Monday, February 13, 2017


    Good Monday all, hope your weekend went well and you all had a good one . Today we are going to review an author that makes me laugh every time I read her books . WERE ME OUT shift happens book 4 by Robyn Peterman

                            BOOK BLURB

Why do I have to have my tail in a knot for the one hot, sexy Werewolf who can’t seem to keep his Johnson in his pants?
I’m a nice girl—really I am. I’m just a typical computer-hacking, knife-throwing, Star Trek-obsessed, overeducated Werewolf nerd who can’t seem to get her love life to compute.

However, it’s time to grow up and face the music or more accurately the man I’m in love with… Junior aka Jacob Wilson—the Alpha of the Georgia Pack. First I’ll have to stand up to some nasty gals who’s pants are so tight I can see their religion. Then I'll claim my man.

What should be an easy feat, gets sucktastic when you throw in a three hundred year old fabulous gay Vampyre, an antiquated motherboard from the 90’s and a challenge from the vicious, deadly Alabama Pack. Not to mention a libido that is out of control. Mine.

So I’m just gonna dive in—head first and eyes closed. Love conquers all. Right? As long as reality doesn’t wear me out, I plan to win.

                             MY REVIEW
   This is book four in the shift happens series and I was so excited to see that Junior was finally getting his own book. Junior aka Jacob the police chief an Alpha of the Georgia wolf pack  He has a reputation of being a man whore amongst the pack but there is only one woman for him . She is playing coy and trying to stay away from him but their geeky side and a threat will pull them closer together or maybe tear them apart . 
   This is one outrageous , sexy laugh riot of a book .  Between buck naked deputies stripping in the middle of town at noon . To a chief of police noted man whore who is trying to redeem himself in his mates eyes . By spying on her and standing in the hostas at her parents house . To Dwayne , the fabulous gay vampire that is giving everyone unsolicited sex tips . What is poor Sandy to do but take matters into her own hands and get her man. Even if she is just a geeky hacker who can fix a motherboard in no time . There are some great twists and turns in this book that will keep you laughing all the way through.
  Robyn puts a lot of sass in her main female characters but they are also a little vulnerable at the same time . Sandy is that character , she is a strong woman who can fix a computer in no time an hack her way into anything she sets her mind to and can throw a knife at a target and hit it every time. At first we see her a little less confident but as the story goes we see her kicking ass like no ones business . I love Sandy because she is just so full of spunk but also insecure in her own skin .
 Junior is so hot I love that he is a geek at heart and as smart as all get go . He wanted Sandy even when Sandy didn't even know . He is also so much fun to read , he has his own set of insecurities but man oh man he is hot .  The rest of the gang is back and trying to help get these two together . Essie is planning her wedding and well Dwayne and grandma are well just being themselves, zany as ever . Just don't ask Dwayne about oral sex . hehehehehehehhe read the book to find out .
     I read this book in an evening , I couldn't put it down . I was so glad when I found Robyn's books they are a great escape that will teach you some new inventive ways to swear and will leave you laughing your butt off . You won't want it to end and when you do you will be wanting more . So if you want a real funny read that has hot sexy shifters and is a laugh out loud good time . Check our WERE ME OUT  by Robyn Peterman

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