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Omg I am so excited to be reviewing this book today .  She is one of my favorite authors and I think I have read everything she has written . So I am proud to be review BLOOD OF EVE by Pam Godwin

                             BOOK BLURB

Two years into the aphid plague, there’s little hope left. Food and ammo are scarce. The mutated monsters are growing faster, smarter. And the ratio of men to women is millions to one. Mankind faces imminent extinction.

But Evie carries a cure for women.

Fiercely protected by three men, she sets out to heal as many infected females as possible. The journey becomes more complicated as her feelings for her guardians evolve, and theirs for her intensify.

When a voice from the past prophesies a solution for the dying race, she must make a choice.

Will she survive for love?

Or will she die for it?

Content advisory: Guns. Gore. Sex.

                             MY REVIEW
 BLOOD OF EVE  is the continuation of Eve's story, as she and her guardians fight their way through a post apocalyptic world full of aphids and men that will do anything to have their way with the last living woman on the earth.  They find out that Eve's blood will cure the female nymphs and change them back to human . So they go on the hunt to find the nymphs . They fight their way across America but its not only the Aphids they are fighting . They are fighting marauders, wild animals and sometimes even each other . Old friends say good by and new friends are made as they  know what they have to do and find the Drone and killing him and heal the women. But will they survive and keep the prophecy from happening.
   Eve is one of the best female characters I have read in awhile . She is strong and kicks ass with the best of them. She has been through hell and back and is still standing . She doesn't let the three men in her life push her around . Even though they are her guardians and love her, they also respect her . They help her as her powers increase and she gets more powers. Each guardian is there to help her in any way he can . There is Jesse Beckett , the hot Lakota dream walker.  He is tall gorgeous and brooding . He love Eve and wants her but is denying himself because of the prophecy. He is the strong silent type. Michio is the doctor of the group and there is more to him then we know at the beginning . He knows a lot about the virus and he chose to protect her instead of siding with the drone in the first book.   And last but not least the third guardian is Father Roark, an irish priest who is the comic of the group . He is absolutely the sweetest guy and he is my favorite out of all of them. He also puts Eve in her place all the time . You just want to hug him when you see him struggling with his faith and his love for Eve and the guys .  He is always the first to crack a joke to ease the tension. He was also the first man Eve met other then the Lakota men.  The rest of the cast are new people they meet and become part of the group. They all fit in seamlessly and become really good friends and allies as they fight the war.
   I had just finished book one and the chance to read book two came up and I was hooked. I started reading book two and was gobsmacked . I couldn't put it down . I took it to bed with me and read way into the night . The characters as so well written and the story moved at such a fast pace . I couldn't get enough . Oh and the sex its surpasses what Pam has written before . There are some scenes that would melt your kindle. Had me a little flushed at certain times. There is also a lot of action and some great comic relief among the pages also. The story is so well crafted that you don't mind that it is over 600 pages . You will get sucked in and laugh, cry and scream at your kindle . I did have an ugly cry at the end of the book , I was heart broken , wishing it would of turned out different. This book will give you a book hangover and you will be thinking of these characters for a long time after you are done . So check out the book  you wont be disappointed


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Books to curl up with: HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: HAPPY WEDNESDAY EVERYONE: Good morning all and welcome to hump day Wednesday . Its 4 days till Halloween hope you are all ready. To add to your Halloween reading list...


Good morning all and welcome to hump day Wednesday . Its 4 days till Halloween hope you are all ready. To add to your Halloween reading list. THE CURSE OF MARY , by Nicola Jayne Taylor.

                            BOOK BLURB
All legends begin in truth
Turn back the pages of time to 15th century Britain, a dark era in history. All legends begin somewhere in truth and are distorted over the years, turned into myth. One such Legend starts with passion, love, demonic and a ritualistic sacrifice and has dire consequences for future generations of a family named Cambelle. Mystery, murder, magic and ghosts, The Curse of Mary is a seductive, terrifying colourful trip through time into the modern age. Nicolajayne Taylor really brings history to life as she rewrites a well known legend and does spookery like no other author. This is British horror at its best. 

