Sunday, March 22, 2015

good morning every one , welcome to the second day of spring

Good Sunday morning . Welcome to the second day of spring . Which means the snow is falling and the wind is howling. Today we are reviewing ASHES TO SPARKS by Jeanine Binder

                      BOOK BLURB
Fire alarms, car accidents, and wildfires. Those used to be the biggest things Ryan had to worry about. Not what he was going to have to say to a judge in order to be able to see his own daughter more than once a month. The politics of divorce only served to spin up his temper and make him a cold-hearted bastard to his fellow firefighters, his friends, and even his family.

In the middle of all of this drama, Ryan found a friend. A friendship which exploded in his mind once he found out she was a widow; her husband having been killed while deployed in the Middle East. Ryan felt like Lindsay was a living piece of his soul.

Can Lindsay hold him together through the trials of having his daughter abducted? Can she show Ryan that love is what binds people together, especially during a time of strife, showing him the way to happiness?
             MY REVIEW
 This a story of love, tragedy and loss and the ends you will go to protect your most cherished person in your life.
   I started reading this book and couldn't put it down. I wanted to find out what would happen between Ryan and his ex wife. Then what would happen when Ryan and Lindsay started to feel their way around each other.  Kristian is the daughter that is the apple of Ryan's eye and he wants to see her more.  The day that Wendy forgets pick her up. Sets things up for the ultimate show down and the best friendship/ love of his life come into his life. 
   I fell in love with theses characters. Ryan is such a man's man. He is a fire fighter and a father , which to me is hot. Love fire fighters, they are all hero's in my eyes . He is also a man hurt  very badly by a woman. Who all he wants is his daughter away from the woman who just uses her daughter . Lindsay becomes his best friend and his girlfriend. She is rock and helps him . She is a strong character that doesn't let Ryan's insecurities about love and relationships. She is there for him through thick and thin and all the trials that are going on. She is also gun shy of relationships from her late husband. Together they help each other. The author also lets these characters grow as you read the book.  They go through some really hard times but they all come out the other side stronger.
   The author takes us on a real ride through out this book. There are so many things that are happening. The on going fight between the exes and the court case. There are some really hard scenes in this book that I want WTH and OMG how could one person be so horrible. I also shed some tears towards the end of the book . I won't tell you what happened but its a moment that is so horrible you will want to through your kindle across the room . But please don't , kindles are expensive and don't bounce easily. There are a couple of spots that kind a drag a bit, but over all the book moves at a good pace and will keep you reading . Especially cause it is about a hot firefighter, giggling .
So if you want a good evening read that has love, tragedy and redemption. This is the book for you . So check it out.

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