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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO THURSDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO THURSDAY:  Welcome to Thursday all, hope you are all staying warm and safe . Today we are going to review the second book in the Becoming series . BEC...


 Welcome to Thursday all, hope you are all staying warm and safe . Today we are going to review the second book in the Becoming series . BECOMING CHARLIE part 2 by Kristie Haigwood .

                            BOOK BLURB 

     When everything begins to go right in your life, when the sun comes out to shine light on brand new beginnings, it may be a good idea pause and remember that not all good things last.

                         MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to Eden high , its the summer before their senior year . Charlie is about to embark on a summer of work and Sean . When she is thrown for a loop with her new friend Raven and trying to get Sean to fall in love with her . There are memories that come back and secrets that need to come to light . Will they be strong enough to weather the things to come to come back to each other 
   I must say that I am loving Charlie and Sean . Charlie actually really grew up in this book . She becomes a teen ager and does teen ager things . Like party and having fun . But there is a sadness still with her and you still want to wrap her up in a warm blanket and hug her . She really does some growing up in this book . I truly love who she is becoming  even when she has a set back she is still lovable . Sean has some set backs and I really kind of wanted to slap him upside the head a few times for being such a jerk . He also does some growing up in this book . You will either love him or really hate him through out this book . Now Raven well she is the resident bad girl but yet you see a sweet girl that wants to be part of something and has so many trust issues that will have you loving her even though she is the devil on Charlie's shoulder a few times . They become such good friends that you will cheer for them also . 
    Ok I am going to say something here I liked the first book but I honestly loved this book . The author took us on such an emotional journey that had me laughing one moment and the had my heart ripping to shreds in another moment . There is a few tough scenes to read that will have you crying your eyes out . We do deal with the after effects of war and PTSD .  That will break your heart  when you read them .  The author does handle the scenes with dignity and a sensitivity that it deserves . This is a book that both adults and teens would love to read , The characters just keep getting better and the story is so believable cause we know we have all been there being in invisible and just wanting to be part of the crowd .  High school is always a pain and we all got through it .  Family is another big part of this book . The dysfunctional family and the  family that you need when the chips fall and all you can do is hold yourself together . So if you want a series that you will love this is the series for you . I can't wait to see if the author writes more books with the rest of the characters . We need to hear Raven's back story . hint hint . 

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY: Well , I am on my 4th cup of tea under a fuzzy blanket still in my fuzzy pjs cause I am living on the frozen tundra in Saskatchewan , the me...


Well , I am on my 4th cup of tea under a fuzzy blanket still in my fuzzy pjs cause I am living on the frozen tundra in Saskatchewan , the mercury has fallen out of my thermometer . The good thing about it being so cold you can curl up with some fun books . Today we are going to review THE DOUBLE D RANCH  by Rochelle Bradley .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Longhorns and lingerie...

Much to the chagrin of foreman Josiah, Jessie Davidson wants a romance reduction. But the Double D Ranch hides a secret. Since inheriting the property, Jessie kept her grandmother’s hoard concealed, but now she’s found the courage to purge the unwanted items: steamy novels, thousands of them. Romance has to go! Donating the books is a good thing, right? Not when coupled with a dare.

The dare spirals out of control. The ante is upped when caches of the spicy books, left in barber shops, pool halls, and pubs, challenge others to join the fad. A perverted prankster runs amok playing on the town’s fantasies. Book clubs are formed. Plots acted out. In a town saturated with romance, Jessie finds her love life underdeveloped.

Keep Jessie safe. It’s the promise Josiah Barnes made to Jessie’s dying grandmother. He aims to honor it, even if it means protecting Jessie from himself. Failing her in the past has him on high alert when the Double D becomes ground zero for the arousal avalanche sweeping the town. As a full-support, silent partner, Josiah will do anything to augment the Double D. But when Jessie starts selling handmade lingerie, keeping his hands to himself is easier said than done…

Will she shelve happily ever after like a rejected novel, or open her heart and start a new chapter?