                                             MY REVIEW
 I have read many variations on the legend of bloody Mary, this is one of the better renditions of the lore. It all starts back in the 15th century and centers around the Cambelle family . As they save their family by calling the demon to help them and in return they will sacrifice a daughter every year .And follows through the centuries right up to modern day. The author spans generations seamlessly and takes us on such a rollercoaster ride of emotions . 
 The book is centered around Mary and Isistis . Mary knew from the start that Isistis was to be hers when she was sacrificed . She dreamt of him and needed him as much as he needed her . Mary to me is a strong character that wanted love and needed love . You see her mature along with Isistis as the devise their plans. The cast of characters are a variety of people . I want to call them thieves and charlatans. They all seem to thrive of the greed and then get all scared when they have to pay the piper. The characters are very well written, trust me you want to shake some of them and strangle the other side . You will also fall in love with a few characters as you read .
  This modern retelling of Bloody Mary is full of magic. horror an sex . Yes there is hot sex in this book. The author blends the horror behind the legend and the erotica seamlessly . I was on the edge of my seat most of the time as I flipped the pages . I really like this version of Bloody Mary . So if yo want to crawl into bed with a good Halloween read that will keep you reading well into the night . Check it out.


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Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY ALL: Good Friday all  want a great book to read this weekend . I have just the one for you. MONSTERLAND by Michael Phillip Cash               ...


Good Friday all  want a great book to read this weekend . I have just the one for you. MONSTERLAND by Michael Phillip Cash

                           BOOK BLURB

Welcome to Monsterland – the scariest place on Earth. All guests can interact with real vampires in Vampire Village, be chased by an actual werewolf on the River Run, and walk among the dead in Zombieville.

Wyatt Baldwin, a high school student and life-long movie buff is staring bleakly at a future of flipping burgers. Due to a fortuitous circumstance, Wyatt and his friends are invited to the star-studded opening of Monsterland. In a theme park full of real vampires, werewolves and zombies, what could possibly go wrong?

                           MY REVIEW
   Oh my I have never had so much fun reading a book. Michael takes us on a journey that will scare you and make you giggle all at the same time . I started reading this book at night and it had me jump a few times and giggle a lot more . My imagination was running amuck while reading. Just imagine if Disneyland was housing , zombies . vampires and werewolves. The creator a evil maniacal man, who wants to rule the world . That is MONSTERLAND .
  This book had me glued to its pages from the first chapter . The author takes us on a journey, into a place that scares us but also tantalizes us. He has taken and mixed the vampire , zombie and werewolf lore and placed them all in one story. He shows us another side of them. They are misunderstood and are treated unfairly.  You see them as not just the monsters, you see them as the people they were.
  You also see the friends and family dynamic in action.  There is also a deeper part of the book that shows how evil politics can be and how corrupt that it can be.  It makes you think so who truly needs to be put behind the bars the people or the werewolves, vampires and zombies .
  The characters in this book range from the sweet and innocent Jade to the epitome of evil Dr Conrad . The main character is Wyatt Baldwin and his family. Wyatt is a no nonsense kid who is having trouble with his younger brother and is love with the quarterback's girlfriend. You see him change and grow as you read , he grows up fast and becomes the hero that everyone knows he is.
The cast of characters are so complex and involved and when all thrown together in a pot are great. You see the kids become heroes and protectors and trust me you will cheer especially Melvin. He finally found out where he belonged , not going to spoil it and tell you but I was so shocked and then happy for him. You will figure it out as you read.
  This book is full of scary but it doesn't really push the gore factor. Which I enjoyed so much, I dislike books that have to rely on the gore factor to get their point across. Michael doesn't do that, he has a way of writing that fills you with suspense and scares you with out it. The book is fast paced and has some great plot twists , that will keep you reading well into the night . So if you want a great book to read on HALLOWEEN night check it out . This is a book that will scare and delight you at the same time

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Happy Tuesday all , hope everyone is reading some goo books this fall . Today we are reviewing
SWITCHING HOUR : Magic and Mayhem book one by Robyn Peterman.

