Thursday, September 23, 2021

Books to curl up with: GOOD AFTERNOON ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD AFTERNOON ALL:   Good afternoon everyone . today I have the first book in a brand new series by VJ Lee. BLAZE'S JO ( Sister Jo book one )              ...


  Good afternoon everyone . today I have the first book in a brand new series by VJ Lee. BLAZE'S JO ( Sister Jo book one )

                           BOOK BLURB 

   DeeDee Christensen never had a family of her own, and it made her feel like she didn't fit in. She had a successful business where she had a calming effect on people, making her upskilling business a massive success. The side effect of that was she had everything money could buy, including a fricking jet. But all her money couldn't buy her love. Then, she went to work for Mountain Brothers Inc., where she met the king of one-and-done, alpha-hole, and beautiful bastard, Mr. Blaze Sanders. She never thought she'd fall for him, or that she'd be thrown into other worlds.

Blaze Sanders hated doing his time in the human realm around people, but he loved doing their women. So, working for Mountain Brothers Inc. did have some perks. However, he had a critical mission to complete for his world, instead of babysitting humans. Then, DeeDee walked into his office. She was beautiful, full of life, and made him forget his sinful ways. She had a calming presence, which, combined with her intoxicating scent, scared the hell out of him, because he was falling fast and hard for her. Hell, he couldn't fall in love, because he was, in many ways, spoken for. Should he throw caution to the wind and whisk DeeDee away on his private jet, or should he complete his mission and return home to do his duty?

With DeeDee distracting him, the human realm and several others were headed for destruction.

Would Blaze see what was right under his nose, before it was too late?

                     MY REVIEW 
 Blaze Sanders well he is a god in so many ways , sexy , demanding and never wanting to bed the dame woman twice but he is also much more . He is also is a defender of a realm and is out to find his mate well not really looking hard until the moment that he is summoned back and told to find the sister of peace . When Dee Dee walked into his life and the sent of her drives him crazy . The woman is driving him to distraction and there is more to her then he realizes . When they find out will they be able to keep their love alive or will others get in the way . 

  Omg these characters are amazing , so well written and complex . Blaze is such an alpha , he is oh so sexy and has a swagger that will make woman swoon . There is more to him though and we really get to see him at his best and his worst . I really love him and how he is really tortured soul. We also get to meet a few more of the Mountain brothers and can't wait for their stories . Especially Othello's story . Dee Dee just wants a family of her own, she has never had a family , she is an elegant woman who is strong and also really loving. She is really feisty and tough when she wants to be . She is truly a really fun character and she really can dish it out when she needs to.  These are some fun characters to read and trust me you will fall in love with Blaze and the other men . You will love Shay and Dee Dee cause they can take care of themselves but let the guys help out . 

   This is one of those books that you will get into by the end of the first chapter . You will love and hate Blaze at the beginning but grow to love him as the story evolves . The author took us on a fun filled ride . You will laugh, cry and be on the edge of your seat . I truly like this author's writing style . I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series . This would be a great read for those cold fall evenings as you curl up with a glass of wine and a warm blanket . So check it out and add it to your fall reading list

Monday, September 20, 2021


  Good afternoon my peeps , today I have for you book seven in the Haven Hollow series by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain . Lets dive into TAFFETA TRICKERY. 

                           BOOK BLURB

 So, this whole returning Lorcan’s vampire “kiss” (which would also allow me to shed my Blood Witch status) isn’t turning out the way I’d hoped.

First, no matter how many times we attempt it, the spell fails. Not only that, but I’m starting to develop… ahem… extremely sensual feelings towards the incorrigible man, which doesn’t exactly float my boat or power my broom, as the case may be. But, the worst side effect of our blood bond is that now whenever Lorcan leaves, my body goes into panic mode—it actually feels like a piece of me is being ripped away.

Not only is my personal life one big, chaotic mess, but my business looks like it’s headed there too. Someone or something keeps breaking into my store, which should be impossible, owing to all the wards and hexes I’ve got protecting the place (enough to give Area 51 a run for their money). Yet, breaking in is exactly what they keep doing—why? I have no clue. It’s not like anything has been stolen, destroyed, or otherwise missing. Instead, the intruder keeps leaving strange scratch marks on my wood floors...

Thinking things can’t get much worse, enter wedding journalist Gemma McClain. Gemma, the bridezilla to end all bridezillas, has come to my store for a custom and enchanted wedding dress. Even though Gemma is human, she has lots in common with demons from the ninth level of hell. Harpy customers aren’t such a big surprise, but what is a surprise is the maid of honor’s mother, who I could swear is something supernatural… and the fact that she seems to have interest in me is off-putting, to say the least.

With my professional and personal lives plummeting, I need some good news pronto. But, unfortunately, when I find myself facing the fight of my life, that good news is nowhere to be found.

                   MY REVIEW
   Welcome back to Haven Hollow, life for Wanda is getting stranger and stranger by the moment. Between Lorcan invading her thoughts more and more, the threat that hangs over both their heads and mysterious scratches on her floor . She is not having the best week. When you think Wanda has almost enough in walks the bridezilla to beat all bridezilla, Gemma McClain who is a wedding journalist who wants an enchanted dress for her wedding . Which goes awry at the wedding and Gemma's personal and professional life are plummeting she needs good news and fast . Well that isn't going to happen too soon when she ends up in the fight of her life . 

