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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY:  Good morning all , today I have an epic and yes I mean epic fantasy book for you .  Matthew Cox has a new book out called OF MYTH AND SHADO...


 Good morning all , today I have an epic and yes I mean epic fantasy book for you .  Matthew Cox has a new book out called OF MYTH AND SHADOW

                            BOOK BLURB 

Aegaan is a vast and righteous kingdom, yet darkness gathers in the distant corners of the realm. Elven raids on small towns have inflamed racial tensions with humans, pushing distrust to hatred and the brink of war.

Anrael wanders the woods alone until a chance meeting tempts him to set aside his contempt for those who scorn his half-elven blood.

When Kylie, a naive elf terrified of humans, is thrust among them against her will, she begins to question her mother’s tales of dread.

Having lost everything dear to him, the bandit king Jhelan lives only to seek challenge in battle… until he finds himself willing to die protecting that which he hates the most.

The diabolical mystique of the dark elves cloaks L’an Thal’Sara in protection, but the cruelest lie she tells is to herself.

Thaelwyn, a virtuous knight, sets out to discover the source of the Elves’ aggression, but faces a much greater test within his mind.

Beneath the chaos, minions of the Destroyer search for their promised leader, a child possessing power beyond their years. If the innocent falls to darkness, a kingdom rife with hatred will surely crumble.

                        MY REVIEW 
   This is an epic fantasy that is set in Aegaan a righteous kingdom that is being plagued by elven raids on the small towns that are inflaming the racial tensions between humand and elves . Pushing them closer and closer to the brink of all out war .
  There is a varied cast of characters in this book . They are all part of the bigger plan that could have minions of the the Destroyer take over the world . Each character is well written and complex . Anrael is a half elf that has been through so much , his parents and towns hatred , he wanders around until he has a chance meeting that could change his life . He is a broken man that is hiding so much pain . I truly liked him , he is to me so broken and just wants to be loved . 
  Another character i absolutely loved is L'an Thai'Sara , she is a character that you want to wrap up in a blanket and say everything will be ok and its ok to love. She is a dark elf that is considered an assassin and they treat humans like slaves . She has some inner turmoil . She wants to be away from Jhelen but she can't seem to leave him . There is a strong sense of love but hatred going on between them . These are just two of the many characters that will have you reading all night long. . Each character will take you on a journey that will have you on the edge of your seat and cheer for them . 
   This is one of those books that when you start reading you will not want to put it down . I will tell you right now it is a big book but it will keep you interested all the way through. The author takes us on an epic adventure with so many twists and turns . The story is told from different characters , they switch thorugh out the story. You will never get bored of one character cause we get to switch it up . You will not be bored . The author has a great was of describing even the tiniest detail . I really liked the story and the characters , I hope that you will love them also . The ending is epic and the outcome is the best . So if you want an Epic book for your winter reading list . This is the book for you . 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO WEDNESDAY:  Well its Wednesday and my migraine is finally gone . Today  I have a new book by a new author to me . THE GOOD, THE DEAD and the Lawless TH...


 Well its Wednesday and my migraine is finally gone . Today  I have a new book by a new author to me . THE GOOD, THE DEAD and the Lawless THE HELL THAT FOLLOWS  by Angelique Archer .

                        BOOK BLURB 

Now searching for her missing sister, twenty-five year-old Haven Janero and her family are barely scraping by in an old farmhouse on the outskirts of town, trying to fend off attacks from the infected, scavenge for food and supplies, and steer clear of dangerous marauders who pilfer and pillage, eager to take advantage of the frenzied turmoil.

When her group finds salvation in the form of redheaded Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Kennedy Mitchell, and her mysterious and coveted "camp," they are forced to deal with the new rules of a post-apocalyptic world, and as the country unravels around them, fight their way through the hell that follows.

This book is part two in a trilogy.

Recommended for readers 18+.

