Friday, August 1, 2014

wooooohooooo it featured reviewer friday

Good morning all , just taking a break from reading to bring you our new featured reviewer and her book that I want to read . PACKAGED by S.E HALL  AND ANGELA GRAHAM
Our reviewer is Ashleigh Giannoccaro


Certain men.
Certain professions.
Some things are just universally SEXY.
But maybe not quite this sexy-

"You've been expecting this."
Holy Hot Stalker!!!
This is smoking hot quick read standalone with no cliff-hanger, but guaranteed to cause a serious book hangover. When Amelia starts getting anonymous notes in her cubby at work she is convinced that there is a serial killing stalker after her. When his notes touch on desires she never knew she had she panics. When her stalker turns out to be a well educated, hotter than hell real life man can she let go of the crazy stalkerish behaviour and have fun? Probably not. Something are just too good to be true.
You can definitely add this to you To Be Read lists right now. The suspense, humor and did I already say HOT man make it well worth it.

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