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Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO MONDAY

Books to curl up with: WELCOME TO MONDAY:   Good morning everyone , welcome to Monday hope you are going to have a great week. Today I have the second book in the Midnight Sun series...


  Good morning everyone , welcome to Monday hope you are going to have a great week. Today I have the second book in the Midnight Sun series . WILDLING  by Lynn Burke . 

                             BOOK BLURB 

 A timid woman desperate for love. A wild, young man born of the wilderness. Off-limits desire spirals them toward sure danger—and conflict that will end in death.

A wildling, Ma always called me, born of nature, feral as a fox.

I made a promise to her on her deathbed to look after my heartless Pa, but eight years later, he brings another woman to our homestead in the wilds of Alaska, testing my determination to honor Ma’s memory.

Saige is timid. Beautiful. Unthreatening and desperate for affection, consuming my mind and drawing me in.

I should flee—for both our safety.

But I have nothing to my name, and leaving as winter approaches means certain death, no matter my survival skills.

Pa crosses a line, and the wildling inside me rises like a bear on its hind legs, instinctively needing to show dominance.

This time, I won’t fail to protect the one I love, no matter the cost—even if it means breaking my promise and shedding blood.

                   MY REVIEW 
    Saige is a very timid young woman who is tired of living in the hoarding mess of her parents . She wants to find her own way out . When Callan comes into town she is smitten by his shy way and goes on a date with him. She finds her way out of her life with the mountain man who takes her home and he changes for the worst . He is abusive and just not the loving man who Saige thinks he is . Flynn , Callan's son is in the same situation . He is been through so much with his dad all the abuse is finally getting to Flynn and he wants out but now he is going to be the one to help save her and maybe they can be together . Two people who find each other in the worst possible time will they be able to heal each other and find the love that they both deserve. 

Ok this book broke my heart in so many ways. The characters alone made me want to just hug them and wrap a blanket around them and say everything is going to be ok . Saige is a sweet girl who it seems didn't have a great life from the beginning . Her parents were not the best so Saige hid within herself . She is timid and just wants to be loved by someone well anyone that could take her away from her situation . Callan well he is very manipulative and well mean . He treats Saige as a maid and his own sexual slave . He does nothing but degrade and belittle both her and Flynn. There is no redeeming qualities in this man at all . Flynn is a sweet young man who is in turmoil from the promise he made to his mother before she died. He can become the man that Saige needs when he takes on the responsibility of taking care of Saige. Together you see Saige and Flynn grow stronger through out the book and become what they needed to be for each other . 

  This is the second book in the series and I must say it is the most emotional book in the series . I have never cried so much through out this book . The author paints such a picture in the wilds of Alaska with characters that are so well written and complex . I read this book in an evening and couldn't put it down. I got invested in Saige and Flynn from the moment I met them in the book . They are such broken people and watching them rebuild the trust that they need was so sweet. There are so many parts of this book that totally just broke my heart . I shed so many tears for Saige and Flynn. Like any good author , she repaired the broken parts of my heart . There are scenes of physical and mental abuse in this book and some forced sex but over all this is a love story between two broken people . So if you want a dark story that will break you and repair you check it out this series . You will not be disappointed .

Saturday, July 24, 2021


  Good Saturday all today I have the next three books in the weekly serial from J.R Rain and Hp Mallory.  A GHOST OF A CHANCE . MISCHIEF BREWING AND BUMP IN THE NIGHT . 

book 2 in the series A GHOST OF A CHANCE 

                           BOOK BLURB

 Living in a haunted house is going to be the death of me…

Potentially literally.

In an attempt to cleanse whatever entity Trina and I let into my house after our bout with a Ouija board, things have only gotten worse.When the entity begins to sap Drake’s strength, I realize I have to do something, and that something needs to be done now…
While Drake does drive me crazy with his pretentious airs, his womanizing ways, and his jealousy, the idea of coming home to an empty house leaves me feeling… well, empty. Yes, it’s true—I’m pretty fond of my ghostly Casanova.
Meanwhile, whatever this entity is, it’s getting stronger and more aggressive. It appears to be mimicking the attacks of the Axeman, a murderer who terrorized New Orleans over one hundred years earlier.
And there’s only so much Ryan can do to help me, considering he’s corporeal.
When forced to make a decision to protect Drake, I’ll face a consequence that could put my blossoming relationship with Ryan on a forever hold.

                       MY REVIEW 
 After Peyton and Trina played with the Ouija Board  things start to go strange . The entity starts to drain Drake's strength. They have to find out what is going on and get the entity out of the house . The entity is taking on the characteristics of a hundred year old murderer the Axeman . Who terrorized  New Orleans . Ryan is trying to help but there is only so much he can do well cause he is alive . Will everything work out or will Ryan and Peyton's relationship be on hold indefinitely.