                           MY REVIEW 
    Welcome to THE DOUBLE D RANCH  and the town of Fortuna Texas . Jessie Davidson has inherited the ranch from her grandmother . She has also discovered a hoard of steamy romance novels . When she donates them , she starts finding them all over town and a town caught up in the reading of said novels . Acting them out and just having romance all over the place . As her love life is idle , but there is a spark from a man that has been in her life will bring more then any romance novel  can ever do . 
    The characters were fun to read , there are some really wacky over the top characters in Fortuna Texas . Jessie and Josiah are such a cute couple even though they are just a little naïve about the whole love thing . They usually end up doing things on a dare . They are sweet and kind and you really want to get to know them . The person that kept me laughing hard was Desire, she is one hilarious woman, she loves to get people to do things that they normally don't do . Trust me ladies you will snort laughing at what these characters get up to . 
   This is a fun, fast read , you can read it on a cold day like today . I will say just be prepared to laugh your butt off . Between the prankster running around town and the men reading romance novels and trying to act them out . You will laugh so hard . There were just a few things that kind slowed the book down a bit . Jessie and Josiah getting together , it took a long time for them to come together . Even though they had feelings for each other. It kind of dragged a bit for me . I over all really enjoyed the story and the characters . If you want a fun read that will leave you laughing check it out , you will not be disappointed 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING:     BRRRRRR  its frigid out there for a Monday morning . I hope everyone is staying warm and reading some great books . Today we are going t...


    BRRRRRR  its frigid out there for a Monday morning . I hope everyone is staying warm and reading some great books . Today we are going to review the second book in the Roadhouse Chronicles . REDEEMED  by Matthew Cox

                            BOOK BLURB 

The worst part about chasing one’s dream is catching it.

Six months ago, Kevin opened a Roadhouse of his own. No longer the idiot braving the dangerous post-nuclear highways of 2073, he thought he’d finally grow old and happy selling bullets, beds, and booze to those still foolish enough to get behind the wheel.

Then, he’d met her.

The white-haired outcast from the xenophobic Enclave crashed into his life, becoming the conscience he never wanted and everything he desired. She couldn’t save the world from the Virus, but she could save Kevin’s dream.

A biker gang calling themselves the Redeemed starts shooting up Roadhouses in flagrant disregard of the Code, shattering the serenity of his humble waystation. When the long-vaunted retribution of Amarillo’s army fails to materialize, Kevin feels more like a sitting duck than he ever did on the road—but it’s not his ’house he fears losing.

Determined to protect her, he takes it upon himself to enforce the unwritten law of the Roadhouse.

                        MY REVIEW
     No longer on the road Tris and Kevin are finally working at the Roadhouse that has been a dream of Kevin's for as long as he can remember . Everything is going good for them until the day they find Wayne another road house owner is found dead by a gang . When there is no Amarillo's army to come and stop the disregard of the deaths. They are nervous and want retribution . But will they be able to find the culprits and settle down at the road house together ,
  Kevin and Tris are back and better then ever . Kevin to me in this book is kind of getting the wanderlust after having the road house for 6 months . He seems a little bit more relaxed though and has fallen in love with Tris . When he finally heads out we see the old Kevin come back the edgy driver but there is a little difference too him . Tris is also changing she seems a little off her game . When Tris and Zara are out on a mission she just seems a little out of it . She is still kick butt , and man I really like her . Zara is a character that we met in book one as working for the Enclave but in this book she has come to the right side and is helping Tris on her mission to get people out of Amarillo.  All I can say is these characters are getting better with each book . They are becoming more and more complex and you can't help liking them . 
    In book two the author takes us on more adventures . We actually get to see Tris go out on her own mission with Zara  and Kevin heading out on a path of revenge .  The author weaves the two stories together with a seamless way . I truly felt that Tris got a little bit of a story line in this book .  She got to battle more and Kevin was it seemed running around in circles .  I will say that the story is getting better with each book . I can't wait to read book three . So if you like dystopia, apocalyptic stories with  a zombie or two in it these are the books . Check it out you will not be disappointed . Great book to read on a cold day . 

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO SUNDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO SUNDAY ALL:   Welcome to Sunday all hope you are all staying warm . Today we are going to review a sweet coming of age story .  BECOMING CHARLIE  part o...


  Welcome to Sunday all hope you are all staying warm . Today we are going to review a sweet coming of age story .  BECOMING CHARLIE  part one by K.S Haigwood .

                           BOOK BLURB

My name is Charlie, and I'm invisible. Well, not literally, but until one of the most popular guys at Eden High saved my life, nobody even knew I existed. Sean Reese gave me more than my life back that night. He gave me friendship.
And maybe, just maybe, I can save him, too.

Will he still be my friend when he finds out my secret?