  These characters are just getting better and better . Wanda is becoming a really likable character . She is changing for the better and I am really liking her . She is coming to realize that she can ask for help and get it and people like her and don't want to run her out of town. She is growing up and it looks good on her . She is even getting feeling the resident vampire dentist . Lorcan is the hero in this book , he is trying not to go crazy because of the blood bond Wanda and Lorcan are destined to be together I just wish that they would finally get together . They are such fun characters to read . As are the rest of the gang that come out to help her . Poppy and the gang are so much fun to read . 

 This is the seventh book in the series and I am going to say it is I think is the best of the series so far. There is romance , mystery and lots of fun action. The characters are like part of the family and you love and hate them . The authors are my favourite writers and love to read their books . This is a fast fun read that will have you laughing , the raccoon that can't speak English to Lorcan saving lives . This book will have you laughing and on the edge of your seat all the way through. So grab a cozy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate and settle down for a fun read . 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Books to curl up with: LETS HEAD TO SPAIN FOR A FUN FILLED SUMMER TRIP:   Good afternoon all , today I have the brand new book from RL Merrill, lets head to Spain in her book A MATCH MADE IN SPAIN .              ...


  Good afternoon all , today I have the brand new book from RL Merrill, lets head to Spain in her book A MATCH MADE IN SPAIN . 

                          BOOK BLURB

 A small-town ASL teacher is reluctantly captivated by the Catalonian vintner determined to woo her across the Spanish countryside. Can a match made on a tour of Spain be a fairytale second chance for this grumpy/sunshine pair?

The ink on Cecilia's divorce papers might be dry, but she’s in no hurry to connect with another traveling businessman, especially the spatially challenged one seated beside her on a crack-of-dawn flight from San Francisco to Madrid.

Felip should be on top of the world running his family’s cava empire, however life has left him feeling unfulfilled as of late. Good conversation and a hard-won smile from his seatmate—a grumpy but lovely American hearing-impaired teacher—have him wondering if maybe fairytales are possible—or if he’s lost his mind, especially when a series of mishaps lands him in the role of the substitute tour guide for her group.

Over the course of twelve days, Felip’s irresistible charm and lust for life break down Cecilia’s carefully constructed walls as he competes with needy teenagers and pulls off a daring rescue to show her they are a good match. Will Cecilia see that their worlds are closer together than she thinks, and that faith and compromise can give them a real happily ever after?

                      MY REVIEW 
  Cecilla is heading to Spain and honestly she just wants to get off the plane . The kids are being great and the other chaperon is her best friend . When heaven on a stick sits beside her on the plane and things change for both of them . One wants to woo her and take a chance and Cecilla just wants to see Spain with the kids but Felip has a different plan and he wants to show her there is more to life then being by herself . Will they survive the student tours to come to realize that they should take a chance on each other to get a happily ever after . 

  Omg I haven't laughed so hard while reading a book in such a long time . These characters are so well written and complex , Felip is a vinter and the head of his family's vineyard . He is sexy and smart but there is also a little bit of sadness in him . He also wants to see what else is out there and Cecilla is it . He is trying his hardness to get to know her more but alas he has been kid blocked through out the book . Every time they even try to be alone someone is need of something . But he does try his best and shows her his softer side . Cecilla is such a sweet woman and she is a great teacher and takes care of her kids that she is in charge of with great care. She is stronger then even she realizes sometimes but like Felip there is a sadness to her . She is smarting after a divorce and doesn't want to open her heat up to anyone . Together they are such a fun read , with each and every child block to misunderstanding witll have you laughing all the way through the book . 

  This is such a fun book to read , I laughed all the way through it and couldn't put it down . The author really took us on a fun filled ride through Spain and kept up all the fun all the way through the story . She used Spain as a character in amongst itself . There are some great tender moments through out the story also . We get to see love in all different times in our lives . Young love with the teens and the love of two people who have been hurt in the past but want to try again . This fun filled book should be on your fall reading list . So check it out. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ITS MONDAY

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ITS MONDAY:  Today we are heading to space and heading on a cruise ship in LOVE & TIME OF WORMHOLES by Jess Hardy .                                 ...


 Today we are heading to space and heading on a cruise ship in LOVE & TIME OF WORMHOLES by Jess Hardy . 

                                    ABOUT THE BOOK 

On this deep space pleasure cruise, love is in the recycled air.

Sunastara Jeka is passionate about two things: (1) meeting the needs of the varied species who holiday aboard her interstellar pleasure cruise during the day, and (2) avoiding attachments when the occasional guest meets her needs at night.

Sunny’s life is simple, straightforward, and safe until a former one-night stand becomes her newest crew member.

Freddie has never forgotten that night with Sunny. He’s ecstatic to see her again, until she tells him she never dates her coworkers. Determined not to lose this confident, sexy, hysterical woman again, Freddie bides his time, pursuing a purely professional relationship with Sunny when they’re on the clock, while he slowly charms her senseless after hours.

As Sunny breaks her own rules about workplace romance, her tragic past and a heartbreaking betrayal thrust her orderly life into chaos.

When a hostile species holidays aboard the ship, endangering VIP guests and even the known universe, Sunny and Freddie must decide. Will they let the gravity of their pasts keep them apart, or risk it all for love and fight for their future together?

Content Warning: Prior to the events of this book, the main character lost a child. She continues to process this loss throughout this story.


 Speculative and contemporary romance writer of The Bench (Evernight Publishing), Missing Charlie (Black Rose Writing), and the forthcoming Love in the Time of Wormholes scifi-romcom from City Owl press.
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