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Books to curl up with: ITS TUESDAY

Books to curl up with: ITS TUESDAY:  Good Tuesday all , yes I am still in the deep freeze that will never end it seems . If you are in the deep freeze I have a hot book for you...


 Good Tuesday all , yes I am still in the deep freeze that will never end it seems . If you are in the deep freeze I have a hot book for you . SEDONA SIN  by Lisa Kessler

                            BOOK BLURB

A new Alpha will rise...

Asher Mateo's future was stolen the night the Sedona Pack Alpha marked him to be bitten. Drafted into the werewolf Pack, Asher was forced to become a man he hardly recognized. After heading up a rebellion to overthrow their Alpha, Asher can't wash the sins from his hands and yearns for a fresh start. But he can't bring himself to leave Naomi and her twin boys. Without a strong Alpha to lead the Pack, all their lives are at risk from a new threat who will stop at nothing to expose shifters to the world as blood thirsty killers.

Naomi Rossi used to be a graphic designer with a black belt in karate and deadly aim with ninja stars, but under a full moon a wolf bite left her changed forever. Now she's a single mom to her twin boys, and doing her best to help her friend Asher see himself the way she does, as a leader. But a passing touch, threatens all of her plans as her wolf recognizes this man is destined to be much more than a friend...

                            MY REVIEW 
  What do you do when your pack needs and alpha and the old alpha is dead . Asher Mateo's life has been turned upside down . Ever since he was bitten by a member of the Sedona pack and their evil alpha.  Since the old alpha was overthrown and the old pack has been stopped . Asher and the rest of the ragtag wolves have been trying to come together . He has done everything in his power to protect Naomi and her twin boys . But they need an alpha and Asher is the man for the job . But can he step up and bring the pack together before Nero comes and kills them all . 
    I am so happy that there is a new pack and new characters to swoon over .  Asher is well he is so very swoon worthy . Tall and sexy and a smile that would melt your heart . There is more to him then just being sexy . He is sweet and lovable, you will either want to climb him like a spider monkey or hug him tight and take care of him. Naomi has been through so much at the hands of the old alpha and she just doesn't trust anyone . She is as tough as nails to keep her boys safe .  I really like her, she doesn't take anything from anyone , she is strong and speaks her mind. She is a fierce protector but yet is vulnerable . You guys will love her , she is pretty awesome . The characters are great on their own but together they are a team that can't be beat . 
    I was so excited when i heard the author was going back to the wolf pack and creating a new series and continuing the story with new characters and a new pack . The characters
are so well written and complex. You can really feel for them and you start to care for them . You want them to be happy and get their acts together . The author has created a whole new pack but they still have the old enemy the jaguar assassins from Nero . I love that she kept that aspect. The story has twists and turns that will keep you reading well into the night.I can't wait to read more stories of this pack and see where the author takes us . So if you want a great shifter book check out the SEDONA PACK   you will not be disappointed 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL:  Good Monday morning all well we are back in the deep freeze so it will be another great day to drink tea and read books . Today is release ...


 Good Monday morning all well we are back in the deep freeze so it will be another great day to drink tea and read books . Today is release day for one of my favourite author and her new book NEVER TEMPT A DEMON (book three in the daughters of eve series ) by J.D Brown

                           BOOK BLURB 

The rules for demon slaying are simple.
Rule #3: Never tempt a demon.
...With a promise you can’t keep.

Surrounded by her great-grandfather’s demon bodyguards, Lyn’s days of running from would-be assassin angels finally slow down.

For about .04 seconds.

When knowledge of her divine ancestry reaches a secret sect known as the Sons of Solomon, a not-so-new enemy rises from the bowels of Hell, sending Lyn, Sam, and Angie into a fight for their lives.

As Lyn’s role in what could very well be Armageddon comes to light, one certain truth becomes obvious: Good and evil are not black and white.

The rules go out the window in this third installment of the riveting Daughter of Eve series by award-winning urban fantasy author J.D. Brown.