                          BOOK BLURB

Released from the magic pokey and paroled with limited power is enough to make any witch grumpy. However, if you throw in a recently resurrected cat, a lime-green Kia and a sexy egotistical werewolf, it's enough to make a gal fly off the edge. 
Not to mention a mission...with no freaking directions.
So here I sit in Asscrack, West Virginia trying to figure out how to complete my mysterious mission before All Hallows Eve when I’ll get turned into a mortal. The animals in the area are convinced I'm the Shifter Whisperer (whatever the hell that is) and the hotter-than- asphalt-in-August werewolf thinks I'm his mate. Now apparently I'm slated to save a bunch of hairy freaks of nature?
If they think I'm the right witch for the job, they've swallowed some bad brew.

                                             MY REVIEW
Welcome to Robyn's newest paranormal phenom. Zelda a self absorbed witch, who is getting sprung from magical jail. She has to complete a mission before Halloween or the poor girl will be turned into a mortal . Which is a fate worse then death, in he opinion. So off she heads in a kia and her not so dead cat. Oh did I mention she ran over her cat. Yeah squished him good . So off to West Virginia she goes with no idea of what she is suppose to do. To beat it all she ends up being the mate of a hotter then hot werewolf and the saviour to the shifter world . What is a poor witch to do but hope for the best and hope they are so wrong .
  Oh my god I absolutely love the characters in this book. Zelda is so self absorbed , its so cool to read . She is trying to be good after being let out of jail but you can see her struggling at trying to be good. She finds herself and finds out she is a great healer to the shifters . She is zany in all ways , she is off balance and zany. She speaks her mind and is wisecracking. The best character in the book in my opinion is Fabio , the poor cat that is more then he seems . The poor cat has been run over and buried , then resurrected. He has a tendency to lick his balls in the most inopportune times and loves to steal fashion for Zelda. The cast of shifters are so funny and sweet all at the same time . They all come to care and love Zelda. Then there is Mac the hotter then hot wolf. Oh he is pantie dropping hot and wants Zelda so badly. He is the alpha of the shifter colony in Ass crack West Virginia . He is your typical alpha male . Good looks , hot body and attitude that goes with all good alpha males .  Throw them all together you have the makings for a zany cast of characters that will make you happy .
   This is a book that you want to read to put you in a great mood . They zany cast of characters will keep you reading. You will giggle and laugh out loud as you watch Zelda and the gang. I love Robyn's books , I love the way she can make you smile as you read them . She comes up with some great one liners and some great words . That I seem to use in my daily life more often then not .   Her characters are quirky , off balance and sometimes just down right rude but you will fall in love with them all . So if you like quirky stories with a paranormal twist , this is the book for you . Check out all of Robyn's books , you will laugh and laugh . I promise 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Books to curl up with: HAPPY WEDNESDAY ALL ITS OUR HALLOWEEN READS DAY: Good Wednesday all , yes I know I am late today but it is time for our weekly Halloween read. Today we are going to review ZOMBIE SEED II CO...


Good Wednesday all , yes I know I am late today but it is time for our weekly Halloween read. Today we are going to review ZOMBIE SEED II CONCEPTION  by PM BARNES
                             BOOK BLURB

Things have gone horribly wrong for Al and the world as we know it.
The Alpha Project arises as a possible solution, but quickly becomes a dangerous prospect and a one way trip to hell for Al and everyone involved.

Caught in the crossfires of an ethical and moral nightmare, Al tries to maintain the few strands of sanity he has left.
With no one to turn to and so much on the line, he makes friends with another man who’s also on the edge.
When changes that neither of them fully understands, shreds the connection that they’ve built, one of them will find themselves in a heart-stopping dance with a monster.

