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Books to curl up with: Good Monday everyone .

Books to curl up with: Good Monday everyone .: Good Monday everyone . Ever have a book that you have to take a couple of days to digest before you can come to terms with what has happened...

Good Monday everyone .

Good Monday everyone . Ever have a book that you have to take a couple of days to digest before you can come to terms with what has happened. The book has taken you to the pits of hell and brought you out the other side. Well I just happen to have read another book by Paige Dearth called BELIEVE LIKE A CHILD

                      BOOK BLURB
Alessa is just seven years old when her uncle rapes her for the first time. As the years pass, his sexual appetite becomes more voracious and his perversion more twisted, until the abuse has become almost a daily ritual, with the unspoken involvement of the girl’s mother.

At the age of sixteen, after the death of her only friend, Alessa finds herself at the mercy of her real-life monster, with no relief in sight. She flees her home to escape this hell, only to find herself descending into a more dangerous one. Alone and helpless in the streets of North Philadelphia, she encounters more human predators who want to take over her life and devour her. About to hit rock bottom, Alessa manages to break away from her new tormentors and finds refuge in a shelter for homeless and abused women.

Wherever she goes, however, trouble keeps seeking her out, until she meets three people who change the course of her life forever. Though Alessa’s bittersweet journey is perpetually fraught with challenges, she does, nevertheless, manage to find fleeting moments of joy along the way. But as she begins to settle down, a ghost from the past comes to haunt her again, threatening to destroy the very foundation of her small world and plunging her back into an abyss of despair, until she makes her final bid for escape.

                       MY REVIEW
  This book broke my heart actually gutted me over and over . I started this book on Friday and I read it until I was done. This is the story of Alessa a poor young child that at the age of 7 is raped by her uncle . He threatens her and her mother doesn't care or even want to know about what is happening . She is abused for years at the hands of this man and her mother just doesn't care.  When she escapes at the age of 16 she finds that there are worse predators out there.
 All I can say is when you start reading this book. You will fall in love with Alessa and you will feel for her. You will just want to wrap her up and keep her safe. As you read on you see Alessa grow stronger even though she is going through hell.  You want to shake her self centered mother and actually want to kill the greasy grimey uncle. Who if my opinion is one twisted freak . The supporting cast of characters you will either love or hate depends on what side of the fence they are one. The predator or the friend. You see Alessa grow and the ending is so sad you will ugly cry.
  Paige takes us one very rough and emotional roller coaster ride. The twists and turns in the book will have you gasping and almost throwing your kindle out the window . There is such a dark place that Paige takes us to. I mean we all know that rape, abuse , child molestation happens but we never think of the people that it affects or the people who do it to them. You will get emotional invested in this story. There are moments I was ugly crying and boy I was ugly crying .  But there is more to the story also. You see the growth of a young girl, who was dealt the worse hand ever in life . You see her grow and become stronger with every page of the book. The ending is so sad I will warn you of that right now . This book will tear at your heartstrings and rip out your gut , but I guarantee that you will not put this book down until the very end . Trust me you will want to hug your loved ones after your are done . So if you want a truly gripping tale of one girl's ordeal and how she survives . Check it out ,I know you will not be disappointed at all .

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Books to curl up with: GOOD SUNDAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: GOOD SUNDAY EVERYONE: Good Sunday morning everyone . Today we are going to review GAME by Barry Lyga                         BOOK BLURB Billy grinned. "O...


