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Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL:    Good Thursday all , today we are going to review DEMON WITH A COMB OVER by Stuart Weist .                          BOOK BLURB   ...


   Good Thursday all , today we are going to review DEMON WITH A COMB OVER by Stuart Weist .

                         BOOK BLURB


Laugh till it hurts!

There are few things in life worse than being a bombing comedian in an empty club, unless you pick on the one person in the crowd who happens to be an ancient demon who can make your life a living, ironic hell.

Stand-up comedian Charlie Broadmoor has a hell of a time coming up with new material while terrorized at every waking moment by a poorly-coiffed, thin-skinned eldritch evil whose appreciation of humor is dwarfed by his monumental pettiness. Charlie quickly learns that making light of the supernatural is no joke. It’s Seinfeld meets Milton in this uproarious tale of fear and laughing by Stuart R. West.

This edition also features The Book of Kobal, giving the reader a glimpse into the origins of the short-tempered demon.
                        MY REVIEW    
  Charlie is having a bad day a really bad day . He is a comic but honestly not a good comic. He is bombing at being a comic , Until the night he picked on the wrong person . Don't ever mess the guy with the comb over , he might just be a demon that can make your life a living hell.
    So begins the twisted tale of Charlie and his dissent into hell . The author takes a very humorous take on the horror twist . I like how the author added humor to the horror genre in a good mashup. The main character Charlie is such a fun character to read . He is such a messed up mess and it takes awhile for him to realize that he is being tortured by a demon . He just goes about his business and while bad things are starting to happen . Kobal is the demon who takes on Charlie . He is one grumpy demon. He has had a hard life and is taking it out on Charlie .
   The story has a great mash up of horror and humor . The author takes us on a ride that mixes humor , tragedy . horror and drama . The characters are well written and the story is fast paced . You will be rooting for the good guy . But honestly you start to think he isn't going to come out of it alive . You will be embroiled in the characters and the story . I will say this you will have to read the book to see if Charlie and his daughter make it out alive . Also what happens to Kobal . You will be surprised .

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY TUESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: HAPPY TUESDAY ALL:  Well I have survived another long weekend with the family . Today we are going to review a great anthology from some really good horror wri...


 Well I have survived another long weekend with the family . Today we are going to review a great anthology from some really good horror writers . MAXIMUS SHOCK has stories from some of todays new and rising horror authors . Authors include Ricky Fleet . Jeffrey Kosh, Matt Hay, Keith Montgomery. Emir Skalonja and so many more

                            BOOK BLURB

Optimus Maximus Publishing is proud to present sixteen spine-chilling, twisted tales written by old and new voices from around the world. From freaky creatures to singing cats, from zombies to High school bullies, this collection of stories will haunt you, torture you, and make you look at nature and humans in a whole new light.
Are you prepared to be shocked?
Shall we find out?

Featuring stories from: Ricky Fleet, Jeffrey Kosh, Emir Skalonja, Keith Montgomery, Scott Carruba, Chris Garson, Lorraine Versini, Maura Atkinson Butler, Matt Hay, Leon Brown, and WK Pomeroy. Edited by Christina Hargis Smith
                      MY REVIEW   
  This anthology started out with a bang and didn't stop . Each author takes us on a horror filled ride.
 The first up was MONKEYS IN THE PALACE by Chris Garson . This short started off the book with a bang . The author takes us on a blood driven adrenaline ride with such a twist at the end . I was so enthralled by this story , it has such a great twist at the end that you don't see coming .
  In book two we have AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL by Maura Atkinson Butler . This short I must admit brought back some old high school insecurities , of being and outcast and socially awkward .  Just take mean girls and add a twist to it and you have this book . I had to read this one twice it was so good . The characters are well written and you will want to scream at your kindle .
 In book three we have AGNES by Lorraine Versini . This short has an Elizabethan vibe to it . It all takes place with one person Agnes and her slow descent into madness . The story is very well written and you feel sorry for poor Agnes at one point. You want to know what drove her to do what she does .
In book four IT LURKS IN THE SHADOWS by Scott Caruba . Well I actually had trouble reading this one cause of a bad case of being scared of the dark . This one brought back some memories and honestly I have to sleep with a night light after finishing this one . This story has so many elements to it its about a boy who is bullied and the things that go bump in the night . There is a twist at the end and Scott takes us to the edge and back again.
In book five BITES by Leon Brown . Now this is the story for the zombie lovers out there . This is zombie book with a twist . Welcome to the Salvation city where people have come to be safe from what is out there. But things aren't what they seem and you will be on the edge of your seat cheering through this one .
In book six IN DEATH THE SPIRITS CALL by Emir Skalonja . The author mixes the supernatural and zombies and does it seamlessly. The story is set in  Russia 1943 in the trenches . The author takes us right in the middle of the action . You will love this story
In book seven PROJECT 84 by Ricky Fleet . This story is a mixture of science and humanity . What would you do to have the ultimate protection . This story had me thinking about what would happen if protection went too far . What would you do
In book eight THE DEMON'S ERRAND by Keith Montgomery. This story is one of what would really do in the name of lust and how far you would go . It has the devil and Max Webster feel to it . But is darker and has a lot of twists an turns that will leave you thinking about what would you do and would you actually go through with it. 

