Monday, November 27, 2023


   Good Monday all, I hope you all had a great weekend full of books and if you went black Friday shopping you got lots of books. Today I have for you a brand new author and her debut book MORTAL TETHER  by Candice Jarrett.

                         BOOK BLURB

 An airborne virus twisted all adults on the planet into immortal monsters that hunt children each nightfall. These creatures can never die. But they can kill. And the infection is spreading.

Days shy of fourteen, Amaia knows she can't save the world. She's got snark and attitude for days, but the upper body strength of a hamster. When Amaia teams up with the cute boy from across the street to rescue an orphaned infant from a horrifying fate, the pair of teens must dig deep for their courage and level up their survival skills STAT. The baby's cries are a screeching dinner bell for hordes of hungry geists, and if Amaia can't keep this baby quiet, she'll be next on the menu.

As Amaia fights both for her new family's survival and to uncover the truth of her older brother Carlos' disappearance, a civilization poisoned by fear threatens to destroy anyone she dares to love.

Amaia will find the people she runs to for help... are the deadliest monsters of all.

                       MY REVIEW 
   The day started off like any other day for Amaia, school and home, fighting with her older brother over the tv but it didn't go the way for long . After watching a weird newscast and seeing Carlo's girlfriend hurt and babbling, things go from bad to worse . After being in the attic for the night Amaia is rescued by her neighbor Liam. Together they try and figure out what is going on. All the parents have just disappeared and come out at night as gross zombie who just want to eat . The only thing that saves them is light when the geists basically blow up and float until sundown. When you feel all alone you find two different groups of kids who are trying to survive but which group do you trust and will the world ever be the same again. What would you do if you knew you would only survive until you turn
 twenty . Would you save the world or save the one person you love the most your family.

   Amaia is a young girl at the age of thirteen, she is thrust into a world where there is no adults and she has to survive anyway she can. At first she comes out as a very naive young girl who has not had a family and a brother who she fought with on a daily business. But as she comes to terms with what happened she really grows and man that girl can fight. She is one stubborn girl who will do anything to find her brother and try and find someplace where her, Liam and baby Sara can feel safe with or without her brother . Liam is the sweet neighbor boy who rescues Amaia, he is such a sweet boy who is nervous and wants to figure out what is going on and wants to stay safe. When push comes to shove though he will stand up for Amaia and keep her safe. We also meet two different groups that want to stay safe. One group is run like a military camp keeping every one working and scavenging for things . The other group was more cordial and fun loving . Each group had its good points and its bad points .  These characters are so likable and you want to keep them all safe through out the story. 

  This is a ya book that really kept me interested, the new take on zombies is very different. There is no way to actually kill them and they will never go away.  I had fun reading and really got a Lord of the Flies vibe to it. and throw in a bit of survivor  you have a good read . This book is geared for kids from 13 and up but you could read it also. The story moves pretty well and you want to cheer for the kids and also want to keep them safe.  Check it out for your tween if you want them to read a fun zombie book without a lot of gore. It would make a great Christmas gift for your young reader. 

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