Monday, March 30, 2015

Good Monday everyone .

Good Monday everyone . Ever have a book that you have to take a couple of days to digest before you can come to terms with what has happened. The book has taken you to the pits of hell and brought you out the other side. Well I just happen to have read another book by Paige Dearth called BELIEVE LIKE A CHILD

                      BOOK BLURB
Alessa is just seven years old when her uncle rapes her for the first time. As the years pass, his sexual appetite becomes more voracious and his perversion more twisted, until the abuse has become almost a daily ritual, with the unspoken involvement of the girl’s mother.

At the age of sixteen, after the death of her only friend, Alessa finds herself at the mercy of her real-life monster, with no relief in sight. She flees her home to escape this hell, only to find herself descending into a more dangerous one. Alone and helpless in the streets of North Philadelphia, she encounters more human predators who want to take over her life and devour her. About to hit rock bottom, Alessa manages to break away from her new tormentors and finds refuge in a shelter for homeless and abused women.

Wherever she goes, however, trouble keeps seeking her out, until she meets three people who change the course of her life forever. Though Alessa’s bittersweet journey is perpetually fraught with challenges, she does, nevertheless, manage to find fleeting moments of joy along the way. But as she begins to settle down, a ghost from the past comes to haunt her again, threatening to destroy the very foundation of her small world and plunging her back into an abyss of despair, until she makes her final bid for escape.

                       MY REVIEW
  This book broke my heart actually gutted me over and over . I started this book on Friday and I read it until I was done. This is the story of Alessa a poor young child that at the age of 7 is raped by her uncle . He threatens her and her mother doesn't care or even want to know about what is happening . She is abused for years at the hands of this man and her mother just doesn't care.  When she escapes at the age of 16 she finds that there are worse predators out there.
 All I can say is when you start reading this book. You will fall in love with Alessa and you will feel for her. You will just want to wrap her up and keep her safe. As you read on you see Alessa grow stronger even though she is going through hell.  You want to shake her self centered mother and actually want to kill the greasy grimey uncle. Who if my opinion is one twisted freak . The supporting cast of characters you will either love or hate depends on what side of the fence they are one. The predator or the friend. You see Alessa grow and the ending is so sad you will ugly cry.
  Paige takes us one very rough and emotional roller coaster ride. The twists and turns in the book will have you gasping and almost throwing your kindle out the window . There is such a dark place that Paige takes us to. I mean we all know that rape, abuse , child molestation happens but we never think of the people that it affects or the people who do it to them. You will get emotional invested in this story. There are moments I was ugly crying and boy I was ugly crying .  But there is more to the story also. You see the growth of a young girl, who was dealt the worse hand ever in life . You see her grow and become stronger with every page of the book. The ending is so sad I will warn you of that right now . This book will tear at your heartstrings and rip out your gut , but I guarantee that you will not put this book down until the very end . Trust me you will want to hug your loved ones after your are done . So if you want a truly gripping tale of one girl's ordeal and how she survives . Check it out ,I know you will not be disappointed at all .

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