Good Sunday morning everyone . Today we are going to review GAME by Barry Lyga

                        BOOK BLURB
Billy grinned. "Oh, New York," he whispered. "We're gonna have so much fun." 
I Hunt Killers introduced the world to Jazz, the son of history's most infamous serial killer, Billy Dent.
In an effort to prove murder didn't run in the family, Jazz teamed with the police in the small town of Lobo's Nod to solve a deadly case. And now, when a determined New York City detective comes knocking on Jazz's door asking for help, he can't say no. The Hat-Dog Killer has the Big Apple--and its police force--running scared. So Jazz and his girlfriend, Connie, hop on a plane to the big city and get swept up in a killer's murderous game.
Both the stakes and the body count are higher in this suspenseful and unstoppable sequel from acclaimed author Barry Lyga.
              MY REVIEW
This is the second book in the I HUNT KILLERS series . Which takes Jazz on another crime solving mission. Things start of with such a bang and don't stop. Jazz's grandmother is gone around the bend and Jazz is off with Connie to help solve a murder case in the big city . But will they survive this case as the police are running scared and the bodies are piling up .
 This book takes off with a bang and goes to crazy town and back . What can I say about this book but holy HELL what a story. I couldn't put the book down. You are drawn in , with each page. The story get twisted and oh did I say twisted. Its like reading a horror movie . You feel drained and you have your heart ripped out.
   The story is told from multiple points of view , and you can follow along very easily . Jazz is growing as  character and embracing his legacy in this book . The poor boy has so much thrown at him in this book and he handles it all like a man . Even his grandma going off the rails like she does. Now don't get me wrong but grandma does as a bit of levity at the beginning .  Connie on the other hand kind of confused me . I think she should been a little bit more cautious as she deliberately puts herself in the face of danger while hunting the serial killer . It seems like she doesn't listen to anyone.
They do grow as a couple also in this book. 
  I will tell you this book is so good it could be a great movie. You are transported to a place in the dark depths of hell . You will not be able to figure it out until the very end .  The author takes us on the ride of our lives. You will be reading well into the night and I suggest you sleep with a night light for the rest of the night . They will invade your dreams and you will toss and turn all night . So if you want a great second book in the series . Check it out . You will not be disappointed

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Books to curl up with: TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY HERE ON THE BLOG:                       BOOK DESCRIPTION A tribute to a different kind of Jersey girl.     In New Jersey during the summer of ...


                      BOOK DESCRIPTION

A tribute to a different kind of Jersey girl.
    In New Jersey during the summer of 1989, an awkward thirteen-year-old who was obsessed with weird music fell head-over-heels in love with the coolest post-punk rock girl he had ever met.

    Nicholas was insecure. He was a daydreamer, wishing for romance when he was told, over and over, that he could not have it. He was a toy, pulled and pushed, wanted and used, dragged along yet held at a distance. Nicholas fell in with the out crowd, and loved every minute of it. He fell in love and got left behind, but not before she changed him forever.

    This is an irrational, emotional love story for the teenager inside all of us.

    The music is loud, and you’re about to be pushed into the pit.

“I should have put you in therapy.” – my mother
“I insist that you use my real name.”
– Kevin
“Finally, a title that doesn’t scare people off. Not like the first book, The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself.” – Kim Gray, publicist

Foreword by Wendy Buck
Three months after I read Nicholas’ first book, The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself, my thirteen-year-old daughter, M, told me she was a lesbian. I did not know Nicholas before reading his first book, but he has since become a close friend and confidant. I shared M’s news with him and his response was that I had to write a foreword for his next book. I asked him for the correlation between her announcement and his book, because I didn’t get it. And I fought him on it. What does being gay have in common with being punk rock? He told me to think about the term in a non-music sort of way. What does it represent? And so I did what I always do. I went away and I thought about what he said. Chipped Black Nail Polish takes place when I was a teenager, during the height of punk rock. As so many of us did, I promised myself I would never grow up to be one of those adults who forgot where she came from. The music was important, but more than that, what punk rock stood for took center stage for me: the do it- yourself philosophy, questioning the norm, thinking critically, and pushing the boundaries of acceptability. But above all of those things, the most basic characteristic of punk rock is to be true to one’s self. But, I broke that promise. I lost sight of myself and became ii someone I thought I should be in the eyes of my peers. And so, Nicholas and his book came along shortly after I started questioning my decisions and choices in life. Not only have I benefited from his being such a good friend, but so too has my daughter. I raise M to be a free thinker and she is very much a free spirit. When I look at her, I am so proud of the young woman she is becoming. She will make her mark. And just like how she came out to the world, she will do it in her own way and in her own time. Do not rush this child, and do not expect her to do it the normal way. She is a weirdo. Nicholas has captured only one summer, three months, in this book. These months were pinnacle in defining him as an adult. He, too, was thirteen during the events that took place. I am so grateful that Kim entered his life, for however brief that time was. She taught him to live in acceptance of one’s self, to question everything, to stretch himself outside his perceived comfort zone. She taught him punk rock. She taught him it was okay to be a weirdo.