  Peyton and the gang are back and honestly funnier then ever . Peyton is trying hard to keep Drake from peeking in on her relationship with Ryan and also to keep everyone safe. She is sassy and ready for a fight You really get to see Peyton's flirty fun side when she is with Drake We also get to see her soft romantic side with Ryan . Drake is well he is still as cocky as ever and oh so sexy too . He is slowly loosing himself . Then there is Ryan the sweetest guy ever , he is tall and just sexy with a lopsided grin. We also get to meet some voodoo priests who add so much fun to the story. 

Ok this is book two and I must say the authors packed a lot into this story . There is romance . voodoos . dark magic and lots of laugher . The author seems to have such fun writing this  book.  i read this while at the pool in an afternoon . I have never giggled so much in my life . The characters are so well written and complex . The author has created a great universe where you get sucked in by the end of chapter one . This series would be great for your summer reading list . 


                         BOOK BLURB

  Two is better than one; unless the second is hitching a ride in your body.
Then one is definitely better than two.
After agreeing to let the spirit of Drake Montague inhabit my body (probably not one of my better ideas), I soon discover the twentieth-century French policeman may be dead, but his lothario longings sure aren’t.
Now I have to find a way to explain to my sweet, sexy, and very alive boyfriend, Ryan Kelly, that a spirit has taken up residence in my head, whispering French words of affection day and night. And, ahem, French is a pretty… sexy language.
While I’m torn between my love for a living man and my growing affection for one deceased, supernatural activity in New Orleans is at an all-time high. Something wicked this way is definitely coming.
With the help of my friends (and a little voodoo), I learn that the demonic spirit of the Axeman may still be dwelling in my house. Thanks a lot,!

                    MY REVIEW 
  Poor Peyton what has she gotten herself into , agreeing to let Drake share her body . Drake maybe dead but his longings don't get my Peyton at all . Now she has to figure out a way to come clean and tell her sweet boyfriend Ryan and tell him about the ghost now sharing her body. Not only that but she has to figure out if the Axeman is still residing in her house . With help of Lovie and some voodoo . Peyton will get to the bottom of the Axe man and maybe stop the end of the world. 
  This episode has so much going on, we have voodoo and there is romance and possession . The characters are just getting better and better . Peyton is one tough lady who will do anything for those who love her and she loves. We get to see a lot more of Drake in this book . He is oh so dreamy and such a card through out the book . There are some really strong emotions through out the book . 
   This is the third installment in the series .I think this one is my favourite book in the series . We get to see more of Drake and how he was back in the day. The book is full of snarkiness and sass . You will laugh at some of the things Drake does and says through out the book . I truly love this series so much You will love this series from the first page . Check it out you will love to read this series on your pool day


                         BOOK BLURB 

 Abandon hope, all ye who enter here...
With the ghost of Drake Montague possessing my body, I’ve broken the barrier between this plane and the next.Now, to stop the ghost of the murderous Axeman from attacking New Orleans again, I’ll have to visit the most infamous building in the city—the LaLaurie Mansion.
In the 1800s, the LaLaurie Mansion was the location of unspeakable atrocities, and now I’m going to venture into the depths of this awful place, where I’ll experience first-hand what happened all those years ago.
The LaLaurie Mansion will lead me back to my least favorite of all places—Guarda’s shack of voodoo, where I’ll have to succumb to Guarda’s magic, yet again.
To stop bloody history from repeating itself, I’ll have to travel back in time to confront the Axeman at his roots, with the help of a certain handsome—and suddenly flesh and blood—police officer with a killer accent.

                     MY REVIEW
 We are back and heading into the past to stop the Axe man Peyton has to man up and head back to the voodoo priestess shack to go back and make sure the world doesn't come to an end with the Axe man coming to finally finish the job of killing her . She has to come to terms with her feelings for Drake and Ryan as she fights the Axe man . Drake with his sexy accent and his killer body that could distract a blind woman . She must over come the entity and come back to her world before the world ends . 
  This episode is one of action and there is some romance through out the story . Drake is so suave and debonair in this book . You really just want to climb him . Peyton goes through so much this time around . We see her fight hard for what she wants . There are moments in this story that you are on the edge of your seat and yes there is a cliff hanger at the end of this one but the next book will be coming out fast . I am really loving these books and the characters . Peyton is one tough cookie and knows what she wants and Ryan is the sweet boyfriend at her side the whole time . Drake well he is Drake and I love him . So check it out if you want a fun summer read check out the series 

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Books to curl up with: WOOHOOO ITS FRIDAY

Books to curl up with: WOOHOOO ITS FRIDAY:  Woooohooo it is Friday , I am hoping that everyone has some great plans for this weekend. I have a hot read for you this weekend . She is a...


 Woooohooo it is Friday , I am hoping that everyone has some great plans for this weekend. I have a hot read for you this weekend . She is a new author to me  BOY NEXT DOOR ( Young Ballers book one ) by Cassandra Cripps. 

                            BOOK BLURB

 He’s off limits.

The neighbor’s kid, home from college for the summer.

He’s too young.