                       MY REVIEW 
   In book two Haven is trying to find her sister . Haven and her family are barely surviving . Scraping by in an old farm house , trying to scavenge for food and trying to stay one step ahead of the infected and the marauders that are trying to take everything they have . Until the day they found some safety and hope in the form of marine sergeant Kennedy Mitchell and her band of battle ready men and their secret camp . Where they are forced to figure out the rules of this new world and the survivors that are living in it . 

   There are many well written characters in this story. Kennedy the marine sergeant . Who has been through so much . She saw her family basically destroyed by the infected . She is tough as nails but also there is a softer side to her a side that really cares for the people in her tribe and the ones she helps saves .  Haven is a little bit more of a free spirit and wants to keep her family together. She is strong but also so vulnerable at the same time . She is mourning at the same time . They are both kick butt characters and the guys that surround them are also kick butt and will be there for each other . I really liked the characters in this book and you will love them 

   I got this book and snuggled down to start reading , I honestly think I didn't moved until I was almost done. The book sucked me in and had me on the edge of my seat most of the way through .  The characters are well written and you will love them and hate them . The book is more then a zombie book , you have characters that have lost more then just family. They have lost so much more that they are trying to get back . There is their share of zombies to fight but also there are more threatening things to fight .The author writes a very descriptive and vivid story that also has so many twists and turns . You will cheer on the characters , even the bad ones . I must say I can't wait to find out what happens in the final book . I think you should add this book to your fall reading list . Especially towards this Halloween time . You will enjoy this book and all its twists and turns . Be prepared to read all night . 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE WEEK H.P MALLORY

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE WEEK H.P MALLORY:    We have another release today from one of my favourite authors . THE AWAKENING a Vampire romance ( Bryn and Sinjin book 6) by H.P Mallory...


   We have another release today from one of my favourite authors . THE AWAKENING a Vampire romance ( Bryn and Sinjin book 6) by H.P Mallory

                            BOOK BLURB 

A Vampire Romance from New York Times Bestselling Author, HP Mallory

“If you like Charlaine Harris, you’ll love HP Mallory!” ― Larissa Ione, New York Times Bestselling Author


While returning from a scouting mission to attempt to locate Luce’s camp, Bryn stumbles on a wolf-girl strapped to a rack and left for dead.

Once rescued, the girl, Dayna, tells Bryn and company all about the newest flavor of Luce’s evil and, most specifically, what Luce plans to do to Bryn, if he ever takes her as prisoner again…

And Bryn’s time in Luce’s breeding program will pale in comparison to the newest torture he’s devised…

Upon returning to the queen and Kinloch Kirk, a new arrival starts heating up the scene and making waves. Audrey Chevalier, Dureau’s beautiful French sister, seems to be overly interested in Master Vampire, Sinjin Sinclair.

And unless Bryn’s mistaken, Sinjin appears to return Audrey’s affections.

Will this budding new romance push Bryn into the arms of Dureau? Or will it make her second guess her decision to avoid a romantic attachment with Sinjin?

Meanwhile, Jolie continues to gain allies as it appears the Underworld is soon to go to battle with Luce’s forces yet again.

That is, until Dureau informs Bryn about the true nature of her ancestry, information which could absolutely change the tide of the war for all involved.

And, prepare yourself, for an ending to this book that will leave you speechless…

The Awakening is book six in the Bryn and Sinjin vampire romance series.

Book one is Sinjin and a FREE download!

                         MY REVIEW 
    Bryn and Sinjin are back and in hot water yet again . After coming back from a scouting mission to find Luce's camp . They rescue a she wolf that has been left for dead strapped to a rack . After rescuing the young wolf they hear all about what Luce is going to do to Bryn if he ever gets his hands on her again. But thats the least of their worries once back at the castle Sinjin seems to be taken with Dureau's beautiful sister  Audrey and she is overly interested in our vampire . Which pushes Bryn into the arms of Dureau who has a secret of his own .  With Jolie gaining allies in the Underworld to fight Luce they are ready to go to war . Will they survive and will Bryn and Sinjin be able to work their way back to each other.
    I absolutely adore the characters in this series . Bryn is at war with herself and her feeling for the two men in her life . She is feisty and strong and will kick your butt just as soon as look at you . You also see a vulnerable side to her that make you fall for her even more. Sinjin is well he is suave and debonair but he is also conflicted in this book . He knows he wants Bryn but when he is tempted well you know what happens . I absolutely adore Sinjin  Jolie and the rest of the gang is also back and you will love them  all . 

