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  Good Saturday all , hope you are having a great weekend . Today we are going to review a new author to me Cassandra L Shaw and her book GRAVE ROBBER FOR HIRE

                            BOOK BLURB 

Excellent series. A contemporary Urban Fantasy In the flavor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with more of an edge.

Except for Viggo, my Guardian Angel, and my psychic gift to time-travel into the past, I always considered myself normal. My normal now...yeah, that’s a different story.

Angel Meyers can time-travel to the past by touching handwriting. She uses her gift to make a living and to support her animal rescue and cheesecake habit.

She’s thrilled when she’s hired to find a long-lost Rembrandt. Finding a Rembrandt would earn her enough to buy her the much dreamed of 200-acre farm. The one she wants so she can rescue more animals. With her love of animals in mind, she’s determined to find the missing painting no matter the consequences.

But right from the very first time jump, she finds a problem. A problem she should have seen as an omen for the entire case and run.

The long dead Clyde Owen Jones, the Rembrandt’s previous owner, is evil personified.

But there’s worse than Clyde. There’s Josey, Clyde’s lover one hundred and fifty years ago. She’s alive now and some sort of demon from the fires of Hell itself.

And Josey for some reason craves the Rembrandt enough to kill for the painting.

With Viggo, her guardian angel, and Tyreal, a Private Investigator too gorgeous not to hire, at her side, Angel steps into her tough girl boots, and together they step into the supernatural world of evil curses and power greedy demons, to hunt for the Rembrandt.

Of course, to earn her fee she must not only find the Rembrandt, she also must survive, keep her soul, and discover why when she’s pissed she has wings of gold light.

What does Angel’s serial killer prison escapee twin-brother have to do with Josey?

And why did Tyreal feel the urge help Angel the first time he saw her?

                      MY REVIEW
     Welcome to the world of Angel Meyers , a time traveling physic who can travel back through time by just touching something . She along with her guardian angel Viggo and the new Private investigator Tyreal   are in for the challenge of a life time . To get back a Rembrandt painting that will set her up in her animal rescue mission. Everything isn't as it seems as they fight demons , and a homicidal brother to get to the happily ever after . 
    There are some hilarious characters in this book . Angel is a kick butt girl that has a heart as big as all get go . She loves cheese cake and hot sexy men . She also helps people out and loves her job . She also loves animals and helps them out as much as she can . At the beginning of the books you will find her hilarious and it just keeps going . She is so out of her element most of the time but she gets through it . There is a scene in the book where you will split a gut cause she is so out of her element . OH and she doesn't listen to anyone who tells her to stay safe and not do anything . Viggo is such a cool character . He is her guardian angel and well doesn't speak much English and is jealous of any man that comes near Angel . He also loves to take apart electronics and figure them out . He has ruined many a cell phones  and laptops . He is always there for Angel helping her and taking care of her .  Now Tyreal what can I say about him . He is sexy as sin and invested in keeping Angel safe . Most of the time she is actually saving his butt most of the time . He is also a stalker in a way , not going to tell you anymore about him other then he is fine in a pair of leather chaps and can melt your kindle .  OH but the best character in the book is Tina . She is a apple stealing , beer guzzling horse who can escape her pen .
   This is the first book I have read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed it . The book is packed full of twists and turns that will keep you reading . There are some great hilarious aspects of the book especially anything to do with the animals . There is so much going on between the demons and the murderous brother . To the time traveling through the pages of old ledgers . There were a few parts where I felt that just kind of dragged a bit but over all I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read book two in the series . 

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