Friday, October 20, 2017


 Good Friday all , today we are going to review HELLSPAWN DOMINION, the fifth book in the hellspawn series by Ricky Fleet

                         BOOK BLURB 

On Ham Farm, the remnants of the British Army watch as the massive horde approach in the distance. Joining forces with the Smith sisters they face a race against time to fortify the area before the dead attack. Vastly outnumbered, all they can do is pray their training and arsenal of weapons will see them through the coming battle. If they manage to repel the multitudes of rotting zombies, the real war is only just beginning. Inside the castle, the survivors start to take the safety of the impenetrable fortress for granted. Kurt and the family know what needs to be done to survive the zombie apocalypse, but a lazy clique begin to show their cowardice. Refusing to fight, forage or guard the walls, they skulk away and isolate themselves, weakening the defences further. With Craig planning terrible revenge, this selfish act could have deadly consequences for them all.

                         MY REVIEW 

     This is the fifth book in the series and I must say it just keeps getting better and better with each book . The book is centered around the three surviving groups. Kurt and his family and friends in the castle . The military and the smith sisters on the farm and Craig and the rest of the inmates in the prison . All gearing up for a fight that is going to come . Who will survive and who will ultimately die . 
    I absolutely love the characters in this book . The author has really made them into such complex characters .  Kurt has grown into such a great leader but he is also a broken man that is in the middle of grieving . But he has the backing of his wife and others that will keep him going . He has to make the hard decisions and when some of the survivors break off he   lets them go with a dire warning . You see him struggle with what he has done and what he knows he has to do .  Craig and the inmates are well you just want to hate them so badly . They kind of remind me of the saviors from the walking dead . They do what the need to be done to survive . So really they are just surviving the only way they know how . I mean if the author was writing about Craig and the inmates first you would probably like them and the laws that they follow .  I probably wouldn't like  Craig either way  or Hombre  there is just something about them that really just makes my skin crawl when I read their stories .  The third group is the military and the smith sisters . They are working hard to make sure the hell spawn are dead , trying to find survivors . They are all working hard and they have a bigger part of the plot in this book . You see them scared and you see them kicking ass and finding survivors . There are also some new characters in this installment which just add to all the zombie malay . 
     I couldn't put this one down I started reading in the morning and I was done by late afternoon . The author takes us on such a journey. You will pick the group you want to be in and you will be cheering for them with every zombie they kill . The action is fast paced and the interaction between the characters is sweet sometimes bittersweet . You will cheer and you will shed a tear at the losses . Yes we do have a few losses that will break your heart.  I really think that you should add this series to your Halloween reading list. You will not be disappointed . You do have to read the other books to understand what is going on but you will love them . So check them out . They get 5 zombies out of 5 for me 

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