Monday, February 5, 2018


   Good morning all , today we are going to review INFINITY ( Legend, Love and Honor ) book one by I.J Smith

                            BOOK BLURB 

        Immortals, Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. The four races have lived for thousands of years. Over two thousand years ago, there was a war, The Blood War. The races were divided on how to live alongside the Mortals. Some wanted to leave them to learn their own way; others wanted to rule over them. This caused The Blood War and almost brought the four races to extinction. The war was won in a river of blood. The Mortals would be left alone. Now in the present day the tension between races is growing. Could the forbidden love between an Immortal and a Vampire once again bring war? Can the secrets of the past finally be laid to rest?

                       MY REVIEW 
    This was one of the first books I have read by this author . I was sucked in fast . I mean it has witched and werewolves oh and don't forget the immortals and vampires . After thousands of years the a truce bring the paranormal world back to the brink of war . Will the love of an immortal and a vampire bring them back to war or heal them. 
    This is a gripping book that will keep you reading. The characters are very well written and complex . The main characters William ( the immortal ) Lena (the witch)  Torak (the vampire ) Sam (a young immortal ) and Kayla (a vampire) .  They are all complex and each of them and their story line is so easy to follow , the good versus the dark  is the battle here . You will fall in love with these characters trust me . 
   This book is a great read and you will read it in an evening . You will get sucked in and love the characters and the story is easy to follow. There is no complicated plots that you need to keep track of .  There is just one thing that had me not giving it a five star rating is that it just needed to be cleaned up in the editing a bit . I really enjoyed this book and will recommend it to anyone who loves paranormal characters and a great story line .

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