                             MY REVIEW 
  What do you do when you are being chased by assassin angels , you surround yourself with great gradfathers demon bodyguards . Lyn is finally not running for the grand total of about 3 seconds . When the secret sect Sons of Solomon start coming after her. Whats a girl got to do to get 5 mins of quiet time and a cup of coffee. With her guardian and the fallen angel that is bound to her. Well they run and fight to save Lyn from opening the portal and then from the sons of solomon . Will she and her band of misfits survive the onslaught from every angle and will Lyn get her cup of coffee . 
    The characters are getting better with each book . Lyn is still snarky and kicking butt . But there is an underlying sadness within her. She lost her best friend and she is still trying to figure out what the heck she is suppose to do .  Angie well she is doing her best as a guardian angel to help Lyn keep it together . She is the literally the anget sitting on her shoulder .  Sam well he is being his broody sexy self . Who is trying to help Lyn but he also has his own agenda . He is one conflicted man / angel . You will like him . 
    The story is heating up with the building feelings between Lyn and Sam and the author teases us with the feelings they are starting to have for each other . Those are so much fun to read , cause you know there will be some snarky comments escaping Lyn's mouth each and every time .  Angie and Lyn have the sweetest relationship , more like sisters then friends . you will love them .  The twists and turns the author takes us on will have you on the edge of your seat . As i say there there were a few parts that i really couldn't connect with and i felt the story just kind of drug a little .  Overall i truly enjoyed this addition to the series and  I can't wait for the next book in the series . So if you want a great series with lots of snark and sassiness in the heroine and hot sexy fallen angels and demons who you think that should be trying to steal your soul but they are protecting you . These are the books for you . 

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Books to curl up with: ITS FINALLY FRIDAY

Books to curl up with: ITS FINALLY FRIDAY:  Well I finally have time to sit down and write my blog post today . Today I am going to review RED WOLF by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom .   ...


 Well I finally have time to sit down and write my blog post today . Today I am going to review RED WOLF by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom .

                          BOOK BLURB 

    Tory McKidd is a rare breed of werewolf and dangerous in her own right. When her brother is murdered by rogue werewolves, she seeks justice, crossing paths with sexy detective Adam Scott -- the only human that has ever stirred her senses.

                        MY REVIEW 
  Welcome to Miami , where it is hot and there are forces that are magical . Tory McKidd is on the search for the werewolf that killed her brother . She is a threat in her own right a werewolf , a rare breed that will kill you just like that . Everything was going ok until she runs into a human and a cop. Adam Scott has awoken things in Tory that could be good but dangerous . 
  Man I forgot how involved I got when I read one of this author's books . The characters are so well written and complex . Adam well he is a detective and kind of a rogue . He is handsome and well really kind of sexy in his own way. He can also kind a be a crank and not want to work with any one else . He knows the city and he wants to end the crime .  Tory is a special breed of werewolf . She is strong and sexy as sin . She is attracted to Adam but is trying so hard to say hidden and not let him find her. I really liked her, she is as bad as they come . She will love you and kick your butt at the same time . Alone these characters are wonderful but together they are unstoppable .
  I truly love this series . Red wolf is a great read the author takes us on an ride full of twists and turns . I was turning pages all night long . I got so sucked into the story , and I love the authors take on the werewolf . The author gives each of her wolves their own distinctive abilities . She doesn't fall into the same werewolf trope .  There is a lot that goes on this book , mystery , murder and yes sex . You will cry and laugh and want to throw your kindle a few times out of frustration . You want them to get together so badly.  This could be read as a stand alone but I would say read the other books in the series so you will get the whole picture. Can't wait for the next book to come out.

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Books to curl up with: ITS THURSDAY , DRAGON DAY

Books to curl up with: ITS THURSDAY , DRAGON DAY:  Welcome to Thursday all or as I love to call it Friday Eve. Today I am going to review DEFY ME  (A curvy girl and dragon shifter book 6) by...


 Welcome to Thursday all or as I love to call it Friday Eve. Today I am going to review DEFY ME  (A curvy girl and dragon shifter book 6) by Aidy Award

                           BOOK BLURB 

No soul, no soulmate.
Until she shows up.


I know full well I don't get to even feel love, much less fall in it.
No soul, no soulmate. Ever.
I don’t have room for stolen kisses and fantasies of of making her mine. I've got to break the curse on my brethren and take down the King of Hell.
So why is the dragon part of me insisting on marking and claiming this strange and beautiful woman who just walked into my life (and drank my beer)?