Author Info
Nicholas Tanek is an American ghostwriter from New Brunswick, New Jersey. He graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor's degree in English. Nicholas Tanek grew up as a New Jersey punk rock skater kid who lost himself in the early 90’s New York City rave scene. After years of drug addiction, he got his life together when he was reunited with Lynn, the love of his life, before she died at the age of 37. Instead of choosing negativity, he chose creativity. Losing Lynn inspired him to write his first book, The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself. There is quite a bit of kinky sex, drugs, and music in the life of Nicholas Tanek and he has some unique stories to tell.
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Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL: Good morning all, hope you are all having a good hump day. Today we are going to review  DEATH BY AUTOPSY A TONI DAY MYSTERY by Jane Bennett...


Good morning all, hope you are all having a good hump day. Today we are going to review  DEATH BY AUTOPSY A TONI DAY MYSTERY by Jane Bennett Munroe.

                  BOOK BLURB

Pathologist Toni Day is faced with a situation most pathologists only joke about. Beulah Pritchard comes back to life on her autopsy table. Beulah was a coworker of Toni’s at Cascade Perrine Regional Medical Center, where she was known as a merciless gossip, happiest to attack female doctors with slander and lies.
Beulah drove her car off a snow-covered road with her husband’s dead body in the trunk. Although Beulah survived her injuries and hypothermia, she died, only to come alive on Toni’s table—and die again. Beulah’s estranged sister threatens to sue both Toni and the hospital for wrongful death, but it’s soon apparent both Beulah and her husband were murdered.
To save her career and the hospital, Toni investigates the mysterious deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard. Her inquiries uncover a decades-old scheme of embezzlement, blackmail, and more. Soon, someone is on Toni’s tail: the killer, desperate to stop the curious pathologist from uncovering the truth. In order to stay alive, Toni must confront a vicious and clever murderer who will do anything to keep the past under wraps.

                MY REVIEW
 This is my first book by this author and trust me it will not be my last . This is a medical and criminal thriller that will take you on such a ride. Toni is a pathologist that is also a super sleuth in her free time . And the poor girl is shaken by a dead person come back to life on her table and the mayhem continues they must find the killer before its too late.
  Toni is a very educated character who has very strong morals and is very exuberant. She is a very goal oriented and is like a dog with a bone when on the job. She will go the distance to find the clues and ultimately take down the bad guy. She kind a reminds me of Isles from Rizzoli and Isles . She is smart, quirky and does her job really , really well. She cracks a joke to break up the silence while doing autopsies. She is so much fun to read, and honestly doesn't get boring with the all the technical wording . The secondary cast of characters help round out the whole story .
  This is a medical mystery that will take you on a twisty turny roller coaster ride. Even with the medical terminology it is a very enjoyable read . Toni will take you on the every day adventures in the morgue. The book is so well researched and it should be seeing as the author is a pathologist in real life . So she knows what goes on in the morgue on a daily basis. From the boredom and the jokes that they have about people coming back to life on the table. There are some disturbing scenes in the book. When she is describing in detail the autopsy incisions in detail . Yes I admit it I did groan a few times .But did not put the book down I just kept reading and loved it . Loved the twists and turns . So if you want a medical thriller that will keep you reading all night long this is the book for you . Check it out . I know you won't be disappointed . I know I wasn't

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Books to curl up with: Welcome to Monday morning

Books to curl up with: Welcome to Monday morning: GOOD MONDAY.Today we're unveiling the covers of Author Nina Mason's next two releases, The Duke's Bedeviled Bride , book two ...

