stories and rock star romances.

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When Karen isn't creating fictional hunky men, she's listening to everything from Otis Redding to Duran Duran with her kids, honing her Southern cooking skills (she makes some mean collard greens), or sweet-talking her astoundingly supportive husband into whipping up a batch of cocktails.