Really weird stuff is happening, like how I accidentally keep turning this hot guy into a dragon and how I really, really wants to kiss him. Again.
What am I thinking? Dark and broody bad boys with those kind of six-pack abs only want one thing, and they don’t want it from me and my big ole butt.
We're stuck together until we can figure out how to break some crazy supernatural curse on me.
But what if I don't want the curse broken?

If you love your shifters broody & hot, your heroines curvy & sassy, and can hardly wait for a feel good Happy Ever After, grab this book now!

Need a good binge read?
Sweet! Here's the Dragons Love Curves OFFICIAL reading order
Book 1 - Chase Me
Book 2 - Tease Me
Book 3 - Bite Me
Book 4 - Cage Me
Book 5 - Baby Me
Book 6 - Defy Me

Here's a sneak peek from Chapter One of Defy Me especially for you!
This should be interesting. Jett picked up his stein and took a long swig, waiting for the scene to play out. If he was lucky, the big bad wolf would make trouble.
The woman pushed her hair out of her face, save one errant strand that she gave a well-practiced blow and then tucked behind her ear. My, oh my. He'd never wanted to be a piece of hair so badly in his life. That mouth was something. She tugged on her t-shirt, that had - sh*t - a unicorn of all things on it. Any grown woman who wore something like that had an innocence about her that he needed to stay far, far away from.
Her shirt refused to stay in place, and it crept back up, showing the thinnest sliver of skin between it and her jeans. That tiny swathe of her bare side had his c*ck standing up and taking notice. Which was strange. It wasn't like he had seen, tasted, caressed, and spanked a whole lot more flesh than that.
Jett readjusted his legs, spreading them wide under the table to give himself some relief from the zipper of his jeans. Then he leaned back in his chair waiting for the action to start. And it would. The masked hell’s beast had taken notice of her presence too.
Blondie caught him staring at her and headed straight to his table. Uh-oh. She was going to bring the trouble to him. He'd been laying low for a while, ever since he'd helped Cage, the stupid Gold Wyvern, rescue his mermaid mate from Hell and gotten his own ass kicked by the Black Dragon in the process. Jett would be back for his father's head soon enough. Once he had what he needed to free his brethren.
Blondie made her way through the rest of the patrons and plonked down in the chair next to him. Not across, not on the other side, but so close his arm brushed up against hers as she picked up his half-full mug of beer and took two, three, four long gulping swallows.
His c*ck once again was jealous of an inanimate object. Jett watched her, fascinated. He didn't exactly radiate friendly, come sit with me vibes. The opposite, if his entire life up until now was any proof.
She plonked the now empty stein down on the table and burped. "Pretend to be my boyfriend." She looked back at the door, then at him, her lavender eyes sparkling. "You know, my big bad, very possessive boyfriend."

                            MY REVIEW 
   What do you do when you are sitting at the bar trying to drown your sorrows . When a beautiful blonde catches your eye and she heads straight for you and plops down beside you drinks your beer and pleads for you to be her big protective boyfriend . Well if you are dragon shifter you go along and get pulled into a woman who can change you into a dragon with just the touch of a hand .  That is what happening to Jett the cursed dragon shifter . When Yvaine walks into his life and turns his life upside down . She is special and he knows that she is his but does a cursed dragon deserve the love of a beautiful woman who is special in her own right . 
    Out of all the dragon shifter books the author has written , I will say that Jett's story was the one I have been waiting for. I have been intrigued by Jett's character since I first read about him. He is brooding and oh so sexy, you either want to slap him upside the head or climb him like a spider monkey . Then there are times you just want to wrap him up and tell him everything will be ok . Its great to see him a little off kilter when it comes to Yvaine .
Now lets talk Yvaine , she is so funny and yet in a way she is naive when it comes to men like Jett.  But there is more to her then meets the eye . She is really strong and can kick butt when she needs to . Also she is sweet and kind and can't swear for the life of her . Which is hilarious to read. I am not going to spoil it and tell you what mythical creature she is but i was in awe when I found out . Jett and Yvaine are fun characters on their own but when they are together they are not stoppable . They are stronger together then apart . 
     This I will admit is my favourite book out of the dragon books . The characters are so well written and they are complex . You will laugh with them and cry with them and the twists and turrns will keep you reading all night long . I started this book in the afternoon and couldn't put it down . The author has a way of sucking you into the story and keeping you entertained the whole time you are reading . I also love that the heroines in the books are curvy girls with junk in the trunk and curves in all the right places . So if you like curvy girl romances with hot dragon shifters this is the series for you . Trust me the Dragons of the Wvyren will have you hot and bothered all night long .