Welcome to Monday morning

GOOD MONDAY.Today we're unveiling the covers of Author Nina Mason's next two releases, The Duke's Bedeviled Bride, book two in the Royal Pains series, and Starry Knight, book one in The Knights of Avalon series.

Here's the cover for The Duke's Bedeviled Bride, the follow-up to Devil in Duke's Clothing:

Royal Pains, Book 2, releases May 9, but you can pre-order it now!

The tawdry tale of the Duke and Duchess of Dunwoody continues...

Maggie Armstrong, the long-lost illegitimate daughter of the heir presumptive to the throne, is bedeviled by her husband's limited definition of fidelity. After observing him in a menage a trois at the court of King Charles II, she is determined to bring him around to her way of thinking—by any means necessary.

Robert doesn’t mind being punished for his transgressions. Rather, he enjoys being whipped, especially by his beloved bride. Unfortunately, her heart might not belong to him alone. His younger brother, who he’d sent abroad to clear the way for himself, is coming home sooner than expected, and Maggie’s feelings for Hugh may not be as dead as her husband had hoped

Both duke and duchess soon learn, to their peril, Hugh Armstrong is not the honorable man they’d been led to believe. Insanely jealous of his brother’s situation, Hugh will stop at nothing to strip Robert of all he holds dear—including his life. 


Here is the cover for Starry Knight, book one of The Knights of Avalon Series:

Starry Knight will be released August 4 by Lyrical/Kensington
and is available now for pre-order

Can these star-crossed lovers bridge two worlds?

British aristocrat Vanessa Bentley has beauty, fame, and fortune, but she gets no respect for her decision to become a paranormal investigator. Determined to prove the naysayers wrong, Vanessa ventures to the misty moors of Caithness, Scotland. There stands the immense Castle Barrogill, where a vampire is rumored to be stalking the dungeons—a vampire Vanessa is determined to find.

She just has to get past the resident shape-shifter…

Callum Lyon is the gorgeous reclusive astrologer and faery knight who guards the castle. For free-spirited Vanessa, seducing him proves to be easy. After all, he was once a breeding drone to a Queen. But astrologically, their differences are harder to overcome. Will Vanessa’s mission—and Callum’s secrets—be more than their burgeoning love can take? Or will flesh—and blood—win over the ghosts that haunt them both? ….


Nina Mason, author

Nina Mason is a hopeful romantic with strong affinities for history, mythology, and the metaphysical. She strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten. She is the author of The Queen of Swords, a darkly erotic Scottish paranormal romance/urban fantasy, and The Tin Man, a political thriller, both published by Vamptasy/CHBB. Devil in Duke’s Clothing is her first historical romance and Royal Pains is her first series. Starry Knight, book one in a second series titled Knights of Avalon, will be released in August 2015 by Lyrical/ Kensington. When not writing, Ms. Mason works as a communications consultant, doll maker, and home stager. Born and raised in Orange County, California, the author currently lives with her husband, teenage daughter, two rescue cats, and a Westie just north of Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are Nina’s social media links:

Amazon Author’s Page
Facebook Author’s Page

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Books to curl up with: good morning every one , welcome to the second day...

Books to curl up with: good morning every one , welcome to the second day...: Good Sunday morning . Welcome to the second day of spring . Which means the snow is falling and the wind is howling. Today we are reviewing ...

good morning every one , welcome to the second day of spring

Good Sunday morning . Welcome to the second day of spring . Which means the snow is falling and the wind is howling. Today we are reviewing ASHES TO SPARKS by Jeanine Binder

                      BOOK BLURB
Fire alarms, car accidents, and wildfires. Those used to be the biggest things Ryan had to worry about. Not what he was going to have to say to a judge in order to be able to see his own daughter more than once a month. The politics of divorce only served to spin up his temper and make him a cold-hearted bastard to his fellow firefighters, his friends, and even his family.

