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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL: Welcome to the blog Javan thanks for coming today Thank you for having me 1 Tell us a bit about yourself My name is Javan Bonds,...


Welcome to the blog Javan thanks for coming today
Thank you for having me

1 Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Javan Bonds, I’m thirty years old, and live in North Alabama. I have a form of muscular dystrophy called Friedrichs Ataxia. It rendered me wheelchair-bound by the age of thirteen, functionally deaf for most of my life, diabetic by eighteen, and something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, a slow and painful road to complete blindness starting at twenty-two.
Optic nerve atrophy is just one of the many issues this progressively degenerative disorder causes. My computer monitor is a 42 inch plasma screen TV set to ridiculously low resolution, high contrast, and most programs are zoomed to 400%. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to write every word in my books. It can be tedious trying to understand my southern accent, but it eventually works.
2 Tell us about your books
My first novel, Free State of Dodge, is a prepper book in the style of Glen Tate and Boyd Craven. I have taken a hiatus from that genre to write a zombie apocalypse series, but I hope to go back to Dodge soon.
Still Alive is my zompoc series. This series starts with Zombie Lake and follows a reluctant hero from Alabama, Mo Collins. He runs into plenty of inevitable characters that you see in every zombie story. It’s dark comedy, so I like to keep the humor in my books, but it also gets pretty gory as the series progresses.
I am the archetype for Mo and most of the characters are based on people I know. If you’ve ever met me, you’ve met Mo, at least in personality.
3 When you sit down to write do you have any rituals you follow
My ritual is mainly having a big cup of steaming dark coffee to get my mind working. I know some people listen to music, but I have to have complete silence. Some people have told me they don’t read anything in the zombie genre when they write. I usually don’t have time to read anything, but I get inspiration from other zombie apocalypse books.
4 Who was your biggest influence in writing?
Mark Tufo. He is the original inspiration for my series. Without Zombie Fallout, there would be no Still Alive. When I read ZF2, I knew I had to write a book in the style of a personal journal after the zombie apocalypse.
5 When you write do you add small things or characteristics that only a few people will get when they read your stories?
Yes. I’m a secret geek and nearly everything about the character Gene “The Tech” is extremely nerdy. Unless you know fantasy from Star Trek to Star Wars, Metroid Prime to Warhammer 40,000, if you never owned a Sega Genesis or watched Mystery Science Theater, you might miss some of the jokes especially around The Tech.
6 What would you tell your younger self to help you with your writing today?
“Do something, dumbass!” Having been a freeloading bum the majority of my life, if I had started writing back when I was doing absolutely nothing, I would be a lot further along.
7 What is the best and the worst part of the publishing aspect?
For me, the worst part is waiting. I can write my book, have it edited, and have the cover ready, it just seems like it takes years the closer you get to releasing a book. Now, I don’t know much about the formatting and all that. I’m blind and can’t do it myself. You have to ask my dad how much of a pain in the ass that is.
8 Do you believe in writers block?
I’m afraid to answer that. There’s not enough wood for me to knock on! I wouldn’t say I don’t believe in it, but I’ve never had it. I might stumble or temporarily get stuck, but I don’t consider it a block.
Now for some rapid fire questions
Coffee. Tall, dark, black. Just like I like my men. Yeah, I’ve heard that joke before. I drink black coffee because I’m a real man, it’ll put hair on your chest! Wait. I don’t have a hairy chest. Damn.
If you had a super power what would it be?
Superpower? I’d rather have the Force. Imagine how much fun it would be to force choke random passersby on the street!
Favorite junk food
Being diabetic, I tend to watch what I eat and typically stay away from junk food. But if you were to make me eat some junk, put a gun to my head and force it down my throat, I have to go with nachos and salsa. If I go to a Mexican restaurant, I’m not happy until they tell me to leave.
Favorite book growing up
I actually didn’t read much growing up. For a while, I collected comic books, but I spent most of my time outside as a kid. Riding my bike, building forts, or the usual pointless stuff boys do.
And last but not least
 What would you tell any up and coming writers?
If you are going to publish independently, get a professional editor and a professional cover designer. I’ve read some books that had to have been proofread by a kindergartner and seen some covers thrown together by a drunk infant. Writing is an investment; if you are going to spend the time and money to put your work out there, spend a little more to make sure it is received well.

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Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL:  Good day before Valentine's day all . Today we are going to review MOON MOURNING  a Samantha Moon Origins book 2 . by J.R Rain and Math...


 Good day before Valentine's day all . Today we are going to review MOON MOURNING  a Samantha Moon Origins book 2 . by J.R Rain and Mathew Cox

                           BOOK BLURB 

Coping with being attacked and left for dead isn't easy, but Samantha Moon is grateful that she survived―until she suspects she didn't.