In book nine ENDANGERE SPECIES by W.K Pomeroy . This author is a new author to me and I am glad I got to read his story . It was a really good read about an unbelievable encounter with an endangered species . The story was fast pace and it kept you on the edge of your chair . The twist at the end I never saw coming .
Book ten we have MANNEQUIN by Matt Hay . Now I must say this was one scary story. The author has one twisted mind . It brought of all sorts of fears and yes I will say I was cursing him at one point. The story is one for the books . I will admit I watched a cartoons after this one .
In book eleven A MIDNIGHT CAPER by Maura Atkinson Butler. Ok this story makes me realize I am so happy I don't have any neighbours . No going over for dinner or potlucks for this girl ever .
In book twelve MR QUIVERS by Chris Garson . In this short story makes me really rethink my ideas on cats . Also kind of makes me really rethink camping . The story is fast paced and the ending is one you have to think about
In book thirteen SHARKORPION by Emir Skalonja . This story reminds me of a great 50s scifi movie . The mixture of the shark an scorpion is just in genius . It has all the aspects of a great movie . The twists are great . The ending is unbelievable
In book fourteen A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHES by Matt Hays . Ok this isn't your kids fairytale .  The author has flipped it on its end and added twists that you never see coming . You never know what is coming as you turn the pages .
 In book fifteen LAST CHANCE by Jeffrey Kosh . This is a book that devolves into the mind of one man and what is happening inside. This is a tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat .
Last but not leas in book sixteen SCOUTS HONOR by Ricky Fleet .You know when you are reading a story an think you know what is going to happen , well that's what happened here . Reading along thinking of how I have it all figured out and bam Ricky takes off and twists the whole story on us . The ending will shock you .
   The stories will shock you and tantalize you . You will want to sleep with the lights on and hug the ones you love . These authors are all great authors in their own right . I couldn't get enough of these stories . They were short fast reads but some of them made me rethink things and brought up some old fears . The characters are well written and complex and the stories will leave you breathless . So if you want a collection of stories that will keep you up all night check them out . You will not be disappointed

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Books to curl up with: Good Thursday morning all

Books to curl up with: Good Thursday morning all:  Good Thursday all . welcome to day two of the chocolate coma from Valentine's day . Today we are going to review THE LAST CHANCE MATINE...

Good Thursday morning all

 Good Thursday all . welcome to day two of the chocolate coma from Valentine's day . Today we are going to review THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE by Mariah Stewart .

                             BOOK BLURB

  From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes the first novel in her all-new series, The Hudson Sisters, following a trio of reluctant sisters as they set out to fulfill their father’s dying wish. In the process, they find not only themselves, but the father they only thought they knew.
  When celebrated and respected agent Fritz Hudson passes away, he leaves a trail of Hollywood glory in his wake—and two separate families who never knew the other existed. Allie and Des Hudson are products of Fritz’s first marriage to Honora, a beautiful but troubled starlet whose life ended in a tragic overdose. Meanwhile, Fritz was falling in love on the Delaware Bay with New Age hippie Susa Pratt—they had a daughter together, Cara, and while Fritz loved Susa with everything he had, he never quite managed to tell her or Cara about his West Coast family.
  Now Fritz is gone, and the three sisters are brought together under strange circumstances: there’s a large inheritance to be had that could save Allie from her ever-deepening debt following a disastrous divorce, allow Des to open a rescue shelter for abused and wounded animals, and give Cara a fresh start after her husband left her for her best friend—but only if the sisters upend their lives and work together to restore an old, decrepit theater that was Fritz’s obsession growing up in his small hometown in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Guided by Fritz’s closest friend and long time attorney, Pete Wheeler, the sisters come together—whether they like it or not—to turn their father’s dream into a reality, and might just come away with far more than they bargained for.   

