Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Welcome to Wednesday all . today I have the privilege to introduce you to Betrayed by Cathy Jackson . The fifth book in the BLOOM series

                           BOOK BLURB


David Westerling is a well respected deacon in our church. His family loves openly and fiercely. Passion has driven them on paths I never would have taken and don't fully understand. I want to know their motivations but they guard their secrets as zealously as each others' hearts.

Why do I feel the way I do when David looks at me or speaks to me? It makes me question what I've always thought of my life. I see what they have and I want it too.

I live a blessed life but still, something is missing. I've not always been a "good girl"...
Would they accept me if they knew my secret?

                          MY REVIEW
 Welcome back to the Westerling family. This is David's book. he is the oldest of the Westerling brothers and Jennifer the woman that comes into his life. She has lived a blessed life and truly doesn't understand why the Westerlings are such a closed family. They fumble and find their way to each other.
   This is the fifth book in the Bloom series, this book is a little bit more risqué then the other books . We have some behind closed doors canoodling going on with married couples .  There are some innuendoes and some off hand comments. That just shows how close this family really truly is.
 The author has brought out some of her more complex characters. Jennifer is one character that really at the beginning you just kind of wanted to slap the naïve out of her. She grew up in a blessed life . She has rules for her life, structure and she lives them every day . She kind of acts like a sixteen year old brat sometime. I found it hard to connect with her at points, especially when she was internally wrestling with her feeling for David. It was written all over her face and everyone knew it but she always talked herself  out of it . But as the story moved on we see Jennifer growing and who knew that we would find out that she was as broken as the other two Westerling women . When everything comes out finally , we see a brand new Jennifer and a woman worthy of love and to give love . David is the type of man that any girl could fall in love with . He is sweet, loving and driven and really cute too. He is a constant in his family's life but he also has some of his own demons he has to work out. As we read we find out some interesting things about David too. We also see him grow as man and we see him fall in love. Out of all the Westerling men I like David the most, he is the constant in the family's lives. The rest of the family is also here. Phee is growing and  you see ther starting to be more open or at least trying . Evelyn is so feisty I love her so much . She is like the bull dog . Don't mess with the family or you could get hurt . LOL
  The way that the author takes such complex characters that are broken but some how they are perfect to the ones they love.  This is the fifth book in the series but you can read them as stand alones. They are a great read for anyone who loves honest romance with the sprinkling of broken characters . You will laugh and cry , I mean there are some spots where you will ugly cry . You will also cheer that they get their happily ever after or do they . You have to read to find out .


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