Thursday, December 4, 2014


Well good morning everyone . I know I have been lagging a bit but it is Christmas and I have been baking up a storm. Yes. I said baking but now its back to reading and reviewing for all of you . Before I get to today's book. I just want you all know that I will be reviewing Christmas books starting next week.
 But now to todays book CHRISTMAS PLEASURE by Tanya Sands

Colton Michaels is a young man driven towards a goal of owning and running his own restaurant. He knows that Ashley Frost is the woman for him. He doesn't care that they are young, he is determined to make her his.

Ashley Frost wants what her parents had when they were alive. A true love. One that speaks of the happily ever after that books talk about. She knows she cares for Colton, but she has to be sure.

But will her secret push her away?
What will it take to bring them together?


 I absolutely loved this novella. This is Colton and Ashley’s story.

We find out all about Colton. He is hot young chef with the hottest restaurant in town.  Flavor. Ashley is one of his hostesses and she is also the love of Colton’s life. Not your typical flashy woman. She has curves and is so sweet. I fell in love with Ashley when I was reading this book by the way. They go through a lot to get to their happy ending.

  Tanya takes us on a fun filled ride in this novella. We have some reoccurring characters come back too. Randa and the guys are back. They are always dispensing good advice to Colton. We also get to meet some new characters.

Kevin the dog, trust me you will laugh and giggle at Kevin the dog. He is one homely little dude. But Ashley and Colton love him all the same. I won’t spoil it for you guys. You will just have to read it for yourself. LOL

  Tanya writes story lines that are realistic and her characters are normal people, who find love and will fight to keep that love. She writes with such honesty. So if you want a book about a couple in love and fighting to keep that love. Not a brooding alpha male to be found or the na├»ve young girl following them around.
 These are the books for you. So check her out. I know you will not be disappointed. CHRISTMAS PLEASURE should be out in time for Christmas

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