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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY: WOOOHOO  the week is half over , today I have an epic fantasy book for you actually it is book three in the Heirs of Destiny series . STORM ...


WOOOHOO  the week is half over , today I have an epic fantasy book for you actually it is book three in the Heirs of Destiny series . STORM OF CHAOS  by Andy Peloquin.

                           BOOK BLURB 


Against a rising tide of violence, heroes must risk everything for justice and peace.

Rumblings of discord echo through the City of the Dead…
Kodyn hunts the assassin that thwarted his efforts to bring down the most corrupt and powerful politicians in the city.
Elite warrior-in-training Issa is thrust into a desperate battle to quell spreading riots.
Cunning street thief Evren plots to eradicate the ruthless crime syndicate profiting from the violence.
Aisha finds herself drawn deeper into the world of the spirits. Her growing powers could lead to madness—or the salvation of everyone in Shalandra.
Together, the four young heroes and their allies must fight to bring peace and justice before their enemies unleash a storm of chaos, bloodshed, and death.
                         MY REVIEW
 Welcome back to Shalandra , where the violence is getting worse and our band of heroes are plunged deeper into the chaos . Koydn must find the assassin that stopped him from bringing down a corrupt politician . Issa is desperately fighting to stop the spreading riots that are going on between the classes . Aisha is heading deeper into the world of the spirits of the wronged as her powers grow she may have the power to help stop the riots . Evren well Evren is plotting to stop the criminal syndicate that is behind the riots . 
   This is book three in the series and I will say the characters keep growing and becoming more and more complex . You see a massive growth with the characters. Evren really becomes a leading character and he is really becoming a hero . He is taking on a role of protector and really wants to get to the people involved not only to save him but his little brother Hailen and Breanna . I truly love how the author is writing this character . Evren started off as a thief but has grown into so much more . He is a true hero in my opinion . Now Koydn well he really needs a slap upside the head in this book , he is taking too many risks by himself trying to prove to him and everyone that he can do it and get out under his mothers shadow. He is growing up more in this book but he is also so very bull headed . Now for my ladies in the book ps I love both of these characters . Issa is fighting and trying to keep the riots from happening . She is so strong but she finds out some things that might just take her sails right out of her. You will love how strong and brave she is but you can also see her as a person who is having trouble with the choices she has to make . Aisha well she is just awesome . She is so strong and so ready to embrace her powers . Still scared that something bad will happen but she is fierce but she also is human and wants to help her friends and keep the peace . 
    These books just keep getting better and better . There are 4 points of view in the series but each pov takes us to the same conclusion . Each character plays an important role to play as they each figure out their part in stopping the riots and finding out who is behind it . The author takes us on a rollercoaster ride that will honestly have you on the edge of your seat for most of the book . There is so much going on this book there is a mystery , lots of drama and I will say a little bit of romance amongst the heroes . This is a book that you can sit down and start reading and not stop until you are done . I will say that you should read the books in order so you can understand more of what is happening . These are books that are great for teens and adults that love fantasy, heroes and a strong story lines these are the books for you , Check them out . You will not be disappointed . 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING ALL:  Good Monday all , happy family day in my neck of the woods and happy president's day for those who celebrate . Hope you guys have a gre...


 Good Monday all , happy family day in my neck of the woods and happy president's day for those who celebrate . Hope you guys have a great day off . I have a good book for your reading pleasure today .  MARIBELS DECADENT MINATURES  by Theresa Sederholt .

                            BOOK BLURB

He is determined to save his business; she is determined to protect her heart.

My name is Rayden Cornell and I have been drifting through life, trying to find that magical passion that helps life make sense. Until recently, life meant living in my parent’s basement. A chance to go to culinary college led me to where I am today—on my way to becoming a very successful businessman. I want to emphasize the phrase “on my way” because everything was going great until I opened the mail one fateful day.