In the middle of all of this drama, Ryan found a friend. A friendship which exploded in his mind once he found out she was a widow; her husband having been killed while deployed in the Middle East. Ryan felt like Lindsay was a living piece of his soul.

Can Lindsay hold him together through the trials of having his daughter abducted? Can she show Ryan that love is what binds people together, especially during a time of strife, showing him the way to happiness?
             MY REVIEW
 This a story of love, tragedy and loss and the ends you will go to protect your most cherished person in your life.
   I started reading this book and couldn't put it down. I wanted to find out what would happen between Ryan and his ex wife. Then what would happen when Ryan and Lindsay started to feel their way around each other.  Kristian is the daughter that is the apple of Ryan's eye and he wants to see her more.  The day that Wendy forgets pick her up. Sets things up for the ultimate show down and the best friendship/ love of his life come into his life. 
   I fell in love with theses characters. Ryan is such a man's man. He is a fire fighter and a father , which to me is hot. Love fire fighters, they are all hero's in my eyes . He is also a man hurt  very badly by a woman. Who all he wants is his daughter away from the woman who just uses her daughter . Lindsay becomes his best friend and his girlfriend. She is rock and helps him . She is a strong character that doesn't let Ryan's insecurities about love and relationships. She is there for him through thick and thin and all the trials that are going on. She is also gun shy of relationships from her late husband. Together they help each other. The author also lets these characters grow as you read the book.  They go through some really hard times but they all come out the other side stronger.
   The author takes us on a real ride through out this book. There are so many things that are happening. The on going fight between the exes and the court case. There are some really hard scenes in this book that I want WTH and OMG how could one person be so horrible. I also shed some tears towards the end of the book . I won't tell you what happened but its a moment that is so horrible you will want to through your kindle across the room . But please don't , kindles are expensive and don't bounce easily. There are a couple of spots that kind a drag a bit, but over all the book moves at a good pace and will keep you reading . Especially cause it is about a hot firefighter, giggling .
So if you want a good evening read that has love, tragedy and redemption. This is the book for you . So check it out.

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Books to curl up with: good friday everyone

Books to curl up with: good friday everyone: Good Friday everyone , hope your first day of spring is going good for you . Today I am going to go in a little different direction . Some o...

good friday everyone

Good Friday everyone , hope your first day of spring is going good for you . Today I am going to go in a little different direction . Some of you might not know but I am a closet comic book and graphic novel junkie. I blame that on my best friend and his giving me my first walking dead omnibus. But I do digress. So today I am reviewing a graphic novel WONDERLAND volume 5 ( Grimm Fairy tales presents )
                  BOOK BLURB

As an Age of Darkness spreads across the realms, pushing the Queens of Wonderland into conflict, Calie must take a final stand. Journeying into Wonderland to save her daughter Violet, Calie assembles a team of warriors in effort to take control of Wonderland... for good! Collects Wonderland #21-25.

                     MY REVIEW
 I started this series awhile back and I loved it . It is out there and the characters are so dam cool. In this issue Callie is heading back to Wonderland to help her daughter . There are some parts at the beginning of this book that will make you WTH  and try and figure them out but as you dive into the story you find it becoming more polished and refined , taking the crazy factor down just a bit. You are taken on a wild ride through the pages.
  There are a myriad of characters in this book . You meet the Queen of Diamonds , The Queen of Clubs . Callie hooks up with Hazel , who is an assassin. We also find out who Void is and the true bad guy hiding in the background . And he is evil and I mean evil. After all the puff of the first chapters the author dives right in and explains the characters and how they came into being .
  Over all this graphic novel is a fun escape . The illustrations are not so over the top as last issues . But done very well , the story finally lets us in on a lot of background which is good seen as the next edition is the wind up for the book. It was a good read that will keep any comic geek reading all night long. So if you are a geeky comic book geek like me check it out .

