Tuesday, April 3, 2018


   Good Tuesday all, hope your week is going well and have recovered from Easter festivities . Today we are going to review one of my favourite authors book PROTEGE by Lydia Michaels

                           BOOK BLURB 

The author of the provocative Surrender Trilogy presents a new novel of one woman’s introduction to a world of sinfully sweet submission...
For too long, French teacher Collette Banks has locked her deepest desires away in the darkest corners of her mind. But now, she’s taking matters into her own hands by applying to a secret and exclusive society devoted to matching people with their ideal partner—or partners...
Founder Jude Duval has set up strict rules for admitting people into his world. But when he interviews Collette, he finds himself breaking protocol. Her innocence disarms him. Her willingness to explore her own sensuality delights him. And her spirit challenges him—enough to take her on as his own protégé .
What starts out as Collette’s erotic awakening will draw them both in deeper than either of them could have ever imagined...
                        MY REVIEW 

        When I got this book , I was wondering where the author was going to take me . I loved all her other books so I was sure I was going to love this one as well . When I started reading with an open mind . She is writing about bdsm and I was hoping that the author would give it justice and not make a joke out of it like some books I have recently read . Well the first words out of my mouth was wow she did it justice . She takes us on an emotional journey of love and acceptance and healing . 
  Collette is a shy teacher that has a yearning for something more . She has locked away her darkest desires away for too long. When she stumbles across a secret society that may be able to help her figure out her inner desires .  Enter Jude the man behind Fernweh and the man who will train her but doesn't trust anyone . But Collette does something to Jude that makes him rethink his rules of not getting involved . Will they be able to over come the hurts of their past to begin together a new life . 
   The characters are so well written and complex. Collette at the beginning was a character that I couldn't really enjoy . It seemed like she was just trying to be more then she actually was . As you read into her character as you read along in the book . You actually see her start to blossom and become the woman she knows she should be . I really started to like her . I found that she was more complex by the end of the book and we finally see why the way she is and the way that she wants to be . I really liked her by the end of the book . Jude came off as very standoffish and kind or arrogant at the beginning of the book . But like as Collette you get to see him grow and come into his own . You see him become a man that you can fall in love with . Even when he is at his worst he is loving and respectful . The ideal man . He is very complex and when he lets down his guard you see a loving man . I love the interaction between  You really feel the bond that is forming between them and you will fall in love with them . 
   This story isn't for the faint of heart , it does take on BDSM but it takes it on with a class and a dignity it deserves . The author takes us on a journey that will have you tearing up at some of the things that both the characters go through . The author really did her research on the BDSM culture . But this is more then just a story of bdsm it is also a love story between two people that are broken but when together they are whole .  There is a lot of sexual content in this book so you will probably blush a little . There are some scenes that will make you giggle. Its another hit for this author . So if you aren't feint of heart and want a great story  of love and kink this is the book for you . 

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