                           MY REVIEW
 This is the second book in the ZOMBIE SEED trilogy and it shows us how it all began. Welcome to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. The Alpha Project becomes the possible solution or could it be the signed death warrant. Welcome to Al's world  being an analyst on the project he is thrown into a hell that no one will come out the winner.
   The author takes us to the beginning of all, where it began. The lab where the top scientists are working on a serum. The two main characters Al and Martin . Al is the family man that is frustrated with his job and having nightmares. He is trying to live through what is happening as they play God.
Martin is a geek and he is mysterious to boot . He works like a machine and doesn't talk to Al at all . He has something to hide , I have a feeling there is more to him then meets the eye .  I think that he knows more about patient zero and doesn't really know how to process it. When we first meet them Martin is alone in the lab contemplating on what has happened. Al is no where to be scene . We hear banging and thumping against the door. But like in any great zombie book we do not open the door for nothing or no one. Then you are thrust into the lives of the characters and get to see how things are done from the start.
  The author thrusts us right into the middle of the outbreak. You are sucked in from the first page, the characters are so complex and you are thrown into the middle of the chaos . Trust me you will both hate and feel sorry for Al and Martin . You will see them break down and wonder what the hell they are doing working on patient zero. When you pickup this book be prepared to sit there until the book is done. You will laugh cry and shout at your kindle when you read. Just remember I warned you , sleep with the light on and you will never think of monkeys in the same way again . So I suggest that THE ZOMBIE SEED TRILOGY  should be on your Halloween reading list. You will not be disappointed because PM BARNES  takes the zombie genre to the next level.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Good Monday everyone I hope you all had a great weekend. Today we are going to review SAVING MAGDALENA  by Shannon Condon.

                           BOOK BLURB

Magdalena “Maggie” Curran is a freshman at a prestigious Virginia boarding school when her parents are killed in a car accident in Rome. Now an orphan, Maggie has only one true friend to lean on—Graham Ashford. He is the only one who can help her through the depression and night terrors that follow her parents’ death.
In her junior year, the school deems her stable enough to have a roommate, and her new friend Sarah quickly draws Maggie out of her shyness and into the dating world. While at Sarah’s house for Thanksgiving, however, she meets Sarah’s older brother, Eric, and what starts as a shy crush soon turns into terror as Eric becomes obsessed and violent toward Maggie.
Maggie runs to the safety of Graham, now her boyfriend. But not even Graham can protect her from Eric when he assaults her in her dorm room. Eric is given a light sentence in a mental institution, and Maggie leaves everything behind and moves to her mother’s hometown of Malaga, Spain, to attend college on a music scholarship and try to find her mother’s estranged family.
Beginning with the death of her parents, Maggie has had to reach inside herself to find the strength and resilience to move on. When she comes face-to-face with Eric again, she has to decide if she is strong enough to reclaim her life and become the woman she is meant to be.

