Monday, December 8, 2014

good Monday morning all

Good Monday everyone . I hope your weekend was a good one, Hope your Christmas preparations are going good. If you have a hard to buy for person and they like to read you should consider Sandy Wolter's new book ANOTHER DOOR OPENS


Can a man who has never lacked for women in his life meet the challenge when the woman he truly desires wants nothing to do with him?

Clayton Silk has reveled in the attention he receives as a rock star. His only close friend is Lilly, another international rock star, but she has chosen to step back from the spotlight and enjoy her relationship with his brother Bruce, which has started Clay thinking about his life.

When he decides to take a break from touring and spend some time with Bruce and Lilly, he meets a woman who drives him to distraction, a woman who resists all his usual charms, and makes him wonder what it will take to break down her resistance before he loses his mind. As he discovers, it may just cost him her life.
This is the sequel to WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES . This is Clay and Nancy's story.  All the characters are back from the first book and centers around Clay and Nancy. Clay is a rock star that could have his choice of women and has bedded his share of them. But lately he has been feeling empty and when he takes a break from touring he goes to hang with his brother Bruce and his best friend Lily. Where he sees Nancy, Lily's friend and assistant. She is what his heart is looking for , but as usual he fights it and she resists his usual bad boy charms ,  Everyone in this book is falling in love , oh even Barney. Now if you remember from the first book, you will remember Barney. The big lovable dog that helps all of them. He even falls in love with a bird of all things. It is the cutest thing . Yes I have a thing for Barney . I want him in my life.
  But as with all falling in love stories there is always the one thing that might tear those lovers apart. That is Max, Lily's ex husband, who just will not go away. He has blown through all his settlement from Lily, and he wants more. To help fuel his drug habit , he will do anything to get at Lily. Will not say anymore about what will happen there cause it will be a spoiler for you . But I will say Barney is a hero.
 Ms Wolters is such a talented writer. She takes us on a great ride that will have you crying and laughing and cheering when you read. This was such a great sequel. I fell in love with all the characters and love every second of the book. Especially the LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE wedding of Martha and Sam. I will say the end of the book will have you crying tears of joy. I know I balled like a baby. Oh yeah Sandy mixes in a little paranormal into this story. Which in my humble opinion worked so wonderfully with the whole story line.
 This is a fast paced wonderful read that takes you on a joy ride. It is full of love, a family values and a good dose of laughter. Especially with Barney and Thelma Lou who could not fall in love with those two. They steal the show some of the time. Again Sandy has outdone herself , I want to know where she will take us next. So if you want a great set of books to read this holiday season check out
both books WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES  and the sequel ANOTHER DOOR OPENS . I will say this for a fact that you will not be disappointed

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  1. Patricia, I'm so happy you enjoyed Another Door Opens! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a great review. BTW - I'm in love with Barney too.