                       MY REVIEW 
   Welcome to Eden high, where there are typical cliques and the popular people seem to run the school . Charlie is smart and also feels like she should be invisible so no one can see her and try and figure out her secret . Until the night when she was attacked by three of the thugs . One of the most popular boys on the baseball team saves her . Sean Reese saved her and they became friends . But they both are have secrets that they are hiding from each other . There will be obstacles in their way and misunderstandings that may break them up but will they over come them to be together 
   The characters in this book are sweet . At the beginning you have to figure out if Charlie is a girl or a boy but I did figure it out . She is sweet and young . She just wants to get through school and have no one find out her secret . As she spends time with Sean you start to see her blossom into a sweet young woman , who wants to live and be loved .  She becomes sassy and courageous and your really want to love her and keep her safe .  She has so much personality and she is also really hurting from a past . Sean is a really sweet and nerdy hot guy who is like a hero to Charlie . He saved her from a really bad situation and they became instant friends , flirting always with something more . But he is also hiding a very dark secret that if it got out could destroy him and Charlie all the same . They are such a fun couple to read . Charlie so shy and Sean so outgoing and they need each other . 
   This is a sweet book that both adults and teens can relate too . We have all been there feeling invisible around people . We just want to hide from the world and just make it through the day . The story takes us on a emotional rollercoaster that will make you cry and in the next sentence you are laughing . There are a couple of spots in the story that kind of drug but over all I really enjoyed this book and I am going to get my niece and her friends to read this series . Cause I know they have all felt the same way Charlie has . 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD SATURDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD SATURDAY ALL:  Well it is Saturday and I am up and still trying to caffeinate myself . Didn't get much sleep last night cause I needed to get this boo...


 Well it is Saturday and I am up and still trying to caffeinate myself . Didn't get much sleep last night cause I needed to get this book read . HAUNTED  by R.L Merrill .

                           BOOK BLURB 

Ink and art are in Jaylene Charles' blood. When her overbearing father died unexpectedly, Jaylene quit her internship with a prominent Berkeley therapist and followed her heart to New Orleans. Finding kindred spirits there, she got back to her tattooing roots and realized her dream of owning her own tattoo shop. Jaylene had everything she thought she wanted when five tattooed, pierced, and broken-hearted rock n’ roll boys challenged her to put her skills, and her heart, to the test.

Maggie’s Bones were Metal’s next big thing when tragedy struck, leaving them devastated and at each others' throats. Their label demanded a follow-up to their latest insanely successful album, and they were running out of time. Hiding out in Louisiana to salvage their career, they sought Jaylene’s help. She immediately felt a connection with D, the broken man with the sorrowful eyes and missing smile, but refused to let him in.

Can Jaylene trust that D's feelings are more than gratitude? Can the man with the sad eyes make her accept that sometimes love really can cure the haunted?


                      MY REVIEW 
   Welcome to New Orleans a place of magic , music and great food . Jaylene runs her own tattoo parlour after well lets say running away after her father died. Along with her best friend Mackenzie she is making a good living for herself . She is a gifted artist and when five sexy tattooed men walk into her ship and her life is turned upside down . When she is paid to help the five men from MAGGIES BONES  have to work and play and get over some pain that is in their hearts . D has taken her heart and she has taken his . Will they be able to work through the pain of their pasts and come to be the loves that they want for each other . 
   Oh my god the characters in this book are so well written and complex . Jaylene is a sweet but tough woman who has been through so much but has come out the other side stronger . But like all woman she really doesn't think that she is good enough for a man like Devon could love her .  I truly loved her and the way she was , kind and sweet but tough as nails .  Mackenzie is her best friend and man she is a hoot to read . She is the total opposite of Jaylene. She is out going and a flirt but deep down she is just like Jaylene a sweet sensitive girl . 
  Now lets talk the men of Maggie's Bones . Marcus well some days you don't know if you want to kick his butt or hug him to death . He is the front man and is oh so arrogant sometimes but over all he can be a nice guy when he wants to be . Mage is well he is the spiritual one of the group . I really liked him , he was sweet and kind and really treated everyone with respect . Star is like a big kid , he is happy about everything and you just want to hug him and hang with him . He is a sweet guy that will have you giggling as you read him. Jade is a mystery to us all , he seems to be the quiet one but when push comes to shove he will be there for you .  Now for the man that stole Jaylene's heart . Devon , wow what can you say about this man . He is tall , sexy as sin , you really want to climb him like a spider monkey . Add brooding and you got the makings of a sex god . As you watch him and Jaylene 's relationship grow we see more to him . He sometimes feels like he is a insecure boy looking for the place to call home . There were moments when you just wanted to wrap him up in a warm blanket and hold him tight . You will fall in love with him trust me . 
    When I sat down to read this book I wasn't expecting the story I was going to get . I was honestly thinking ok another rocker book with groupies and misunderstandings . Boy was I wrong , I was hooked by the second chapter . The story is well written and has twists and turns that will have you turning pages trying to know more about all the characters . There are parts of this book that will have you crying your eyes out and trying to piece your heart back together . The author does a great job in ripping out your heart over and over . But she also pieces it back together for you . There is more to the story then just rockers there is a deeper connection that will come out through out the story , You will feel the pain of each member of the band and what and why they are going through the pain . You will love and hate each character through out the story . So if you want a great story with complicated characters this is the book for you , Check it out you wont be disappointed . 

