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   Good morning my peeps, sorry its been awhile but you know the Christmas rush is on . Today I have for you a brand new series for Hp Mallory, THE FOOL  the Daughter of the moon book one. 

                          BOOK BLURB

 An irreverent, sexy, and hysterical romp through the tarot…

You know that quote about most people living quiet lives of desperation? Well, that pretty much describes me to a T.

I’m middle-aged, divorced, built like a tree stump, with nothing but a failing romance-writing career to call my own. Yep, no kids, no social life and no pets—not even a chinchilla to greet when I walk through the door of my crappy apartment.

The only thing I do have? Spare Tire Sandy who lives around my waist. Oh, and a nicotine habit I’m desperately trying to kick.

When my eccentric Aunt Artemis ups and dies, leaving me her ‘castle’ in Vermont, I start thinking maybe my luck is taking a turn for the better.
Yeah , no.

The property, in the tiny town of Maplewood, is literally a castle but not like something you’d see in Scotland. This is more like Medieval England had a battle with The Tarot and neither won.

Which means it’s going to be a bitch and a half to sell.

To make matters worse? There’s a tenant in ‘Tarot Castle’ and not like the squatter sort—more like the talking goat sort. Right—Rocco sounds like a New York mobster which is grating enough, but throw in the fact that I’m now responsible for him and I’m not a happy camper.

And let’s not even discuss the shrunken head, Yolanda, who literally WILL NOT STOP TALKING!

The only person who can help me make sense of my new inheritance is Luke Montgomery, owner of the coffee/ bookstore in town. Luke is friendly, really hot in a J. Crew sort of way, and also annoyingly hush-hush about the legacy I’ve apparently been born into: some BS about being a Daughter of the Moon.

And then there’s Magnus Stormrider, my self-proclaimed guardian, who looks like the love-child of Conan the Barbarian and Fabio. The best way to describe Magnus? If the ground opened up and swallowed him whole, I wouldn’t mind—not for one second.

According to my aunt’s never-ending posthumous letters that keep appearing from literally nowhere, I’m supposedly on the journey of The Fool, the first card of the Major Arcana of the tarot.

And that’s pretty damned fitting because if there’s one thing I’m sure of—it’s that I was the biggest fool to have ever agreed to come out here in the first place…

                      MY REVIEW 
  Welcome to Maplewood Vermont, where Kate is about have the weirdest time of her life . After her aunt dies and Kate inherits a castle, she is in for the shock of her life. Her life is about to change for the better or worse depends on who you talk to. When she finds out what her aunt was and what she is to become. With the help of Luke, a sexy bookstore owner , who knows more then he is telling Kate . Magnus Stormrider the well lets just say viking  or an 90s romance cover model , guardian are there to protect her and guide her , oh and then there is Rocco, he just came with the castle and yes he is a New York sounding goat. ( yes  he is a taking goat ). Will Kate make it through her first journey on becoming a daughter of the moon or is this just a fools dream. 

 OMG here we go with another fun series, The characters are fantastic, Kate is a middle aged divorcee who is trying to pull it together but failing big time. She is stuck and really doesn't know what to do . There are moments through out the book you just want to either hug her or hit her upside the head with a frying pan. Luke is the type of guy that you could fall in love with very easily. He is sweet and kind and he owns a book store. There is something a little more to Luke though, he has secrets that pertain to Kate. Magnus well he is one of those people that well just barrel into your life . Who knew that he was even there until he burst out of her closet and chased her around the garden. He is quite literal in all things that pertain to keeping Kate safe . Ok I have saved the best character for last when I first heard about this character I was chomping at the bit waiting . Let me introduce to you Rocco the goat . But this is no ordinary goat, he is a talking goat who sounds like he should be running a mob family in New York. He is basically squatting there and will be providing Kate with advice if she wants it or not . I can't wait to see where the author is going to take these characters through out the books . 