    This book had me from the first chapter . I simply adore the characters and they are so well written and complex . The author takes us on quite an adventure in this book . You will get emotionally invested in them . I have loved Sinjin since i met him in the very first book and he just keeps getting better and better . I am going to warn you though there is a big cliff hanger at the end of this book . Its a holy moley what the heck kind of cliff hanger that will actually have you kind of cheering .  So if you want a book that has a lot of romance intrigue and magic check out the series . You will love them all . 

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE WEEK

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE WEEK:  It is Monday and it is release week for Andy Peloquin and his new book SHIELDS IN SHADOW, the first book in the Silent Champions series  ...


 It is Monday and it is release week for Andy Peloquin and his new book SHIELDS IN SHADOW, the first book in the Silent Champions series

                            BOOK BLURB 


Burdened with legend. Hardened by battle scars. Hellbent on bloody revenge.

As the son of a famous general, Aravon is proud to captain his own company against his people's enemy. But the experienced veteran’s march toward glory dissolves into pain as ruthless barbarians massacre every last one of his soldiers. Burning for vengeance, he leaps at the chance to spearhead a specially-trained company and pay back his tragic defeat with blood.
Desperate to not repeat his tragic past, Aravon trains his new warriors relentlessly. But the captain fears that all the tactical drills in the world may not matter when they’re forced to defend a helpless village against overwhelming odds. As his quick raids sow chaos amongst the enemy, the bloodthirsty savages threaten to make Aravon's nightmarish history repeat itself…
Can the captain take command of his fighting spirit before the kingdom falls to barbarous invaders?
Shields in Shadow is the first book in the action-packed Silent Champions military fantasy series. If you like square-jawed heroes, well-oiled military action, and epic world-building, then you’ll love Andy Peloquin’s gripping novel.

Buy Shields in Shadow to stand at the frontlines of a hero’s revenge today!

                         MY REVIEW 

   Aravon a well respected Captain with his own company when they are attacked by some savages the company must not repeat the hellish histroy that is bound to repeat itself .  Can they take over come the savages and can Aravon take command of his fighting spirit before the savages take over the kingdom. 

  I must say the characters in this book are very well written and complex . Aravon is a strong man who has some flaws that make him such a good character. He is strong and commanding in a good way . He is the lone survivor of a massacre that has shaped into the man he is .  The people in his company  Colburn has lived a life of hardship as a half breed . He is one of a kind. I liked him .  Then there is Belthar , he is a gentle giant that is so sweet but also so much in pain . You can feel it when he talks he is very closed off and quiet. You will want to hug him and keep him safe . Skathi is the only woman archer and she is strong and can fight with the best of them . You really don't want to mess with her, she is also hiding some pain from her past . I loved her character and she really does put the boys in their place .  Noll is snarky but deep inside he has a heart of gold and there is a goodness deep down that you will love when he brings it out . Zaharis is a secret keeper , mute but a great alchemist and he is also on the hunt for something that might not even exsist . Last but not least is Ranvladr a sweet man and a healer who has the heart of the biggest warrior but honestly just really wants peace . I loved all these characters and the way they interact with each other and will lay their lives on the line for each other when push comes to shove . 

