Monday, February 15, 2016

Good Monday morning everyone

  Good morning all , hope everyone had a great Valentine's day weekend . I read most of the weekend and I found a series of books that just blew my mind and are such a great read and can be read in an afternoon. Cinder ( a sexy shifter fairy tale romance , A chain of love novella ) by Jessica Aspen

                            BOOK BLURB

When curvy Cinderella meets a charming reluctant alpha can he save her from a step mother who means murder?

Cinder Vandeburg dreams getting away from her overbearing step mother and getting a real job—one that pays. When her step sisters are finalists in a teen modeling competition at a chic resort in the beautiful mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, her step mother offers her an opportunity: prove herself a competent personal assistant and earn not only a stellar referral, but a bona-fide introduction to the movers and shakers of the modeling world. This is Cinder’s chance at freedom but as usual, her step mother seems to find fault in everything she does—even when she sends her to seduce suspected modeling judge, Aiden Burdock.

Aiden is no modeling judge. He’s a tour guide with a pack of bachelor wolves depending on him to rustle up quality clients and keep their business afloat. But Aiden never wanted to be an alpha. He dreams of freedom and running wild in the hills. Having six…no seven…now eight wolves depending on him for leadership and jobs is more than he counted on when he fled pack expectations in Colorado. But his alpha tendencies can’t be ignored and when he sees curvy Cinder being treated as the runt of the litter, he lies and says he’s a judge to get her away from her malicious boss.

Now Aiden is faced with how to tell Cinder he’s just a working stiff, like her, and a wolf shifter to boot. As Aiden and Cinder’s fairy godmother build up her self esteem and she starts falling in love with a man of secrets, Cinder’s step mother is determined one of her daughters will win the modeling competition. Even if it means she has to go all the way—and permanently eliminate the competition.

Lions and wolves and bears, oh my.
Discover why readers love the twisted tales of Jessica Aspen’s Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance.
                       MY REVIEW
  This is a twisted retelling of Cinderella , with a twist prince charming is a wolf alpha and Cinder is a over worked assistant to her step mother who has two daughters in the pageant world . Cinder is trying to get out from underneath all of them. She came to the pageant in hopes of finding another person to be an assistant for . Her step mom treats her like crap cause she is curvy and a little shy.
She is unsure of herself until she met Aiden , he is a hot shifter and they are drawn together. Sparks fly . Will the step mother destroy everything that Cinder is trying to do , will Aiden and Cinder get to their happily ever after.
  The characters in this novella are so complex. I love that Cinder is a curvy girl that is kind of unsure of herself and her place in the world . She is such a timid little mouse at the beginning of the books . Not saying no to her step mom and step sisters . She is being used so much and she is so tolerant of these wicked people . Even doing what her mother wants , seducing a guy that they think is a judge .
But as we start to read and we see start to blossom into a sexy young confidant woman that turns more then just Aiden's head . With the help of her fairy god mother Cinder gets the power she deserves and the man of her dreams . Now Aiden is the man that any woman would fall head over heels with. He is sexy as sin but there is also the other side of him . The alpha of his pack and the head of a outfitting company , he is trying to keep his head above water . He didn't want to be the alpha but the eight other wolves need him to be in charge . You can see him fighting everything that is happening . He is falling for Cinder and wants her to be his and when push comes to shove he will protect her no matter what the cost . NOW THATS LOVE  .
    In this retelling of Cinderella is twisted but also such a good read . The author stays true to the story of the Cinderella but also throws in so many cool new elements. I read this book in an afternoon and loved every second of the story . The characters are crisp and new but so relatable . The story has been told and retold over and over but this story is a fresh take on the fairy tale  but just a little more sexier and a little more kinkier . So if you want a great series of books to read check them all out . There are some pretty sexy shifters out in the books . But really check out Cinder you will not be disappointed.

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