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                          BOOK BLURB

The King family was killed on their throne when Raphael attacked the Caribbean, looking for the location of the boy of the prophecy.

During the battle they sent Noryad, their fourth and strongest son, through a portal to the Guild Never Too Late, but not before he watched how his brothers and sister were killed in front of his eyes. As the portal closed he heard Raphael say to him, “I will look for you when you are older. You cannot hide forever.”

Now 24 years old, Noryad is forced to leave the Guild he dedicated his life to because his powers are getting out of control, but his departure happened for another reason too. His parents left him a mission for when his powers got to be too much to deal with.
Go my son. Reclaim what is yours by right. Look for the Sword of Kings, the one our ancestors used during their leadership. Make our army of the dead comeback to life. Make the King of Camelot kneel before you and recognize you as his descendant.
Noryad, left with no other choice but to return to the place that has many dark memories for him, goes through a portal and into the unknown to look for something he’s never heard of.

He must learn to control his powers as he faces something sinister waiting for him in his Kingdom, and the Demon he hates the most.

Will Noryad be able to control his powers, find the sword his parents were talking about and make them proud of him? Or will he be too consumed by his revenge to claim his inheritance and lose all that he holds dear.
                     MY REVIEW 

 This is the second book in the Lost City series . I was so excited to see this book come out. This is Noryad's story . He is the last of his line and a descendant of the great King Arthur of Camelot . He is forced to head back to his roots . Cause his powers are going crazy and he needs to get them under control. So he heads back to the island where he grew up. There are so many dark secrets that he has to overcome to finally come into his powers . He has to learn how to control his powers or he will loose it all . The love of his life, his kingdom and ultimately his life from the sinister evil that is coming,

     Hmmm what can I say about this book. Well first off lets just say I love it. Honestly think I liked book 2 a little better then book one. The characters in this book are very well written and I know there are a lot of them. But you don't loose the story, they are essential to the story line. I mean we have Merlin , yes I said Merlin. Noryad and Coral. They are the main characters . They are such strong characters but also sort of flawed. They all have their problems that they have to deal with . As they come together. You can't help but fall in love these characters. You see them grow as the story goes along. the secondary characters are essential to the story line . They add a depth to the story and help the story move along.

    This book has so much to offer. It is a fantasy wrapped up with the lore of Camelot and King Arthur, a romance and some mystery . There is a war waging between Good versus Evil. We have God and Satan being the puppet masters in the war. There are ghosts and super naturals abundant.  The author takes us on such a journey through it all. He writes with such flair. The story is full of great characters , you can't help but fall in love with one or two of them. I know I did .This a fast paced book full of action. This book will have you hooked by page 3 and will keep you reading until the early hours of the morning . I know I was, this book gave me a book hangover . So if you really like fantasy ,dynatopia books this is the book series for you. They are long books but once you start them , time will just fly by. Trust me I should know , read it in a day and a bit . CHECK OUT THE LOST SERIES  you will not be disappointed at all

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