Thursday, March 30, 2017


   Good Thursday all, today we are going to review a new book by an Canadian author . Who I love her other work . Let me introduce you to ROYAL PRICE ( BDSM bad boy romance ) by Kate Nova

                        BOOK BLURB

When it comes to women, Roman Wilder is used to getting what he wants. Not only is he a wildly handsome billionaire (aren't they all?), but he just so happens to be a complete and total prick. A Royal prick, at that.

Tess Davenport is looking for a bit of excitement in her otherwise ordinary life. What's wrong with a girl wanting some adventure? But when she comes face to face with the mysterious stranger, nothing could prepare her for the wild ride he is about to take her on, or how far she'll be willing to go to please him.

Will Tess be open to exploring her darkest fantasies with a skilled Dominant who with conquer without mercy?

Note To Readers: This is a BBW contemporary romance, featuring BDSM scenes between a Dominant Royal (Roman Wilder), and his submissive (Tess Davenport). This book is an erotic romance with explicit sex between a curvy woman, and a bad boy alpha male who knows how to make a woman abandon all comfort zones.

                           MY REVIEW
    This is the first book by Kate Nova and i was so happy when I got to read this short but hot and oh sexy book . This is a BDSM book and i will say it is brilliantly written . The characters are both strong and complex . So let me introduce you to Roman and Tess .
   Roman Wilder what can we say about him. He is oh so sexy and let me say he gets what he wants in every aspect of his life . People might say he is a prick a royal prick that is . There is such an alpha side to him . He oozes sex appeal and can have any woman he wants . But there is a side of him that most people don't see. The softer side the side that is hurting and doesn't want to hurt anyone . Ladies you will so swoon when you meet Roman and your panties will drop trust me on that one.  He is tall dark, handsome and you will want to fix him .
   Tess is a sweet girl who works in her father's jewelery story . She is more then what she seems at the begining but she has a wild side to her . When she meets Roman you can see the sparks fly and she becomes such a strong woman as she explores with Roman . She pushes Roman's buttons like noone else can . She wants to know what is haunting Roman . These two are great individually but together they are hot and i mean hot .
    The author takes us on a ride . I usually don't really read BDSM books cause they are 
 just not that well written. They usually have naive female characters and the male characters are so well just bad . This author doesn't . she takes care of her characters and doesn't make them too stupid to breathe . Like I said the characters are well written and complex . The BDSM scenes are well written and have realism to them . I mean this book isn't for anyone who is of feint of heart . So if you aren't into spanking , tying up and other BDSM this might not be the book for you. If you like bad boys , curvy woman and explicit sex and BDSM  check out ROYAL PRICK  by Kate Nova 

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