I’m Dani Bernard, medium and counselor to young girls who have the same talent as I do. Living in Mescalero, New Mexico is the perfect place for me as I try to heal my shattered soul. I thought I was doing pretty well until I saw the image of my sister being used as the face for some guy’s pastry business. In a moment of despair, I reacted. I probably should have thought twice about sending the letter, but it was already on its way before I could take it back. The one thing I never expected was that the letter would change my life the way it did.

Success and tragedy meet and two hearts will have to decide what the future will hold for them.

                           MY REVIEW
 Welcome to Mescalero New Mexico , where Rayden Cornell ends up to get the rights to a photo that he has purchased to promote his on line baking store Maribel's Decadent Miniatures. When he and his best friend come in contact with Dani Bernard things start to change . When Elan has a reaction to the town and Dani he must try and remember his past Rayden needs to come to terms with something that has never happened to him before . Falling in love with Dani .  Will everyone be able to over come the past and have the happily ever after that each of them deserve. 
    When I sat down to read this book I was hoping I would like the characters . I really did love these characters . Rayden is kind of a as they call him in the book a Ralph Kramden . If things didn't take off in 6 months he was on to the next thing . He was kind of a drifter still living at home in his parents basement . Until the day he decides to grow up and take a chance . There were a few times you really just wanted to slap him upside the head cause he was just being a dork .  Overall he is actually a lovable guy that you will love to hang out with him .  Elan is Rayden's best friend and he is the for a lack of a better word the angel on Rayden's shoulder , he keeps Rayden on the straight and narrow sometimes . He is a sweet but there is a sadness to him that when he gets to Dani has memories rush back and he realizes that there is more to him then his parents have told him . I really like Elan he is a complicated man and so want to find out more at him. Dani is a sweet woman who has been through so much in her life and she just wants to help young girls that are special like she is When you find out she is a medium and her two best friends are werewolves . She is also very strong and independent . 
        This is a short read that you will be able to read in an afternoon . The characters are well written and you will love the twists and turns that that author throws in . The only thing I wish was the book was a little longer and the author dived into the stories of Elan and the gang just a little bit more . I really was getting invested in the characters and I really wanted to know more about their past .  Especially Elan and Dani, I think they would have such a great past to get into more . I really hope that the author writes more using these characters .Overall I truly enjoyed this book and loved the way the author did the paranormal aspect of the characters . So if you want a really good read for an afternoon check it out you will not be disappointed

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Books to curl up with: WOOOHOOO ITS SATURDAY

Books to curl up with: WOOOHOOO ITS SATURDAY:     Welcome to Saturday , and its actually a little less frigid outside . Might actually venture outside today , but we will see . Today I a...


    Welcome to Saturday , and its actually a little less frigid outside . Might actually venture outside today , but we will see . Today I am going to review SALVAGING TRUTH ( Hunters & Seekers book one ) by Joanne Jaytanie

                           BOOK BLURB 


The world could be transformed if Riley can only stay alive long enough.

Most parents leave you a house, a car, or money when they die. Riley’s mom left her a treasure hunt with a mysterious payoff. Now everyone seems to want a piece of Riley and her inheritance: the university, the military, mega corporations, and Russian spies.
Riley needs help to solve her mother’s murder, and Dagger Easton’s salvage and investigation company comes to her rescue. Retired SEAL, private eye, and leader of a diving and salvage team, Dagger promises to protect Riley with his life. But as the value of her mother’s research becomes clear, Riley begins to believe there’s no one she can trust—not with her life, her heart, or her mother’s legacy.

