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Good morning everyone. ITS HUMP DAY woohooooo, today we are going to review the second book in the Virgil Mclendon series OF LIONS AND LAMBS  by Catt Dahman

                   BOOK BLURB
It's sunny California and everyone is grooving to popular music In the land of free love. A serial killer is preying on military men and other tough guys, drugging them, mutilating, torturing them, and then killing them. The crime scenes are among the most brutal that law enforcement has ever seen, and yet, there are few clues left with the mangled corpses. The murders are in double figures, and the Sierra Vista sheriff's office, working with the FBI, call Virgil McLendon to come show them his weird system of "profiling" and of "reading crime scenes", because they have lost all hope of finding the clever, lucky killer.
He is their last hope of stopping the massacre. As a large task force tries to find the killer, the killer taunts them. Virgil refuses to give up and as he examines each flimsy clue, and develops some strange theories, he and his team begin to develop a picture of the murderer. Unfortunately, the picture they have is a rough profile and doesn't give them a name or a way to find the cruel murderer. Only through a random clue found in an unlikely place, do they find a trail. As they close in, tables are turned, and the killer and the danger becomes personal. Just as a lion rips a lab's throat away, this killer, will play with his prey, and wait for just the right second to bite down. Can Virgil McLendon catch him in time? It'll be a race to the finish.
Based on a true murderer in California, this fictional account delves into the question of what makes a serial killer, are profiles useful, and what dark evil lives at the base of a killer's soul. When pushed hard enough, any man may break.

                    MY REVIEW
 This is the second book in Virgil McLendon series by Catt. I have fallen in love with these books and I couldn't put this one down . I got sucked in yet again. Her characters are so likeable and you want them to succeed. Virgil is the kind of guy you want around . He is a great profiler when profiling wasn't the norm. His unique crime solving techniques have him travelling to California to help find a serial killer. As they race to find the killer , things go a little hairy at home . As they work hard to find the killer . One of their own might be the next target
   I love Catt's characters , love Virgil and his no nonsense approach to solving these murders. He teaches them on what to look for and how to do it. He is a man's man but also has this sweet sensitive side to him. That just makes you fall in love with him over and over. You meet some new characters in this book but there are the orginal cast also in the book. They are having their own problems at the house. Catt puts a lot of time and effort into creating these characters and I love each and everyone of them .
  This is the second book that I have read by Catt and I am loving them . She takes us on the rides of our lives . The stories are based on true cases that have happened . She makes us think about what would cause someone to do what they did. The research that Catt has done is par none . It feels like she puts her heart and soul into each story, I will admit I am a Virgil groupie now and can't wait to read the rest of the series . They will pull you in and keep you reading until very late into the night . Trust me it may be only 130 pages but they are the most intense pages that you will ever read . I will warn you though there are some intense scenes of violence in this book . But you will be so sucked in that it won't even matter .   So if you want a good series to read  I suggest this series . Start with book one OF BLOOD AND WATER  so you can see how Virgil becomes a profiler . and the continue wit OF LIONS AND LAMBS

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