                                                  MY REVIEW
  Right from the first page I was intrigued by this book. Maggie is a young lady that has been all over Europe with her parents. But tragedy strikes as she heads back to her boarding school. Her parents are killed and she is left an orphan. Her best friend Graham is there for her helping her through it all
Then Maggie gets a roommate and Sarah opens her up to so many new things like dating and having fun. Then one Thanksgiving Maggie's life alters and she becomes the deer in the headlights of Sarah's brother . A crush soon turns into  terror for Maggie a terror that Graham can't even save her from. Even traveling to Spain doesn't give enough distance between Maggie and her stalker . As she makes a life there she reconnects with her mother's family and finds true love . But will that be enough to keep her safe and alive.
    The author takes us on an adventure with Maggie , from all over Europe to Virginia back to Spain. The characters were well written and you got to watch them grow as you read . At the beginning you see Maggie as naïve young woman , who even though travelled all over Europe was still kind of naïve about things. She had to grow up fast and you start to see that as she and Sarah start hanging out. You really see her start to mature as she goes through all the hell that she went through. You see come out the other side a very strong woman, knowing what and who she is . I truly liked her and wanted to see her come out the other side stronger and wiser. The character of Graham is a likable guy who loves her as a best friend an first love. They are so sweet together and who never forgets their first love . He would do anything for Maggie and does. He protects her and listens to her . he is just a sweet all around guy. The rest of the cast of characters are so diverse and are there to help Maggie when she needs it . She can count on them to help her out when she needs it.
  Over all I really liked this book.  The characters were brilliant and the story line flowed well . But a times I felt a little disconnected with Maggie, like how she started the book with Maggie being 15 at the start and be in her twenties when she is in Spain. I just felt like wow what a jump.
 The author has us on the edge of our seats as we read, from her student years to Spain and Maggie as a spy. I want to hopefully read more about Maggie as a spy, she would be so good at it , I think.
  Over all the story is really good and will have you crying and throwing your book at a few spots. Trust me you will cry both tears of sadness and tears of joy when you read her story. You will turning pages well into the night and wondering how Maggie got through it all. And found love and family despite all the hardships and terror she went through . This is the book for you, it will give you a book hangover , trust me I know. Hope to read more from this author and soon

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WICKED WEDNESDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WICKED WEDNESDAY: Welcome to Wednesday, today we are going to review a book that actually scared me so let me introduce to SCABS The Gemini Exception by Eric ...

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WICKED WEDNESDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WICKED WEDNESDAY: Welcome to Wednesday, today we are going to review a book that actually scared me so let me introduce to SCABS The Gemini Exception by Eric ...


Welcome to Wednesday, today we are going to review a book that actually scared me so let me introduce to SCABS The Gemini Exception by Eric A Shelman.

                              BOOK BLURB

SCABS: The Gemini Exception

A strange phenomenon occurs out of nowhere. An omnipresent light that engulfs the entire planet. Humanity is forever changed by the light. NOAA and NASA are mystified.

People soon face a new threat; even the smallest, most insignificant injury will no longer heal. Doctors cannot stop it. The sick do not die … they change.

They are Scabs.

As the survivors flee, it becomes clear there is no place to run and time is short. The topography of the planet begins to change. Devastation and destruction ensue on a massive scale.

Scott and Warren Walsh are brothers. Over a thousand miles separate them from one another. Something about them is special, and places them in a category with only 0.2% of the world’s population.

Only one thing gives Scott, Warren and others like them hope against the Scabs.

The Gemini Exception

                          MY REVIEW
 This book had me looking over my shoulder for about three days and really wanting to be a twin. I will admit it I actually slept with the light on after I finished. Yes I admit it I was so creeped out and I loved it . This is the first book in a long time that actually made me uneasy. Which in my book is and awesome read. The author has taken us on such a terror filled ride, you will be turning pages all night long.
  The story is based on Warren and Scott Walsh, brothers that were separated when they were young . One moving across the border to Canada and the other moving to Florida.  Not speaking very much through out the years as the circumstances are so vast. As the world starts to change with the light and the scabs . They decide that they have to get to the remote cabin where they grew up. Communicating through homing pigeons and spotty cell service. They have to navigate the government, the hazards on the road and the creatures. Which one is worse I just don't know .
 The characters are well written and well developed . You get to feel the pain and anger from both men as they travel to the cabin. They have both been through a lot one more then the other. But both Scott and Warren have been hurt in so many different ways . You see them come to terms with what has happened as they reunite at the Cabin. The rest of the cast of characters are a rag tag bunch that are all twins or triplets . They come from all walks of life and some are very flawed but sweet and others are stronger and want to do anything they can to get away. The one thing is that they compliment each other in so many ways. They become a family as they fight to survive. I really like these characters very much.
   The author takes us on a rollercoaster ride from the very first pages.  The author writes alternating stories so you feel like you are there with the brothers as they head out and fight the creatures, which we don't really know what they are but they are creepy and evolving with every turn of the page.  This isn't a book for the faint of heart , trust me on this one . I slept with the light on for 2 nights after reading. and jumping at every noise you hear outside. So if you want a book that combines both zombies and horror , this is the book for you. You won't be able to put it down . Just remember to sleep with the lights on.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Good Tuesday all, hope everyone is doing great. Today is a special day it is release day for Nina Mason's new book THE DEVIL'S MASQUERADE (ROYAL PAINS BOOK 3)

                             BOOK BLURB
Beware the devil in disguise...