    Ok i am going to tell you right up front this is a long book but you won't notice cause the author sucks you in by chapter two .  The author weaves such a fine story with great characters and such a great story line  The battel scenes are well written and the twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story weaves itself around you and puts you in the middle of the action. You will be cheering Aravon and the company on through out the story . You will also want to wrap them up in blankets and tell them that everything will be ok . So if you want a complex story with characters that will have you cheering them on this is the book for you . So if you want a great stroy that will have you reading all night long this is the book for you . 

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Books to curl up with: WOOHOO IT IS FRIDAY

Books to curl up with: WOOHOO IT IS FRIDAY: Well the first weekend in September and its going to be a great weekend . Today I have the second book in the Unscripted series for you. LIF...


Well the first weekend in September and its going to be a great weekend . Today I have the second book in the Unscripted series for you. LIFE UNSCRIPTED by Taylor Delong .

                            BOOK BLURB 

One night.
What I thought I knew, what I thought I deserved, what I thought life had planned for me was all thrown out the window in one night.

“I’m not naive to believe that the road will be easy by any means, that I won’t stumble, have roadblocks in my path.”

I thought I knew love, what it meant to love another person so strongly that it consumed me. Except all that changed in one night. My life was all laid out, but apparently fate had other ideas.

Thrown into the unknown, I learned who I could count on. What I didn’t count on was her and the unconventional relationship we started to build.

“What I do know is I’m not alone; I won’t ever have to walk alone.”

As much as I’m struggling to deal with this loss, it’s not just about me anymore. She needs me more than ever, and I’m not prepared to let her down.

In one night, my life became unscripted.

                     MY REVIEW 
    This is Luke's story and we start right where book one left off in the hospital on the worst night of his life . When his wife dies Luke's life  is thrown into turmoil . His daughter will be born soon and he is left grieving for the life he lost with Lanie and he is scared of the future with his daughter . With the help of his family and the nurse and friend Renee he might have a chance at the life that will be great . 
   Emmy ,Luke and the gang are back .  I must say that they are better written and more complex in this book . Luke is thrown for a loop and must rely on the family to help him through. He really grows in this story and we see him come to terms with everything that has happened . There is a new character that helps him through . Renee is the nurse that comes into his life when he needs a friend . She has known the family for ever . They really do click when they are together. 

  The theme of this book is family and what they would do in a crisis . The author really puts them through the wringer in this book . The twists and turns are great and you really get to see how this family comes together when they are needed . Trust me there are time in this book that you will want to wrap Luke up in a blanket and tell him every thing will be ok . There is only one thing that stopped me from giving it 5 stars , I felt it dragged a little in spots . Over all I really enjoyed this book and was so happy how things worked out . This series would be a great read for a fall evening . 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Books to curl up with: WELL WE MADE TO THURSDAY

Books to curl up with: WELL WE MADE TO THURSDAY: Wooohooo made it to Thursday or as I like to call it Friday eve . Today I have another new author to me and her book CHANCE ENCOUNTER  by Su...


Wooohooo made it to Thursday or as I like to call it Friday eve . Today I have another new author to me and her book CHANCE ENCOUNTER  by Susan Meachen

                            BOOK BLURB 


Emily was born into a world of hate, drugs, abuse, and human tracking. She’s always worked hard to stay on the honor roll in school and worked hard to get a free ride to college. She wants nothing more than to make her way out of the life she was born into. Emily has dark secrets that she believes only her best friend, Ginger Gold, knows about. She’s also been crushing on the one man no one can touch the biggest playboy in Davonport, Georgia, Blake Shaw.

Blake was born with the world at his feet he’s never had to work for anything in his life. Women they lined up to please him job it was handed to him once he finished school. The one thing he wants the most is going to be a challenge to say the least. Blake has watched Emily for years and he is determined to make her his for the rest of this lifetime and the next lifetime.

When Emily and Blake cross paths the chemistry and passion is undeniable. Waiting to find your soul mate is a test in patience and these two are just about out of patience.
Can these two find happiness and peace together or will their past mistakes destroy their new-found love?