But that doesn’t stop my heart from racing every time I see him.
I should know better. I’m almost twice his age and have two kids of my own.
But I see desire in his steely eyes every time he glances at me.
No matter how hard I try to resist, I can feel him breaking down my barriers, sucking me in.
Can I allow myself to cross this forbidden line?
And can I live with myself if I do?

                   MY REVIEW
  Delilah and het two boys have moved in next door. She is trying to get her life back together after a divorce . Her ex well doesn't want to be around. She is trying to keep two young boys happy and busy . When the boy next door shows up all wet and oh so sexy and sparks a fire in Delilah that can't be denied but what would people think she is twice his age . But those eyes every time he looks at her she melts . Will they be able to over come her insecurities and find the happiness . 

  Ok this is the first book I have read from this author and I must say she can build a complex set of characters . Delilah is a very insecure woman who has been through so much. She is a sweet woman but she has been well beaten down by an ex and that has played havoc on her self esteem. She doesn't think she is worth anything to anyone . But as you watch her start to blossom with Ethan.  The insecurities still bounce back though through out the book . Ethan well he is kinda cocky with a sweet side and my he is oh so sexy . Like most heroes we read there is more to him then just his cockiness . There is a sweet caring man who just wants to be the one for that one girl. He is great with kids and loves to help them out.  He turns out to be more of a man then most men twice their age . They do make a cute couple and when they finally get together its holy hotness . 

  This is one of those books where you sit down and start reading and don't put down. I found myself  getting invested in the characters . There is a bit of Delilah in all of us and we all kind of want a man like Ethan to come in and be the one for us . The author builds a great universe for these characters . We all feel for both characters . I think we all have had some of the insecurities that Delilah feels . The story starts off slowly sometimes a little bit too slow for me at times . But once it takes off it really takes off and you are sucked in big time and boy you are in for a treat .  There is a cliff hanger but I can't wait to see where the story goes from here. So if you want a younger man older woman story with some hotness . Check it out , trust me you will want to lick water off of Ethan's abs . Add this heat to your summer reading 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL:   Good Thursday all , I hope your week is going well .I woke up to fog as thick as pea soup this morning, hope you guys are better weather w...


  Good Thursday all , I hope your week is going well .I woke up to fog as thick as pea soup this morning, hope you guys are better weather wise . Today I have a brand new author to me who I met on a cool app. Let me introduce you to Hannah Byron and her epic world war 2 love story THE PARISIAN SPY ( A Resistance Girl novel book 3)

                           BOOK BLURB 

  Paris, 1939

The most sought-after woman in the French Resistance.

War is coming, but Océane Bell is focused on her studies. She enrolls at Sorbonne Medical School in Paris and begins working at a local hospital, and keeps out of politics.

That is until she meets Jean-Jacques Riveau. He is a passionate and talented artist. But when the Nazis take Paris, Jean-Jacques abandons his art to join the Resistance movement.

Océane tries to stay out of it, but when Jean-Jacques is arrested by the Gestapo, she has to do something. 

Dieter Von Stein, the cruel, enigmatic head of the Paris Gestapo, is in need of a personal physician. Océane sees her opportunity and takes it, figuring she’ll be able to use her new position to find out where her lover is being kept and rescue him.

Her new boss, however, has other plans...for Jean-Jacques and for Océane. A dangerous game ensues, and there can only be one winner.

Can Océane outsmart Dieter Von Stein? Or will the game be up for both her and her lover?

                      MY REVIEW 
  Oceane is a sweet girl who at the the time is having a crisis should she become a doctor or should she be an artist . When she is sent to live with uncle and when she decides to finish her doctor's degree . She starts working at the local hospital as she studies at the Sorbonne medical school . Until the day her life is turned upside down and a man who will steal her heart walks in and a war starts .  Oceane is swept up in the resistance and what she can do to find her love .Jean-Jacques has been taken by the Nazis. She is swept into the Nazi world by becoming Dieter Von Stein 's personal doctor and trying to find out where JJ is . With Dieter's plans are different and tease Oceane with little tidbits about JJ. Oceane needs to escape and get back to her family but will she be able to get out and back to France or will she get swallowed up in the resistance . 

  This is a story that has it all intrigue , romance and danger . The characters are so well written and complex . Oceane is a young woman who at the beginning is a naive student trying to figure out her life. Boy does she grow up fast through the book we see her become a very strong woman. She is passionate and very strong willed when it comes to her family and JJ . She truly grew up fast . JJ is an artist who is more then just an artist , he is a passionate man who loves with his whole heart . He opens up a world of passion in Oceane and helps her grow. There are so many characters that come into Oceane's life that help her through the wages of the occupation . 

  This is a book that once you start you can't stop . I was totally engrossed and was turning pages well into the night . The author has a writing style that takes you to the edge of your seat and keeps you there .  Her characters are so well written and complex and they grow through out the book . The story is well thought out and really thought provoking . You will get transported back and be right in the action . I am usually not really into historical fiction but this author changed my mind . I truly enjoyed this story and can't wait to read other books from this author. So if you want a good historical romance check it out .