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY EVERYONE

Books to curl up with: HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY EVERYONE: Good Tuesday and HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY everyone . Today I am going to review GONE GIRL By Gillian Flynn                    BOOK BLURB T...


Good Tuesday and HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY everyone . Today I am going to review GONE GIRL By Gillian Flynn

                   BOOK BLURB
THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLEROn a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary. Presents are being wrapped and reservations are being made when Nick’s clever and beautiful wife disappears. Husband-of-the-Year Nick isn’t doing himself any favors with cringe-worthy daydreams about the slope and shape of his wife’s head, but passages from Amy's diary reveal the alpha-girl perfectionist could have put anyone dangerously on edge. Under mounting pressure from the police and the media—as well as Amy’s fiercely doting parents—the town golden boy parades an endless series of lies, deceits, and inappropriate behavior. Nick is oddly evasive, and he’s definitely bitter—but is he really a killer?

               MY REVIEW
  Ok I have had this book on my TBR list for like ever.  Then the movie came out, so I decided that maybe I should read the book before I watch the movie. Well for two reasons , 1 I wanted to know about the book before watching the movie and 2 lets see how badly they destroyed the book when they made it into the movie.  I was totally blown away with this book.
  The characters in this book for a lack of a better word are totally screwed up. It starts out as Nick and Amy are the ideal couple . Living the dream in New York, they seem to have it all. Until the day they move back to Missouri and that's when things start to fall apart. As you read you honestly don't know from one moment to another if Nick really did the killing of his wife . He is such a tortured character. One moment you want to hug him and say everything will be ok and the next moment you want to slam him ass in jail cause you think he killed his wife. Nick is the classic tortured soul. Not saying he isn't a dick and needs a good butt kicking . Now Amy on the other hand is in my opinion a manipulative woman, who will do anything to get back at anyone who hurts her. I mean come on the way and lengths she went to were down right scary. How one person could do what she did and did it so easily . The idea is beyond me . These two characters were so amazing to read . The things they would do were beyond me. There is a lot of dysfunctional characters in this book. Which honestly makes it a great read . Everyone is in their own worlds and trying to figure out what the heck happened .
  Gillian takes us on such a rollercoaster ride. You never actually know what is going on. One moment you are loving Nick and the next moment you are saying he did it . There are two points of view in this book. Nicks after Amy is gone and the thoughts from Amy's diary as the story goes on you get a sense of wow. This is an intense book and there are so many OMG and WTH  moments . That will keep you reading all night long . Trust me there is a twist in this book that made me almost throw my kindle across the room . I was what the heck, I didn't see that one coming at all. The only weak point I found in the book was the ending . It didn't seem like there was any resolution of the storyline . Not going to spoil it for you. But it will leave you shaking your head . Over all I loved this book. It takes you to places that you never thought you would go. You are turned inside out and rolled over the hot coals . You will scream out of outrage and shed a tear. You will want to strangle someone and hug them later . So if you want a great book with an awesome plot twist . This is the book for you.


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Good MONDAY eveyone this weekend i got to do a special assignment

Heading to the castle I was both nervous and excited . See my assignment was to interview the three hottest men or to be honest vampires of DARK BECOMING .  Pulling into the palace , I look around in awe . I am met at the door by the sweetest lady in the world.
" Good evening Maria. Thank you for letting me interview the boys"
 "You are so welcome, dear . Now come they are waiting for you in the study "
Leaving me at the study door, I take a deep breathe knowing what I am walking into all those males in one room. There could be swooning involved , on my part at least.

Good evening Gentleman . I am here to interview you for the blog
blushing as I see three very good looking men staring back at me . 
Sitting down , in the high back chair . Shall we begin, now.

Brinnon . You are new to the gang and we are finding out a lot about you in this book.

