Tuesday, February 20, 2018


   Good Tuesday all . Today we are going to keep up with the zombie theme and I have a new book for you DESTINY NOWHERE  by Matthew Hollis Damon .

                           BOOK BLURB 

It’s the end of the world and Sam Bland feels fine. The apocalypse hit like a tsunami, too fast for any government agency to contain. Sam is not a hero. He’s a reclusive psychology professor, wholly unprepared for survival, but spared from the virus by his antisocial tendencies. He didn’t like society before, and now all the phonies who made life miserable are zombies trying to eat him, but at least he doesn’t have to talk to them anymore.

Charisse is his last glimmer of hope, but she’s a head-case, owned by a sociopathic yuppie warlord, and she might be playing him. That doesn’t deter Sam as he traverses the city, learning to kill and live amidst the dying and the killers, while alpha men fight for domination around him. In order to liberate the woman he thinks he loves, Sam must face the demons running amok in the world and in his head.
                     MY REVIEW     
     Its the end of the world and Sam is unprepared . He is an antisocial psycology professor who didn't like people .  The one good thing about the zombie virus is that he doesn't have to talk to the pompous idiots anymore . Who cares that they are trying to eat him . Until the day he meets Charisse and she is his last glimmer of hope . But she isn't all there most of the time . So Sam fights and learns to kill . Will they survive only time will tell 
     Finally a story where the nerd is actually the hero of the story . The lead character Sam is so antisocial you kind of feel for him and want to help him out . He is so unprepared that you want to help him out anyway you can . There are some points you want to Shake Sam and tell him to snap out of it . When you see him join up with the militia group to save the damsels in distress . You don't know if you should cheer him on or tell him to get out of there and run away .  You will love Sam , you will want to hug him and keep him safe . 
  The author takes us on a fast paced journey that will have you laughing hysterically in some points and in other points of the book you will shed a tear .  The author has a great sense of what is going on in the zombie world . Yes it starts out like most zombie books . The virus and the people coming back to life after being bitten . He does mention WALKING DEAD  and 28 DAYS LATER  a few times . But he does put a twist on there by adding the fun characters .  This is a fun filled book that will keep you reading and turning pages . You want Sam to get the girl or not and man you really want him to find his cat . He loves that cat . . If you want a fun zombie read check it you . Trust me you will love this book , if you love zombie book and underdog characters this is the book for you .

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