Friday, July 10, 2015

good friday everyone

Good Friday everyone, hope everyone is ready for a great weekend. Today we are going to review THE DEVIL ATE ME FIRST The book of David by PM Barnes

                               BOOK BLURB

**** Warning ****
This book is designed to make you think.
The ideas within are bound to become stuck in your head.

The tax of life is high and there are some of us that are just unable to pay it.
Book 3 in this series takes you to where it all started or at least as far back as we can go.

Find out about the mysterious David and see how he became the ruler of so many weak souls on this side of the darkness. Who corrupted him and did he go willingly or with a cry that was soul deep?

What will you take away from this twisted tale and more importantly, are you "The Hawk" or "Mouse With Knife?"

                                      MY REVIEW
I was so happy when I found out the author was writing out the third book and honestly the origin of how David became the Devil himself . We meet David at his lowest point an we watch him come from the broken soul to a man falling in love and then to the man we read about in the first two books .
    This story will honestly make you think, about what would you do when you are in the depths of your own personal hell . What would you honestly do to come out the other side , would you come out swinging or would you do down taking all with you. You make that decision and live with the ramifications of that decision.
  The characters in this book are very complex , you really don't know if they are good, bad or just broken beyond repair. Case in point David is a very broken man when we first meet him . He has a past full of shame an hatred which he is dealing with . But as you see him later in the book he is a man on a mission. Then you see him as a man in love with a woman that is all that he ever wanted . Ilyana is the Russian tutor that reignites the love in David's heart . She is also a tortured soul that wants to fall in love with David but has a secret of her own. She has a very dark secret that she is hiding and feels like she isn't good enough for David. Then there is Vicktor , the devil himself who is ready to pass it on. He commands power and just oozes evil. He guides David and Ilyana towards each other.
  I fell in love with this book . The author takes us on a roller coaster ride in this book.  There is sex in this book but it doesn't distract from the rest of the book . Get through the first chapter and you are away. This was a fast read and once you start reading you won't be able to put the book down . The author's style of writing is so good . She transports us to the places and makes you feel for the people.
Trust me, this book had me thinking long after I put this book down , So if you want a good series to read check out THE DEVIL AT ME SERIES . They won't disappoint you.

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