                           MY REVIEW
  This is the first book in a brand new series . Let me introduce you to the Hudson sisters . Who after their father dies , find out about each other . They are reluctant to even meet each other and even more reluctant to do their father's dying wish . To remodel an old matinee that was their fathers joy. Will they get to know each other and will they start to love each other and remodel the stage  and survive each other .
  This is a story of love and redemption and finding what sisters truly mean to each other . The story starts out with their father dying . Fitz was in love with two woman one on the west coast as self indulgent movie star who only thought of herself . Then he falls in love with a free spirit on the east coast who he loved with all his heart . The daughters are brought together after he dies . To connect and do what he has asked . They all have their own baggage that they bring to the party. As you read you get to know each of them and you watch them grow and actually start to care for each other .
 Cara is a freshly divorced woman who is watching her ex marrying her best friend . She is carrying around a lot of guilt and feels like its all her fault .  Then there is Allie , who is divorced and has a daughter who would like to spend time with her dad then her. She also has a little problem with alcohol . She is also just a little jealous of her little sister Des who ended up being a child star . All she wants to is rescue animals and giver them loving homes . When you start reading you think that man these characters are spoiled and have such immature problems . But as you dive in you really get to see these characters and you really start to care for them and you will laugh and cry with them .
  To me this book was just a little slow at the beginning but once you got the girls together it goes by fast . You can see them starting to bond and starting to care for each other . The book flows well and you will get caught up in their stories . There is a romance wrapped up in this book also . The first of the three romances the author was setting up . Over all I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the second book to come out .   

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY ALL:     Good Monday all, hope your weekend went well and you all had a good one . Today we are going to review an author that makes me laugh eve...


    Good Monday all, hope your weekend went well and you all had a good one . Today we are going to review an author that makes me laugh every time I read her books . WERE ME OUT shift happens book 4 by Robyn Peterman

                            BOOK BLURB

Why do I have to have my tail in a knot for the one hot, sexy Werewolf who can’t seem to keep his Johnson in his pants?
I’m a nice girl—really I am. I’m just a typical computer-hacking, knife-throwing, Star Trek-obsessed, overeducated Werewolf nerd who can’t seem to get her love life to compute.

However, it’s time to grow up and face the music or more accurately the man I’m in love with… Junior aka Jacob Wilson—the Alpha of the Georgia Pack. First I’ll have to stand up to some nasty gals who’s pants are so tight I can see their religion. Then I'll claim my man.

What should be an easy feat, gets sucktastic when you throw in a three hundred year old fabulous gay Vampyre, an antiquated motherboard from the 90’s and a challenge from the vicious, deadly Alabama Pack. Not to mention a libido that is out of control. Mine.

So I’m just gonna dive in—head first and eyes closed. Love conquers all. Right? As long as reality doesn’t wear me out, I plan to win.