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Books to curl up with: COVER REVEAL

Books to curl up with: COVER REVEAL:  HAPPY FRIDAY ALL  today we are doing a cover reveal for CLAIMED ROYALITY by Betty Shreffler . Title: Claimed Royalty Series: ...


 HAPPY FRIDAY ALL  today we are doing a cover reveal for CLAIMED ROYALITY by Betty Shreffler .

Title: Claimed Royalty

Series: Crowned and Claimed #1

Author: Betty Shreffler

Release Date: February 8, 2019

In a world where a woman’s purity is the fine line between being Queen and being killed, he was given one duty—to protect my purity and above all, to protect me. Both were a battle we weren’t ready for.
Forced by tradition, and as their chosen Queen, I must endure my trials and the suitor phase, ultimately giving myself to a man from the Royal Houses. Each one competes to be my King, all wanting what no other has had…my purity.

To have what I truly want would risk my entire reign, but to do what is expected of me would destroy my heart. My only protection is to follow through, giving each royal the opportunity to win their prize…me in a bedroom suite and a crown atop their head.

Behind closed doors, I commit my biggest sin, loving a man I’m forbidden to have. When the time comes for me to be crowned, I’ll be forced to make a choice—risk our love or risk my life.

From the Author: This story contains multiple men pursuing and having a relationship with the lead heroine. Story may not be suitable for readers who dislike love triangles, ménage, or why choose reverse harems. This series is as sexy as it is suspenseful. Packed with romance, drama, action, and unexpected twists. Once you start, you won’t want to put it down! 

AMAZON LINK to come 



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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO THURSDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO THURSDAY:   Good Thursday everyone , hope you are all staying warm and not traveling anywhere . Today we are going to review ONE MORE RUN ( The Roadho...


  Good Thursday everyone , hope you are all staying warm and not traveling anywhere . Today we are going to review ONE MORE RUN ( The Roadhouse chronicles #1) by Matthew S Cox

                            BOOK BLURB 

In August of 2021, they tried to disprove the adage that violence doesn’t solve anything—by killing everyone.

No people, no problems.

Fifty years later, humanity has emerged from the ashes. As if nuclear war didn’t do enough, a cruel virus followed on its heels, reducing many survivors to mindless killers.

Drivers are the only link between scattered towns. Anyone with the skill to maintain a vehicle (and the balls to hit the road) can seek fortune and glory running jobs for the Roadhouse.

Kevin longs to trade in his steering wheel for a Roadhouse of his own, no longer the idiot dodging bullets for a handful of coins. He’s one run away from retiring when a strange woman begs him for a ride to Harrisburg. Desperation has a way of getting a man to do stupid things, like running a package so valuable half the Wildlands will come after him.

All his life, Kevin cared mostly about himself—and his car—yet this woman makes him wonder if there’s more to life than selling food, booze, and weapons to reckless fools.

Her past comes calling, leaving Kevin at a fork in the road: fulfill his dream, or let it go for something he never thought he’d want: love.

