Monday, July 13, 2015


Good Monday everyone , hope everyone had a great weekend . I spent my weekend hiding from the humidity and reading . Today we are going to review DARKROOM by POPPET

                            BOOK BLURB

What happens when someone steals you? Do you develop in that darkness? Or do you simply break?
Shauna is stolen by Vengeance. Using torture, he breaks her, forcing her to reform and adapt. When he frees her, she flees. Thinking she's escaped her stalker and tormentor, she lets her guard down.

Then she meets Victor. Someone who seems sympathetic to her pain. Strong, loving, she learns to trust again by falling in love with this enigmatic neighbour.

But someone else watches.

Vengeance hasn't let go. She's living with him, loving him, trusting him, never doubting him.

In love, can she reform Victor, the way he reformed her?

Does the truth destroy Shauna, or will it set her free? 
                         MY REVIEW
 I have been pondering over this book for a bit . I love the dark genre so much and this book had me thinking . The author takes us on a dark journey . Where a woman, Shauna is stolen and tortured by a dark figure by the name of Vengeance. He totally destroys her and reshapes her into the angel he wants . Suddenly he lets her free but keeps an eye on her . Until the day she slips again and he is there as the guise of a hot neighbour . Who helps her but also tortures her. Until they are together forever . But will they make it out alive and who else is watching Shauna .
  Darkroom is really not for the weak of heart . The characters are tortured and broken beyond compare.  They are both dealt hands that no one person could handle . Shauna was tortured and drugged beyond compare as Victor/ Vengeance has had his own past problems as a child he had religion forced upon him and it was the old testament type of religion. As being part of this he is suppose to take an angel and break her and get her pregnant within two years . He is pressured and bound to the code of his father an brethren.
   I devoured this book in a day and a half . Hubby didn't eat that day cause I just couldn't put the book down. The author takes us on a ride that will scare the normal person. There are some very disturbing scenes in this book and like I said before it is not for the faint of heart. You are thrown into the violence from the very beginning and it doesn't end there . The twists and turns are very abundant in this book. You are hoping for the best but it ends up going down hill for them . You will shed a bunch of tears through this book . For both Shauna and Victor, you just want to hug them both and tell them life will get better. There was only one thing that I wish would of happened that at the end
Victor got his vengeance against all of them . It just felt like it fell a little flat at the end . Other then that one little thing this was a great dark read . I can say that Poppet can be placed up with the other writers of dark romance. Watch out ladies there is a new girl on the block.

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