                             MY REVIEW
   This is book four in the shift happens series and I was so excited to see that Junior was finally getting his own book. Junior aka Jacob the police chief an Alpha of the Georgia wolf pack  He has a reputation of being a man whore amongst the pack but there is only one woman for him . She is playing coy and trying to stay away from him but their geeky side and a threat will pull them closer together or maybe tear them apart . 
   This is one outrageous , sexy laugh riot of a book .  Between buck naked deputies stripping in the middle of town at noon . To a chief of police noted man whore who is trying to redeem himself in his mates eyes . By spying on her and standing in the hostas at her parents house . To Dwayne , the fabulous gay vampire that is giving everyone unsolicited sex tips . What is poor Sandy to do but take matters into her own hands and get her man. Even if she is just a geeky hacker who can fix a motherboard in no time . There are some great twists and turns in this book that will keep you laughing all the way through.
  Robyn puts a lot of sass in her main female characters but they are also a little vulnerable at the same time . Sandy is that character , she is a strong woman who can fix a computer in no time an hack her way into anything she sets her mind to and can throw a knife at a target and hit it every time. At first we see her a little less confident but as the story goes we see her kicking ass like no ones business . I love Sandy because she is just so full of spunk but also insecure in her own skin .
 Junior is so hot I love that he is a geek at heart and as smart as all get go . He wanted Sandy even when Sandy didn't even know . He is also so much fun to read , he has his own set of insecurities but man oh man he is hot .  The rest of the gang is back and trying to help get these two together . Essie is planning her wedding and well Dwayne and grandma are well just being themselves, zany as ever . Just don't ask Dwayne about oral sex . hehehehehehehhe read the book to find out .
     I read this book in an evening , I couldn't put it down . I was so glad when I found Robyn's books they are a great escape that will teach you some new inventive ways to swear and will leave you laughing your butt off . You won't want it to end and when you do you will be wanting more . So if you want a real funny read that has hot sexy shifters and is a laugh out loud good time . Check our WERE ME OUT  by Robyn Peterman

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Books to curl up with: ITS TIME TO GO BACK TO THE PACK

Books to curl up with: ITS TIME TO GO BACK TO THE PACK:   Good Monday morning all . Hope you all have recovered from the SUPERBOWL and are ready for some good books coming at you this week . Today...


  Good Monday morning all . Hope you all have recovered from the SUPERBOWL and are ready for some good books coming at you this week . Today we are going to howl at the moon and head back to the pack in Reno. WOLF MOON by Lisa Kessler .

                         BOOK BLURB

As the last Pack member without a mate, Luke Reynolds has become an outsider. When he takes a job as the head horse trainer in Sedona, Arizona, he’s looking forward to starting a new life. But everything changes the night he finds a beautiful woman stranded on the side of the highway.
Raven Wood has been bitten and turned against her will. Luckily, her spirit is stronger than most, and she has every intention of escaping the Sedona Pack. Somehow. The sexy lone wolf who rescues her might be just the answer she’s looking for.
But the Sedona Pack Alpha has a mission, and unless Luke and Raven can stop him, they’ll lose everything.
Each book in the Moon series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Moonlight
Book #2 Hunter's Moon
Book #3 Blood Moon
Book #4 Harvest Moon
Book #5 Ice Moon
Book #6 Blue Moon
Book #7 Wolf Moon

                          MY REVIEW  
  This is the seventh book in the series and I must say I was so happy to see it out .  Wolf Moon is the newest novel by Lisa Kessler. Let me introduce you to Luke and Raven. Luke is the last wolf in the Reno pack and the last man to find his mate . So he heads to Sedona to break free and become his own man. He never thought he would find his mate until the day Raven came into his life . A chance meeting at the side of the road and the war that is bound to happen . Raven and Luke realize that they are destined to be together. Will they overcome their insecurities and the wolf pack out to get them . To realize that they are suppose to be together .
    As a fan of the moon series , I have been waiting for a long time for Luke's story . He has been on the back burner for awhile .  I love the characters in this story , Luke is a horse trainer and sexy as sin . The man can wear a pair of wranglers . He is strong and sweet wants to do the best for himself and for his pack . He really doesn't take no for an answer and does the best for everyone . Ladies you will fall for the sexy wolf trust me .
   Raven is such a good character . She is strong but yet weak in ways . She was turned against her will . She has bad trust issues and doesn't want to be anything to anyone . All she wants is to be free along with her sister . You see the transformation in Raven as you read along in the book . Luke teaches her to trust and love again.
   Lisa also has Sedona as a character in the book , the way she describes the scenery and the people . It felt like you are right there especially when she describes the vortex . I so want to see that . Where you can see all stars in the galaxy . It sounds breathtaking .
    You can read this book as a stand alone but to get the full picture I would read all the books in the series . So you can be acquainted with the rest of the characters that are mentioned through out the book. The book is a fast read and you can read it in an evening . You will love the characters and the story just keeps getting better and better .  You can snuggle down with a glass of wine and read all about Luke and Raven . Have a tissue or two beside you there are a couple of scenes that might make you cry .  I enjoyed this story very much and can't wait to read the other stories that Lisa is writing . So if you want an enjoyable read for a cold snowy night . Check out WOLF MOON by Lisa Kessler