                          MY REVIEW . 
    What happens after a nuclear holocaust well fifty years after the destruction . People have emerged from the ashes like phoenix rising .  We have the drivers the only links between the towns and road houses that are scattered around the country.  All Kevin wants to do is get enough coin to get his own road house and retire . Until the day Tris barrels into his life . A young woman kidnapped and fighting to stay alive .  Together they start down a road that will either have them killed or get their happily ever after . 
    I must say the characters in this book had me hooked from the very first chapter . They are so well written and complex. Kevin kind of reminds me of a mad max character . He is grumpy ,and only out for himself . He has been hurt and just wants to go on his runs get the money for his road house .  As you get deeper into the story you really see him open up and even though he is gruff and stoic . You see him become more of the man he use to be and the man his father was hoping for . I truly liked him  and was crying and laughing along with him through out the book.  Now Tris you really felt for her , she was so confused and scared when we first meet her . But as you start to get to know her you find out she can really kick butt when she needs to . She also seems to be the cricket  conscious that is really opening up Kevin to doing good for the people they run into . There is also a little bit of mystery to Tris is she and android or is she a real living breathing woman . That is for you to decide and whatever you choose will be ok .  I must say I truly liked these characters by themselves and as a couple they could beat the snot out of anyone that messed with them . 
    When I started reading this book I was what did I get myself into . The book had me hooked by the time I was done chapter one . The story has so many twists and turns that kept me reading for hours . The characters are well written and complex and you can't help but like them. You will also want to punch them and yell at them cause they are doing something really stupid .  The book has a Mad Max feel to it and it also has some zombies , yes I said zombies . They really add to the story .  I really liked this book and can't wait to read the second book in the series . So if you want a book that will keep you reading all night long and send you to the apocalypse . Check out this series you will not be disappointed .

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Books to curl up with: COVER REVEAL

Books to curl up with: COVER REVEAL:    So excited for this cover reveal for Pam Godwin's new book . TAKE                                                   TAKE is book...


   So excited for this cover reveal for Pam Godwin's new book . TAKE

                                                  TAKE is book 5 in the DELIVER Series
                                  Dark Romance - Anti-heroes - Sex Trafficking - Cartel
Release Date: Apr 2, 2019
    He’s a notorious crime lord, a kidnapper, and an artist.
Scarification is his outlet, and he just captured a new canvas
  Kate refuses to surrender beneath his blade or the cruelty in his beautiful eyes
  But she’s drawn to the man inside the monster. A man who makes her ache with his touch. 
   Who owns her with his kiss.  A man who worships her as deeply as he hurts her.
She can run, but there’s no escape from a bond carved in scars.


DELIVER, Book 1: FREE on all retailers

His name was Joshua Carter. Now it’s whatever she wants it to be

She is a Deliverer.
She lures young men and delivers them to be sold. She delivers the strikes that enforce their obedience. She delivers the sexual training that determines their purchase price.
As long as she delivers, the arrangement that protects her family will hold.
Delivering is all she knows.
The one thing she can’t deliver is a captive from slavery.
Until him.
And her stubborn slave thinks he can deliver her…from herself.


Her life is like a prison cell.
A self-made, to-hell-with-the-free-world existence that locks from the inside.
Stop judging. Her agoraphobia doesn’t define her. It simply keeps her safe.
He belongs in a prison cell
The 6x8, make-me-your-bitch variety that locks from the outside. But he’s free. To hunt. To take. To break.

And he just found a sexy new toy.
Capturing her is the easy part. Her fucked-up mind, however, makes him question everything he does next.
But he’s a determined bastard. If all goes his way, this will hurt like hell.


Camila was seventeen when Van Quiso kidnapped her. Ten years after her escape, the shackles refuse to release her. Not while there are still slave traders preying on her city.
She will stop at nothing to end them
Even if that means becoming a slave again.
Returning to chains is her worst fear—and only option. They won’t know who she is or what she intends to do. She’s prepared for every complication.
Except him.
The one who decimated her sixteen-year-old heart.
Matias is charming, gorgeous, and dangerously seductive. He’s also untrustworthy and enshrouded in secrets. After years of no contact, he finds her—on her knees, wrists bound, in the clutches of her enemy.
Will he sabotage her mission by needlessly saving her?
Or will he keep her in chains and never let her go?


“What is the price you’re willing to pay?”
“Money isn’t an issue.”
“I’m not talking about money.”
Tate is on the hunt to find his best friend’s sister.
Eleven years ago, Lucia Dias was abducted. 
Presumed dead. He never met her, so why does he care?
Some might call his efforts noble, but his motivation is more perverse
, bordering on obsession.
When he follows a chilling lead to Venezuela’s Kidnap Alley,
 what he finds is neither a corpse nor a captive.
Amid poisonous lies and crippling depravity, 
the price of love is devastation.
And he pays.
With his body, his blood, and her life.


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.
Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.