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Today we have a special treat for you , an interview with J.D Brown . She is the author of the Ema Marx series and has a new book coming out Monday Oct 9

Thank you for coming and spending time with us today 

 Thank you for having me . 

 Tell us a little bit about yourself 
    My name is J.D Brown and I am the author of the Ema Marx series. I am a Neflix addict , book hoarder and coffee lover . I live an hour outside Chicago and I am a Pomeranian mom 

Tell us about your books 
 The Ema Marx series includes four novels . Dark Heirloom. Dark Liaison . Dark Becoming and the new book Dark Ascension and two novellas  Athena's Oracle and The Warrioress. The story follows a recent college graduate and historian named Ema Marx who mysteriously becomes a vampire and must fight her way through a paranormal underground she never knew existed . 

What is your writing style like 
  It is a little dark , a little witty . Equal parts contemporary and magical  with a dash of romance for good measure. I am pretty descriptive with my writing. I like for the readers to feel as though  they are Ema able to step into her skin and experience everything she does .  If you ever wondered what being a vampire might be "feel" like this is the series for you . You'll smell the blood as you hear the thump of a speeding pulse.

When you write your characters do they have pieces of you in them 
  I am sure there's a little off me in them since I imagined them up but they're also very much their own people . I love creating backstories for them all . It's one of my favorite parts of writing . 

 If you didn't write, what would you be doing with your life 
 Gosh , I don't even want to think about that because I don't know. Haha. I'd probably go back to grooming or dog training . I love working with animals .

Do you read your reviews and what do you do if you read a bad review . 
  Sometimes I do if I happen to notice a new one . I don't respond to reviews because everyone is entitled to their opinion and art is meant to inspire debate 

 What aspect of the writing / publishing do you like and what part do you dislike . 
  Connecting with the readers is the best part / Knowing that I've built this fictional world and populated it with fictional characters that real people like me actually want to escape to . That is the coolest feeling .
 The worst part? Gosh , its so time consuming . Being your own boss is exhausting and can be really scary sometimes . Having to make the big executive decisions when it comes to marketing or advertisements or traveling . Knowing how to handle the business side of things .... there is always a struggle 

 If there was a movie made out of your books who would you cast as the leads . 
 I have a better question: who would you guys want to see . The Casting pros can handle it . 

 If there was one thing you could do differently as a teenager to help you become a better writer today . What would it be 
  I'd start sooner . I'd writer more and faster  I'd tell myself that it doesn't need to be perfect or the best or even that good . You beat 50% of the competition just by finishing a manuscript . Perseverance is so much more important than talent . 

 What was the first book that made you want to become a writer. 
  Can I blame Twilight?  LOL. I probably shouldn't because Lord knows Meyer did something right. Don't get me wrong , I have the entire saga in hard back sitting on my shelf , but Bella Swan really made me want to take a crack at writing better . Justice was needed for those of us who wanted a more badass female .


 Coffee but I like tea also 

 Vinegar and sea salt chips . Though I try and not buy them because I always end up eating the entire bag in one sitting 
 ooh those are my favourite chips too and yeah once you start you don't stop :)


 I don't have one there are so many to choose from 

 Yes absolutely 

 I ask every author this question. What would you tell any aspiring writer out there . 
 Don't be afraid to write crap because there is no such thing as perfect . A finished manuscript is the most important part of the entire process. you can fix a finished manuscript . You can edit , tweak and polish a finished manuscript .  You can sell a finished manuscript even if it sucks . you cannot do squat with a partially finished draft or ides . End of story (no pun intended )

 Where can we find you 

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