                          MY REVIEW 
Welcome to Davon port Georgia where a chance encounter between the biggest playboy and the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Emily the girl that has been brought up in a world of hate, drugs and sex trafficking . She has maintained her innocence and has worked hard to blend in so no one can see her . Until the day Blake sees her and when they cross paths there is such chemistry . When they are together they ignite but will their pasts keep them apart and destroy their new found love .                  

    The characters are well written and complex. Blake is your young hot playboy , who has money, good looks and charisma . He also fun loving and fiercely protective of those he loves . He is also hiding a secret that will hurt him and his relationship .  Emily tries to be tough but deep down inside she is sweet and kind . She has grown up in a hateful relationship with her so called mother . She does come of a little na├»ve sometimes through out the book but underneath the tough girl is a woman that is so kind and sweet.  On their own the are great characters but when together they are explosive . The cast of characters that are there for these two are vast and such good characters . Charlotte is even good in her evil ways . Trust me there are moments that you want to punch Charlotte and knock her out . Miguel and Ginger are a great pair as their best friends that keep them grounded

   Set aside a evening cause once you start reading this book you will have a hard time putting it down. The story is one you will get sucked into with lots of twists and turns .  The characters are well written and complex . One moment you will hug them and then you will want to slap them into the back of their heads cause they did something really stupid .  The only thing I found that there were a few spelling errors and it kind of dragged in a few places  that can be taken care of with a bit of tightening up in the chapters . Over all I truly enjoyed this book the ending had me balling like a baby . That ending was such a shocker . If you want a good read for your fall reading list add this book 

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Books to curl up with: WOW ITS WEDNESDAY ALREADY

Books to curl up with: WOW ITS WEDNESDAY ALREADY:  Its already Wednesday, hoping everyone is having a great week . Today I have the last book in the Gnomeling series . GNOMELING TREKS THE MI...


 Its already Wednesday, hoping everyone is having a great week . Today I have the last book in the Gnomeling series . GNOMELING TREKS THE MIDNIGHT FOREST  by Dawn M Paul

                            BOOK BLURB 

  Oh thistle-stickers! Christian Tompta, the gnomeling, has conquered his fear time and again-even going so far as to save the gnome village of Joddeburg from certain catastrophe. The Gnome Council has granted him the position of gnome guardian, and now all he has left to do is retrieve his mystical shoes and conical from the Cobbler in the Midnight Forest. It should be an easy journey, right? Join Christian as he eagerly awaits his final destination in this exciting conclusion to "The Tales of Christian Tompta!"

                        MY REVIEW 
     Well Christian has done it , he has saved the village of Joddeburg and he has finally earned his hat and shoes . All he has to do is head to the cobbler in the Midnight Forest . You think that would be easy but this is Christian we are talking about . He and his father head out adventure awaits .
   Christian has grown up so much through out this series . He is finally ready to watch over a human . He shows great strength and smarts when his dad is hurt . I was truly impressed on how he grew up and took charge .
    The last book in the series will have your kids cheering  Christian on . The author still puts Christian through some perils but you see him get through them with ease . I am going to get this series for my niece it is such a great way to show them even when you are scared you can conquer it and find a way through it . This should be on your kids reading list for this fall

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Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY

Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY:  Wow I hope everyone had a great long weekend and are back to work and school wen ok today . Today I have a new author to me Taylor Delong a...


 Wow I hope everyone had a great long weekend and are back to work and school wen ok today . Today I have a new author to me Taylor Delong and her book LOVE UNSCRIPTED .

                            BOOK BLURB 

“There’s more at stake; this isn’t just ‘let’s hope this works.’ No, it’s a Hail Mary pass, a last ditch effort.”

I’m living out my fairy tale, but there is nothing typical about our romance. We love fast and we love hard; for me and Junior, love was always just that easy. Asked to do the ultimate favor for a loved one, I can’t say no.

I can only hope that our fairy tale will still end in happily ever after.