                            MY REVIEW
   Welcome to Hunters & Seekers a salvage company run by three hot men . Kaleb , Dagger and Stone . When Riley comes to ask for help in finding out what happened to her mother's ship . What starts off as a simple salvage ends up a no holds barred scavenger hunt and keeping Riley alive until they find out what the heck is going on, this is one inheritance that is wanted by the military , mega corporations and the Russians . 
   I truly enjoyed this story and the characters are very well written , you can't help fall in love with them . Dagger Easton is well lets just say he is a dreamy sexy ex marine . Who is strong but also a sweet guy . But he is also a guy who is tormented with something that has happened in his past that has now come back to haunt him .  Riley is a strong woman but she also kind of has a little sass about her at the begining of the book . As she goes along with the scavenger hunt you see her open up and start living . She is such a great character to read . Kaleb and Stone are so much fun to read . They seem like the brothers that you always wanted but you don't get . They are fun loving but also will kick anyones butt if they deserve it . There are evil people that you really don't know if you should trust or not . They all seem to be after them . 
   The story is such a sweet read. The characters are well written and you will fall in love with them.  I sat down and started this book in the afternoon and i couldn't put it down . The twists and turns had me hooked from the very first page . The story is really interesting and I loved the whole mystery around a disappearance . There were a couple of times i was on the edge of my seat hoping that the main characters wouldn't get into any more trouble .  I mean they are getting shot at and it seems they are always getting hit in the head .  There were a couple of time i felt the book dragged just a little but over all i really enjoyed this book . I will say that out of all the books i have read by this author this one is the best of them . The author has mixed suspense, murder and romance that will keep you reading well into the night . 

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all and happy release day to Michele Zurlo and her book LETTING GO. Placing my hands on either side ...


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all and happy release day to Michele Zurlo and her book LETTING GO.
Placing my hands on either side of his face, I maneuvered him in position for a kiss. “Do you really have so many dark secrets?

An Impulsive Proposal…
The terms of Sabrina’s grandfather’s will require for her to be married in order to gain her inheritance. In a moment of weakness, she proposes to a handsome stranger at work. She needs someone to play a part, and she’s willing to sleep with him to sweeten the deal.

A Promise of Passion…
With a failed marriage haunting him and something to prove, Jonas Spencer jumps at the chance to have sex with a beautiful, intelligent woman for a whole year. It would be fun, and he could use some fun in his life—as long as she lives by his rules. He is a Dominant, after all.

A Powerful Desire…
No man has ever satisfied Sabrina in bed, but Jonas is willing to peel away her carefully constructed fa├žade. Layer by layer, he reveals the depths of her passion. As Sabrina falls in love with Jonas, she forces him to confront his dark secrets.
Can she help him let go of the past, or will he use it to throw away the future?

I think he was hoping to scare me, and he did a little. I held his gaze, searching for hate, anger, or malice, but I saw only his need. I’d never been able to deny him, and I wanted this as much as he did, maybe more because I was in love with him and I desperately wanted him to be in love with me.

Fall in love with Sabrina and Jonas

This Author's Cut version is over 1/4 longer. It features revised and additional scenes, including an expanded ending and a bonus short story at the end. Letting Go is one of those books you'll read over and over again! This book brought so many great authors and wonderful readers into my life, including Lydia Michaels and Allyson Young, who co-wrote a foreword for this edition.

Praise for the original Letting Go:

"WOW! That’s the first thing that comes to mind now that I’ve read Letting Go by Michele Zurlo. Ms. Zurlo has penned an awesome story of both romance and love with submission and domination in a tale to beat all odds. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a romance full of hot sex!" --Dark Diva Review

"This book is a MUST READ! I could not put it down. The author has created characters with surprisingly great depth to them... fully-formed characters for our enjoyment. I loved that this book did not take the regular character development / plot outline route of standard erotic romance / bdsm books." --Amazon reviewer "EJ" 

"I love this book! It was so raw and honest reading about a woman who was so realistic and giving in her love. I started reading with little expectation, but ended thinking about this book for the rest of the week." --Amazon reviewer "KindeAddict"

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Michele Zurlo is the author of the Awakenings, Doms of the FBI, and the SAFE Security series and many other stories. She write contemporary and paranormal, BDSM and mainstream—whatever it takes to give her characters the happy endings they deserve.
Her childhood dream was  to be a librarian so she could read all day. Some words of wisdom from an inspiring lady had her tapping out stories on her first laptop, and writing blossomed from a hobby to a career. Find out more at www.michelezurloauthor.com or @MZurloAuthor.

Kissing Bandits (Closed Michele Zurlo Reader Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/499290280156304
Newsletter signup: http://eepurl.com/kCtqn