Will we see you taking on more responsibilities around the castle?

First, thanks for having me today. I’m not often requested at these things. It’s usually Jesu and Jalmari who get all the attention. To answer your question, yes, I will be taking a more active role in the fourth book. It’s always a bittersweet moment when the heir has to ascend.

Any love interests our avid readers should know about?
Blushing: Ah, yes. It’s rather complicated though, and I fear the complications will only mount with my new responsibilities.

Now Jalmari , or should I call you Prince Jalmari?
I am your superior. It’s only good manners.

As we left you last time , you kind a fell off the sanity wagon.

How are you feeling ?
I feel perfectly fine. I’m not sure what you are insinuating, madam.

Still trying to Kill Ema?
 I should say so. She can't outrun my attempts forever

Ok lets get to the dirt. Tell us Prince, what is going on with you and Sara?

Do I sense a romance brewing between you two?
You know, you are the second interviewer to inquire on the subject. I am going to have to investigate the princess’ feelings on the matter myself when I return.

Will you ever settle down?
It hasn’t crossed my mind…

Don't get me wrong Prince we all love you but you are one complicated dude.
 Thank you.
Blushing and sighing saving the best for last.
Hello Jesu, fanning myself.
 Hello, Patricia. It is an honor to visit with you today, thank you for having us.
Oh you are so welcome giggling .

How are things going? 
They have certainly been better, but I am surviving.

Ema keeping you busy I see. How are things between you two?
Wincing: Oh, things are a bit strained at the moment. Our relationship is not an easy one.
 I am so sorry I hope things get better for you two.

So really what is up with Bridget?
Hopefully, nothing. She’s caused enough trouble. I do not know how to be any plainer with her. I cannot change what she wants to believe, even if it does not exist.

You know she wants you back, right.
Yes. That is the issue at hand. And I admit some of that might have been my fault. I won’t make that mistake again.

Now what is it like to live in the shadow of the Great Prince Jalmari?

Give us the dirt was he always a pain in the butt?
Laughing: Yes, he’s always been a tornado of pent up anger, my brother. And sometimes that anger leaks out of him in a torrent. But there is a soft side to Jalmari. It’s just buried under two-thousand years of responsibly and psychological trauma. As his little brother, living with him was actually an easier ride than you might expect. We were very close for a very long time.

Brinnon: Bach
Jalmari: Chopin and Shubert’s waltz pieces are among my favorites. I also enjoy Johnny Cash on occasion. Norse melodies are nice when I’m feeling nostalgia, but it’s difficult to find a proper rendition these days. 
Jesu: I agree on the Norse bit, but I don’t think there will ever be a better decade in music than 80s metal.
Brinnon: Sword.
Jalmari: Dagger.
Jesu: Shuriken or throwing knives.
Brinnon: Uninterrupted solitude with a good book.
Jalmari: Intercourse.
Jesu: Swimming or painting.
Brinnon: Leo Tolstoy.
Jalmari: J.D. Brown
Jesu: Very smooth, Jalmari
Jalmari: Homer, then.
Jesu: I am more of a comic book fan.
I guess I have to say brunettes. Vampyres are made of strong genes. We don’t deviate much from the dark hair variety.
Unless we are talking about humans. In which case, I favor a nice auburn color.
Jesu: Hair color doesn’t matter much to me.

Brinnon: Telephone. Especially once they became mobile

I loathe technology. It’s a crutch for human idiocy.

Jesu: The automobile.

Brinnon: Italian.
Jalmari: AB negative.

Jesu: Any variety of human.
Jalmari: Commando. Easy access.

Jesu: I so did not need to know that, Jalmari. Boxers for me.

People want to know this? Boxerbriefs.
Any last words you would like to say to the readers , You have the floor
Jesu: We’d like to invite everyone to J.D.’s Facebook party on March 30th. Here is the link. Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Thank you, again, Patricia. I know J.D. appreciates it.
Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to let me interview you tonight .


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