Monday, March 13, 2017


   Good Monday all . I hope you all survived the weekend . Today we are going to review BORN OF BLOOD by Emir Skalonja

                         BOOK BLURB

May 1428
Medieval France during the 100 Year War
Siege of Orleans
A group of victorious French soldier pursue the escaping British through the countryside. Taking shelter in what seems to be an abandoned castle, they soon find that the war raging outside to be the least of their concerns when faced with blood rituals and sadistic murder on the inside.

                           MY REVIEW

     This is the second book written by Emir Skalonja . I was actually lucky enough to get an ARC of this book and was so glad I did . I got so engrossed in this book I read it in an evening . So lets go back to Medieval France and the Siege of Orleans .
  As we read we find Joan of Arc leading her troops against the English in a bloody battle . Julien. Aubert , Bernard and Emanuel along with Gabriel and Maurice  head out to find the missing English soldiers before they back and warn the others . Things go haywire for all of them where they stumble around in the fog and finding a castle strange people in the castle . They need to get out before the evil comes alive
     The author paints such a picture with this story . We have the good versus evil and you wonder who actually is the good guys in this story. The characters are complex and so well written .  Each man has his own strenghts and weakness. That the author shows up in such detail . Especially when they meet Gimaild now he is one screwed up dude . Nice and sweet but watch out there is so much more to him then we are first led to believe . We find out there is a evil that lurch around him and his cult . Julien is a strong warrior and leader and will do anything for his men . Even fight till the death to save them .
     The author takes you on such an advernture reading this book. He book reads like a movie, you can see the pictures forming in your mind . You will get lost in the pages and you will gasp and groan and maybe actually turn of your kindle . Then come back to it . Its not for the feint of heart . There is a lot of thinking that will go on in your mind as you read .  You will come away thinking and wondering . This author likes to make you think about things after you are done reading . I know i was rethinking religion in his first book and in this book you will be rethinking right and wrong and cults .So if you want a great horror book that will make you think and wonder .  Check out BORN OF BLOOD by Emir Skalonja

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