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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING ALL: Good morning all , its Monday again hope you are all having a good day . Today I have a dark read for you . TREACHERY (Antihero Inferno) by ...


Good morning all , its Monday again hope you are all having a good day . Today I have a dark read for you . TREACHERY (Antihero Inferno) by Lily White . 

        BOOK BLURB

 Ninth Circle.
Also known as Tanner Caine.

He is a temptation with cold, dark eyes. A man with a seductive smirk and a body built for pure sin.
The linchpin of a group of wealthy bad boys known as the Inferno.

A dark presence that repels as much as he attracts, Tanner is the poisoned apple I want to bite even when I know it will destroy me. Our story started in college, but I ran from him so far I believed I was safe.

I should have known he’d find me eventually.
I should have known that nobody escapes.
He has me in his sights again with an offer I can’t pass up.
I know better than to make a deal with the Devil.
Not unless I’m willing to pay his sensual price.

           MY REVIEW 
   When Luca is taken to a party with her best friend . She is unknowingly cast into a web that the men of inferno are weaving . They want her for some reason but no one knows why . When Tanner spies her that night he is rude to her but that is all in his plan . But she is the one that got away and when they meet again all bets are off . 

   Wow what can I say about this cast of characters . Tanner is well he is cocky , rude and oh so sexy and way to smart for his own good .  His brooding attitude is just to sexy but there is a sadness in him that he is tired of being at his fathers beck and call . I truly loved to hate him and there were moments that I just wanted to hit him over the head with a cast iron frying pan and then there were moments that I wanted to climb him like a spider monkey.\
 Luca is a sweet girl, who just wants to finish school and become a lawyer . She is feisty and just a little naive . Her feisty attitude gets her into a bit of trouble she wants the safe life but the brooding Tanner keeps coming back into her life and stirring up trouble in a big way.  There are eight other brothers that have been friends with Tanner and they are all cocky and arrogant with a great sadness in their hearts . 

   Ok I really wasn't prepared for this book , it was recommended by a friend . So I grabbed it and sat down and started reading . Well I was hooked by the end of the third chapter . The characters are so well written and complex and you will love to hate them and then fall in love with them .  The author really takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride there were moments that you will have tearing up and then there are moments that will have you blushing cause of the hotness that is on the paper .  With any good book there is also a lot of intrigue and mystery in this book. You really want to find out what the guys are hiding and you really want to get to the bottom of the whole mystery around Luca.  The reason why I didn't give the book a 5 stars , it just seemed to drag a little with both points of view chapter after chapter . It seemed to slow down the book just a little . Over all I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read about the other men of inferno . This would be a good book for your summer reading list so check it out 

Friday, July 31, 2020

Books to curl up with: TIME TO BRING IN SOME ALASKA HEAT

Books to curl up with: TIME TO BRING IN SOME ALASKA HEAT: Good morning all , I know we are having a heat wave around here this summer but I am here to bring you some sexy Alaskan shifters and a snow...


Good morning all , I know we are having a heat wave around here this summer but I am here to bring you some sexy Alaskan shifters and a snow storm in MIDNIGHT STORM ( Alaska Alphas  book 5 ) by Boone Brux 

                    BOOK BLURB

  Most days, wolf Shifter, Skye Seward would rather have her head in the air than her feet on the ground. When a snowstorm forces her to land her plane, she finds herself seeking shelter at the lodge owned by her childhood rival, raven Shifter North Johnson. Though they usually can’t be in the same room for five minutes before they start to bicker, her wolf seems hell bent on following him around like a love-sick-puppy.
When Sky shows up in the middle of a blizzard, North isn’t surprised. All her life she’s been wild, but this time her recklessness almost got her killed. Normally, he’d scold her, but what he really wants to do is pull her close and kiss her. With the storm raging, the lodge becomes a haven for stranded travelers, all of them unpleasant, and some more dangerous than the others. As the storm and his feelings for Skye ramp up, he’s not sure what's more dangerous, the threat lurking among the visitors or his burning need to mark Skye as his.

Welcome to the world of Aurora Shifters, where magic comes to life beneath the northern lights, and the wilderness isn't the only place to find fur and fangs.

                 MY REVIEW
  When Sky has to land her plane in the middle of a snow storm , North's lodge is the only place she has to go to get out of the blizzard . She and North have known each other since they were kids and they fought each other every day since then . Unbeknownst to them this night will bring more supernaturals to their door a mystery attacker and the realization that there is more to Skye and North then just being friends . 

  Ok I have been waiting for book two I really wanted to know what was behind the grumpiness of North since we were introduced to him in book one . He is the middle child and trust me it seems like he has the chip the size of a red wood on his shoulder. There is more to him then his surly personality lets on . He is actually a really sweet guy who would do anything to protect his friends and family . He is tall and sexy and also a really cool shifter I mean who knew that raven shifters could be so sexy. Skye is feisty with an attitude that could knock you over especially when it comes to North . They say opposites attract and boy do they attract . I really love these two , they are such a fun couple and they will do what it takes to keep each other safe .  We also have a group of vampires that stop in and some Eagle shifters that just add to the intrigue of the book . Sabine and Aisling are so sweet as a couple .

   This is a book that you can read in an afternoon its a nice fun fast read . The author takes us on a fun filled ride . The characters are so much fun to read and they are so well written . You will love them . Who know that a blizzard could be so sexy , trust me in this book you will find out how sexy it can be . There is also a little bit of a mystery that goes on in too .  So if you want a fun read for the beach check it out it can be read as a stand alone but if you want to find out more you can read the whole series and get on with your Alaskan nights . So meet the men and the woman who will take them and tame them . 

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY: ♦ ♦ ♦   Seventh Circle Violence Also Known As Ezra Cross He’s one of a pair. Identical twin to Damon. A...




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VIOLENCE Cover Final 

Seventh Circle
Also Known As Ezra Cross
He’s one of a pair.
Identical twin to Damon.
And an enforcer for the Inferno if one is ever needed.
I knew better than to get involved with him.
With his aggression.
With the constant fights.
With the games the twins were known to play with every woman stupid enough to fall for them.
We made a mistake when we met again as adults.
I fell in love.
He fell in love.
His brother fell in love, too.
What used to be a good time is now a tragedy.
Our story is messy.
It’s cruel.
It’s forbidden.
Despite all that, Ezra refuses to let go.



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Lily White is a bestselling author who likes to dabble on the dark side of romance. She is most known for her Masters Series, Target This, Wishing Well, and The Five.
When she isn’t writing as Lily White you can find other books by her under M.S. Willis where she has penned the Control Series, the Estate Series, and Because of Ellison (contemporary romance).
Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

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Books to curl up with: WELL ITS A HOT HOT WEDNESDAY

Books to curl up with: WELL ITS A HOT HOT WEDNESDAY:  Good day all , I really hope that you are cool where you are . My house is like a meat locker and loving it . So today I have a long awaite...