Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Sitting in the GREY GHOST  sipping on my pint of Guinness waiting on my interviewee .
Enjoying the Irish flair until I feel a shiver go up my spine as a tall blonde sits down across from me .
Good day Mercedes thank you for joining me today .
Yes, lets get on with it . I have things to do and lives to ruin
gulping ok lets get started

 So tell our readers a little about yourself?
Darling I'm poison but the kind of dark brew that attracts the most delicious people.

 You know people are looking for you so where have you been hiding al this time?
I've been spending time out of the country with my newest Renfield, Tabitha. I've built this spectacular Chateau off the Irish sea coast.

 Is there a new man in your life or are you still pining for Jason?
The only interest I ever had in Jason was his family name and fortune. There is someone in my life. It will be forth coming in Fragile Ghosts.

 What do you think is the biggest thing that people get wrong about you?
That would be a spoiler, you will have to read Fragile Ghosts to find out what it is that people haven't discovered yet about me that they are dead wrong about.

What do you want Jason and the rest of the world know .
That I will turn his heart inside out. The pain will be very real.

Are you ready for some rapid fire questions...
Jimmy choos or Prada -
I prefer neither, for me it's Miu Miu.

Favorite alcoholic drink -
Bourbon or Absinthe straight up

Favorite sweet treat -
Turkish Delight

The reading order for "The Mortician's Artist's Trilogy by Author Lori Meckley
Morgan's Diary (book 1)
Poe, A Fragile Ghost's companion piece
Fragile Ghosts (book 2)
To Know Her Last (book 3)  - this book will take us back into the past of Mercedes and the mysterious Emma Peale.

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