The year is now 1685 and Maggie's father has just been crowned King of Great Britain, but that doesn't mean trouble is over for the Duke and Duchess of Dunwoody. Rather than cool the flames of hatred between Papists and Protestants, the coronation of a Catholic monarch has only added accelerant to the already raging blaze. Two-faced devils lurk in every corner of the royal court, as do diseases with the power to kill and maim. When Robert falls prey to the smallpox virus, it looks as though Maggie will lose the two people most precious to her--her beloved husband and their only child--the son she bore three months before after five years of heartbreaking miscarriages and stillbirths. The one person in London who can help save her son demands a steep price in exchange her services. Will Maggie trade Robert's hard-won fidelity to save her only child...or offer the apothecary an even more scandalous alternative?

For readers 18+

                            MY REVIEW
   Welcome back to the court and the year 1685 things have changed in the lives of Robert and Maggie . Some of it not good though there is still a division and hatred between Papists and Protestants. There is also smallpox running rampant. There is a price to pay for everything and is Maggie up to the job she must do to save her son and her husband.
  This is the third book in the series and I think the most exciting of the three books . The author takes us on such and emotional rollercoaster ride. You have the intrigue of the goings on in court and the wages of what is going on in the lives of Maggie and Robert. Trust me there is some good naughty stuff with in the pages also. The author has done such great research and all the little details she added, brings the story alive and adds depth to the story line.
   The characters have matured a lot since the first book. Maggie has grown into the wife and finally mother that  she wanted to be . She has had a so many troubles that have molded her into the woman she need to be . This is the most trying time for poor Maggie she wants to save both her son and her husband. She takes matters into her own hands and basically makes a deal with the devil herself . I love the way Maggie has matured in this book, she is stronger and not so naïve as she once was . She is a fighter with something to fight for . Robert is growing up also , he is still a rascal but wants to prove to Maggie that he is the man she loves and has fought hard to prove his worthiness of her love. I see how he changes when his is struck down . He doesn't know if he will survive and will do anything to save the son they finally have together. But will he give up his love , you will have to read to find out . The cast of characters are there in the back ground trying to plot against the lovers and trying to destroy them.
   This is a great read and ladies it is hot, hot, hot . Your kindle might start to smolder as you read . I sat down and read this book in a night and suffered a book hang over afterwards . I needed to know what was going to happen and if Robert survive and will they stay together. I love the historical aspect of the stories also . She takes us on such a journey . So if you want some sexy romance mixed in with some historical intrigue . This is the series of books for you. These books are for those over the age of 18. So check them out

                 ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Nina Mason is an incurable romantic who strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten.

She has five books out at present and two more releasing soon. Out currently are, in order of publication: The Queen of Swords, a darkly erotic Scottish paranormal romance/urban fantasy; The Tin Man, a political thriller; Devil in Duke's Clothing and The Duke's Bedeviled Bride, books one and two in an erotic historical series titled Royal Pains; and Starry Knight, book one in an erotic PNR/UF series called The Knights of Avalon.

The two books on the way are The Devil's Masquerade, book three in Royal Pains, and Dark and Stormy Knight, book two in The Knights of Avalon.

The former series follows a Scottish duke and duchess through the events of the Restoration period. The latter combines Arthurian legend, Celtic mythology, and Scottish history to tell the story of four mortals taken by the faeries after falling in battle. The Knights of Avalon are the breeding drones of the legendary sorceress Morgan Le Fay.

Ms. Mason, born and raised in Southern California, currently lives with her family in Woodstock, Georgia.