Friday, March 10, 2017


   Happy Friday all welcome to the weekend . Today we are going to review a new author to me . Michele Zurlo and her book RE/VIEWED . (Doms of the FBI book 6)

                           BOOK BLURB

  As a writer for The Eclectic Traveler, adventuresome daredevil Tru Martin indulges her penchant for travel and thrills of all sorts. After her discovery of a murder victim brings two sexy FBI agents into her life, Tru suggests combining their efforts instead of letting their interest in her divide them.
With a murderer on the loose and a crime ring known as The Eye to bring down, Jed Kinsley and Liam Adair are game to give it a try. Though Liam is new to the lifestyle, Jed is an experienced Dom, and the trio goes undercover to a private, fetish-friendly inn and there assume the roles of a submissive and her two Doms. As the investigation heats up, so does their chemistry. Jed and Liam soon discover they want more from this uniquely sensual woman, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make her fall in love with them. Warnings: Menage, D/s, anal sex, double penetration, base jumping, and an unpredictable sixth sense

                         MY REVIEW
   I must say this author is new to me . I was so intrigued by this book . I can say that I haven't read any of the others but this book can be read as almost a stand alone . You won't get lost if you happen to pick it up . Let me introduce you to Tru. Jed and Liam .
    There is a murderer on the loose and |Jed and Liam are on the case .  Where they meet Tru Martin a travel writer and murder witness . Also a submissive who intrigues both Jeb and Liam . Who are both doms . Liam new to the whole lifestyle and Jeb his teacher and experienced Dom.. They all have to go undercover at a private fetish retreat . Will they survive the murderer and bring down the crime ring and will they find the sub that has their heart and will she submit to be theirs .
   The characters in this book are so great . We have Jeb and Liam both strong sexy alpha males . Trust me ladies you will swoon when you meet them . They are hot very hot . You will drop to your knees for both of them . They are with the FBI  and work hard and play hard .  Tru is actually sweet and independent and she is kind of lonely also . As you read through the book . We see all three of them grow and become a team as well as lovers . Tru is a great character for me to read . She knows what she wants but she is also very vulnerable in so many other ways . The supporting characters compliment the main characters and add to the story .
   The author takes us on a rollercoaster ride with some great twists and turns . You figure you think you have the mystery figured out and then bang she sends us off in another direction .  I will say this book isn't for the faint of heart . If you don't like D/S menage and anal sex this might not be for you . But wow if you want to read a great menage story full of lots of great sex and also has a great story that goes along with it . This series is the series for you  RE/VIEWED  will over heat your kindle . So if you read this book make sure you have a cool drink and maybe batteries for bob or attack your hubby when you are done . So ladies you have been warned , I will leave Jeb and Liam in your hands . Good luck

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