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Good Sunday morning everyone .  I hope your weekend was good and you are having a fantastic Sunday. Today we are honored to review for you THE REMBRANDT RIPPER  by Freya LeCrow.

                          BOOK BLURB
When bodies start appear around New York Detective Kissney Shaw has to find the murderer before another body is found. With no clues and little evidence it looks like the killer will get away with murder. Kissney has to find this mad man before another woman is murdered.

A letter appears at the papers declaring the man "The Rembrandt Ripper." Kissney has to fight through the troubles in her life to stop a killer. The city that never sleeps has seen many serial killers, but this one will haunt them for years to come.
                    MY REVIEW
 This is the first book in a new series by Freya LeCrow. We are introduced to Kissney Shaw and her partner Levi. There is a serial killer running amuck and Kissney is bound and determined to catch him. But there is little evidence and time running out. Will Kissney and Levi find out who the murderer is before another woman is murdered .
     I loved the characters in this book, Kissney is a tough as nails detective that will do anything to figure out the murder. She is also a woman that is torn between two people, Levi her partner and Kain her hot navy seals boyfriend. Now in my opinion either of these men are a good match for her. As you read this book you will see Kissney fight with all she is worth to figure out who this murderer is . She also will pull at your heart strings as she fights for her life and figure out who she loves . The murderer is a character that will actually make you go WTF  you never really figure him out . He likes to play games with Kissney and thinks of her as a challenge. His ultimate piece of art. All we know of him is that he loves to kill and use his victims as pieces of art work. I am still trying to figure this dude out . Freya did a great job hiding his identity from everyone.
   The author takes us on a roller coaster ride, from the very first page you will be yanked into the Ripper's world. You will watch as Kissney and Levi try and figure out murders and trust me you will try and figure it out . I never did figure it out. There is also a love triangle between , Kain. Kissney and Levi. Which the author portrays nicely. The love story and the murder mystery mix nicely . You can almost feel the tension and the love between all three characters . The story spans over two years of murders and mayhem. You see everyone working tirelessly to figure out the murders and their private lives. This book is a great read and the author writes with such an intensity that will have you reading long into the night.  This book has given me a book hangover . I was so engrossed in this book I had to figure out who the murderer was. Honestly for a moment or two I did have a niggling in my gut that Kain was the murderer but alas I was wrong as usual .  There is an OMG moment at the end of the book. A twist that blew my mind and wen ahah the Ripper story line will continue well into the future .
  So if you want a murder mystery with a love triangle . That will keep you reading all night long
Check out REMBRANDT RIPPER  by Freya LeCrow. I promise you won't be disappointed at all . Be prepared for a book hangover . So start it early . 

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