Vanishing from mirrors is only the first of a series of bizarre events that defies explanation, even to her trained investigative mind. A severe allergy to the sun, alertness at night, inability to eat food that isn't blood, and worst of all: she can't remember the last time she needed the bathroom. Of course, it's not all bad. Years have fallen off her face, her hair is perfect, her senses are honed, and (assuming she hasn't gone crazy) she can even see in the dark.

It's all too much to process, so she does the only thing that makes any sense: tries to go back to work.

A huge hat, shades, and half a bottle of high-test sunscreen later, she's back out inspecting properties with her partner Chad. Her first day, she suspects a HUD recipient of having undeclared income. Determined to cling to the career she worked so hard for, Sam traces the money back to small-time arms dealers selling big-time weapons. Everything seems to be routine until her sluggish reflexes get someone shot―and her husband suffers an emotional breakdown.

Worse, she faces a more insidious and dangerous enemy than an apocalyptic militia group with military hardware...


                     MY REVIEW 

      This is the second book in Samantha Moon's story , she is left for dead after being attacked .  She survives and there is something different about her . She is not the same person , she is sick and has an aversion to light and wants to eat everyone . But she tries to be the same person she was before the attack . Will she survive the militia group she is after and most of all will survive the daytime . 
     This is the second book in the origins story line . I must say that I was happy to read about the accident that turned Samantha . The author does a great job in show casing the characters and taking them to the way they are in the first of the Samantha moon books . The characters are well written and we get to dive into them a little bit better . We see Danny as a husband hurting by what happened . He is so torn and wants to help and does but he is also scared for his wife and his children . He doesn't really start to act like a douche until the end . He is a great flawed character . 
  Samantha is such a great character she is strong and fearless but also flawed . Watching her come to terms  with what is happening does tend to set off a giggle every now and then . The extra strength sunscreen and the big floppy hat make her sound like a old time movie star .  She does come to terms with what is going on with her and man she kicks some butt . She comes into her own and its great to see her start her business and realize that she can do it and more . 
  This book was co-written and the authors did a really good job combining their writing styles. The twists and turns that they take us on will have you on the edge of your seat while you are screaming at you kindle . There are some great loving moments that will have you going aww . Especially the scenes with Samantha and her family. They are emotional and sometimes a little tear jerking . There were a few spots where I felt if kind of dragged a little but over all I really enjoyed the story and the characters . To see how things got to where they are .  This would be a great book to read before you hit the series . So if you want a good book about how a family survives one being turned into a vampire and the aftermath . This is the book for you , be prepared to laugh and yes scream at your kindle a few times . 

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Books to curl up with: Good Wednesday

Books to curl up with: Good Wednesday:   Good Wednesday everyone . I just finished a book that well lets just say traumatized me. Mike Evans has a way of doing that to me and with...

Good Wednesday

  Good Wednesday everyone . I just finished a book that well lets just say traumatized me. Mike Evans has a way of doing that to me and with his new book THE UNLEASHING (the 4th book in The Uninvited series )

                           BOOK BLURB 

   In what is set to be the final gruesome book in The Uninvited Series, it goes without saying that it very well might be the bloodiest. The Stranger had thought he was the last in his bloodline who carried the will to kill without prejudice, until now! Follow along with The Stranger as the questions left unanswered from The Unwelcomed are put to rest in a graphic and brutal tale of death and pandemonium!

                      MY REVIEW 

  Ok this is a great ending to the series ,the author really ramped up the creep factor in this book . We get to follow  the stranger as he heads home to see his children after about a decade . He thought he was the last of the line that had the will to just kill and enjoy it . But as he finds out one of his children has the want and desire to kill . Come along for the ride of a lifetime as the Stranger finally answers the questions that were left in book three. 
   Omg the characters in this book just keep getting better and better . The Stranger has taken it up a notch in his killing sprees and the way he kills his victims . He is just evil and really you just want to stab him over and over . But he is also a father that wants to keep his protégé safe and help them get the desire to kill .  There are so many characters that get killed in this book . can't name them all but they die in such gruesome and bloody ways .   The kids are totally opposites of each other. one sweet and the other more like dad then anyone knows .
   This book had me setting it down a few times , oh the bathroom scene . yeah you will put it down after that one .  I was traumatized over and over, The author ramped up the gore and the creepiness in this one .  Don't eat while you are reading this one and also don't read before bed . Or before you have a dentist appointment. You will understand when you read the book. You will have some not so good dreams.  The question you come away with at the end of the book is . Is this the end or will  the Stranger and his protégé be back . I am kind of hoping that there is an spin off with the protégé . That would be a great read . So trying not to give you the name of the protégé because I really want you to read the books  So if you love extreme horror please check out THE UNINVITED SERIES trust me you will not be disappointed but when you read be prepared to be traumatized and sleep with the lights on for about a week . MAY YOU ALL SURVIVE THE STRANGER

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Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD TUESDAY ALL:    Good Tuesday all , today I am so excited it is release day for one of my favourite authors . DEVESTATE ( Deliver book 4 ) by Pam Godwin ...