  Like I said this is a brand new series for this author and she started off with a bang. The characters are so well written and honestly so fricken funny right out of the gate . I can't wait to see where she takes them through out the series . You will be laughing so hard through out this book you will have tears rolling down your face . Especially when you meet Magnus and Rocco. The series is going to be like going through a deck of tarot cards. The Fool is a great title for the first book because Kate really does make a fool out of herself a lot . There are so many possibilities for this series and I can't wait for the next book to come out . So if you want a fun new series check it out . 

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Books to curl up with: ITS 20 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS

Books to curl up with: ITS 20 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS:    Good morning my peeps we have 20 days till Christmas and I have a book for your Christmas giving ideas .                                 ...


   Good morning my peeps we have 20 days till Christmas and I have a book for your Christmas giving ideas . 

                                           BOOK BLURB 


                     It is almost Christmas and yards glow with twinkling lights.
But more than chestnuts are roasting.
A raging fire sweeps through the decorated landscape of Sled Run, destroying the home of Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg and killing two.
An accident? Or did something toxic fuel the flames?
Sheriff Piper Blackwell and Detective Basil Meredith believe Oren was targeted and are tasked with finding motive and means before more than the holiday burns bright.
With many clues reduced to ashes, can Piper and Basil catch the culprits before they strike again? Or is this blaze just the start of the most murder-filled time of the year?

 “Looks like the fire started here, Sheriff, back of the house, right outside the kitchen window. See? Next to the AC unit.” He paused. “What used to be the AC unit.” The man wore navy blue pants, creased, tucked into leather boots that had thick soles and obvious steel toes. Sporting a mud-brown bomber jacket with an ivory wooly collar, he’d clipped his State Fire Marshal badge to the wide lapel.
“Richard Oster,” he said, thrusting out an ungloved hand. “Rick.”
Piper, wearing her driver’s gloves, shook it, noting his grip was uncomfortably strong. She squeezed back. “Piper Black—”
“Sheriff Piper Blackwell. I know who you are. Something of a celebrity. You handled a couple of major drug busts in the fall. Serious pot farm, meth lab so big the Feds came in. Largest take downs in the state’s history. The Indy Star ran stories for days. Made the national news. Pleasure to meet you.”
And Detective Basil Meredith,” Piper added an introduction, indicating him with a hand. “He discovered the drug operations.” Along with Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg, who nearly lost his life to this fire.
“Pleasure.” Oster shook Basil’s hand.
Santa Claus Fire Chief Wollach joined them. He’d been walking around the perimeter of both properties, taking pictures, shaking his head as if in disbelief.
The wreckage looked worse this morning, the bright sun illuminated charred wood, collapsed bricks, sections of walls leaning precariously, and twisted things that had been furniture and appliances and memories. Oren’s fireplace and chimney still stood, like a tall digit flipping off the neighborhood. The scene had been bad enough when she came out hours earlier while the volunteer fire department fought the blaze. The darkness and sleet muted much of the horror then. Odors of burned and melted things remained strong.
She turned on her body cam, noticing Basil was using the department camera, getting shots of the destruction, Oster, Wollach, and the neighbors perched on the sidewalk across the street.
Ten onlookers bundled in winter coats, two of them with cell phones up and recording, Piper noted. Maybe they were among the gawkers hours ago when the fire raged. Three men stood separate, near an open garage, the clouds of mist around their heads evidence of their conversation. Faces peered from windows, many of them children. Maybe someone watching knew something about the victims who’d died in the Laubenstein house. Or had seen something.
“I agree with you,” Oster said to Basil, nodding. “This is arson. Clumsy, amateur, clear. I’ll conduct a thorough investigation to back it up. I have two technicians with me and we’ll get footage and samples.” He filled the pause with a chuckle. “Well, they’ll be back here in a little while. Baxter takes frequent pee breaks, and they’re picking up coffees.”
“You said the fire started here,” Piper cut in. Wood crunched under her feet as she walked, pieces of Oren’s house. “Show me.”

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