My relationship to Emmy has always been a whirlwind from the day we met. She’s the wild card to my straight shooter, the storm to my calm, the crazy to my sane. Yet, we’ve always balanced each other out perfectly.

She’s the strongest, most selfless person I know, and that’s why she couldn’t say no. And she needed my support.

Foolishly, I thought we could survive anything but will love unscripted destroy us all?

                         MY REVIEW 
 When Junior meets Emmy at the bar he works at it was love a first sight . He has been there for her in the good times and the bad times . Now they are asked to do the ultimate thing for her brother and sister n law . Now things are growing and in between morning sickness and the trials of their youngest daughter. Will Junior and Emmy survive the onslaught . 

   The characters in this book are written well and you will like them . The family is very close and love being with each other . Junior is a good guy who at first wanted to have fun but he grows up and becomes a really good guy . He is a great father and husband and best friend . Emmy is sweet and she is the only girl in the family . She kind of drove me a little bit crazy she tries to keep up with the guys and ends up drunk a few times . The family is the kind of family you want they defend each other and are there when things go bad to pick you up and dust you off .  This is a wacky fun loving family , you will want to be a part of it . 

  This is a sweet read and a fast read , you can read it in an evening . The characters are fun to read. This is an instant love romance and they go from meeting to married and kids . The story is also a bit of real life that goes on about one couple not being able to have children and surrogate situation and all the pitfalls that go along with that . I really liked this story but there are parts of the story that I felt that just were choppy  and some of the chapters just felt like there was something missing . Over all i did like the story and where the author was taking us . I am going to say there is a shocking cliff hanger at the end of this book and you will want to dive into the second book right away . This would be a great book to read with a glass of wine  and a cozy blanket . So check it out if you love intsa love and family hilariousness .

Sunday, September 1, 2019


Ok it is Sunday and a sleepy Sunday it is . Hope your weekend is going great . Today I have the last book in a great series from Matthew Cox . ANGEL DESCENDED (The Awakened series )

                           BOOK BLURB

When an angel returns to Earth, millions will die.

A being born of darkness bends the Angel to his will, intent on covering West City with a rain of fire. The authorities close in on Archon, forcing him to act in haste. His meticulous plan to seek sanctuary for psionics in deep space frays at the seams, providing the perfect venue for a demon to reshape the world.

Seven individuals—The Awakened—fight for their place in a society unprepared for them.

One discovers the light within and risks everything she loves to help others.

One learns she lives a comfortable lie, but chooses a painful truth.

One gives himself to darkness in hopes of saving the only family he has left.

One struggles with anger, trying to fit into a civilization that never wanted her.

One searches for absolution from the harshest judge of all—himself.

One will do anything it takes to protect his people.

…and One just wants to watch the show.

                       MY REVIEW 
   I suggest that you read the first five books in the series so you can understand what is happening in the final book . When all 7 of the psionics come together . They are put in a difficult situation . They are fighting for their place in the world . Will they be able to find their place and not get involved with the Angel that is going to destroy the world . 

   There are so many characters in this book , all the characters from each of the books are back and trying to figure out where they belong . Aaron is trying to find his place in division zero while trying not to show his true colours . To Marmoru who is just trying to save his sister . Aleatha and Aurora that just want to help out a home and Aurora wants to heal . To the rest of the psionics. These characters were so well written in their own books but I will say that they are more complex in this last book . They all have their destiny to fulfill . I loved each and every character in the books . 

  This book sums up the series so well, the author writes with such a passion for details . He mixes cyber punk with magic . He writes each chapter from a characters point of view and what was happening in their life at that point. There are many face paced fights , chases and some heists that will keep you on the edge of your seat through out most of the book . You will be turning pages late into the night . There is more to this author's books then faced paced action . There are a deeper meaning to some of the story plots that the author has . Like how far can one person go in the name of charity to help someone out . This story is a long one but wow it does wrap up the series nicely with everyone finally getting the happy endings that they need . I would read the whole series before diving in but this book will be EPIC .